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|''|Meet Me Halfway|''|

Date: 06/10/13 4:50 PM
From: Watrgal12

|''|Prolouge |''|
"Father! Please! AHH!"Fooosh! I cringed as Fire Lord Ozai blasted fire at Zuko. I bit back tears as Iroh patted my back.
Zuko was bent over on the ground he looked up and a hideous scar burned on his left eye. I wanted to scream and comfort Zuko,but if interferred with an Agni-Kai I might be thrown in jail or worse.
That was three years ago when Zuko got banished. I was visiting him the day of his first war meeting. We were so young,thirteen at the most. Zuko asked me out on a date a month before the war meeting. I remember the day of the war meeting like it happened yesterday:
I was standing on the front gates of the palace and a guard was checking my ID when I saw Zuko. I yelled his name and he ran over to me.
"Hey,Zuko! How's it going?"I hugged him.
"I'm getting ready for me first war meeting! I've been dreaming about this day,Emi."Zuko stared into the beautiful blue sky and breathed in the fresh air."This is gonna be a good day,Emiko."
I smiled at him as a guard handed my ID card back."You may pass."I didn't feel right that day... I knew something bad was going to happen.
I took Zuko's hand as we walked over to the pond with the turtle-ducks."So your Mom's new baby?"
We sat down; turtle-ducks swam up to me but kept far away from Zuko."Mom's doing great with Mutoe!"I lived in the uper class of Fire Nation with my Mom and Mutoe; my Dad was fighting in the war. I narrowed me eyes."You seem really jumpy and excited,Zuko,that's nothing like you."
"Well,it's my first war meeting. Every person dreams of it,"Zuko repiled.
"I don't though,"I countered teasing him.
Zuko slipped his hand out of mine and shrugged. There's the old Zuko.
"Prince Zuko?!"A familiar voice called. Iroh was coming toward us.
"Iroh!"I ran over to hug him. Iroh always felt like a real father to me. He's just so nice.
"Emiko,I see you came to see Zuko before the war meeting."He smiled at me.
He turned to Zuko."You need to get dressed,Prince Zuko."
Zuko nodded and hugged me good-bye without a word.
That was when everything changed. Zuko spoke up in the war meeting,he was challenged by his father to an Angi Kai and got banished from his home land. I remember when he was about to go:
I ran to the docks. Zuko and his uncle were watching the crew load up the ship.
"I'm coming,"I demanded walking over to them.
Zuko placed his hand on my shoulder and said quietly."No,Emi,I love you,but you can't come. I'm sorry. I'll write to you every single day."He wrapped me in a hug."I promise."
I began to cry in Zuko's shoulder."I... I love you,too."Out of the corner of my eye I saw Iroh tearing up and backing away.
I looked up at Zuko."Never forget me,Zuko,no matter how long it takes,find the avatar. I know he's out there."
Zuko nodded.
"All aboard!"The captain yelled.
" 'K ,this is goodbye for now,Emi."
I nodded,lips pursed,tears streaming down my cheeks. Zuko lifted my chin and kissed me on the lips. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me good-bye.
"ALL ABOARD,PRINCE ZUKO!"Iroh yelled from the deck which broke us apart. I blushed embarrassed that Iroh was watching us.
Zuko ran to the ship yelling,"I'll write you tonight,Emi. I LOVE YOU!"He smiled at me and vanished onto the boat. I kept waving until it was out of sight.
"Welllll."A sharp voice said from behind me. I immediately knew who it was and grimaced.
"Yes,Princess Azula?"I turned around maintaning my cool.
"Don't play dumb,Emi. I saw you begging to go with Zuko! Just accept that Zuko isn't coming back! Ever!"Azula snapped. Was she sad that Zuko was coming back...? No,she doesn't have any feelings,she's doesn't care.
I broke; I was sick and tired of Azula making fun of me! That's all she does!"I'm done,Azula! Leave me alone for once!I don't care what you say. Zuko will come back." I shouted.
Azula seemed unaffected."Whatever you say,Emi."With that she shot up in the air leaving a smoky trail.
I walked back home crying the whole way.
That was the day of Zuko's banishment.
Of course Zuko wrote to me everyday as promised,but on the thrid year the were less frequent once a week. Then once a month...
This was the letter when the letters began to slow.

