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~|One Person<,One Hope ,One Chance~

Date: 05/18/13 12:07 PM
From: pencil2342

Hi everyone! This is my new fan-fic One Person,One Hope,One Chance. Or you can call it OP,OH,OC. Enjoy!

|~| Chapter 1 |~|
Samiki's POV

"Sami..." I was fast asleep when someone poked me."SAMI!"

I opened my eyes to see Yumi on the edge of my bed poking my foot.I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes."Yumi... what?"

"Fuyu said that breakfast is ready." Yumi was already dressed in leggings,red skirt and a sweater with boots. Yumis always gets up at the crack of dawn to get dressed for school. Then leaves me to be done be the skin of my teeth! Metaphor.

Yumi was my best friend and she lived with my mom and I in our mini-mansion. Yumi's parents died when we were eight. They went to work that morning and never came back... No ones nkwo why or how... Yumi just liked to think they were deceased. Unfortunaly,she had to go to an orphange. Mom and I just couldn't let Yumi go. So we adopted her and she's lived with us ever since.

"Ok,I'm coming."I climbed out of bed and greeted the picture of my deceased dad on my night-stand. "Good morning,dad." I whispered to the picture. My father died a year after Yumi's parents. He was in a satomobile accident. The money dad left behind was a large sum.. So mom bought the mini-mansion with the money. We didn't live so great,just like most of the people now-a-days. Our mansion isn't even a really a HUGE mansion you're thinking of. It's just a big two-story house with a pool and we have a maid/chef named Fuyu. She's really nice!

Unforunaly,most people live in bad neighborhoods,which is like everywhere! Some live on the streets. It all turned that way after Avatar Korra passed away 40 years ago at age 22. You see when Korra got her bending taken by Amon she fell into a deep sadness. She eventually got very sick and passed. Then the new avatar was born.. And you think the world should be fine and dandy right? Well the avatar's a little... out there.

"What should I wear for school,Yumi?"I asked holding up a floral sundress.

Yumi payed hardly any attention to me,instead she was a metalbending my bobby pin."Well,not too fancy!"

"I know. It's not that fancy...right?"

"Just my thought..."My bobby pin was now a ball of metal. Yumi was a little boyish and I was more girlish,but still... don't mess with me...

"Is that for self-defense?"

"Maybe.."She eyed me and laughed. Yumi always had the playful,fun attiude. I was a bit more serouis and a face-the-facts kinda gal.

I slipped the dress on and brushed my hair. Then Yumi and I headed down stairs.

"Hi mom!"I chriped. I ran over to the seat at the kitchen table were she was sitting and hugged her.

"Hi,Samiki! Hello girls! Ready for another day?"Mom set down her coffee. "Grab some waffles you might be late for school today." She had the radio on with her favorite music blarring.

Yumi went over and handed me a waffle,I took and a bite and said,"It's... It's a good thing... Umm, this is good! That school's almost over! Only a month left!"

"Samiki chew with your mouth closed."Mom told me with a sip of coffee.

"Yes,mom."I swallowed,sometimes we don't have manners,either.

Fuyu brought us lichee juice. A tradetional Air Nomad drink!"Sit girls,the bus will be here soon."Fuyu brought over more food and drinks. Yumi and I feasted on waffles,fruit and lichee juice.

"Wanna have a chugging contest?!"Yumi challenged.

"Let's do this!"Yumi and I chugged the lichee juice.

"Rrrruup!"Yumi bleched.

"HAHA!"We laughed arm over each other's shoulders.

"Girls!"Mom shouted."Manners,please!"Even mom chuckled a bit.

The rock music turned to static then a throat was cleared. Then his voice boomed on the radio. "Hello,people of Republic City. Your avatar is speaking. I am recruting more people for my anti-non-bending group,The Move to a Bending World,or TMBW.Everyone but the non-benders are welcome to join. I am getting ready for something big! So non-benders watch your backs,because everything will get worse!"

That's what I mean by the avatar's a little... out there!

This was the day my life changed forever.... That's when I met...him...

I hope you liked it! I'll have the next chapter out soon!

Please keep the italic words italiced. Thx!

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Date: 01/26/14 6:01 PM
From: 2swag2x12

outstanding story :P

"I am going to stick with love"
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Date: 01/23/14 10:46 PM
From: pencil2342

|~|Chapter 30|~|
Samiki's POV

My palms started swearing uncontrollably and I thought back to what my mother had said. Never go on the west side of Republic City. I was in Full Mooner territory. The most terrifying street gang that had ever walked the streets of Republic City. Mother had said when money was tight and Misaki had started living with us Dad went to visit some old friends. She said they would help us. Six months later, he died. Mom always said it was a conidence, but I thought otherwise. My dad couldn't have been a Full Mooner, 'cause he wasn't a waterbender... He must have been in a different gang that was somehow connected to the Full Mooners. I shook my head in disbelief. Why was the truth coming out from the shadows now?! Why hadn't he told me!

