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Date: 08/15/14 2:00 PM
From: gkosenski

you clicked well at least i can tell you which i carly charater you are if your 7 your guppy if your 8 your carly if your 9 your sam if your 10 your freddy if your 11 your gibby if your 12 your spencer and if your 13 your miss benson hope you like your charater
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Date: 10/27/14 8:29 PM
From: mellynn

I'm a female Spencer... AWESOME!!!

Date: 10/24/14 12:45 AM
From: tunderminz

Date: 10/21/14 6:04 PM
From: bansheebff

Apparently I am Freddie.And I am a yeah.
But I will be Gibby in December.And he is also a boy.
And please view my: Which power are you? board because nobody has left a message yet! :(


Date: 10/17/14 5:13 PM
From: funday101

now i wish my birthday was today but my birthday is on.well i shouldn't tell but i'm sam.

Date: 10/04/14 2:36 PM
From: amiyah330

im freddie in october 11

Date: 09/30/14 10:51 PM
From: bloom1666

I'm Carly almost Sam

Date: 09/25/14 12:39 PM
From: pinkgal78

aparentlly i am freddie. i am not a boy so its wierd.

Date: 09/10/14 6:31 PM
From: kimmieula

I'm Sam