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Face The Nations

Date: 06/01/13 1:05 AM
From: bballtoday

Face The Nations
I'm back! Making my second true fanfic, I don't count the Avatar March Madness Tournament. But I finished "Pai Sho Me The Way" a while ago, and I thought of another idea, and I had fun making the first one, so here's another. I hope everyone likes it.

Face the Nations is based on the future of the Avatar Universe, but is set with all the technologies of 2013, since I can only make a story about one of the futures. I don't want to guess about the technology to come. The story takes place mostly in the Firenation, since the Avatar, Ron, is originally from the Firenation. He will face many external problems from the public, since everything is extremely publicized. So, he will have every eye in the world on him, watching every decision. Also, there will be some spirits involved, one that is known from ATLA.

I do like when people post back, so I know who's reading, it could just be "Hi" or secrets you want to tell me. Maybe guy troubles. I'm a guy, I'm open for discussion. I might ask questions too. But one thing, I will probably post more often if I see people are there, reading. It helps motivate. Anyways, I hope it meets your expectations, or supersedes them.

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Date: 04/12/14 11:39 AM
From: 13Nu13

-applause- Even if I'm the only reader here... A good, relieving ending to an awesome fanfiction! And everything worked out for Fan, so that makes me doubly happy. XD Ron is still my favorite Avatar, despite the story being over, by the "way." So, yeah, amazing job!!

-By The Way

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Date: 04/11/14 11:28 PM
From: bballtoday

Yep we got Ro-Ro (Ron and Rose) and we got...

*Chapter 37 ~ And in the End*
So you may ask yourself why I wrote this story about myself, and why I wanted to share it in such a way. Well, first of all I wanted to share this story because it seems pretty interesting from this point of view, and I also want future generations to see this. I wrote this with my best friends, Fan and Rose and even Koh now, to get the interesting experience this had been. Right now I am finishing this and since there has been peace for 5 years I took my time to write it. Being 64, I look back and find that this, although very fun and interesting could be helpful. Sure, I was not thinking, ``When I`m 64. . .`` Whatever.
I hope that this will help people, and maybe, just maybe, future Avatars with the early stages of what it feels like finding out you are the Avatar and are attacked by extreme conflict. I was thrown into something that was seen as unescapable and ultimate defeat. Many people wanted to rid me as a solution so that someone else ``better`` could be the Avatar savior. People judged me on my looks, like I had before the time. Think about it, I would have never ended with my WIFE, Rose, if I still thought that way because at the time she was not very pretty, but she did grow up. Either way, I found here to be so much beautiful than anything I had ever seen. This was not only because of looks but also as a person.
Anyways, I hope you learned that looks sure aren`t everything, although it seems to always be the first judge of people and things. Social network was always against me from the start, until I saved the world. It can be rough, but it can also help, as we saw. People stress about popularity and fame, but it turned out unimportant, although it is fun sometimes. We forget these characteristics sometimes and look at what has worked to put people at the top, and look at who can be or is similar, but success and awesomeness comes from differences. At the top, we were all considered different at once but everything worked out because of it.
Oh, one more thing to add. Fan rode that hero story for quite a while, scoring chicks left and right, but like he said he would soon found the one. He had fun hanging out, and really just hanging out, never saying goodbye, until the one. We were 23 when she seemed to come from the Heavens as he said. She came up to Rose first to ask for directions to her hotel she was staying at for the Summer. Fan saw her while we were picking up lunch and ran outside screaming something at Rose. I got outside with our lunch, and I walked into Fan saying that this town was very confusing and the hotel was in a dangerous part of town, and it was, so he`d walk the girl to it.
He was a gentleman all the way through it, and at the door he knew she was the one, and told her to call him anytime she needed for the Summer. He called these his first dates, because they were all real. After a while, they started a relationship, she stayed in the Fire Nation city Fan lived in, and they got married 5 years after meeting. I decided to write this right after Fan and FUCHSIA`S second daughter got married, bringing his third and last child, Ron, back home from his trip around the world.
So like from the song of the best band ever, The Neadles, in the end, the things you take are equal to the things you make. I don`t know why I am keeping that, but I wanted to talk about the Neadles. It`s gotta have a purpose though, because everything has a purpose, and that`s probably why this Koh thing happened, so that he and his mother could be reunited. So Rose and I could find each other. So Fan could become famous, and show his easy~going, and right~minded attitude to the world. Satori could find where he really wanted to be, with a guy in the Spirit World named Paige. Miki could then learn more spiritual stuff with Satori and soon made it to the Spirit World and became a monk. And Hossa kept doing what he had been doing before, but also joined in more charity work when he could find it. I faced the nations many times but that was the hardest when I didn`t have a face to face it with. And um, so Zoso. . . yeah I brought meaning to that, too.