I slowly backed away, but then left hands grab under my arms and host my upward. I screamed and kicked, frantically.

I squeezed my eyes shut and shouted at the top of my lungs. "Let me go!"

I left the ground underneath my feet again, but their hands were still around my arms. "Aw, look it what we have here, Lauyfee." A thick, heavy accent mocked me. "A non-bender! So cowardly and stupid." Bad breath filled my nostrils, but I still kept my eyes clenched shut. "Wanna come out to play?"

Now, that really set me ablaze. Literally. Fire erupted from my balled up fists and swiped it right at them.

They screamed with a look of suprise on their faces, but soon recovered and advanced toward me. One of three--two men and one women--drew water from his hidden water pouch and froze my left hand.

I laughed at his foolishness and melted it right off. "Non-benders aren't cowardly or stupid. You are! You attack inoccent people and harm them for no reason!" I yelled in fury and punched fire from my fists, which connected with the women's chest. She fell back with and oofph! and her comrades let it all out.

Icicles and water shot toward me; most I managed to dodge, but some got me good. One hit my cheek. I gritted my teeth in anger and circled my arms creating wheels of fire which I sent to them. (My father taught me that move. His old street gang probably taught him it...) Then, I blasted so much fire everywhere the smoke was a foggy haze. I took the opening and blasted off into the night.

I'd only done this move a couple times and I was already decent at it. Just make fire come out of you're fists and feet at the same time, which makes you fly. In my opion it is probably the coolest firebending move.

I touched down by the boardwalk and by that time I was extremely tired. I stumbled along the boardwalk, parched and hungry. I never had dinner and the salty air and weird scent of fried food wasn't helping my growling stomach. I saw an outline of a person sitting on one of the docks. I perked up and cautiously made my way toward the person.

I soon devastatingly realized my horrible mistake. I couldn't turn back now though; he had seen me.

The street lights lit up Sano's face and made him look more boyish, then an evil mastermind. "Well, hello there, Samiki."


Date: 01/21/14 5:31 PM
From: aangkorra0

Make a chapter soon! :-)



Date: 01/18/14 9:42 AM
From: watrgal12


Please read Black Ice!!! I don't have a single reader! Remember, I am Lokifan; that's me...


Date: 01/17/14 8:11 AM
From: pencil2342


You'll see... Oh, and I'll post the nest chapter when more people comment on this one. :D


Date: 01/15/14 11:37 PM
From: xomadtayxo

Shiori's such a sweetheart, and I think he and Samiki are perfect for each other! Ooh, maybe since it's raining there'll be an epically dramatic love scene like in the movies, lol.

Post soon! :D



Date: 01/10/14 8:06 PM
From: pencil2342

Chapter 29|~|
Shiori's POV

I stared dumbfounded at the door of the restaurant. What just happened?! I ran a hand through my hand trying to decipher the moment. I settled on a very important desicion. I threw down all the money I had on the table and ran for the door.

"Sir, I didn't bring-"Our snotty waiter blocked my path to the door, but I sidestepped him; cutting him off midsentence.

"Money's on the table!" I called over my shoulder, pushing open the doors. "Hey, buddy!" I yelled to the valea. "Could you bring my car over?"

"What's your number?" He asked leaning against his little podium.

"57! Now, hurry! I'm chasing after my girlfriend!" I blushed at that and stuffed my hands in my pockets. "Well, I mean she's kinda my girlfriend."

He snickered and plucked my keys off a hook in his podium. "Ok, wait here. I'll be back in five minutes."

"Thank you..." I said breathless. I watched him until he turned a corner and vanished from view. I stood there thinking about Samiki. Was she ok? Was she thinking about me? I hope she didn't think I didn't like her anymore! My sisters has always burped or farted... It wasn't that weird or anything... She didn't have to abandon me on our date and go pout! Now, my worry turned into anger. It wasn't that big of a deal! Gosh, girls are such drama queens!

Sure, she did... kinda burp in some random guy's face and everyone in the whole restaurant was starring at her... Ok, now that I actually go throught the situtation in her perspective it is super embarrassing.

Hook, hook!

I whipped around to see my--the--jeep. I don't know who's jeep! We stole it from Sano's headquarters so technically it was Sano's, but the valea doesn't need to know that.

"Let's go!" He called over the sudden pouring rain. Just great! Now, poor Samiki was out alone, hopefully not hurt in this cold, dreary rain.

I sprinted through the pelting, fast rain, threw open a random door and lunged in. I slammed the door shut and shook out my hair. The rain made a calming echo from inside the car. "Thanks, man," I told the boy in the front seat.

"Hey, no problem, brother. When a man has lady problems, just count on another man to help you out." He flashed a quick smile and then he was gone with the slam of the car door.

I didn't waste anytime; I crawled into the front seat and put the car in drive, speeding out of the parking lot.


Date: 01/08/14 7:13 PM
From: Mistymai

No problem Cilly good luck with your writing don't know when I'll be back on these boards.

