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IReturn *Need characters!*

Date: 02/23/14 1:30 PM
From: alb05

I'm going to start, but I'll accept your characters as I write! (If you make one, include name, age, appearance,ect)
Chapter 1 Carly's POV
I got on the plane, shaking. I was bring a surprise to Seattle. Me! The sad thing is, I only have a week until I have to go back to Italy. Hours, many hours passed, and it was time to see Sam, Freddie, and Spencer again. I wondered if Spencer made art to remember me. I got out of the plane, and eventually made it to Bushwell Plaza. I walked into Spencer's apartment.
"CARLS?", Spencer was stunned to see me again.
"Yes. Is it okay if I stay here for a while?", I asked.
"Why wouldn't it be? Oh, Seddie is coming"
"Who?", I asked.
"Fred and Samantha?", Spencer answered. "Your.....friends?"
"SEDDIE?", I asked.
Right at that moment 'Seddie', entered the apartment.
"I was quite excited. Seddie never comes over after you left for Italy!"
I was not happy.
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Date: 04/09/14 8:48 PM
From: KatieBoo02

Umm...I made "Kaitlyn" as a character for this story, Not a role.......

(Its so weird to use your name in a sentence. LOL that's why it has " " )



Date: 04/08/14 8:06 PM
From: wordfm88

name: Kaitlyn
age: ten, 10
gender: female, girl
appearance: reddish brownish blondish hair hazel eyes hardly any freckles and supper nice likes to put her hair in a bunch of braids all the time.
oh and i just described me so hire me for this part and i won't really be acting

Date: 04/08/14 8:00 PM
From: wordfm88

can i be Kaitlyn because i am almost just like her but i am ten and have blondish reddish brownish hair but other then that i'm just like her

Date: 04/08/14 7:57 PM
From: wordfm88

oh and everything like me but strait dark brown hair oh even name oh and my age is ten not 11 so almost all me i would be great for that role

Date: 04/08/14 7:53 PM
From: wordfm88

my name is Kaitlyn i like to call my self Katie or Kate

Date: 04/04/14 10:52 PM
From: KatieBoo02

Nickname:Katie, kate
Age:11 (Can be changed if wanted)
Looks:Mid-arm length Straight dark brown hair, Big beautiful brown eye's (Sometimes Hazel) Clear skin, but has one freckle on right side of mouth, Small for age, Very very skinny.
Personality:Sweet, friendly, Down-to-earth,genuine, fun, energetic, hyper, sassy, and sarcastic (Sometimes)

Date: 04/01/14 8:46 PM
From: popstarvj2

Appearance:black hair, blue dress, purple headband,necklace,braclet and a ring
Parents:Carly's dad
Siblings:Carly, Carly is her stepsister

Date: 03/05/14 1:07 AM
From: NateJenn

I don't understand. I'm confused by Carly's attitude, as you write it:

"... Oh, Seddie is coming"
"Who?", I asked.
"Fred and Samantha?", Spencer answered. "Your.....friends?"
"SEDDIE?", I asked.
Right at that moment 'Seddie', entered the apartment.
"I was quite excited. Seddie never comes over after you left for Italy!"
I was not happy.


Why in the world would Carly be unhappy? She's home, Spencer loves her, and Sam & Freddie seem to be quite the couple!

At one point, Carly was Seddie's biggest cheerleader! Oh sure, she snuck behind Sam's back to kiss Freddie in the last episode. But that betrayal was a one-time thing, right? I'm sure Carly wouldn't make a play for the guy Sam loves; after all, Sam is Carly's best friend!

OTOH, it could be kinda cool to see Carly be the villain.


Date: 03/04/14 2:26 PM
From: 1704fun

Name: Layla T.
Age: 14
Appearance: Blonde,curly,hair;A dark blue top,with a light brown skirt, and white vest.
Enemy: Nevel
Frienemy: Lewbert
Hope you like the character!*:)


Date: 03/02/14 8:17 AM
From: mablepower

can i be carly please

Date: 02/24/14 8:16 AM
From: Lilly7789

Name: Kayla Lilly Benson/ Jack Tyler Papperman (If Nevel can be in it)
Age: 11/12
Appearance: Like a mini Sam but with brown hair/ Like Nevel
Birthday: October 21st/ January 5th
BFF: Anyone/ Nobody
Enemy: Nevel, Jack/ Icarly crew, Kayla
Parents: Seddie/ Nevel

Date: 02/23/14 5:18 PM
From: MegaZip312

I hope this character is in!
Name: Brandy Sienna J
Nickname: None
Age: 16
Grade: 11th
Birthday: October 21st, 1996
Looks: Curly Brown Hair, Pale Face, Brown Eyes
Personality: Like Jessie from Jessie
Clothes: Like Phoebe from The Thundermans
Talents: Acting
Hobbies: Practicing Singing, Dancing, And Acting
Friends: Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby
Enemies: Nevel and Lewbert
Crush: Gibby
Extra: Brandy has lived in the Bushwell Plaza for years. She dislikes Nevel and Lewbert because they are mean to her. She loves to hang around with Carly and Sam in her free time.

I hope you like her! I hope she is in the story!