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A Story with No Name

Date: 08/29/12 2:46 PM
From: rtfacts

Ok, 'member that I had posted something called "Two Family Renunions?? Well, I'm kinda re-posting that. But it's gonna be different, let me tell you.

Here is...FIRST PART. He's my friend.

Chapter One: Secret Revealed
It was six thirty, and Po was hungry.
He trudged lazily towards the kitchen, rubbing his eyes and yawning.
He heard the slight patter of feet and turned around to face Monkey.
"What are you doing?" he asked. Po responded with a loud yawn.
"Just...getting eat." he drawled. Monkey sighed.
"Po, every ten minutes you eat something! I've even seen you sleep-
eating! Every ten minutes each night!"
Po yawned again.
"You need to go back to sleep," Monkey snickered.
"No...Must eat..." Po snored. Monkey half-lead, half-dragged him to
his room.
Then suddenly, as Monkey dropped Po on his mattress, a loud BANG!!!
exploded in the air.
Po sat bolt upright. Monkey whistled through his teeth.
"It's happening." he whispered.
"What on earth," Po said nervously "was that?"
"Tigress," responded Monkey "That's what."
Po and Monkey looked out the window. There she was. And now Po could
see what had happened. An ironwood tree had been literally chopped in
half, and it had fallen on top of a gong. Tigress was looking down the
hill, clenching and unclenching her hand. Po spotted a small scarlet
spot the front of her paw.
"Eww." Monkey whispered "She's hurt."
"That was...AWESOME!!!" Po squealed.
"You're happy because she hurt herself?"
"What? No, no! Just what she did with that tree!"
Po stared back, eyes wide. Monkey rolled his eyes.
Tigress was punching another ironwood tree. Peices of bark flew
"Why does she do that?" Po asked, his wondering green eyes on Tigress.

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Date: 02/22/14 1:01 PM
From: masterluna

YAY! You posted! and YAY I love it!! Great job! I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/21/14 10:33 PM
From: Rtfacts

Okay, here's the next part for you guys....


Chapter Thirty: Climbing to the Climax

It made Po's blood freeze in horror and boil in fury at the same time. There was the dreaded Morgul, cackling and holding out some kind of black ring, and another black feline, a female, staring into space. Po barely registered that they were present.

Because, standing in front of them calmly, was a familiar yet different big cat.

Amber eyes were now bloodred. Fiery orange fur was pitch black, and a red stripe raced down her forehead like a slash. Her eyes were merciless.

"Tigress..." Po gasped. The Morgulin turned to face him with a cruel snarl etched on her face dead of emotion.

"So you have decided to join us, Master Po?" Morgul grinned madly.

"What have you done to her?!" Po shouted angrily. He clenched his fists, ready to do anything.

"Oh no, Po, she chose to join me." Morgul smirked wickedly.

"You lie!" Po accused. Tigress growled and marched from across the room to the panda. "Tigress, listen to me--"

"Panda, my Master does not lie." Tigress's eyes blazed. "You must be punished for your false judgement."

"Tigress, no! He's controlling you. It's all a lie, a trick! Don't you see?" He reached out to touch her but the feline yanked his arm and squeezed it hard, so hard that it made pain shoot up his arm, and he winced.

"I see that you must be destroyed, Dragon Warrior." The Morgulin hissed. "It is over. The world will bow at his feet, and he will share power with all on his side."

While still holding his arm she twisted upwards and rammed her foot hard into his chest with force even astounding for Tigress. Po groaned but refused to fight back. "I know you're still in there, Ti." He wheezed. "You just have to try and remember. I'm Po, your...friend. We live at the Jade Palace with Shifu and the rest of the Five, of which you are part of. We were sent here on a mission--"

"I know, you fool! And I know you're a worthless, lazy bear, who's a criminal worse than any." Tigress seethed, aiming another series of punches and kicks, of which Po deflected or dodged. He caught a strike to the jaw and staggered back. "I also now know it is hopeless. We cannot win if we fight against Morgul. He is too powerful. You must join him, Po! Or die trying to oppose him!"

"Never," Po growled, and he commenced fighting furiously, but Tigress always got the better of him, swiping with claws or striking a forceful blow. This was even more skilled than the real Tigress. "Listen to me, Ti! You have to try and get out of his control! Your memories have been mixed. I'm no criminal. I've come to rescue you out of the Black Wizard's clutches."