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Date: 01/08/14 6:42 PM
From: pencil2342


idk if I really want to do it anymore. Sorry.


Date: 01/07/14 10:30 PM
From: Mistymai

Do you still want to double? I don't mind if you don't I just want to be able to stop going to the Avatar FF boards so I can focus on the story boards.

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Date: 01/07/14 8:58 PM
From: aangkorra0

I can't believe I just started reading this!
Just posting so it can stay on the top of the page!

~And we'll never be royals~*Well, I will*~


Date: 01/07/14 4:50 PM
From: pencil2342


Thanks! I really enjoy your postitive comments!


Date: 01/06/14 7:34 PM
From: xomadtayxo

I liked that chapter! Samiki should keep her head up, who cares about what all those other people think?

And yes, there are still people reading your fanfic! Lol. Everyone's just busy and don't have much time to get on here as often, I'm having the same problem on Never Let Me Go. . . -__- Anyway, don't lose hope and keep writing!!! :D



Date: 01/06/14 5:32 PM
From: pencil2342

Is anyone still reading my stories?

Date: 01/06/14 5:09 PM
From: aangkorra0

Hey! This is a really AMAZING fanfic!
Nice chappie:DD
Could you check out my ATLA fanfic "Reconstruction" pwease?



Date: 12/31/13 7:46 PM
From: Lokifan

Alright, everyone! So, my internet was down for a couple of days and I took that time to create four new chapters!!! Enjoy!

|~|Chapter 27|~|
Sano's POV

Moonlight reflects off the water as I sat on the boardwalk, sifting through plans and thoughts. Should I wait for Aku to come back or should I just go after her? I thought, sighing. Well, no, that seems too... clingy, desparate. I bit my lip. Sweat started to collect on my forehead... and other places. I don't need Aku! I just want a girlfriend! I straightened and balled up my fist.

So, it was settled. I would find a girl and make her mine.

Samiki's POV
I walked speedwalked back to my table and tried to plaster a cheesy smile on my face. So far it wasn't working, because people kept giving me weird looks. I even think one guy tried to offer me constipation meds, but I fleed as soon as he started taking it out. There were anti-non-benders lerking about; I couldn't trust anyone at the moment.

"Hey, you ok, Sami?" Shiori asked as I approached the table. He was nimbling on his steak.

I gave him a confused expression. He seemed to pick up on it, because he leaned over and whispered. "I'm trying to be fancy." He winked and shoved a chunk of meat in his mouth.

I nodded, not quite understanding. Then, I noticed something. "Uh, where's my food?"

"Oh, I told the waiter to hold on to it until you came back," He told me. "You want some of mine?" He asked politely.

"Nah, it's fine. I'll wait for my food." I scanned the area for our lazy waiter. "Just as soon he comes over."

"Well, you were in there for a long time so he hasn't really been coming over here a lot. I think he's pretty mad at us." Shiori shrugged, like he'd ticked off plently off adults in the past. And now that I think about it; I didn't know a whole lot about Shiori. That was one thing we had to discuss. "What happened, anyway?" Now, if we were normal teenagers going on a date that question would have been akward. But, now that our lives have been turned up-side down; it isn't that akward. I mean it's still akward; just not as akward.

"Sano's agenty-people," I whispered frantically. "One of them attacked me in the bathroom!"

Shiori couldn't stifle his laugh. "Were you going to the bathroom?"

"Shiori! What does it matter?!" I sputtered. People began to stare at us and give us dissapproving looks. They were already, but now it was more people.

" 'Cause, tha-" He started with a red face, but he was cut off.

"Is everything ok over here?" A guy about twenty-something with amazing cheekbones and curly dirty blonde hair stood infront of our table.

The only with that came out of my mouth was: "Are you a waiter?" Embarrassing, yes, but then it got worse. I burped, right in his face. When I talk to really cute boys and I'm nervous... I burp. I don't know why; some girls hiccup, but I burp. Why have I never burped in Shiori's face, you ask? I'm never been nervous around him. He's the kinda guy you feel safe with.

Shiori's eye widened, like he'd never seen a girl burp before. Hey, at least it didn't come out the other end... Right?

The cute guy just raised an eyebrow at me and backed away slowly; like I was a diease! I whipped away from Shiori and the other boy and covered my face with my hands. Bolting out of my chair, I sprinted for the doors.

My vision slightly blurring from the tears that poured down my face. The whole restaurant was silent, everyone was starring at the freakshow girl. Me.

I forced open the doors of the restaurant and ran, ran, ran far away.


Date: 12/25/13 9:23 PM
From: Lokifan


Thank you and you too!


Date: 12/25/13 8:26 PM
From: gold78912

I wish you a golden christmas and a gold new year

The always golden


Date: 12/24/13 2:04 PM
From: pencil2342


Aww, a silent reader... I'm glad you finally commented.


Date: 12/23/13 11:37 AM
From: gold78912

Glad your continuing.I was reading your fanfic
without anybody knowing

The always Golden