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A Story with No Name

Date: 08/29/12 2:46 PM
From: rtfacts

Ok, 'member that I had posted something called "Two Family Renunions?? Well, I'm kinda re-posting that. But it's gonna be different, let me tell you.

Here is...FIRST PART. He's my friend.

Chapter One: Secret Revealed
It was six thirty, and Po was hungry.
He trudged lazily towards the kitchen, rubbing his eyes and yawning.
He heard the slight patter of feet and turned around to face Monkey.
"What are you doing?" he asked. Po responded with a loud yawn.
"Just...getting eat." he drawled. Monkey sighed.
"Po, every ten minutes you eat something! I've even seen you sleep-
eating! Every ten minutes each night!"
Po yawned again.
"You need to go back to sleep," Monkey snickered.
"No...Must eat..." Po snored. Monkey half-lead, half-dragged him to
his room.
Then suddenly, as Monkey dropped Po on his mattress, a loud BANG!!!
exploded in the air.
Po sat bolt upright. Monkey whistled through his teeth.
"It's happening." he whispered.
"What on earth," Po said nervously "was that?"
"Tigress," responded Monkey "That's what."
Po and Monkey looked out the window. There she was. And now Po could
see what had happened. An ironwood tree had been literally chopped in
half, and it had fallen on top of a gong. Tigress was looking down the
hill, clenching and unclenching her hand. Po spotted a small scarlet
spot the front of her paw.
"Eww." Monkey whispered "She's hurt."
"That was...AWESOME!!!" Po squealed.
"You're happy because she hurt herself?"
"What? No, no! Just what she did with that tree!"
Po stared back, eyes wide. Monkey rolled his eyes.
Tigress was punching another ironwood tree. Peices of bark flew
"Why does she do that?" Po asked, his wondering green eyes on Tigress.

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Date: 04/20/14 11:04 PM
From: crlefan44


Date: 04/14/14 11:47 PM
From: masterluna

Loving the latest chapters, Rtfacts! Keep going!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 04/13/14 11:19 PM
From: 7GaGa

@rtfacts- I'm so sorry, I couldn't get on for a really long time. During this unfortunate time, though, many new and, um, AWESOME chapters were added to this amazing story.
Please write more!!!
And you know, Morgul has a "Scar" sort of feel to him, if that makes any sense other than in my own mind. You know what I mean? Like from The Lion King? Was that on purpose, 'cause I mean you've got the evil uncle of the child of some sort of royalty, they're all feline, and the line "I am surrounded by idiots" actually seemed like a reference to me, I know Scar's said that. Am I looking too deep into this, or am I just stating the obvious?

Either way, keep going! I love this so much and I HAVE to read more!



Date: 04/11/14 11:16 PM
From: Rtfacts

A story of isolation...and it looks like...I'm the author.
Joke! Sorry, haha. Here's tha next part.
Oh, and if anyone's wondering, I'll be over here defying gravity, making sure no one in Oz is ever going to bring me down. Anyone feeling popular, or wonderful, or just dear old wicked? Well, as long as you're all mine, my awesome readers, inspiring me to keep dancing through life, then thank goodness!
Just to let you know, I'm not that girl who's plotting something bad in this story. Nope, not at all. No evil cliffhangers. No, bad deeds. Nada. So, hopefully, after one short day that I post this, I won't wonder what this feeling is of worry, since I have already updated for you all, and my mind will be at ease. Finally, being a sentimental person, I declare that those who mourn the next chapters are apologized to in advance by the wizard and I.

And that probably made no sense. So, march on! Geez, that was way too long. Sorry!


"Use the necklace!" Tigress demanded, and Po nodded hurriedly. The feline slipped the chain around her neck and felt fiery power swirl through her veins, and, though she didn't notice it, she began glowing slightly, hands humming with the invisible force. Flames licked up her paws and down her back (luckily not singing her clothes), and Tigress smiled.

Po, meanwhile, was shimmering green, with sparks of gold flying off him. It was like Inner Peace and Hero's Chi combined. The locket burned a bright forest green, making Po vibrate slightly.