To: Yamamoto Emiko
From: Prince Zuko

Southern Water Tribe,December 14,1853

Dear Emi,

As you can see I'm in the Southern Water Tribe. I miss you dearly my sweet. Today I saw a maginfictent blue sphrere shoot up in the air and guess what...? IT WAS THE AVATAR! We stopped by a pathetic little village and I battled the avatar. This may sound weird,but the avatar was a kid... I captured him,but his little friends saved him. Don't worry we're following them as I write. I love you,Emi,always remember that.



Author's Note: In Asia your last name goes first. Thats's why Emiko's full name is Yamamoto Emiko. Cool huh! Anywho, Give me your feedback! BYEZ!


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Date: 04/11/14 10:19 PM
From: pencil2342

Great chapter! :) I'll try to get one in soon.

Date: 04/08/14 9:06 PM
From: rerebow


Date: 04/08/14 8:49 PM
From: rerebow

can you be my friend on here

Date: 04/08/14 8:19 PM
From: pancake161



I can't help being happy!!!! FINALLYYY!! ZUKO AWAITS!!!
We submit the following statements as truth:
'Ignorance' is defined not as stupidity but as lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge inevitably leads to lack of understanding.
Lack of understanding leads to a disconnect among people with differences.
Disconnection among people with differences leads to conflict.
Knowledge is the only logical solution to the problem of conflict. ~Erudite Manifesto, Divergent


Date: 04/04/14 6:52 PM
From: AangKorra0

|"|Chapter XXXVI: Sad Stories and Arrivals|"|

I stood in awe as Misaki let out little gasps.

"How is it possible?!" she exclaimed, utterly bewildered. "Our cruel nation destroyed them like a hundred years ago!"

The little girl swooped down and gazed at us a little uncertainly. She then hopped on tree branches and started swinging back and forth. Misaki shook her head in disbelief.

"Shaylu," Misaki called hesitantly, "Would you come here for a moment?" Shaylu obeyed.

"What? I'm guessing you'd want to know my story."

"Actually-" Misaki began but was cut off.

"Well all I know is that my grandmother was an Air-bender and survived from the Fire Nation. My father was an Earth-bender who ran away from my mother, and my mother...well..." she stuttered with tears filled in her eyes. "Sh-she died when I was five. I am now twelve, and I don't have a home." She began to cry at her own story. I quickly wrapped my arms around her. The sobbing stopped.

"Oh, wow, Emiko and I haven't heard such a sad story before. I am deeply touched." said Misaki sadly.

"Yeah." Suddenly, an idea formulated in my head. "You know, you could come with us to Ba Sing Se if you don't have anywhere to go. We can provide you with food and shelter." I remarked. Shaylu's eyes beamed up at me instantly and a wide grin popped on her face.

"I'd love to!" Shaylu exclaimed, but before we start going, tell me a bit about yourselves."

"Well my name is Emiko and this is my friend Misaki. We're nomads, and we're looking for this guy in Ba Sing Se." I retorted.

"Emiko's guy," Misaki smirked.

"Let us get going then now, shall we." I said, my eyes narrowed.


We stopped walking in what seemed like ages, a few races here and there. I gasped heavily at the sight of ginormous stone walls, protected my some rock forts with Earth Benders. The walls glimmered through my dusty eyes. Misaki, Shaylu, and I gazed at it through a hidden bush, not being seen.

"I-It's huge!" was Shaylu's comment. Misaki, however, was unable to speak. She tugged my arm.

"E-Emiko, we've reached Ba Sing Se."