...Fa-uchsia (Fan and Fuchsia).
But anyways, that is the end.
I hope you all enjoyed it, and my company but I made a letter of resignation just this week, and this means that I am done here...unless that thing comes up. Then I got 2 more things.
Bballtoday - Goodbye


Date: 04/11/14 7:29 AM
From: 13Nu13

Yes! A Rose-Ron kiss! Great chapters. I suppose we have only one or two more, now... READERS!

-By The Way


Date: 04/10/14 10:06 PM
From: bballtoday

Warning: This is the 2nd to last chapter, then it will be over. I am proud to go out with this fanfic, and I thank anyone and everyone who has stayed with this or who clicked on this fic. I've put a lot into this and am glad it turned out as good as it did. (I never thought it would get so serious for me and story)

*Chapter 36 ~ What Happened to Koh?*
I know what you`re asking, ``What happened to Koh the Face Stealer?`` He told you his story, and you learned that he really isn`t that bad of a guy. I had that feeling that maybe there was something more than what he showed, and asked Satori if he knew a backstory. He knew a lot about spirits so it was a good shot.
Satori knew about the Mother of Faces, Koh`s mother, who can give back faces. He told me that she lived in Forgetful Valley, and followed her wolf guide. The legends say that Koh steals faces because missed her so much. I asked him then to take me there, because I had a plan.
We camped by a pond in Forgetful Valley, waiting for the spirit wolf to go to it for a drink and Mother of Faces to follow. And soon the wolf came along with Mother of Faces. She arose from the water and saw us, ``Hello, I am the Mother of Faces, how can I help you?``
``Hello, I am Avatar Jon~Ron, and actually I can help you.``
She was not used to this and said in response, ``Well, I once met an Avatar who gave me a little hope in mankind, and since then I will do more than just one favor. Maybe you know him, Avatar Aang, but I have never had humans really help me; go ahead.``
``Just give me a moment,`` I told her as I closed my eyes, put my palms up, and went into the Spirit World.
I appeared right outside of the cave that I first came to during my first trip, and I felt a little nervous to be there. I still took a deep breath, and entered. Koh noticed me, sighed and turned to me. ``What are you doing here Avatar? Come to gloat in your victory? Might as well show as much emotion as possible and make me jealous of it because you can just take your face back.``
``Come with me,`` I put my hand out and he gave me his claw~thing. I then used zoso and brought us back into the Physical World.
I came back with Koh turned to me, and therefore his back to his Mother. I said, ``Koh, look where you are. This is Forgetful Valley. Please, turn around.``
``Koh,`` Mother of Faces said with sadness as he turned around and I saw her, and for the first time he had a ton of emotions. Satori was behind all of us and I felt him with a tear in his eye. I had reunited Koh and Mother of Faces after nearly 21,000 years. Mother of Faces then thanked me, ``Avatar Jon~Ron, thank you so much for this reunion. I thought that our separation was a good idea so that faces could be distributed throughout all worlds, but I was very wrong.``
``Mother, I am so sorry, but I missed you so much since we were estranged. And yes, Avatar, thank you,`` Koh was sharing, ``Mother, never leave me again. I just can`t handle it.`` Those two lived together for as long as I know of.


Date: 04/09/14 10:32 PM
From: bballtoday

Thanks for the support. I just feel bad having to throw so much at you.

*Chapter 34 ~ Past Due*
Everything had worked: I conquered Koh the Face Stealer, the people were safe thanks to Miki and Satori, Hossa put out the fire, and my favorite, I got Rose. I`ll admit, when I first saw her again she did not have that shape that most guys drool over, but I saw her as the most beautiful girl ever.
I had Fan go back and get everyone to see that we had succeeded, and they all got back with their masks on. The first person to congratulate me was a thin, pretty girl, ``Ron! You are amazing!`` She added, ``You too Rose. At times like this, it`s hard to believe you`re my sister.``
I hadn`t felt the Earth and was shocked, ``You`re Miki!!! Oh, my goodness! I didn`t feel for it but yeah. Um wow. . . I mean, I didn`t know someone could compare with Rose`s beauty while looking so different!`` Phew, I dodged a bullet.
``Good save,`` Rose told me.
I then said to everyone, ``If Koh has stolen your face come with me and bring a mask.`` I then turned my phone on, took a picture of me with my face, and posted it on social media so that people could get their faces back. It was now known world~wide that we had won.
It took about three to four weeks to return everyone`s face, and I then brought Koh back to the Spirit World, where he belonged, with zoso. Everything seemed to be solved and I had gotten all my stuff in order. My phone digits were changed, I was known as a public hero throughout social network and televideo. Even still I knew the original problem must be fixed. . . The Government.