Morgul snickered. "Alright, you two asked for it." He said calmly, and put on the black ring with the chain around his neck. His eyes became like hot red coals, his fur grew spiked and black fog circled him in a translucent spiral. "Behold, the Shadow Ring of Power in all its...err, power!" he declared.

"Very powerful." Po remarked.

Tigress rolled her eyes, then glared at Morgul. "You'll pay for calling me kitty," she hissed.

"Sorry, my girl, but I'm out of money." Morgul snarled, but with a smile of sarcasm lifting up at the edges of his mouth. Then he whirled around, unfurled his hand and shot out a jet of shadow.

Tigress intercepted it by slicing her hand through the air, and the bolt of shadow was engulged in a streak of flame. "Hey, I'm getting the hang of this!" She said, gesturing for Po to watch, and at that small move his tail went up in a plume of orange.

"Ah! Tigress, my tail! MY TAIL!" The panda shrieked, running over to a nearby muddy puddle and sitting on it quickly. When he got up, his pants were drenched and his tail looking stiff and burnt.

Tigress facepalmed. "Oops, sorry," She said, then drew her hand away from her face quickly before it caught on fire as well.

Morgul groaned. "I am surrounded by idiots."

Tigress growled at his comment and thrust out her hand, fire rocketing towards the Black Wizard so fast it was a blur of gold-red heat. He made discs, like miniature circular shields of shadow, at his paws, and they deflected the fire like a force field, making it jump back to Tigress. Po leapt in and grabbed it with his bare paws, rolling it round and round at speed unimaginable and let it fly again, now a green-yellow sphere, like a comet, at Morgul, who deflected it with a toss of his shadow-shield, and both elements went crashing into a pillar, passing clear through the middle and making it topple to the ground with the wind howling as it smashed into the floor.

The act drained both Po and Tigress, and the locket's power seemed to shrivel slightly, the light flickering. Morgul grinned at this, and made a gesture like clawing downards. Mist rose from the ground and blinded both of them for a moment, making them gag at the noxious fumes. Tigress willed the fire to burn brighter so she could see, and she cleared away the vapor, crinkling her nose at the acrid, smokey tang it left in her throat.

The pantherine snatched the first furry thing she could find (Po's ear), and dragged him upwards, rising in a funnel of flames. Po steadied his feet on a flat square of green by waving his paw in the air, and grinned.

"Wooh! I'm like, hovering on a square!"

"I realized." Tigress grunted, then stiftled a shout as surprise as a jet of darkness whizzed into her funnel of fire, and it dissapated at her feet. Tigress found herself falling quicker than she could think, and luckily her cat reflexes kicked in and she managed to land on her feet, though not lightly. Pain shot up her paws so hard it burnt, and her fur bristled as she gritted her teeth against the agony.

"Element of surprise." Morgul walked up leisurely with a wicked, wide smile. "Very handy."


Date: 04/03/14 6:04 PM
From: Rtfacts

Lol, Master Luna: cuz I'm Batman. Haha, niiiice. Oh, and, gracias.
Thanks, crlefan44, and, uh..good luck, Rafiki.
Glad ya like, it patstar.



Pandas might not roar. But when they're angry, it's worse than any tiger.

The locket around Po's neck began to glow bright green, and his jade eyes were aiming anger that most people would consider beyond his level of acknowledgement. Tigress, despite her lack of oxygen, was slightly rattled. Even Morgul's eyes flashed with uneasiness.

Po moved his hands in a delicate dance, as if handling an invisible glass ball between his paws, and put them both together, waiting as the necklace grew brighter. Morgul regained his smugness.

"Ha! What are yo-"

Tigress's uncle didn't finish his last sentence as Po blasted him with a fluid pillar of leafy green light, and feline villain went sailing into a pile of rock with a giant crash, letting Tigress go in the process. The black clouds parted, and the shadows engulfing everything shyed away from the temporarily blinding rays of the sun. Barely audible was the roar of battle below, where the others were fighting against Morgul's army.

Tigress spluttered as she got up, rubbing her aching neck which had neat, faint claw marks on it from where Morgul had held it so tight. Po helped her get to her feet and studied the scratches.

"Doesn't look bad," He commented.

