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Roku's Story (The avatars past story 1) 94BEAKER64 CLICK PLZ

Date: 06/01/14 5:42 PM
From: BAmeliaVee

When this posts I'll start the story after 5 posts, oh and 94beaker64, if you want to help I'll gladly allow you, your one of my favorite fanfic writers! Blasting Jelly Blues is one of my favorites! And sorry about the PLZ part everyone, I was running out of room!
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Date: 07/01/14 3:04 PM
From: blisteax


This sounds interesting, I'd love to read a fanfiction about Roku's past. I don't think I've actually seen this idea before. But I agree with @ Kataanger0, you should write a prologue first to spark readers' curiosity.

Can't wait to read this (:

-- ally


Date: 06/30/14 11:32 PM
From: kataanger0

You should make a prologue, it'll get people interested. But otherwise seems like a cool idea by the title.



Date: 06/29/14 8:04 AM
From: beanbun

this looks good can I help:-S