*Chapter 35 ? Firelord or Not*
VVV (My social status) VVV
Hello everyone! Avatar Ron again. I just wanted to check in this you and tell you that the state of the union will be safe and fair once again. If you did not know, the Fire Nation has been run into a status limiting success, where there`s a small top of the chain, a normal medium, and too much bottom portion that cannot get out. Today, I am meeting with members of the government, including the Firelord to figure out a system that will work.
So after posting that I left, and was bringing a few guests. We all made it to the conference center pretty quick, and they were throwing around ``Nice to talk to you FACE~to~FACE for once`` jokes, having a good time again before we got started. The Firelord had plenty of important things to do and he wanted to get started so he stood up. ``Excuse me,`` he said, ``I would like to get started, and since the Avatar has been working on this since before Koh came I think he should start.``
I stood up and passed the torch saying, ``With all due respect, I am nowhere near as smart as anyone in this room, when it comes to governing. Honestly, I know close to nothing about government, but these people I have brought with me have plenty of knowledge. Earth King, Brock Housier; Government Analyzer, Mercy Galla; Earth News Report, Heath Hardner; and my friend who studies government like her life, Rose Violet. These four individuals know so much about how government works and what makes a successful government so please work with them. I will sit in and keep peace, because that is what I am qualified for, not this.``
So I sat in on the rest of the meeting, and it all sounded like jibber~jabber to me, and didn`t make sense. Anyways, we had a couple more meetings and they figured out a plan that, spoiler alert, it soon worked, but we aren`t there yet. The plan distributed power, while keeping the Firelord, and that`s pretty much all I can grasp. Rose tried explaining it all to me, but all I learned is that my girlfriend is soooo smart. So yeah, I may not know how to but I can keep peace and fix things.


Date: 04/08/14 10:43 PM
From: bballtoday

*Chapter 33 ~ Right Into the Danger Zone ~ Part 4*
I noticed the vibrations. They were the exact vibrations that Rose made while creating lightning. My earth bending was so good now that I could feel her form in creating lightning. I told myself, ``Let`s try this,`` as I took a deep breath, did everything I felt and shot lightning into the sky. Koh turned around in astonishment, and I felt that Rose mouth dropped and her eyebrows rose. This whole thing gave me an idea.
Fan was now out of the fire, and I told him that I had a plan, ``Fan, I need you to distract Koh for me, I gotta talk to Rose. I think I know how to win!`` He nodded and made a scene, while throwing bigger blows of fire at Koh than what we were throwing; he threw fastballs. This took Koh`s attention as I headed over to Rose.
``How`d you do that?!`` She asked me.
``I felt the vibrations. Anyways, I need your help. I know what to do,`` I said getting a nod of approval. ``I need Koh to steal your face,`` and she tossed her hands up and jumped back. ``Yes, I figured out how to bend lightning following you, and I figure that maybe I can do the same with Koh`s face-stealing, by the feelings in the earth. I think I can steal all the faces back!``
Rose seemed worried, ``What if it doesn`t work? What if you cannot steal faces?``
``I am part spirit so I think I`ll be able to work like one,`` I answered. ``I really need you to do it because I know that I will not lose YOUR face. I care too much about you to let anything happen. Rose, I promise that you`ll be safe. I LOVE YOU,`` I told her with sincerity and I knew I meant it. We lifted each other`s masks up and leaned in close but millimeters away I stopped and pulled back, ``Ha, I guess I need a face and lips to kiss you, oops.``
She laughed, took her mask off and said, ``Yes, that is true. I`ll do it for you.`` She tossed her mask to the side as I left to a safe distance. ``Koh!`` she called, ``I`m not scared of you anymore! Take my face and see if I care!`` She turned to me with tears streaming down her face and I could feel her fear as Koh made it to her. She turned to Koh and said, ``Go ahead, take it.``
``I knew you would be the first to give in. You are smart, and at least you see that there is no beating me,`` Koh bragged as he stole her face. And as much as this hurt me I focused in.
``That`s it!`` I said to myself as Rose felt her blank face and fell to her knees. I jumped behind Koh and created a ring of fire between us two. As he turned around I said, ``So this is how it end,`` as he seemed confused. Koh grabbed at me and I sprung my jump with a fire blast to the ground and flipped on top of him. I felt a connection and thought back to what I just felt, and it brought me pain of watching Rose`s face get stolen. I used the same spiritual form that Koh had used and I felt something happen that made me feel stronger.
I opened my eyes (that I now had) and looked around and saw the apartments over the ring of fire, meaning that, since I was still in the Physical World, it had worked! I stole my face back, and knew that Koh could not bridge any more so I quickly trapped him with earth, and blew out the ring of fire. I jumped down in front of Koh, who was astonished, and I took my mask off. ``How?`` he asked me. I then did it again to get Rose`s face back, and saw her face fade from Koh.
It started to rain just then, and I felt like it was showering a solution on the world. I left Koh, and went to pick up Rose to see her face for the first time since the assembly. Her hands were covering her face so I pulled them off with a smile, but it was still blank. `How?` I thought, but I saw her mask off to the side, and it wasn`t plain and white anymore. I walked up to it and it resembled Rose`s face so I picked it up, walked it back, and put it on her. The mask turned blank again, and I took it off and saw her face now.
She saw me, smiled and said, ``Ron, it is, right?``
I chuckled because this is what she said when we formally met at the assembly, ``Yeah, Rose, right? I`m pretty sure I`ve seen you in a couple of our classes.`` With her lying in my arms, we smiled and slowly leaned in again, but this time we could kiss and we did.