"Feels bad, though." Tigress growled hoarsely, coughing. "He's pretty strong."

The rock heap Morgul had been buried under suddenly quivered and then exploded with a boom, sending rocks pouring down to earth. Luckily, Po ducked them this time.

Said Black Wizard looked almost as explosive as the rocks, with his fur sticking out in tufts and his left hand hanging almost limp by his side. His tail lashed out behind him like a whip, and he glared at the two in hatred.

"Alright, panda, I hoped it wouldn't come to this, but you leave me no choice." He snarled, then he raised his paw. Arrows made of shifting shadow speared down from the sky and zoomed towards Po, who looked on helplessly.

Tigress's eyes widened in alarm and she felt her hands grow warm, unnaturally warm. As if someone else was controlling her she flipped over in front of the arrows, held her paws out in an 'alligator', and the arrows hissed to nothing as a blast of fire seared from the feline's paws in a great cloud of white-orange.

Morgul, Po, and Tigress all gasped at the same time.

"How...?" Po stuttered, and Morgul muttured, "She's not supposed to know how to use it...."

"I...I don't..." Tigress looked equally bewildered. Then she looked into her pant's pocket and brought out a flat, round shape on a golden chain. It was a golden locket, with flames etched on it, and when Tigress opened it she found a small note.

Hope this helps,


How it got there, she would never find out, but right now she really didn't care. She clutched it shut in her paw and narrowed her eyes at Morgul.

"If that's how you want to play, Uncle, then let the games begin."


Date: 03/30/14 9:07 PM
From: crlefan44

this is going great

Date: 03/27/14 3:33 PM
From: patstar

this is SO AWESOME!!!

Date: 03/25/14 2:57 PM
From: masterluna

TIGRESS! I'll save you! Because I'm Batman (<that's from How It Should Have Ended video I saw on YouTube). That was a great chapter, Rtfacts! I really enjoyed it! i can't wait for the next chappie!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 03/25/14 11:56 AM
From: crlefan44


Me- what she said. great going on that last one. love the fight scene. can't wait for them to finally beat that Morgul.
Rafiki- i was going to go to Tigrispart Island to take care of him but the boat tickets are like 1000 DOLLARS! sireously who is going to pay that much for a boat ride.
Me- well Tigrispart is a very regal place. the boat company probably thought they could get money from the people who really wanted the go.
Rafiki- *says something not very nice about the boat company* IM NOT GOING TO PAY THAT MUCH FOR A TICKET!!
Me- then you don't go.
Rafiki- i have to go! those guys need me! i know ill seek on to the boat and hitch a ride to the island. AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME! *runs out the door*
Me- NO RAFIKI WAIT!!! *facepaw* sigh. i'll see you in court Batskee.


Date: 03/23/14 7:58 PM
From: Rtfacts



What Morgul said about being more powerful than both of them, they found, was sickeningly true.

He had two advantages; a super-powerful ring and a sword that controlled shadows.

Tigress had started battling him first, aiming punches and kicks in a rapid dance, but Morgul was just as quick, shifting like his feet weren't even on the floor and thrusting his deadly sharp blade with preciseness any sword master would be jealous of. Then if Tigress seemed to have him in a tricky situation, he would wave his hand through the air and she'd be sent flying.

" Rah !" she snarled in frustration, leaping up from a pile of stones and flipping over to where he stood. The black tiger chuckled and secretly slid out his ring, and held it in front of him. Tigress's vision blurred and she fell to the floor in pain, her face twisted and her breathing squeezed out of her. Luckily, Po raced up in the nick of time and managed to get a well-aimed spinning kick home. Morgul staggered back and growled, and the pain snapped out of Tigress as quickly as it came, and she lunged again.

The fight went on forever. Tigress and Po were countered by Morgul with every strike, and neither could get a really good blow. Morgul was fast and agile as shadow, and even though he wasn't as strong as Tigress he was still fierce. Boldness ran in tiger's blood. It was their nature.

Nearly thirty minutes later, Po and Tigress felt battered and bruised while Morgul had a badly twisted tail and a red gash on the left side of his collar bone.

