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Elemental Bending Academy

Date: 05/19/14 11:56 PM
From: xRoxellex

Welcome Benders! To The Elemental Bending Academy Of Atmospheric Powers. In This School You Will Be Training Your Skills. Every Students Will Be Divided Into Groups To Their Own Kind Of Bending. Will You Be in The...

Pyro (Pie-row) [Fire Bending] - Tough & Powerful! Also Clever In Their Own Ways. They're Flames Are Brighter Than A Phoenix & They Shine Like The Sun.

Hydro (Hi-drow) [Water-Bending] - Values Courage & Finds Resourcefulness in Water! Their Commands In Waves Are To Be High & They Rise With The Moon.

Aero (air-o) [Air-Bending] - Fast & Agile! Wherever The Wind Tells Them To Go, They Follow. Winds Can Swipe You Off Of Your Feet. So Never Underestimate The Power Of One Weather!

Geo (gi-o) [Earth-Bending] - Values Patience & Tests Your Strength. Not Good At Seeing, nor Hearing, but Feeling. They Have A Personality Of Perseverance & Can Show You That They Rock!

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Date: 07/17/14 1:08 PM
From: BooSki789

Name: Kole, Visola
Gender: Girl
Age: 13
Group/Element: Hydro
Can Bloodbend(chooses not too.) can heal and will customize own weapons.

Date: 07/17/14 2:32 AM
From: xRoxellex

I Think there might be other air-benders, but it's the one who makes his/her OC's choice



Date: 07/01/14 4:36 PM
From: beanbun

Paumla; tren tain
Gender; Female
Age; 12
Group; Areo
Will there be other airbender's?
Beanbun >"< (supposed to b cat)

Date: 06/30/14 11:35 PM
From: kataanger0

This looks rather interesting, I shall have to keep tabs on it...



Date: 06/29/14 6:33 AM
From: beanbun

Aang just Aang
Gender Male
age 13
areo air
since im the avatar I missed out on sckool I might need help but ill try hard avatars promise

Date: 06/06/14 10:17 AM
From: 13Nu13

Suggestion time! There's a roleplaying board now, so I think this would be really good there, since it's a roleplay. Just wanted to tell you before too many posts are on here!

-By The Way

Ahhh the new episode of Adventure Time aired yesterday!


Date: 06/04/14 6:10 PM
From: earthboi

hey can i join the rp?

Date: 05/22/14 2:19 PM
From: xRoxellex

Patience. I'm still thinking and writing about this bending school. Also I need to "read" a little story about your character if it's good enough to be in advance education, but sure you can be in the same class. Also my OC might be your character's aunt.



Date: 05/21/14 6:10 PM
From: keshafan80

Full Name: Princess Arianna Of The Northern Water Tribe (duaghter Of Yue)
In My Last School i was in Extra Advanced can i be in the same class?