Date: 04/08/14 10:42 PM
From: bballtoday

*Chapter 33 ~ Right Into the Danger Zone ~ Part 3*
We got there and saw Koh climbing down to get all the faces of the apartment that he forced out. We helped Satori and Miki quickly unload the big bags of plain, white masks (which unknowingly at the time became a very popular fad). When we finished that we all nodded, knowing what we were to do, put our masks on, and headed out.
I threw small amounts of earth and fire at Koh, and even a gust of air, which I guess I knew, from recent experimenting with Miki. He turned around and knew it was me. Koh slithered over, away from the crowd, and before any of us reacted he spoke, ``That sure was a cool trick you did last time, but sorry Avatar, I will just keep coming back as long as I have your face and can therefore bridge. You already know that you cannot destroy me, but the one thing you don`t know is how to defeat me. You don`t know what will stop me, and I`m telling you this. . . There is nothing that you or your friends can do. Although, you are part spirit you have nothing on me.``
Fan had my back and said, ``Don`t listen to him, Ron. You are the Avatar and the Avatar is still yet to fail in 10,000 plus years. Man, he`s just trying to intimidate you since he know that he won`t win.``
``And how is he going to beat me?!`` Koh spat, as he blew chunks of fire at Fan. Fan held his ground and made some stupid pun about fans blowing out fire. We used strategic attacks that would slow Koh down, and barely harm him, as we looked for some weakness or fault and this seemed impossible. Koh retaliated by popping up here and there, going into and back out of the Spirit World to trick us a little. We looked at this as an advantage to get shots on him without receiving them, and Koh soon figured this out and stopped.
Just as we thought we had Koh figured out he took advantage of our weak, non-harming attacks, and just focused on cornering one person at a time as he took small blows. Fan was his first target and Koh circled each other in a ring of fire. I blew out the fire as much as I could, which was lowering it down to their knees. Now that I had that, I made an earth wall in between them before Koh had a grasp of Fan, and pushed Koh back far away from him.
As I helped Fan out of the ring of fire, Koh now closed in on Rose. Rose was careful not to do anything too harsh to the Face Stealer, but Koh was getting rough and moving fast. I heard Rose demand, ``No! You will not get to me. Get away!`` she screamed as she shot lightning at the ground under Koh. I sensed all of this happening, and I noticed something when Rose did this. I was weird but something stood out, and I just NOTICED it.

Date: 04/08/14 7:31 AM
From: 13Nu13

Excellent! The title carries more relevance than ever. XD Very good, although I guess that if the Avatar Squad is ready to take down Koh, we're reaching the final stretch of the fanfic...