The name seemed to make her hesitate, and her eyes flashed with doubt.

"Do not listen to the liar, Tigress!" Morgul growled, snapping his fangs. "I am your Master, and I order you to fight him! Fight him now !"

Tigress regained her pose and bared her teeth. "Yes, Master." She answered, then lunged out to be with a furious roar, claws unsheathed to their ends and tail lashing.

Po pivotted around as she fell, then caught Tigress's arm as she aimed a punch.

"Tigress, if you could only see sense," Po growled, but the feline snarled and spun out of his grasp, swinging both legs in a crescent kick against chest, and the panda gave a sharp grunt of pain. But stubbornly, he wouldn't give up. "He is the Black Wizard, the villain who destroyed your village and drove you out of your home. You escaped lived an orphanage, and people called you a monster. And that's what you are now. A monster ."

The words hit their mark. The Morgulin's pupils grew small and distant, and for a moment her eyes changed to amber. "A monster...?" she repeated in a small, chocked voice.

"But I know you're not really a monster. Morgul has made you that. It's him that's the villain, not me!"

Morgul gritted his teeth as Tigress seemed to waver. "End this! End this now, Tigress! NOW!!" He screamed, his eyebrows furrowed in agonizingly forceful concentration on controlling her emotions.


Date: 02/19/14 10:54 PM
From: masterluna

Oh I'm so glad you're back rtfacts! and I'm glad the move went well! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/17/14 11:05 PM
From: Rtfacts

@Master Luna
Thanks so much for your efforts and're a great friend and reader, so, thanks again!

And the move went pretty good, for anyone who wonders.



Date: 02/16/14 8:51 PM
From: masterluna

This story will stay on this board!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/08/14 11:26 PM
From: masterluna

I will not let this go!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/06/14 1:54 PM
From: masterluna

We''l keep both "The Legend of Crescent" and "A Story with No Name" up. You have our (and my) word. Have fun on your trip. I'll pray that you have a safe trip there and back!

God Bless
Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/06/14 9:39 AM
From: Rtfacts

I'm gonna be gone for quite a while, a week and a half at most, so I'm just asking you guys to please please please keep this up, just one last time...and then when I get back on, I promise I'll update non-stop until the story's finished, if possible. Thanks! Oh, and this goes for Legend of Crescent too, if anyone is interested in keeping that up.



Date: 02/01/14 5:58 PM
From: Rtfacts

@Master Luna

Okay, good. :D And I know, right? Easily the most amazing Disney movie I've seen in quite a while. Better than the Lion King, in my opinion, though that one's pretty awesome too. Elsa is the coolest...umm...I mean, epic-est Ice Queen ever! Seriously, as far as favorite female characters go, she ranks up second. I wonder who can guess who #1 is...? Okay, that's beside the point, but anyway, I could go on rambling about her and Olaf and Frozen overall, but...well, gotta move on, right?
Anyway, I agree. Let it Go is so....I can't find a word to describe it. Ugh. PERFECT. There. Idina Menzel's version is so-ho-ho much better than Demi Lovato's in my opinion, though her's is good too. I've become addicted to that song...Has anyone else seen the one in 25 languages in it?
Ooooh-kay (cough, cough). Well, I guess that's enough, but hey...That song never bothered me anyway.
Now that I've let some of my inner fangirl-ism over Frozen go...I'm so happy someone on Nick likes it this much too! Oh, and yes, the For the First Time in Forever Reprise IS the best reprise ever, hands/paws down.


Yup. Olaf is inhumanly adorable. Or...unsnowmanishly adorable, I guess. I want to hug him almost as much as I want to hug Shif---Oh, wait, no one is supposed to know that...
You didn't see anything.
And I suppose that's true, Azora, though I admire her more for having a weakness. Makes her character a lot more awesome.
Well, this post has gotten too long in too short a time...I guess I'll post the next chapter soon.
Stop making empty promises, Rtfacts
Be quiet, conscience.


