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iCarly fanfic! *Characters needed*

Date: 05/04/14 8:57 PM
From: Rainyfun

Form-- (Here's mine)
Name: Cassie
Age: 13
Role: Sam's best friend in mischief!

Chapter 1-- *Sam and Carly...enemies?*
*Sam and Carly are at school*
Carly: You know that Kevin weirdo?
Sam: Yup
Carly: Well, he's been after me for putting his little "show" on iCarly.....
Sam: NO WAY!
Carly: Yes way! What a totally stupid thing!
Sam:'s actually kind of cool.
Carly: Kevin? Kevin and the chippies? THAT guy's band? They have such weird songs!
Sam: Haven't you seen this?
*Rips a poster off the wall*
Sam: THIS is what everybody's raging about. Bubbling with excitement!
Carly: No way! Well, if you want can have them. But not with me on the show!
Sam: Why are you acting so stupid?
Carly: I'm not! the show is called "iCarly", and I'M Carly, so I get to decide what we're gonna do!
Sam: You can't.....or I'll change the name to iSam then!

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Date: 07/19/14 10:32 PM
From: Snowywolf7

sam is not shy

Date: 07/16/14 3:42 PM
From: mmannycra

can i be on icarly

Date: 06/17/14 5:10 PM
From: Jayblue22

Name: Rosie
Age: 13
Role: Shy Girl who Carly Makes Friends With

Date: 06/04/14 5:16 PM
From: violin1230

this is so cool

Date: 06/04/14 9:43 AM
From: sweetethan

me me plz i can me shebly i got tori

Date: 06/03/14 8:41 PM
From: Rainysfun

Thanks! :D

You can write the next chapter!


Date: 06/03/14 4:50 PM
From: katfire4

Sorry I tried to fit in all of the characters but the computer wouldn't let me type anymore.
Your a really good writer!

Date: 06/03/14 3:03 PM
From: angelenano

role:Carly's and Sam's worst enemy

Date: 06/02/14 6:32 PM
From: katfire4

Chapter 7 was really cool!I really liked it!

Date: 06/02/14 5:45 PM
From: catecoz

i catecoz (Breanna) wants a bigger part

Date: 06/02/14 12:49 PM
From: pinkamenag

name bernedette
age 14
role she tries to break up carly and sam because does not like them she like the villian

Date: 06/01/14 2:09 AM
From: Lilly7789


Date: 05/31/14 9:09 AM
From: catecoz

please do more with me (Breanna) in it!

Date: 05/29/14 10:36 PM
From: Rainysfun

I'm back! Thanks so much for continuing the fanfic! :D I'll write the next one.

Chapter 7--
*Sam and Carly are lying on the floor; reading their cards*
Sam: So what should we do next on iCarly?
Carly: I don't know...'
*Megan comes in with a disgusted looking Hermione*
Sam: What's wrong with HER?
Sam and Carly: EWWW!
Megan: *looks offended* Hey! I was trying to give some scoop for iCarly!
Sam: What did Lewbert do??
*Someone slams on the door*
Lewbert: Let me in! LET ME IN! Who touched my wart? WHO?? AHHH!
Carly: *stares at the door; looks at Sam, Megan and Hermione*\
Sam: I guess I should say...
Megan: I'm proud of you Hermione. You're nothing like Freddie.
Hermione: Thanks!
*door falls down*
Lewbert: Gotcha!
Carly: AAAHH!
*They jump out of the window; Spencer comes out*
Spencer: Hey Carly, what's all the screaming abou- Lewbert?
Lewbert: The girls touched my wart and now it's bleeding!


Date: 05/24/14 2:14 PM
From: katfire4

Chapter 6 (contiued)
*The iCarly studio's)
Carly:Hey i'm Carly and this is a very special iCarly episode!
Sam:Yup you bet we do!
Carly:We have a bunch of guests like,our friends,Lauren.
Sam:Who likes to be called Alex!
Carly:We also have,Breanna,Herimone.
Sam:And my sister Megan!
Carly:Now Sam and I are doing iCarly together again because it wasn't fun doing a show with out each other.
Sam:If some of you viewers had friends you'd know what we were saying.
Sam:So lets get this show started!
Megan:Yeah can we?
Carly:Freddie can't make it so our friends Alex will be the technical producer!
Megan:We gonna start the show or what?
Herimone: Yeah i'm getting bored!
Carly:We have a very special surprise for Sam!
The Chippettes: Hey were the Chippettes!Were performing a song for you Sam!
Sam:Carly you'r the best!
Alex:Anyone want to hold the camera?
Breanna :Sure i'll do it!
Alex:Thanks!Now my hand hurts.
*After the show*
Carly:Sam did you like the show?
Sam:Don't ask me that ? again

Date: 05/24/14 9:53 AM
From: hibah23

super cool dude

Date: 05/23/14 7:25 PM
From: catecoz

Name: Catecoz
Age: 13
Role: A 13 year old girl name Breanna

Date: 05/23/14 3:55 PM
From: icarlyfanl

name: alex

age: 13

role: fan with thorn looking necklace, helps on the show after a little bit.



Date: 05/23/14 3:52 PM
From: icarlyfanl

name: lauren

age: 13

role: 13 year old girl named alex (already went over that)



Date: 05/23/14 1:27 PM
From: katfire4

Chapter 6

Carly:Um......I think I know what happened.When we were in school she wanted to have Kevin and the Chippettes.
Megan:That's what shes been mumbling about all night in her sleep.
Carly:Exactly!I'll just tell her that i'll just have Kevin and the Chippette's here so they can sing on the show!
Megan:So that's why she wanted me to do ISam with her.
*Carly calls Sam*
Sam:What do you want?
Carly:Lets make a deal if you agree to do iCarly with Herimone and I i'll let Kevin and the Chippettes perform.
Sam:Thanks Carly!......So can Megan do iCarly with the three of us?
*Carly hangs up the phone*