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A Story with No Name

Date: 08/29/12 2:46 PM
From: rtfacts

Ok, 'member that I had posted something called "Two Family Renunions?? Well, I'm kinda re-posting that. But it's gonna be different, let me tell you.

Here is...FIRST PART. He's my friend.

Chapter One: Secret Revealed
It was six thirty, and Po was hungry.
He trudged lazily towards the kitchen, rubbing his eyes and yawning.
He heard the slight patter of feet and turned around to face Monkey.
"What are you doing?" he asked. Po responded with a loud yawn.
"Just...getting eat." he drawled. Monkey sighed.
"Po, every ten minutes you eat something! I've even seen you sleep-
eating! Every ten minutes each night!"
Po yawned again.
"You need to go back to sleep," Monkey snickered.
"No...Must eat..." Po snored. Monkey half-lead, half-dragged him to
his room.
Then suddenly, as Monkey dropped Po on his mattress, a loud BANG!!!
exploded in the air.
Po sat bolt upright. Monkey whistled through his teeth.
"It's happening." he whispered.
"What on earth," Po said nervously "was that?"
"Tigress," responded Monkey "That's what."
Po and Monkey looked out the window. There she was. And now Po could
see what had happened. An ironwood tree had been literally chopped in
half, and it had fallen on top of a gong. Tigress was looking down the
hill, clenching and unclenching her hand. Po spotted a small scarlet
spot the front of her paw.
"Eww." Monkey whispered "She's hurt."
"That was...AWESOME!!!" Po squealed.
"You're happy because she hurt herself?"
"What? No, no! Just what she did with that tree!"
Po stared back, eyes wide. Monkey rolled his eyes.
Tigress was punching another ironwood tree. Peices of bark flew
"Why does she do that?" Po asked, his wondering green eyes on Tigress.

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Date: 08/16/14 9:47 PM
From: crlefan44

Rafiki- *dumps bucket of ice water on you and Neo* here's some ice for that.

Date: 08/13/14 6:51 PM
From: bluewire

I think I was able to fully archive this...took about 3 1/2 hours and unblinking concentration. (my eyes BUUUUURRRRNNNNN)
anywho, lets see here. 143 pages aaaaaaand 49,866 words. THAT. IS. INSAINE!
I cant feel my fingertips.

Date: 08/09/14 4:58 AM
From: KFPDW123

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 08/08/14 10:19 PM
From: Rtfacts

Hey, guys, look, I know you want them to live happily ever after and stuff, but it's an alternative ending of my choice. I'm sorry, but I don't do perfect endings. A scarring battle's gotta have some after burn; a weighing effect.

Buuuut...all ideas are taken into consideration! Your opinions are most definitely valued, but in the end, my decision will determine the outcome. I could do a truce...let Ti and Po live, but not perfectly happy. Sound satisfactory?

Anyway, as for the name--your choice! Make a poll about it, rally some votes! Unfortunately, I cannot change the current title, but on a different site, this is called Island of the Past.

Hope that's all good and dandy,



Date: 08/08/14 6:34 PM
From: wolfjade28

Thats a much better ending than ur previous one. In fact, its awesome! I still have 1 factor that is driving me CRAZY-
PLEASE say yes, because this story is way 2 awesome to leave it unnamed.
R u open 2 suggestions? Please let us know.

Date: 08/07/14 9:57 PM
From: crlefan44

Ok here's my ending.
Po and Tigress are unconscious on the ground near death, but in the nick of time and Tiger and his men find them and take them back to the Tiger Village. the tiger that saved them was Ripper, Tigress's father. after 2 weeks they finally Tigress wakes up in the healer's room in the palace. Po is still out so she goes over to his bed and tells him not to leave her. Then she kisses him. Then Po finally wakes up and says that he isn't going anywhere. then there's a minute where they're all happy and stuff then they help each other walk outside where they are greeted by everyone who is cheering. Shifu, Crane, Monkey, Ripper, Scarlet (who is good again), King Rooper, Queen Luca, and everyone else congratulates them and tells them that they have saved the world from Morgul. Then the story ends with Po's dad throwing a freast in their honor and Po proposing to Tigress to which she says yes.

Date: 07/28/14 5:13 AM
From: KFPDW123

LET THEM LIVE!!!!!!!!!!



Date: 07/27/14 5:55 PM
From: po97720

I want po and tigress to live please let them live

Date: 07/27/14 8:47 AM
From: Rtfacts

Hi there!
Yeah, I'm kinda messing with you all, and I'm kinda not. You see, since the New Nick is coming along pretty soon, I needed to end this story; as you might guess, it's gonna be hard to repost thirty long chapters again. I don't feel like it's worth it...but...

There is good news! I have an alternative ending! And I can post it if I have time and I get my readers' support! :)

Sorry for kinda freaking you all out...but now, it's up to you, to decide Po and Tigress's fate!



Date: 07/26/14 11:26 PM
From: 7GaGa

No. No. You're kidding, right? No!
Please tell me this is just the author messing with the readers' minds!!!! Dude, I NEED another chapter. PLEASE???

Sorry for the freakout, but seriously?! PLEASE?!?!


Date: 07/26/14 11:49 AM
From: crlefan44

WHADDYA MEAN NO SEQUEL??!! YOU CAN JUST END IT LIKE THAT!! Po and Tigress can't go, not like that. Not to Morgul. You can't end it. YOU CAN'T!!!



