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Date: 05/21/13 5:40 PM
From: 3seraphim3

|Book I: The Pawns|

The Avatar is Gone- Forever?
read the headlines one hundred years ago, after the passing of Avatar Kady. Republic City claimed to have seen her in the Avatar state when she passed on, and thus, the Avatar cycle came to a halt, they said... Now it has been two thousand years since Avatar Korra, a famous and much loved Avatar, had passed on. Modern day Republic City believes she would be amazed and then disgusted if she were here now. Amazed at the sleek, Hovermobiles levitating an entire foot off the ground; amazed at the tall steel buildings whose sides project commercials from flashing HD color television screens; amazed at the garments people are wearing, glitzy and glamorous with high tech features, like cellular phones implanted in thin, fashionable gloves.
Disgusted at the way poor people are made into slaves if four years old or older; disgusted at how the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Water Tribes are dominated by a single power when they are supposed to be separate; disgusted at how the leader of this dominating power, Valor Li-Nova, has been crowned 'Honorary Avatar', because people have lost hope in the real and apparently nonexistent Avatar; disgusted that all she did to stop the Equalists went somewhat in vain, for now, all airbenders are extinct. An entire race gone, along with her friends Tenzin and his children.
Li-Nova's regime is in full control of the other nations. Laws are in effect that remove people from their homes if it is convenient to place a shopping center or corporate building. Corporations dominate small, family owned businesses. People are losing their jobs everyday, and becoming slaves.
And no one except the Avatar can stop it.
But the Avatar is dead.

Welcome to The Chessboard Battlefield Trilogy, a double between the ever so incredible KawaiiGrrl and myself. This story takes place in the cyberpunk evolution of the LOK world we know and love, two thousand years after Korra passed away.
I hope you enjoy this legendary trilogy, and as I say because I'm The Way,

Keepon Writing!

||-tHe wAy-||

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Date: 06/18/14 11:06 AM
From: 13Nu13


In case you don't know, Nickelodeon updating the site to make it better (i.e. someone didn't know what to do with the extra cash), and everything's going to be reset. I have every chapter saved on my computer, and I'm sure Kawaii does too.

It's not known when this will launch, but undoubtly soon. So any minute, we will have to repost this, and you'll be forced to relive the whole story. ">_< But to keep you entertained, I might just post side stories or extra thingies if Kawaii (and the mods) agree. So how does that sound..?

-By The Way

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Date: 06/17/14 5:49 PM
From: LunaDiana

Poor Cleon! Glad that Harmonie's back to normal.. I don't like Harmoneld..... never have, never will....

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Date: 06/17/14 10:56 AM
From: 13Nu13


-By The Way

Ugh, summer school. So... many... decimal places...


Date: 06/15/14 5:54 PM
From: blisteax

Excellent chapter! I, too, was unable to figure out the meaning of the clocks. I am slightly disappointed in myself if this was something obvious.

And poor Cleon. His hurt is giving me feels. Very SAD feels.

-- ally


Date: 06/14/14 2:21 PM
From: 13Nu13


Great chapter! It tied everything up well. Too bad Seto had to have crutches. That's a bummer. ._. Not even I got the clocks thing... Sorry!! "><

-By The Way

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Date: 06/13/14 9:25 PM
From: KawaiiGrrl

|Book II: The Bishops |
|..:|Chapter LVIII: Night Thoughts|:..|

Pop! Colors of confetti glided onto their heads like sprinkles on sweet pastries. The Avatar smiled brightly, content to be in the company of her friends, her real friends.
With his chubby footsteps, Troy trotted into the room, his hands, protected with oven mitts, holding a silver tray of frosted cookies.
"It's party time," exclaimed Seto, holding up his crutches with triumph. A toxic arrow of regret and shame was felt through Harmonie's heart.
The adolescent girl glanced down. "Sorry about that accident thing, Seto."
"Hey, no prob," grinned the earthbender. "They're actually really good accessories. And it'll get healed in a week or two, anyway." He cutely smiled at Tamara, meticulously tying jade ribbons to one of his crutches.
And they rejoiced.
The entire F.A.L.S.E. sang and dance and ate and were simply happy to have all their members once again. Even when Harmonie's singing voice sounded like one thousand dying air bison, when Mac accidentally caused a wild fire to occur in the kitchen, or when Seto accidentally knocked over their new vase, the mood did not dampen.
Tonight, they were going to celebrate, even if the moon fell.

