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Sacrifice of Dream~Anasaki's story. (First FanFic!)

Date: 02/18/13 4:32 PM
From: CosbyRock

Part One
???????'s POV

I smiled as the Fire Nation ship sailed by.
"Fresh meat." I muttered to myself.
I was never fond of the Fire Nation. The Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, and the Air Nomads--I assume they're nice--are fine by me. But the Fire Nation are brutal, heartless, and cruel.
I stalked the ship silently. "Something tells me a lot of funerals are going to happen." I said to myself. "Possibly for some Fire Nation soldiers."
I brought some ice to the top of the water, and jumped from glacier to glacier swiftly. I made sure my staff was still on my belt.
"Go time."
I jumped onto the ship.

No one was on deck, surprisingly. It was bare and empty.
*Strange* I thought.
I saw a doorway, obviously leading to people. Quietly, I went through.
I heard laughter of soldiers in the distance. Maybe about twelve feet away. Slowly, I tip-toed to them, blowing the hair out of my face.
"Oh, that's funny!" A voice said.
"It wasn't meant to be." Some one else said, seriously.
I leaned at the corner of the room, and peeked through. An old man, and a teenager. That was it?!
The old man was...roundish, you could say. Looked relazed.
*He should be easier to take out when the other guy is gone* I thought.
The other one looked a lot stronger than the old man. They had a scar on their face to prove it. I almost laughed.
*I shall call him Scar Face* I thought to myself.

The two were having a conversation about something. Something about a kid of some sort. While the old man showed not much emotion about it, Scar Face seemed like it was the bane of his existence.
I took out my staff.
The two weren't looking in my direction, so blending into the wall was easy.
I charged at the men.


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Date: 03/10/14 2:16 PM
From: LadyLuka16


Date: 02/27/14 9:42 PM
From: sereen2002

OuO NOPEEE :3 im not really sure i have to get caught up on the part that u r on i havent been on the boards in awhile..SO u might not wanna ask me fOR advice xD

maybe the last time was a couple chapters ago? i have a lotta readin 2 do 0-0


Date: 02/16/14 10:03 PM
From: LadyLuka16

MereChan doesn't.....
Do you not like Sakura?
I do.....

Date: 02/16/14 11:28 AM
From: xDudettex

@C Who doesn't support Naruhina? :DD To be honest, I don't think Sakura should belong with anyone.

Date: 02/15/14 8:14 PM
From: LadyLuka16

You've said you support it before~! ^^
(The oc) Paige: Good, you support my parents~! YAY~!~!~!~!~!~!

Date: 02/15/14 7:54 PM
From: LukaAndMe

Katsumi: It's quite obvious. :3
Me: Don't make me say it again...
Katsumi: *Hides behind Luka* Luka, Paige is being mean to me again. *Does puppy eyes* Make it stop, please. :3
Me: O.O
Luka: *Jumps on me* APOLOGIZE TO KATSUMI-CHAN!!!!!!!!!! :DD
Me: Gomensai, gomensai, gomensai, gomensai!!!!!

Date: 02/15/14 10:34 AM
From: 13Nu13


No way! It's never too late for Zukosaki! ^-^ Happy Valentine's!

By The Way~<3

In politics people throw themselves, as on a sickbed, from one side to the other in the belief they will lie more comfortably. -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Date: 02/14/14 7:53 PM
From: CosbyRock

Dear Everyone,

Merry Christmas, guys! Would anyone be upset/mad/offended if I made a Zukosaki Valentines thing? I know it's Valentine's Day, and this'll probably post tomorrow, so if I post it, everyone will be like, "Karen, you're a bit late..."

Bubblegum Lizards


Date: 02/14/14 3:34 PM
From: LadyLuka16

Ayano: *Trying to download Luka music on phone* Hey, Kat......*Phone keeps freezing when she tries to download; throws phone in frustration* GAH!
Kassidy: *Holds onto phone* Don't you dare touch my phone.
Libby: Uh.....
Maddie: Hi Katsumi~! I'm Maddie! ^^ (Human Meganium(Pokemon))
(An Naruto Oc Named After You) Paige Uzumaki(NaruHina Daughter ^^): Hi, real me!!!!! *Waves hand wildly*

Date: 02/14/14 1:20 PM
From: xDudettex

Katsumi: *Waves* Hi Ayano!!! :DD

Date: 02/13/14 10:03 PM
From: LadyLuka16

Not that much~! Also, I'M HERE~!~!!!!~! YOU AIN'T ALONE!!!!!!!!
Ayano: *Texting* Hi Paige. *Walks into wall* OW!

Date: 02/13/14 9:07 PM
From: DerpySama

@C How much have I missed? (T_T)

Katsumi: A lot :DD
Me: BAKA!!!!
Luka: *Singing Interviewer*
Luka: ...... I thought you liked my music.... (>.<)
Katsumi: *Grabs Luka* Come on Luka. Let's leave Mrs. Grumpy Pants for a while.
Me: I'm all alone now....


Date: 02/12/14 4:58 PM
From: 13Nu13

YES! New chappie! And a good one, too. I missed Saki's spunk.

By The Way~<3

Like a lighter looking for forgiveness from the snow.


Date: 02/12/14 2:13 PM
From: LadyLuka16

We won't ever be mad at you! Right, Ayano?
Ayano: ....What? I don't even care......*Texts someone*
Me: ...Since when did you get a phone?