Well sorry the chapter took forever. I was sorta busy, but I promise it won't happen again. Cilly will come out with an amazing chapter, next! ;D

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Date: 04/02/14 5:32 PM
From: pencil2342

Thank, guys!! Ally will have an awesome chapter ready soon, but right now I need to work on a One Person chapter.

Date: 04/01/14 10:29 PM
From: xomadtayxo

An airbender, sweet! I really like where this is going.



Date: 04/01/14 7:59 PM
From: AangKorra0

New chapter coming soon!

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Date: 03/27/14 4:07 PM
From: AangKorra0

Whoa, Awesome chapter, Cilly!!!

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Date: 03/26/14 6:41 PM
From: watrgal12

Here's my chapter. I hope you guys like it!

|''|Chapter XXXIII: Shaylu|''|
Gray clouds ominously stalked us into the woods. They rumbled and rain fell lightly at first, but then within ten minutes it fell in heavy, huge drops. It drenched us to the bone and soon we were shivering Chihuahua-beavers. We sprinted farther into the forest not exactly knowing where to go.

Misaki turned her upward. "Why,? she said to the sky,? are you raining so much lately?"

I sighed, ducking under a towering oak and motioning her to come. "It's March, Saki." I surveyed my surrounding; the oak tree's limbs were long enough and thick enough to rest under. Emiki set her things down and squeezed out her matted, drenched hair. "Looks like we'll be camping here for the time being." I plopped down, weaved my fingers together and put them behind me head.

Misaki warily sat on the soft earth. She looked at me with suspicious eyes and I stared back with an irritated expression. "Are-are you alright, Emiko? You seem out of sorts lately."

I nervously bit my lip, and then sighed. "Well, ever since that letter from Zuko a couple days ago anxiety has been me pressuring me."

"Why?" She asked, genuinely concerned.

"Be... because, I feel like we have to hurry and get to Ba Sing Se and we haven't even found a boat yet!" I let my head fall into my hands. "I feel so stressed out, Misaki!" Tears threatened and they started streaming down my flushed face.

She wrapped her arms around me. "It's ok, we'll get there eventually," she soothed. "For now, let's rest here and we'll find a way out of here in the morning."

I nodded, numbly and dug through my pack for my bedroll. Unrolling it and laying it out, I heard a branch crack, then snickers and scuttling footsteps.

"Emiko..." Misaki whispered worriedly.

I held a hand up telling her to stay. She nodded and I pushed through a clump of bushes.

"OUCH!" A high-pitched voice rang out.

I jumped back and slammed into a tree. Strands from my once braided brown hair fell into my eyes; as I brushed the wet hair away I found a sickly, little girl no more than 12 timidly standing in front of me. She had short, cropped, black hair and tan skin. She was the skinniest girl I'd ever seen; her gray dress was hanging off her wiry frame dripping and wet from the sudden deluge. Her face didn't look too bad just jutting cheekbones. She had her arms wrapped around herself, shivering and teeth chattering. It made me realize I was just in a thin blouse and pants standing in the pouring rain. I shivered, goose bumps sprang up on my skin.

I stepped forward and she staggered back with a look of fear plastered across her face. Did I really look that scary? Man, we needed to find somewhere to bathe!

"Don't- don't freak out..." I said in a calm, soothing voice. "I'm not going to hurt you."

She swallowed and sized me up.

"What's your name?" I asked, crouching to be level with her.

"Shaylu," she muttered, fiddling with her fingers.

I smiled warmly at her. "That's a beautiful name."

She blushed and looked at the muddy ground. That's when it dawned on me, this girl was homeless and starving with no one to care for her. I had to take her with us and make her a better life.

"Shaylu, would you like to-"I began.

"Emiko!" Misaki sprang through the bushes looking worried and fearful. "Are you ok?"

Shaylu's eyes widened and she jumped into the air... but she didn't come down.

"Praise the spirits," I breathed as Misaki's mouth fell open, "she's an airbender."


