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Date: 01/14/14 12:41 AM
From: bibin23

Hi,i was just wondering who do you guys think should perform at the KCA 2014. Should it be Rihanna,Beyonce,Ke$ha,P!nk,1D,Btr,JB ANYONE!!!Let me now*
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Date: 03/22/14 5:21 AM
From: corrow

btr and 1d

Date: 03/21/14 10:46 PM
From: redlexi11


Date: 03/20/14 7:54 PM
From: football37

beyonce and 1D and BTR

Date: 03/19/14 8:38 PM
From: dad316

Me to

Date: 03/17/14 2:01 PM
From: jneal2020

ok!ok! I think 1D.Should tots perform can't wait.

Date: 03/16/14 5:59 PM
From: ddluv12

I think tht P!nk should peform.She has the rock thing tht Nick does alott of.She's not to grown or out like lady gaga or beyonce their too mature to be on the kids choice especially with all the drama they go go thru as big time stars Btr would be cool ig but havent they peformed once?1d only sings about life and love to girls.Ke$ha would be Great i think!!!!!!! :-)

Date: 03/16/14 4:47 PM
From: AVL

Most definitely not Justin Bieber, he would be bad publicity for Nick...One Direction is okay, but they have already performed within the last few years...Ke$ha as well...Lady Gaga may be a little too edgy, a bit of a risky decision, but wouldn't be disappointing if to be chosen. BTR...I wouldn't really mind, but I don't see it as a high performer rate with the guys. Beyonce...not likely, Rihanna, even more risky than Lady Gaga, Pink...possibly. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing someone like Ariana Grande or Justin Timberlake perform. Actually, if either one of them performed...I'd be one hundred percent okay with it. So, you have my opinion on the subject. Thanks.

Date: 03/16/14 4:24 PM
From: supbro77

i think usher should peform

Date: 03/16/14 4:15 PM
From: 1212pink

I think Miley Cyrus and One Direction should preform

Date: 03/14/14 11:54 AM
From: dndn

Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha and lady gaga

Date: 03/13/14 9:21 PM
From: Chrstn18

that are to many people I think it should be, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Austin Mahone , and Little Mix!!!!!!


Date: 03/13/14 12:03 AM
From: naggie12

little mix, little mix , and little mix please

Date: 03/12/14 12:56 AM
From: naggie12

little mix pppppplllllleeeeeaaaaaassssseeee

Date: 03/12/14 12:55 AM
From: naggie12

Little mix should preform please.

Date: 03/11/14 7:00 PM
From: luigi60806

How about Eminem?

Date: 03/11/14 6:40 PM
From: naggie12

I think little mix and one direction should be please I love them I would like it if you did $)

Date: 03/11/14 6:05 PM
From: ihthg2

Taylor Swift

Date: 03/11/14 3:22 PM
From: baadkiya12

PInk , keshaa,miranda cosbey, r wateva her realnameis, think btr, jaden Smith, Willow Smith, it will very interesting and a good eposide to watch i dont want no beyonce are rhinna performing becaus ereally there not forkids they are freaks and there videos shows us that we should stick to the kids videos.. Thats DARiTe TThiNg To Doo!!!

Date: 03/10/14 8:07 PM
From: candy8412

one direction should perform because I love them also they are so good

Date: 03/10/14 8:02 AM
From: sofeeeee

it would be totally cool if one d and btr preform wow btw whose hosting it ?????