Date: 02/11/14 3:28 PM
From: CosbyRock

DUN DUN DUN!! Yeah, you probably all are a bit mad at me know...stalling and stuff...*shrinks into corner* Peace offering?

Part One Twenty Two

Let me rush through a little bit. I mean, this has dragged on enough, hasn't it?
The four old men were: The old king of Omashu, Bumi; Sokka's old sword master; Aang and Katara's water bending teacher; and Aang's old fire bending teacher. (Emphasis on old)
So, they knew they were here to find Iroh, and they promised to lead us to him because they're all apart of the Order of the White Lotus club.
The destination we were meeting was a camp, with many, many tents. The sword guy--who was talking to Zuko--pointed at the one farthest away and said, "That's his tent."
We all looked forward. The tent wasn't much to my eyes, but Zuko was transfixed. He started walking towards it, but stopped about halfway. He started again in a minute, and stopped again in front of the tent.
I sighed. "Looks like he's in a state of depression again. Oh well. I'll go talk to him."
Katara seemed to want to object to this.
"I'll try not to break any laws while we're having a conversation," I said. I smiled, and waited for a moment to see Katara smile back.

"So," I said, plopping myself down next to Zuko. "Which one of your problems invited you to this pity party?"
There was a silence until I put my hand on his shoulder, and he flinched.
"Wh-when did you--" Zuko sighed. "Never mind."
I moved my hand and said, "You're nervous, aren't you?"
Zuko kept his eyes on the tent. "He's going to hate me. Or he'll still be mad. Or--"
I cut him off. "Zuko, anything can happen in this situation. But, if you don't do anything, nothing will happen." I waited a moment for a reply. When I didn't get one, I said, "Waiting is the worst escape."
He gave me a surprised look. "Why do you sound so...wise?! Who are you?!"
"When you left to go on your 'I'm going to prove my worth' journey, I sort of had to deal with hearing that a lot," I mumbled. "Now, get in there. I know it'll all turn out okay."
I pushed Zuko forward a bit. "You can do this." I refrained from adding something sarcastic about chants.
"Thanks," he said, softly. He got up and walked in.
"I really hope this helps us find Aang," I mumbled. Seeing Iroh isn't exactly my...cup of this better do us well.


Date: 02/03/14 5:11 PM
From: nuka20

ZUKOSAKI! Just to keep this up!

Date: 01/31/14 8:25 PM
From: nuka20

@ Cosbyrock

Could you read my fanfic on the LOKFF message boards? and I have been wondering what will happen when the end of the series comes! will you continue into what happened after sozin's comet? or will you just end it O.O



Date: 01/28/14 1:57 PM
From: 13Nu13

This is the White Lotus, isn't it? :D Old people with awesome bending...

By The Way~<3


Date: 01/27/14 2:34 PM
From: CosbyRock

FINALLY GOT THIS DONE! I'm so sorry that it isn't that good, but it's SOMETHING! :D

Part One Twenty One (One Hundred twenty one)

"I'm being conceited!" I scoffed, but quietly, as not to wake the others. "The world has about one day left, and I'm worried about where my stuff is!"
I sat up straight, and sighed. "Why couldn't I have thought of something else?! I had to offer myself!" I scream-whispered to Zuko, who I was talking to.
I looked down to the surface of white and brown that was Appa's tail. "I just...I need to get this out. I feel so stupid. I offered myself to June, and I'm worried why? Because she took my belt. The world might end in about 24 hours, and I'm worried about accessories!"
I closed my eyes, and sighed.

Now, if you've been paying very close attention to all of this, you'll know that a while back, I had a sneezing issue. Why do I bring this up now? It seemed while my eyes were closed something--cough, correct, one, cough--touch my nose. This triggered my sneeze. Also, another thing, I don't do that A--a--AAH--, no, my sneezes are silent until I actually sneeze. You never see it coming.

So, yes, I sneezed, and was very happy about it.
"I've been trying to get that out for months!" I exclaimed, quietly. Then I opened my eyes, and kept myself from laughing by putting my hands over my mouth. "How did you get so close that this happened?" I asked, slightly moving my hands, cutting my laughs off as Zuko wiped off his head.
"I'm going to ignore you and go to sleep now," he mumbled, and turned away from me.
I plopped down, and curled myself up next to him. "Goodnight."
I heard a small, but happy sigh as Zuko turned in my direction, and smiled. "'Night. Lo--"
EARTHBENDING NOISE!! Sorry, earthbending noises are hard to describe.
I jumped up, and looked for the source of the noise, as did everyone else. We looked on top of the giant wall, barricading us from our little "prize."
Four people, who I couldn't make out were standing atop the wall in the moonlight.
"Well, well, well," said a crackly, old sounding voice. "Look what we have here! The Avatar's group!"
"Yes," said another voice, still old sounding, but not crackly old--wise old, like Iroh, but not the same. "Katara, Sokka, nice to see you again."
"Sokka, is that a boomerang?! I thought we agreed that swords were better!" said the third man, who's voices sounded the youngest.
The fourth was silent, but this wasn't necessarily a bad thing.
The came down from atop the wall on an earth ramp, and I could see that they were all relatively old.
The crackly voice spoke, "Hello, friends of Aang. Pleasure to see you all again--and for the new faces, nice to meet you. How can we serve you today?"


Date: 01/26/14 5:14 PM
From: aangkorra0

Write write!
Aww..her belt...

~aangkorra0~ {Alliesse}