Date: 01/30/14 8:46 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- i saw Frozen to,remember when Olaf said "i don't have a skull....or bones" sooooo cute and "some people are worth melting for" awwwwwwwww.
Azora- that Elsa is such an ameture. my ice powers are much better than her's.
Me- oh really and what can you do better?
Azora- well for one reason i can control my powers.
Me- good point

Date: 01/30/14 7:02 PM
From: masterluna

Dont worry rtfacts. I understand that sentence and i just LOVE FROZEN! it's the most bodaciously awesome Disney princess/queen movie EVER (I really like Brother Bear and The Emperor's New Groove. They are not Disney princess/queen movies like Frozen and I say queen because Elsa is technically a queen not a princess)!!! My fave song is "Let It Go". It's such a beautiful song and Idina Menzel's voice is just AMAZING!

Let it go
Let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go
Let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don't care what they're going to say
Let the storm rage on
The cold never bothered me anyway

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna

P.s. Who else agrees that the song "For The First Time in Forever Reprise" is like the best reprise pf a song EVER!


Date: 01/30/14 2:48 PM
From: Rtfacts

@Master Luna
Naw, be as cra-cra as you want to be, that just makes everyone awesomer.

That didn't make sense, did it?

By the way, has anyone else seen/completely fallen in love with Frozen? BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER!! Okay, sorry, but I can't think of anything else recently...ugh. Let it Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman are both stuck in my head....but I love it! :D Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Okay, okay, I'll update soon, just gimme a few more moments... Nos vemos pronto, si?



Date: 01/22/14 7:06 PM
From: masterluna

:x Sorry. I will try to not act totally cra-cra (crazy). Looking forward to the next chapter!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 01/22/14 4:47 PM
From: Rtfacts

@Master Luna
Gee, thanks...uhh...I guess? Wow, you like it quite a lot, don't you? Hehe, well, I don't act like I do on here in real life either, so I can compare. Thanks for commenting and reading!

@Everyone Else
*cricket chirping in the background* Hello?


Date: 01/18/14 12:18 AM
From: masterluna

AAAHH! I love it!!! I need more. MORE! Muahahah! *cough, cough* *ahem* excuse me. heh heh, i guess i'm kind of, um, attached, er, in love, um, i really like this story.

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna

P.s. I do not act that way in real life.


Date: 01/17/14 8:40 AM
From: Rtfacts

Sorry for the delay...oops...

"You did not know, so all is forgiven." Rooper said kindly. "So, Oriel, would you mind helping us out a bit? We cannot waste time. My sister is in grave danger."

"I've got a few friends myself who I'd like helping." Oriel growled fiercely. He drew back his bow and began walking."Oriel, Tiger-Elf, at your service." Then he added, "Kovu here and my other partner would enjoy helping too, WOULDN'T THEY?" He shouted the words so loud rock crumbled off the sheer walls of the mountain.

"Careful, kid, or you'll start an avalanche." Another voice emerged from the shadows of a spiny tree, along with the slim body of a she-wolf flipping down from the high ledge. Her fur was pure white, and her eyes a dark indigo-violet. Over her right eyelid was a golden lightning-shape birthmark forking down like a fading scar. She was dressed in a dark blue vest and silver pants, with a a sword belt strapped over her shoulder. "You don't need to shout so loud."

"Be quiet, Layla." Oriel grumbled, then he murmured, "Just 'cause she's two years older..."

"I heard that, and it's two and a half." Humphed Layla. "Anyway, I already know what's happening, so yeah."

"You were eavesdropping?"


Oriel glowered, but Po came in and pushed the two apart. "Alright, let's go, shall we?"

As they walked, with the gray dawn seeping out of it's blanket under the earth, the trio told the King and Po a little about themselves. Layla, also an Elf of sixteen, was considered leader (with quite a knack for fencing), while Oriel (fourteen) was her sidekick and the master archer and Kovu (nineteen) the main muscle. Then it was the other two's time for telling their long story.

By the time they'd finished, Oriel was shushing them with a sharp hiss. "We're here," he growled edgily.


The palace was huge, but it would of been nearly invisible save for the Elves' keen eyesight. A precipice jutting out of the mountain shadowed the black building, so with it's ebony stone one could barely make it out behind the boulders and long blue shadows. A few guards, all Morgulins, guarded the place, and it seemed even more obscured by an unnatural black mist wrapping around it's borders. 

It was daunting even to the bold Rooper, but Po felt even more compelled to rescue Tigress now. "C'mon, let's go." he urged.

"We have to plan this out!" Layla whispered frantically as Po slithered out from the bracken with unknown stealth and began creeping towards the massive door.