-By The Way

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Date: 04/07/14 8:01 PM
From: bballtoday

Sorry for just throwing all of it at you but I's more.

*Chapter 33 ~ Right Into the Danger Zone ~ Part 2*
I was wondering if maybe I was too intimidating with my post because I thought that there should be a call by now. What could Koh be doing? How come no one has made the call? Koh must have been doing something, been up to something big, but what? Just as I was thinking this, my pocket phone rang; it was a call. Every one of us stopped and stared at the phone now in my hand. On the fourth ring I picked it up, ``Hel-hello? This is Avatar Ron.``
She was screaming, ``Avatar Ron! Please help Koh just showed up at the apartments we live at, The Fire-cadian.`` The Fire-cadian was a very old apartment that housed many, many lower~middle class families. She kept going, ``Yes, Koh climbed up the building, almost to the top, and is now burning a whole level of it, forcing us to evacuate!``
``Wow, that`s terrible. We will be there quickly, show as little emotion as possible. Don`t worry, this will end today, thanks for your help,`` I hung up and nodded, letting them know that this was the real deal. Satori called our chauffeur to pick us up and take us there. I told them, ``Well, that was a woman who said Koh has been burning one of the top levels of the Fire-cadian, forcing everyone to evacuate for his taking. This is maniacal, he has really outdone himself!`` My pocket phone started blowing up with calls so I quickly made a message saying it was reported, and turned it off.
The police~authorized mobile picked us up and I went over our plan, ``Okay, everyone make sure you have your masks on, and I think Satori and Miki since you two aren`t fighters, you should keep an eye on the people there and take care of anyone who needs it. There are masks in the trunk that you can distribute. Hossa, you can fight the fire, although you may not be able to water bend, I know that you can find a way.`` I knew who I wanted to personally help me, ``Fan, Rose and I will deal with Koh. We may not know how exactly to beat him yet, but I know us three working together is stronger than Koh. The athletic Fan, the intelligent Rose, and me, the Avatar, Koh has been hidden but we will find him and his weakness, and take back everything that he has stolen. With all of our hard work, we will succeed for sure!``


Date: 04/07/14 7:23 AM
From: 13Nu13

Wow, this is really getting exciting! Am I the only one reading...? -feels entirely awkward- Like an awkward turtle...

-By The Way

When the leader of a rich, important nation calls himself a jelly doughnut in front of over 300,000 people, you then fully realize the importance of pronunciation and intonation. XD


Date: 04/06/14 10:04 PM
From: xomadtayxo

Whoa, great chapters, Bball! I must say that I completely love this story, lol. And I also love that you used Danger Zone, that's a good song! I listen to it a lot when I run.

Post soon!



Date: 04/06/14 7:57 PM
From: bballtoday

*Chapter 33 ~ Right Into the Danger Zone ~ Part 1*
What makes a story of a man or a boy or woman or whomever, a story of a hero, a myth, a LEGEND? Is it the capabilities they possess? Is it the challenges they survive? Is it the people they save? Maybe it is the number of times their story is told? Or it could be the way they handled problems? Well, I don`t know if I can consider myself a hero or legend, but I`ve gone through a little of it all. Personally, what I think is most important are the differences that really end up not mattering in the end. And I`m sure you can all agree that I went through a rather adverse situation.
So after posting that message, I set my pocket phone as loud as I could and also put its rumble setting on, and immediately I got a message, not a call. I looked, or had Fan look, because it was the first one and I wanted to prove my faith in humanity was correctly planned. He told me it said, ``Avatar Ron, I am sorry for this but I messaged because you never exactly said that we couldn`t do that. Anyways, I want you to confirm this is you with a picture so I can help prove to everybody that your post was 100% real. I want to help, so please and thank you for your courage.``
I messaged back a picture of Fan, Rose, and I (after pleading Rose to join in) and added, ``Thank you but also post that this is wrong and NEVER do it again.`` And with that we left for the streets, and all stuck together. The rest of that day was pretty smooth so we went back to rest for what was undeniably in store for us. Before I fell asleep I couldn`t get the song ``Final Match-Down`` out of my head.
We all woke up early, had a quick bite and went outside. No one had even contacted my pocket phone since the one incident, which surprised Rose the most. We were all silent and did not say a word to each other. While walking I felt in slow motion, and I looked to the left and to the right of me (I was in the middle) and noticed who I was with. Satori, Miki, Fan, me, Rose, and Hossa, and all I thought was, ``what a team!`` For some reason, this was the only squad I could ever think of having, no one else in and no one out of it. We were the next, the only, Avatar Squad.
The day started out pretty muggy and foggy, and I knew because Miki said in disgustion, ``Ew, what`s with all this fog, and why`s it so muggy? Shouldn`t Mother Nature be on our side on the day we save the world.``
Hossa chimed in, ``Miki, honestly, we have been working for this for more than just today; we`ve been saving the world this whole time.`` I have always wondered how Hossa is such a great earth bender when his attitude is so far from what I imagined an earth bender`s attitude to be.