Suddenly the black tiger plunged the sword into the sky and as the clouds became thick and black the three were nearly swallowed in shadow. Tigress could see better than Po though, being feline, and her eyes widened as two slitted blood red pools peered menacingly at the black and white bear, unknowing and stumbling around clumsily.

"Panda, watch out!" Tigress warned, and Po turned around just in time to deflect a slice of Morgul's sword. He squinted but couldn't make anything as the shadows seemed to darken, and then with a yelp he was thrown backwards by invisible paws and he crashed into a wall. The stone rumbled from impact and, to Tigress's horror, the unsturdy wall began to wobble, and it sagged forward, the rocks beginning falling, crunching down and missing Po by inches, who was still dizzy and by sheer luck tumbling out of the way.

"Po!" Tigress shouted desperately, and she began sprinting forward, but claws dug into her tail and dragged her back.

"Ah-ah-ah, niece. The show is about to begin." Morgul grinned hidiously, his crimson eyes wild. Tigress hissed, flipped over and twisted free while landing a couple good kicks. Then without hesitation the feline raced towards Po just as one huge rock began diving down right where he was standing.

"No! Move, Po!" Tigress growled, then soared upwards and tackled him. Both were sent rolling just as the oversized stone slammed into the courtyard floor, sending ripples of marble up like waves and making the whole palace shake. Tigress had, of course, accidentally landed with her nose less than an inch from Po's, and she blushed hard. Why did these things ALWAYS happen to her? Though, a secret little part of her controlling her emotions made her smile shyly all the same.

She stood up swiftly and offered Po a paw, who gratefully accepted it.

"Where'd he go?" Po mumbled, scratching his head. Tigress tilted her head to one side, listened hard, and whipped around just as Morgul wrapped a paw around her neck and shoved her against a pillar, making pain shoot up her head.

"Right here, panda." The Black Wizard growled. That irritating sneer was still plastered to his face as he gripped Tigress tighter and tighter, who was gasping and struggling for breath, though she choked out a growl.

"Let her go!" Po snarled protectively, aiming a kick, but he was too angry to really think about it, so Morgul caught his foot and twisted him down to earth.

The evil feline purred mockingly in lauhter and examined his his claws as the drummed on Tigress's throat, not piercing but scratching softly at her fur. "There, there, panda. She is my niece after all, and she's been quite a naughty little kitty." At the last word Tigress' eyes blazed almost red with fury, and she whipped her claws inches from Morgul's face, but he just laughed harder. He snapped his fingers and mist, black as shadow, began licking up Tigress's feet.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and moaned slowly. The feline felt like a rock the size of ten elephants had been dropped down on top of her and she couldn't get any air. Like when she had been drowing. No oxygen, just suffocating silence and blood rushing in her ears and the knowledge that your life was slowly trickling away...


Date: 03/17/14 11:18 PM
From: Rtfacts

Well, we'll see when I can post the next chapter...meh...I'm so busy..
Just keepin' this up for now.



Date: 03/11/14 5:45 PM
From: masterluna

Sooo EPIC!! i THINK i'M GONNA *passes out* *3 minutes later* Ugh, my head. Anyway SUPER amazing job on you story, Rtfacts! Super excited for the next part!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 03/10/14 9:09 AM
From: patstar

i love it!

Date: 03/08/14 10:17 PM
From: rtfacts

@Master Luna
Hehe, good, cause that's what's gonna be a-happening. Go Star Wars, by the way! :) Thanks for reading and commenting!


Chapter Thirty-One: Boss Battle

The Black Wizard had been waiting for them in an overrun patio, with the gloomy clouds sky making the crinkled ferns and icky mildew of the scene seem even gloomier. Crumbling stone ruins that had once been magnificent walls and towers were sagging over like old, bent trees, and beyond them you could glimpse the wide silver expanse of a giant lake on the flat mountaintop.

Standing atop a heap of weathered gray stone was none other than Morgul himself in all his shadowy shadowness. He let out a laugh, a hissing laugh that seeped into the corners of your mind and melted down your spine like cold snow. But still Tigress and Po remained undaunted.

"Ah, it seems as if I finally have time to spar with some fellow Masters," Morgul hissed, drawing his sword which glistened a pearly black. "I have waited for such a long time for this very moment, my friends."

