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Date: 04/21/14 4:05 PM
From: 123RJlove

man,Aang is dead and replaced by korra
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Date: 06/13/14 9:00 PM
From: miich

I know why do they have AANG. Well atlest that they stil play the show.

Date: 05/02/14 1:50 AM
From: Rockalanch

This is such a Lion King reference but....

"He lives in you my son" In this case..."He lives in you my daughter"

Aang is only in his spiritual form but he is still alive through Raava the Avatar spirit who...if I remember correctly...connects the existing Avatar with his/her past lives...Korra wasnt able to protect Raava so he was destroyed thus disabling Korra's ability to connect to her past lives...however....she can still talk to them and plus she now has Iroh to help...the first time I heard Aangs theme on LOK I literally squeeled out of thing does trouble me though....Aang and the rest of them have died yet...Katara hasnt? I just hope there is a season 4....please writors of Avatar....just one more season! PLEASE!


Date: 04/22/14 6:52 PM
From: willoe

He IS Korra!
But i would greive...

OH! and Happy Earth Day!