He laid on his bed, staring into the roof of his room, as if it held the contents of the universe. The adolescent boy glanced at the electronic clock ticking the time away as if waiting for another miracle.
9:49 PM.
It was bizarre and amazing. He could still feel the shock and bliss and satisfaction, even after it had occurred. Geld smiled as he gently touched his lips.
The same lips that touched Harmonie's.
His mind was buzzing with all sorts of thoughts of this beautiful girl.
It felt so... strange. But in a good way.
He could never explain it correctly. When he attempted to replay the scene in his head, the effect that came in his mind was a completely different subspecies. It was like thinking about an amazing experience from a past celebration; you could never quite remember the exact thought or feeling or emotion you were feeling at that exact moment.

But he didn't care. It was wonderful no matter what.
With a content smile, he closed his eyes, drifting into a slumber filled to the brim with bliss.

He laid on his bead, staring into the roof of his room, as if it held the contents of his sorrow. The adolescent boy glanced at the electronic clock ticking the time away as if waiting for a tragedy.
4:44 AM.
It was a horrible feeling, really. Cleon frowned as he gently touched his lips.
The lips that did not, and never will, touch Harmonie's.
He could still feel the puzzling and painful blend of relief, envy and regret.
Relief for being able to know Harmonie was safe, being able to see her smile, being able to have her here.
Envy for that stupid kiss that she exchanged with that stupid earthbender.
Regret for not having that kiss first, for not making a move this entire time, for being idle.
He had so many unjust disadvantages against the fox-like earthbender, a major one being whether or not your body consisted of any metal limbs. No wonder Harmonie preferred the handsome human over this... humanesque robot.
With a forlorn frown, he closed his eyes, drifting into a slumber filled to the brim with longing.

~ 200% Kawaii
Do you get the symbolism with the numbers on the clocks come on pls ouo i will love u forever


Date: 06/13/14 12:40 AM
From: KawaiiGrrl

The newest chapter will be coming shortly! I think it'd come tomorrow~ :D

~ 200% Kawaii
I graduated yesterday from the eighth grade <3


Date: 06/12/14 7:01 PM
From: blisteax

Current thoughts:
Cleon needs to meet a charming, partly mechanical robotic gal with a nice smile.

-- ally


Date: 06/12/14 5:54 PM
From: korra122o

I'm glad that you are going to start doing that. I like being your inspiration.

Date: 06/11/14 9:53 PM
From: xomadtayxo

Oh my gosh, so much has changed since the last time I checked up on this story! Please do continue. :D



Date: 06/10/14 11:50 AM
From: 13Nu13


Hehehe! *u* I love writing this story...

-By The Way

Texas weather, y'all! Yesterday morning, we got a huge storm. Threw around just about everything on everyone's porches...


Date: 06/09/14 6:40 PM
From: KawaiiGrrl

@ The Way

The people I ship tend to change from time to time depending on my mood and stuff, so... ouo But I know who's gonna get the girl in the end, dun worry~ ouo -nudge nudge wink wink-

~ 200% Kawaii


Date: 06/09/14 5:57 PM
From: 13Nu13


Well, you inwardly know who you ship right? -nudge nudge wink wink- Because you know which direction I want the story to go to, right...?

LOL, but really, thanks so much for your praise. It means a lot~! I cannot wait for your chapter!


Thank you for posting! Every new reader makes us super happy. ^-^

-By The Way

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Date: 06/08/14 9:30 PM
From: KawaiiGrrl

@ The Way


[ Internally Screams ]

By the way, besides that crazy love triangle stuff goin' on, great job on that chapter with all the feels of the locket and stuff. ^^ And oooooohhhhh, poor Solana and Seto T ^ T My babies (even though they're technically older than me um)

@ Ampearls3

YOU'RE absolutely amazing!! ^^ Thanks for commenting~

~ 200% Kawaii


Date: 06/07/14 3:46 PM
From: Ampearls3

that was absolutely amazing

Date: 06/06/14 10:15 AM
From: 13Nu13

[A/N: Yay~ it's the part the fans have been waitin' for...]