Date: 03/24/14 10:57 AM
From: tomgurl111

my avatar fan fiction character is Lily: she has cat ears, a cat tail,long brown hair, a green shirt and brown pants,she is an earth bender yet she loves weapons
Lily: * blushes * you had to say that IN FRONT OF THE WORLD

Date: 03/23/14 4:41 PM
From: AangKorra0


OMGosh! You're so funny! XD


Thanks! Can't wait fer yer chapter!


No, you can call me that! Thanks for liking it! Cilly did an amazing job on setting it up!

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Date: 03/22/14 2:38 PM
From: xomadtayxo

Great work, Allie! (Do you care if I call you Allie?) I think it's really cool how you and Cilly have turned this into a double.

I'm really looking forward to your chapter, Cilly! : )



Date: 03/19/14 4:37 PM
From: pencil2342

Great job, Alliesse! I'm gonna get to work on mine now.

Date: 03/18/14 8:39 PM
From: pancake161


I am soooooooo happy!!! You and @cilly are doing a double?! -emails entire story to me-self (I couldn't care less about punctuation errors at this point!!!)-


Date: 03/17/14 7:20 PM
From: AangKorra0

Alright, so I'm going on vacation for about 5 days so I'm posting the chapter in advance!!

|"|Chapter XXXII: A Letter from Zuko|"|

"Well Misaki," I smirked, "What's your brilliant plan to find us a boat?"

"It's not like you're gonna be any help, is it?" she said angrily.

I sighed and walked down the narrow pathway. We've walked for what seemed like ages. Sweat began trickling down my anxious face. Strands of my brown hair often swept into my face, which got me pretty annoyed.

"What was it you wanted to tell me, anyways?" she asked, but seeing my confused expression she quickly added, "The part about kissing Kazuo, imagining Zuko."

"Oh that...well the point is, I love Zuko, and Kazuo couldn't change that. I was imagining him as Zuko..." My voice paused for a moment, thinking about all the great, loving memories Zuko and I shared. A slow grin began to spread across my face. I really did love Zuko. "And I am determined to search for him." I finished.

A dark brown hawk soared eagerly in the sky, towards my direction. It clutched a letter that had small scribbles from my point of view. It hastily came down, dropping the letter in my hands, and soared off. The letter clearly read:

To: Yamamoto Emiko
From: Lee

My heart started pounding furiously and my stomach did a loop. Was this letter from Zuko?!?! He said his Earth Kingdom name was Lee! How did he know where to find me?! Misaki peered at the letter for a moment then her eyes widened.

"Open it, Emi!" she said anxiously.

I teared the seal and unfolded the letter and began to read out loud.

Dear Emiko,

It's your beloved Lee. That's the name I'm going to use just in case anyone gets hold of this. I am beginning to get a little worried. I heard you were not in the Fire Nation anymore. I didn't know if you really wanted to see me here in Ba-Sing-Se, but I am thinking that's what you left for. Emi, I will never move on from you, always remember that. Uncle Iroh and I are making the best tea business ever, in case you're wondering. I hope Misaki is well to, assuming she left with you to. I will be waiting here. I love you Emiko.

Regards, Lee

P.S. I got the bird from a man here in Ba-Sing-Se. He was apparently a special bird who can travel to a person, already knowing the person's destination.

My mouth fell open and I dropped the letter from my hand. I hugged Misaki tightly. Tears began forming and striding down my watery eyes, but I knew that these were tears full of joy.


Well, that's all from me! Hope you liked it! Next chapter from Cilly!

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Date: 03/17/14 7:14 AM
From: watrgal12


Great! And, yes, please post the topic, but put Cilly and Alliesse's Writing Ideas or something like that...


Date: 03/16/14 8:43 PM
From: AangKorra0

M'kay, Cilly! I'm working on it! Do you still want me to create the Writer's Page??

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Date: 03/15/14 10:38 PM
From: pencil2342


I was thinking of changing this to a double. So yes, you can do the next chapter.


Date: 03/13/14 8:40 PM
From: AangKorra0

Sure thing! Just call be Alliesse. So do you want me to put part of like a new chapter?

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