"I don't need a plan." He said stubbornly. "I need to rescue my friend."

"Friend, eh?" 

"Shut up, Oriel."

"I think it's very romantic..."

"Kovu? Dude, I think you've been reading too much Shakespeare."

"Listen, there are not many guards," Rooper interrupted. "It'll be easy getting in, but who knows what's behind those doors. So let's just sneak past, so as to not raise alarm, and if we run into Morgulins, knock them out quick."

Kovu cracked his knuckles in excitement. "Now is when the fun begins..."

But meanwhile, Po was already climbing hurriedly inside through a window.


The panda lurched through the corridors, rolling quickly from corner to corner, ducking and dodging and nearly upsetting three vases and an ugly sneering picture of Morgul's face. He was sorry that one didn't smash to pieces.

Finally, he came to the magnificent golden doors, and with some happy confidence mental boosting he pushed them open.

He felt like he'd almost died when he saw what was going on.


Date: 01/13/14 3:38 PM
From: Rtfacts

Thank you, and I will...

Date: 01/09/14 12:01 AM
From: masterluna

Oohoohoohoo this is AWESOME! I Love it!!! Keep Going!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 01/06/14 6:17 PM
From: Rtfacts

Okay, here's the next chapter...or...part of it...hehe...

Chapter Twenty-Nine: 'It's an Elfy World, After All...'

"Whoo, cool it kid." Po said, as soon as he could make out the person. "We aren't--"

"Be quiet! Your not supposed to say that, you're supposed to scream and give me all your money! This isn't right!" 

"Dude, chill. You're facing the awesome Dragon Warrior and a tiger King who can chop stone in half." Po laughed. Rooper cleared his throat and pointed at the person, and Po shrunk back. "Uh, yeah, maybe we should scream and run..."

It looked like a young white tiger, with golden eyes and a lean figure, sinewy but lithe-looking. Didn't look like much a threat. But if you took a close look, you noticed the wild, furious glint In his eyes, the scars tracing down his arms and bare chest, and a cord with things that looked uncannily like teeth and claws dangling from it around his neck. Behind him stood a burly dark tan lion, with a well-groomed ebony mane, a creamy underbelly, and dark green eyes. A scar ran down his left eye, and a sword glistened in a scabbard hanging on his side. Both had torn black shorts and wraps around their arms and legs. There was a blue band wrapped around the tiger's forehead, like a ninja's, and his ears were pricked strangely.

Rooper stood up to his full height, which was quite formidable, but the lion was still a full head taller. "I am sorry for trespassing on your territory, Sir, but we must get through. The situation is life or death." The King said formerly. The white tiger seemed pleased to have been acknowledged as 'sir', so he nodded slowly.

He sighed. "Look, I'm the sorry one. But I've been hired to capture all tigers or bears."

"By who?" Po asked in excitement. This might actually be getting somewhere.

"Nasty guy called Morgul." The white and black feline said with a snide tone.

"He pays well," The lion said defensively.

"Whatever, Kovu." His partner sneered. "Anyway, I've gotta, or else I'm really gonna be in for it."

"Look kid, you don't enjoy working for this guy, do you?" Po said in his most persuasive tone.

"No," The young tiger hesitated, "But he said you would do that, try to persuade me out of capturing. He said criminals always did that."

"He also called me ugly." This time Kovu seemed unsure. "And we know that's not true, so maybe the other things he said weren't either?"

"Whatever, man." The white tiger said in disgust. "But I'm not risking it. You saw what he did to the others." The two cats shivered at the memory.

"He'll do it to you in the end, you know, after he's done using you." Po informed quickly.

"And do you even know why he wants us?" Rooper added.

"No," Both said with ashamed faces.

"Morgul intends to, ah, eliminate us, and then kind of take over the world. He's a serious villain." Po said.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

"Because I know you are Oriel, a Tiger-Elf, son of Sainder, son of Ferozon." Rooper interrupted. "You are a descendant of royalty. What are you doing scavenging on the mountains, Elf?"

The white tiger gasped, a sudden flash of respect rippling over his expression. He backed up and bowed. "King Rooper! Forgive me, if I had only known--"


Date: 12/31/13 11:08 PM
From: Rtfacts

Man, I'm up late (YAWN) Well, Happy New Year!!! New chapter coming...later. I'll respond to your comments separately later, but thanks, guys!