|Book II: The Bishops|
|..:|Chapter LVII: Finally | Part II|:..|

A rush of emotion poured over Harmonie as her eyes fell on photos of both the father she had grown up with and Kira. Oh, dear Kira. That sweet little face looking at the camera with such a happy smile. She closed it. "Geld... I'm so sorry." She bent the earth handcuffs on Solana, letting her free. She ran over to Seto. Geld and Harmonie were left alone.
Geld smiled. "So you're the F.A.L.S.E. leader again?"
She hugged him tightly. "Yes. Oh my Avatar, yes! How did I even believe for a second... I can't even..." She sighed.
"It's alright." He rubbed her back. "It's alright."
They looked into each other's eyes for the first time in many weeks. Harmonie thought there was something so warm and gentle in the earthbender's eyes.
"That is a beautiful princess dress," Geld admitted.
Harmonie giggled. "I know, right?"
There wasn't much else to say. Slowly, they just got a little closer. And they kissed.
"Geld! The ARA members ran awa--"
Geld and Harmonie quickly split up. Standing there was Cleon.
The cyborg was silent for a moment. "So Harmonie's back on our team. Good. I guess our mission is complete."
"Yeah," Harmonie said.
As though there was something not quite right with Cleon's robotic leg, perhaps a glitch or need of oil, he broke into a stumbling run.
"Should we go?" suggested Geld.
They shared a smile, so glad to be in each other's company again that Harmonie paid no mind to Cleon's injured feelings.
-By The Way

Ahhh the new episode of Adventure Time aired yesterday!


Date: 06/05/14 11:38 AM
From: 13Nu13

[A/N: Okay, looked this over, changed some things. It should post. -emotionally fatigued- If it doesn't... I'm moving to Mexico...]

|Book II: The Bishops|
|..:|Chapter LVII: Finally | Part I|:..|

Harmonie just barely avoided being impaled by the three huge pointed glaciers Solana had bent using the water in the mist. The thick fog lessened substantially, but Harmonie could feel a stinging scratch on her cheek. Rage fueled strength. Harmonie knew that.
She airbent a chilling blast of wind at Solana, who jumped up to dodge it. When she came back down, a couple of ice knives flew in Harmonie's general direction. Harmonie made a spinning vortex of air around her to form a shield. She relaxed her arms after a second. Pieces of broken ice fell to the ground, useless.
"Just give up, Harmonie!" screamed Solana.
Harmonie glanced around her. The other Fallen Angels were back at the other end of the cemetery, fighting Zirrus Chu and his bodyguards. No one, F.A.L.S.E. or Order of the Zephyr, was there to help the Avatar. Still...
It was true that anger made people stronger in a fight, but their attacks also grew sloppier, leaving them wide open for their opponent to strike at them. Harmonie just needed to be patient, to wait for the perfect moment.
Another set of sharply-topped glaciers were erected around Harmonie. She twisted out of the way in the nick of the time. All she had felt was the cold, wet ice brush against her skin. Solana was getting angrier; her attacks were becoming weaker.
"You betrayed us!" shrieked Solana.
"I did what felt right!"
Harmonie sent miniature tornadoes whirling toward Solana. This time, the waterbender wasn't quick enough. She was knocked to the ground with a cry. Before she could get up again, Harmonie earthbent two dirt handcuffs onto Solana's wrists, chaining her to the cemetery ground. Harmonie felt a pang of guilt at possibly disturbing the dead, but Solana had to be dealt with. She was trying to stop the ARA. That was very, very bad. The Avatar lifted her hand and prepared to attack the helpless Solana--
"Harmonie. No."
Harmonie turned around to see Geld standing there. He wore an expression of utter desperation and grief. She let her arm drop to her side.
"W-what do you want?" she demanded. Her voice cracked a little.
"This isn't you, Harm! Leave her alone, and please come back to us! We need you more than anything. And Solana's your friend! Look at her."
The Avatar hesitated.
The earth rumbled. "Look at her!"
Harmonie did. Solana, the first F.A.L.S.E. girl she had ever met, the girl who had rescued her and tended to her wounds, the girl who brought Harmonie to the first F.A.L.S.E. base and made her the leader. Solana, the girl who was helplessly lying there, tears streaming down her face as she looked over at her equally vulnerable brother.
A sickening sensation rose in Harmonie's throat. Yet, she shoved it off. "Whatever, Geld. I'm a princess. Besides, Zirrus Chu is my father--"
"He isn't."
"Your real dad found us. We told him you were gone, but we would get you back."
Geld laughed, but in a sad way. "He thought you would take some convincing, so he gave me this right before he left to his new room in our base." Geld walked up to her and handed her a locket. She opened it.
-By The Way


Date: 06/04/14 11:04 PM
From: KawaiiGrrl

@ The Way

We are so evil ouo *maniacal laughter in the distance* And plot twist: a cosplayer was Ally.

~ 200% Kawaii


Date: 06/03/14 5:21 PM
From: blisteax

The Way,

So, technically, Harmonie has five more chances to redeem herself, and all fate lies in your hands...

Oh, and I sure hope you didn't see anyone cosplaying as a titan. That would be something no one could forget. *shudders*

Post soon(:

-- ally


Date: 06/03/14 11:04 AM
From: korra122o