"Friends?" Tigress scowled in disgust. "To say that's incorrect would be an understatement."

Morgul smiled wetly but said nothing. "Why not join me?" he smirked. "I am more powerful than both of you. We could share the power in glory. The whole world would bow at our feet and give us whatever we desire. And you two could live happily, with no one to fight or run from. What do you think, eh?"

"I think," Tigress snarled, "That I'm quite ready to get rid of my annoying uncle."

"You could say that again," Po agreed.

Morgul's nose twitched in the beginning of a snarl. "Then you are more foolish than I gave credit for."

"Uh...thanks?" Po mused.

Morgul roared so loudly a few stone bricks clattered to the floor, raising puffs of gray dust. "That was not a compliment!"

Tigress winced at the noise. She turned to Po and glanced at the long claw marks scoring down his arm and felt guilt wrap around her for a second. "Are you sure you can fight?"

"Is that even a question? I've had worse wounds." He smiled with an incredulous tone of voice.

Tigress quickly flashed a smile back then nodded. "Right. I'll go high, you go low."

And at that, both leapt boldly into battle.


Date: 03/06/14 12:59 PM
From: masterluna

We should brace ourselves for more bodaciously awesome Tipo fighting action stuff!!! WOOHOO!!! Amazing chapter! I just can't wait for the next one! There is great joy in the force! *giggle* I'm sorry. This isn't a Star Wars message board. I just can't help it! This story is so AWESOME!!!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 03/05/14 10:47 PM
From: Rtfacts

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous chapter; glad ya'll liked it!! Sorry for the delay, but I'll post the next one up at the first chance I get...which is now!

"Hey, Tigress?" Po asked nervously, lifting the tiger's chin up to face him. "Did it work? Are you alright?"

Tigress smiled one of those sweet smiles of hers that made Po's mind melt into a puddle of goo. "It worked, all right." Then she added with a rough undertone, "I'll probably destroy you later though."

She tore herself away from Po's somehow safe hold. "But first let's tend to the villain, alright?" The striped feline said fiercely, and anger burned in her eyes as she once again became the hardcore Kung Fu master she was. Well, semi-hardcore.

Morgul's face was almost purple with rage. "Alright then, lovebirds. If that's how you want to play, let the games begin." He snapped his fingers, and the door burst open. A swarm of dark-furred, scaled and feathered bodies marched menacingly through the back doors, howling, sneering and waiting for battle. At the same time, the golden doors at the front heaved open, and eight distinct figures poured in.

"Kovu, Oriel, Layla!" Po exclaimed, recognizing the three in front. "Just in time!"
Oriel grinned. "Po and whatever-her-name-is, sittin' in a-"


Po couldn't help blushing furiously as he counted Rooper, then Sleet and Cloud as well, who for some reason were free and aiming glares at Morgul. That made six.

The other two were even more familiar. "Binjo? Silverfang?" Tigress blinked.

"Hello, Tigresa ." Binjo smiled.

"Tigress, you and Po must hurry," Silverfang urged with worry in his ancient voice. "Morgul has already sent his second army over to the Tigrispart palace. You must go after him!"

"Yeah, guys! We got this!" Oriel hollered, sending an arrow soaring and giving a thumbs-up.

Tigress nodded. "Right," she growled. "Me and my uncle have some business to discuss."

And by the way she said it, it made even Po nervous. "He's gone that way. C'mon, Tigress." He said, taking the questionably dangerous risk to clamp his paw around hers, just for support. He grinned sheepishly at her amused expression and pointed at a corrider where the ebony feline had vanished. "We've got a certain black tiger waiting for us, and I don't think he has patience down as a virtue."

This has been one of my fav chapters so far. I had this scene planned since forever, and the next chapter for even longer. So brace yourself for more...whatever you want to call my story. :D


Date: 03/01/14 6:14 PM
From: crlefan44

Rafiki- though she probably will later.
Me- *sniffs* why did you have to ruin the fun. *starts crying*
Hiei- now look at what you did.
Rafiki- what did i do?