Date: 04/06/14 12:45 PM
From: bballtoday

Watching Karate Kid (the original) but here is some more...

*Chapter 32 ~ Next One It Has To End*
*Ron here*
Instead of keeping watch over the Fire Nation, like always, we stayed back to make a plan because I had the feeling that Koh was up to something big. Instead, I had Fan help me write a post on my social media account that I haven`t used ever since becoming the Avatar. (Well, I always was the Avatar, I guess, but the first time it was announced publicly.) When he logged on, I had millions of fellowships, and I told Fan to follow them back and somehow find an accept all button. Not sure if he actually did or if he lied to me but he took over my account.
``Wow, you`ve missed a lot! Check out all of this!. . . Oh yeah, you can`t. Man, I get excited and always do that. I am so sorry, I gotta stop, man,`` Fan put it.
I disagreed, ``No Fan, this has got to stop. I`m gonna get my face back, along with everyone elses, and that`s what you`re gonna help me tell them.`` I placed my hand on Fan`s shoulder, ``You ready, man?``
Fan assured me, ``Yeah, man, just tell me what to say. You know I always gotch your back.``
Now, my voice could be reached, securely, to everyone in the world, especially in the Fire Nation. So I started, ``Hello everyone. This Avatar Ron, having my best friend, Fan, type for me. I am sorry for never checking, but I thought that I had more important things to do than social media or reaching out to everyone, but now I am reaching out for your help.`` I gave a small shout out to Fan and I could tell he smiled at that as he was clicking away, ``First, I want to apologize for letting the state of the world, and mostly the Fire Nation, get to this, and I promise that we will fix this and fix it soon. I have let this go too far, and I know that we are on the brink to an end so I want your help so we can finish this Koh the Face Stealer problem.
``Anyways, I am reaching out to you so that you can contact me, the Avatar, if you ever sight Koh the Face Stealer. Now, I am about to give you my digits and I am trusting you to be professional about this because many people`s lives can be in danger. As soon as this mess is over, I am changing my digits though, because it`s pretty obvious. Again, DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH THIS BECAUSE OTHERS MAY NEED THIS. Reach me at ****-***, This is extremely serious, and I need you to call if Koh is near you so you can tell me where he is and I can save you, many others, and hopefully end this. Thank you all for your help, and if you do exactly as I tell you then you can say that you were part of the solution. I need all of you to help me, thanks again!`` I ended, and had Fan post it.
``You just gave your number to everyone,`` Rose said in shock. ``You, the most famous and important person in the world. . .``
I nodded, ``Yes, this will be the end to all of this big mess. I have faith in mankind.``


Date: 03/27/14 12:15 PM
From: bballtoday

...Now, take a box of tissues, put it by your computer, and start reading. There's a small chance you'll need it ...

*500 years later*
For the past 500 years I have been following Mother, and restoring faces, getting praise from Mother. It felt good, but every once in a while when she went off on her own I would sneak out to steal a face or two because it felt so rewarding. As much as I loved working with Mother and receiving approval, there was something so sweet about stealing faces than giving faces that attracted me. It is tough to say but I enjoyed stealing a little more than giving, and it made me feel good, while I didn`t quite see the point in making others feel good.
Like I had said, Raava made a plan to capture and hold Vaatu, and never had much of a chance until now. It was almost Harmonic Convergence, and Vaatu also had a plan to open the Spirit Portals so that the spirits and hopefully, for him, he could spread darkness to the Material World. He did this and Harmonic Convergence began soon after. Vaatu revealed his plan to Raava and slid into the Physical World. Raava would not let him free and away in this world so she blast through the portal and tackled Vaatu, tangling each other together. Raava had caught Vaatu, but still he would still struggle to break free, but Raava had fulfilled her plan.
With spirits now allowed in the Physical World, Mother decided that she would go there to spread our powers to both worlds. She would take a spirit wolf to help guide her, while I stay in the Spirit World. I just had to fess up so I told her about how I have been stealing faces behind her back. She was upset and said, ``Koh, you have to promise me that you will stop stealing faces, and instead spread identities. Do it for me, son, I trust you and I love you.`` I promised as she and her guide wolf left into the new world. This time, that the Spirit World was first connected to the Physical World, is known to many as the beginning of time.
<><>REAL TIME<><>
Crying, I talked to myself, ``Mother, I know I soon broke our promise, but I just missed you so much. It doesn`t make sense that everyone else has so much emotion when I don`t feel any, unless I am stealing or with you.`` I paused to remember what Mother looked like, ``Mother of Faces, I am so sorry.``


