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Ruby of the Valley of Peace

Date: 08/20/12 4:44 PM
From: Batskee

Chapter 1
(Okay, this story might not be like the other. The other got deleted and now I'm focusing more on Ruby's point of view this time)
A red-orange fox tip-toed up the steps and saw that Master Shifu was meditating. The others were sleeping peacefully, but he was doing his usual meditation for inner peace.
She quietly went up to the door when someone hit her in the head with a pebble. She wanted to yell out, "Ow!" but she knew it would give her position away.
Someone grabbed her arm and dragged her away. A piece of her dark violet robe ripped on a bush as the mysterious person dragged her away. She saw Master Shifu look out the window to see who was out there. She looked back and saw it was a silver-gray fox. Out of all the people who had to stop me it had to be him, she thought glumly.
The next day, Master Shifu told the others what he heard last night and they went out to investigate. They looked for awhile when Masntis found something....
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Date: 10/19/14 3:48 PM
From: Batskee


Ruby: *vigorously shaking glowstick* Almost! Wait for me!! *glowstick still refuses to glow* Aww, C'MON!!!
Zenghui: Ruby, I believe you have to snap it.
Ruby: *ignoring him and continuously shakes it*
Zenghui: Ruby, snap it!
Ruby: *continues*
Zenghui: *facepaws, swipes glowstick, snaps it, and it glows*
Ruby: 0.0 *punches Zenghui's shoulder* You bully! You hurt my glowstick! I bet you broke its back by doing that! *swipes it back and begins to cradle it*
Silvermist: Uhh...Ruby?


Date: 10/17/14 7:10 PM
From: bluewire

*brings out glowsticks*

Date: 10/03/14 3:47 PM
From: Batskee

This song sounds familiar...

Date: 09/24/14 3:59 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- ok i'll do an easy one.
Rafiki- why?
Me- because it's not about winning it's about fun.
Rafiki- *shocked* who are you and what have you done with the real Crlefan?
Me- *sigh* anyway here's the song.
I'll be your light, your match, your burning sun,
I'll be the bright, in black that's makin' you run.
And we'll feel alright, and we'll feel alright,
'Cause we'll work it out, yeah we'll work it out.

I'll be doin' this, if you had a doubt,
'Til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.

I'll be your ghost, your game, your stadium.
I'll be your fifty-thousand clapping like one.
And I feel alright, and I feel alright,
'Cause I worked it out, yeah I worked it out.

I'll be doin' this, if you had a doubt,
'Til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.
I got my mind made up, man, I can't let go.
I'm killing every second 'til it saves my soul.
(Ooh) I'll be running, (Ooh) I'll be running,
'Til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.
And we'll start a fire, and we'll shut it down,
'Til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.

Date: 09/15/14 8:00 PM
From: Batskee


Good luck!

Waiting for dinner to be done...

Date: 09/15/14 5:48 PM
From: bluewire

thats right! your turn. :3

Date: 08/26/14 11:11 PM
From: crlefan44

Paradise by Coldplay
i will win this.
host- you didn't win a car
contestant- aww
host- you won a ferrari!! :D:D:D

Date: 08/26/14 3:47 PM
From: bluewire

and cue fireworks!
cue music and dancers!
alright alright, NEXT!
Life goes on
It gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear, a waterfall
In the night, the stormy night
She closed her eyes
In the night, the stormy night
Away she'd fly.

And dreamed of para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh
that's it!

Date: 08/25/14 10:38 PM
From: crlefan44


Me- annnnnnnnd the winner is *drumroll* BLUEWIRE

Date: 08/25/14 6:16 PM
From: Batskee


My apologies for not posting back to you sooner. I knew the song, just not the person who sang it. *shrugs* That's always what happens...

Anyway, ever since I saw those lyrics (and after I started mentally singing the song...), I started hearing the song on the radio, but they never said who sang it. *sigh*

And I really like that song too!

Date: 08/22/14 6:18 PM
From: bluewire

I will survive by Gloria gaynor?

Date: 08/14/14 9:40 PM
From: crlefan44

will anyone guess my song? it's one of my favorites.

Date: 08/08/14 7:11 PM
From: bluewire

I don't really like it. its hard to surf the site and even get into your own profile.
who decided to make this whole site a labyrinth!?

Date: 08/07/14 9:05 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- goodie. i'm back from vacation and the new is here. it's so different and new-looking.

well here's my song
It took all the strength I had
not to fall apart
kept trying hard to mend
the pieces of my broken heart
and I spent oh so many nights
just feeling sorry for myself
I used to cry
But now I hold my head up high
and you see me
somebody new
I'm not that chained up little person
still in love with you
and so you felt like dropping in
and just expect me to be free
and now I'm saving all my loving
for someone who's loving me
good luck

Date: 08/04/14 6:31 PM
From: bluewire

yup, your turn

Date: 07/26/14 11:51 AM
From: crlefan44

Yesterday by the Beatles
my mom is a huge fan.

Date: 07/24/14 3:34 PM
From: Bluewire

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be
There's a shadow hanging over me.
Oh, yesterday came suddenly

Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say
I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh, I believe in yesterday
alright, this should be easy!

Date: 07/22/14 9:58 PM
From: Batskee


Crlefan44's right. It's all you.


Date: 07/19/14 11:13 PM
From: crlefan44

haha it's your turn.

Date: 07/16/14 3:12 PM
From: bluewire

Boom goes the dynamite!
so whose turn is it?