Date: 02/25/14 6:49 PM
From: masterluna

Wow..... That was AWESOME!!! And you weren't joking when you said "This is dedicated to all those Tipo fans out there!!" I really really REALLY can't wait for the next chapter! Great great great GREAT job!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/25/14 1:47 PM
From: patstar


Date: 02/24/14 10:10 PM
From: Rtfacts

Here we go; this is dedicated to all those TiPo fans out there!!


The South Chinese tigress hesitated, and at that moment Po seized his chance. He tackled Tigress with a bear hug, and her eyes nearly popped out of her head from shock.

Why was this familiar? Morgul had told her the panda was a villain who had taken her place as rightful Dragon Warrior and left her to be turned into a Morgulin, which she had readily agreed to because of the betrayal.

But now other memories seemed to surface. The days she'd been with Po, his smile and laugh, the way how he ate when he was nervous and was always trying to calm her down, and sometimes vice versa. Then she remembered hugging him, then the panda seemingly dying and coming back, and then when she had run in front of a cannon to protect him with bare paws, the way he'd reached out to her when she was half-alive on the plank of wood, and how absolutely fearful and worried she'd felt when he had faced the cannons alone. How overjoyed and...warm she'd been feeling when he'd gotten out of the battle alive, and even, somehow, happier when he'd hugged her.

Like he was doing now.

She felt every puzzle piece return into place, and she still stood there, tense but understanding. And also glimpsing what her strange emotions had been trying to tell her.

Po glanced down and shouted in happiness. Tigress's fur was orange again, and when he looked up he met amber, not crimson. "You're back, Ti, it worked!" To his surprise, Tigress wrapped her arms around his neck embraced Po back.

"Thank you, you stupid furball." She whispered, to Po's shock, almost fondly.

Morgul let out a thunderous roar, and for a sickening moment Tigress morphed back to Morgulin form, but changed back. "Po, he's still half in control," her voice sounded far away. "I don't know how I can get out it!"

"You will never stray from my control!" Morgul bellowed, whipping out the ring again. Tigress felt that evil whisper and leak back onto her, making her body jitter.

"Help me, please..." she strained out. Pride didn't matter now. "Po..."

"Concentrate! Try--"

"It won't work, I've tried!" Tigress gasped in exasperation. Dark fur began weaving up her feet again.

Po thought hard, and something popped up. Insane, but it was his last resort.

"Tigress, I'm gonna do something crazy," he warned. "Ready?"

Tigress looked up warily, but nodded decisively as she felt black begin creeping up to her abdomen. "Well hurry up about it, then."

"Just don't kill me afterwards," he murmured, reaching over and cupping one side of her face in his paw.

She looked up in hazy confusion, and Po winced when she began to say. "Wha-mmm...."

But Tigress found herself unable to finish her question because before she could have fully responded Po had leaned forward pressed his lips gently against hers.


It was Tigress's turn to feel like her brain had exploded.

The striped feline could feel the evil, though fighting, was quickly subsiding as Morgul's control dimmed and then finally faded. She could hear said tiger screaming away in the distance, a distance a thousand miles away. But all she could really feel and hear was the dancing of her heart and her nose touching Po's.

She pulled apart and felt her eyes close tight, and she suddenly felt like crying. Her breathing came out shakily, and she pressed her head into Po's chest to stem the tears. They were of quite a mix of different elements; fear that she'd hurt him too badly, guilt for fighting him, surprise at what'd he'd done, joy that she'd been set free and mainly relief that she was now able to see her feelings clearly.

"I can't believe it," she gasped, her voice muffled by Po's comforting fur. "I've been in love with a senseless fat panda, and I haven't realized it until now?"
The idea was so hysterical she had to laugh. "To think of the very idea..." she sniggered. I mean, sure, that little scene a few days ago, when she'd volunteered to go with Morgul should of proved that conclusion already, but c'mon...she hadn't had much time to think about it.

"Hey, Tigress?" Po asked nervously, lifting the tiger's chin up to face him. "Did it work? Are you alright?"

Tigress smiled one of those sweet smiles of hers that made Po's mind melt into a puddle of goo. "It worked, all right." Then she added with a rough undertone, "I'll probably kill you later though."