Date: 03/26/14 1:05 PM
From: 13Nu13

Whoa, intense! Great job, as always! So Koh wasn't always a bad guy...

-By The Way

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...Keeping it going...

*Another 3000 years had gone by*
Finally, Mother had finished her task and was coming home to see me. I thought I would surprise her and show the new faces that I had gotten in her absence. During the time I had gotten a taste for stealing faces, and was now recognized as Koh the Face Stealer. I put on my favorite face as she came into view. I watched her gracefully walk towards me and when she got close enough I saw her smile fade into a shocked ``oh`` kind of face.
``Mother, look what I`ve done! Isn`t it cool?``
She looked very angry, ``Koh, so the Face Stealer legends are true? I didn`t name you The Face Stealer so I couldn`t believe it for myself, because I know I have raised you better. What happened to giving faces?``
``I did that, but I didn`t enjoy it. I guess seeing others` emotions made me mad when I had nothing to be happy about doing it.``
She knew what must be done and told me, ``Koh, you must return these faces you have stolen because giving may not seem fun for you, but it is right for the universe, and what is right for the universe will help you later in life. I will be there for the first few, but since this is your problem, you will return the rest on your own, and right your wrong.``
For the first few I gave the faces back with approval and praise from Mother. This made me feel good and special about giving faces, and I liked this. The creatures were happy to get their identities, and I was happy because Mother was happy. After that she made me finish on my own; this would take a long, long time because the faceless are so many and have dispatched. At first I enjoyed giving faces back because I knew it made Mother happy which made me happy, but the more and more I gave, the more it got old, and I forgot what Mother`s approval felt like. Giving took a lot out of me sometimes, and especially when I did not want to do it. Every time I was giving a whole identity, something that had been a part of me for some time to somebody else.
Although I didn`t like it, I finished returning the faces after almost 4000 years. Everyone I stole from, I tracked down and gave back, and it felt like torcher to me. I thought the one thing that could make me feel better was finding Mother, and being congratulated for my success. It took half a century to track down Mother, who was busy at work. She told me she was happy to see me, but it didn`t seem like it to me. ``You have done a good thing, Koh. I am glad to have you as a son,`` she said.


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...But wait, there's more (FYI, more Koh Flashback)...

*About 1000 years later*
Mother was asked upon by Raava, our protector from darkness, to help restore wounded faces of spirits while she started her chase for Vaatu. This was the first time that Mother had really left me alone. And the story of Raava and Vaatu was a story of one lightening where the other had made darkness, cleaning up what had been done. They have been around forever, before any of us ever came along, and this was Raava`s new plan to keep the peace between spirits. After the last Harmonic Convergence she knew something had to be done. I am not sure what exactly happened but she took almost 2000 years to make a plan; of course she was cleaning up darkness on the way.
Apparently two spirits had strained from the battle field and they were very scarred and didn`t have much of a face anymore. I remember what Mother had told me so I gave a new face to the first one, and it seemed happy to get this, but I did not share this feeling with him. This didn`t feel right to me, and I could see the other guy getting excited to be delivered a new face. I thought about it and instead I stole this messed up face to end his misery, and I felt good about doing this because he wouldn`t have to live with that face and I would get another identity.


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I have not yet read the Search, just part 1. But I still think you did a great job with this chapter, learning about Koh's past was pretty cool. Nice work! : )



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Very, very good! I learned a lot about Koh with your chapter! You did his POV really well!

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Well.. Thanks! I'm a tomboy and I'm not really into singing and dancing. But I guess you could say I was fun.. :P Write soon!