Date: 07/25/14 7:40 PM
From: tigress79



Date: 07/24/14 8:25 PM
From: Rtfacts

No sequel. Woops.

Date: 07/24/14 3:45 PM
From: Bluewire

thats as good an ending as any! (heart died a little)
amazing descriptive prowess! so i will defiantly archive this story!!!!
i need to catch up PRONTO!

Date: 07/24/14 12:18 AM
From: KFPDW123




Date: 07/23/14 10:52 AM
From: po97720

this cant be the end you just left us at a cliffhanger there has to be more but are you going to write a sequal to it

Date: 07/22/14 9:31 PM
From: Rtfacts

Mods, please post! :)


"He's okay, he has to be okay...please, he can't be gone... Please ..." Tigress demanded, meekly, against her hardcore will, slipping into the cold, murky water and splashing down on one knee next to the panda. She didn't know who she was pleading to, but she didn't care either.

Po was barely moving. He looked ten times worse than when Shen had blasted him with a cannon ball, to be frank; charred and broken. Tigress glanced quickly in the water, clouded and duly red-gray, and realized she didn't look that great either. Her fur looked singed and matted, and more scarred than she cared to remember.

She could barely move from the sore pain, but nevertheless she did, moving out her hand to wipe the ashy trickle of mud away from over Po's eyebrow carefully, paw shaking. She could barely tell if he was breathing; his stomach was just quivering, and his eyes shut.

"Po..." Tigress's breath caught up in her throat as she shook his arm lightly. Her voice came out small and shaky as she spoke. "Po, get up. C'mon. You can't just leave us, not yet," She said, tears indignantly slipping down her bowed face. "You can't leave me yet..." The striped feline pressed her against his chest and listened hard. Yes, there was a heartbeat, but so low and quiet, almost impossible to hear, as if it was giving up.

"Please," she begged fiercely, trying to steel herself against tears and yet they still taunted her by leaking out. "We need you here," then she added quietly, "I need you here, panda."

The water had drenched her through her fur now, but she didn't notice. The Kung Fu Master let her head fall against Po's chest again and she hugged his neck gently. When he didn't respond, she choked back an undignified, defeated half-sob and buried her head into his fur.


Tigress snapped her head up and stared down at Po with overjoyed amber eyes. "I'm right here," she said as calmly as she could, searching into Po's half-open eyes. Her eyes hardened protectively. "I won't leave you."

Po smiled sadly. "I might have to leave you soon, though..."

"Be quiet, you idiot," Tigress growled without much vigor, squeezing Po's hand so hard it hurt. "You're not going to leave me. You're not! I...I won't let you."

Po grinned half-heartedly, giving a feeble cough. "I'm sorry, Tigress, really...everything's just so"

"Shh, save your breath," Tigress hissed softly, letting go of Po's paw, staring at him through blurred eyes. "You'll need to salvage your strength."

"I won't have any strength left," Po mumbled. Tigress growled, refusing to let the panda give up so easily, unable to stop the tears streaking down her snout, and gripped his shoulders roughly.

"Of all the stubborn bears I've ever known, Po, you are the worst! Listen to me! You're not going to--" She stopped sharply, gasping, because she couldn't get the last word out, knowing very well that Po might as well not last long enough. "You're not..." she cut her sentence short and looked away, biting her tongue from fear and desperation.

"And Morgul?" Po wheezed hoarsely, after a moment.

"Gone," Tigress managed, turning her head around to face him, scouring the clearing just to confirm the fact. No maniac black tiger visible anywhere. "You...did it, Po."

"Nah. We did it." Answered the panda. Tigress managed a wavering smile even though she was still crying.

"I don't think--" Po suddenly groaned, closing his eyes and giving shallow, taught breaths. It was too painful to speak anymore.

"I'll go get help," Tigress decided, though she didn't want to leave the panda's side. It was their only chance.


"I'll be back." she reassured gently; then forcing herself to the extreme, she hauled herself on unsturdy, failing legs. Her whole body felt like it was burning, arcing with barbed pain. The feline gasped, feeling her world turn upside down, trying to steady herself. She took two steps forward, one backward, and collapsed beside Po in the black water as everything plunged into an everlasting darkness, and the rain began to pour.



Date: 07/15/14 4:20 PM
From: Rtfacts

Sorry...I'll try and post when I can.

Thanks, and...uh...I wasn't very creative when I was 12.



Date: 07/14/14 10:45 AM
From: leighaw

I do not get it. Why? Because,

1. If its called a story with no name it has to have a story with no name in it . . .

2. You are doing great.

This just confused me. Did you name it a story with no name because you could not think of a name? Tell me.


Date: 07/13/14 4:27 AM
From: wolfjade28

Please forgive me if I'm intruding, or if I sound downright impatient-
No pressure....just take your slow, sweet time....while the rest of us suffer....and wait.... and wait some more....
(Please excuse the ongoing screams and cries of a clearly deranged and out of control fan, as they are overly dramatic and of no use for anything other than creating havoc in the lives of our dear readers)
*finally calmed enough to speak after hrs. of commotion-
"O.K..please please PLEASE let us know u're still alive- and please,with a cherry on top post more of u're story...I'm even willing to throw in whipped cream!

P.S- I hope this has thrown a laugh in u're direction at minimum.