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Legend of Crescent; Tale of a Silent Hero

Date: 09/18/12 1:33 PM
From: rtfacts

Ok, this isn't a chapter. But, just gonna say, this is my new story. So far, it has nothing to do with A Story with No Name. It's about a.....
Well, I better leave that to the story.
But trust me, you are gonna like it!

Crescent: Hi. The name's Crescent Drago. You haven't heard of me. But by the end of this story, you will know everything.....

That's it from Crescent herself! She is my most recent OC. Hope ya like the story and keep an eye out for the first chapter!!!!!
Your crazy author,

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Date: 07/07/14 1:24 PM
From: Rtfacts

Thank you so much. I make quotation marks because they're straight, instead of curved (") <---Like so. It works for me, 'cause I write on a tablet instead of the computer, but if you can change the font to where the punctuation marks are straight, then you're set. Oh, and by the way...I saw your story about the Legend of Merlin...please don't take this too harshly... Please? Create your own plot, because it's always much more fun, and original. Just...don't take this story and make it yours. At least give some entitled credit. No hard feelings, though.

Aaand thanks so much to everyone else who chapter shall be up soon!



Date: 07/05/14 4:15 PM
From: leighaw


How do you like make quotes and not question marks because when ever I make quotes on the message boards they turn into question marks.


PS Your story is like OMG. I read it 237 times it is so good. And there is more of the story!!!! Am I right???


Date: 07/05/14 1:25 PM
From: skipper345

OMG a cliffhanger! This is amazing! I can't wait for the next part! :)
Oh and you're welcome.

~Silver Ninja


Date: 07/03/14 9:29 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- alright new chapter!
Rafiki- five bowls of soup? Po is jealous.
Me- ya think. I have to admire you Cress. The one person i know that can eat more than that in one sitting is Luffy from One Piece.

Date: 07/02/14 8:07 PM
From: Rtfacts

Thanks so much to Silver Ninja, Crlefan, and Syrup! I owe you a chapter...


After swiftly changing into a fresh set of clothes, I walked out of my tent and said loudly, "Alright, what's for breakfast?"

Tigress was so stunned she dropped her chopsticks mid-bite. "You-you're hungry?" she spluttered incredulously. I gave a brisk nod. The feline and Jade, who sat beside her, swapped a puzzled glance. I hadn't been eating for nearly a week, and suddenly I was asking for food? So miracles do happen...

I smiled slightly at that last thought and settled down beside my two friends, fingers tapping slightly on the dark grey dragon-shaped hilt of my sword. Jade eagerly got me a bowl of soup, which I inhaled in around ten seconds, then got around four more bowls. Starving seemed to be an understatement.

"So, history repeats itself, eh, dragon-girl?" Claw smirked rougishly at me as I downed one last bite. I blushed.

"You still remember that?"

"Gosh, yeah. Who knew six-year-olds' ate three heaping bowls of dumplin's in one sittin'?"

"Left any for me?" Silvo asked jokingly, and I nodded shyly. Soon everyone had joined us, eating, even cracking a few smiles every now and then. I myself felt more comfortable, gradually having gotten over my grief, knowing Mac was watching me and that I should play nice for him.

But suddenly in the middle of giggling about a sentence, Jade blanched short and glared at the forest, long, sideways ears pricked up like a cat's and she started growling. Her green eyes began changing to gold, pupils silver, irises flooding with metallic yellow. Claws crystallized into ten different kinds of jewels, deadly sharp and glittering. The teenage Gem-shaper was transforming into full-power mode. That was like, bad.

Diamonds and rubies started popping out of the ground in her agitation. "He's here!" She snarled.

"Whoa, Goldie! Who?" Silvo said defensively, worry lacing his voice as well. He started going into his full plant-state, the grass around his feet stretching up over his knees and the spikes along his back grew into wickedly curved thorns. Leaves tore off their branches and whirpooled around his body, enveloping him in a tornado of green. Before his scales could turn into tree bark, though (he looked so weird when that happened), I stepped up between them and the forest, drew my sword and scoured the undergrowth.

"What's wrong, Jade?" Sage asked his apprentice.

She pointed with an amethyst claw. "The Wind PureDragon..he's there."

Sage thrust out a streak of burning black shadowfire that burnt the layers of brambles in front of us and cleared out a large space, branches smoldering and melting to black darkness upon impact from the blast. With a gasp, we realized Jade was right.

Sprawled out unconscious on the floor in front of us was Hurricane, Golden Eyes's youngest warrior.


Date: 06/30/14 12:53 PM
From: skipper345

It's the cirrrrcle of liiiiiife!!! And it moves us aaallllll!!

~Silver Ninja


Date: 06/26/14 8:27 AM
From: crlefan44

this is great, please continue.

Date: 06/23/14 5:14 PM
From: skipper345

Stayin up.

Date: 06/17/14 10:18 PM
From: crlefan44

stay up

Date: 06/15/14 9:13 PM
From: syrup240

I can't wait to see this story continue, squeee! Sorry, I geeked out there for a second. It's always good to come back on and see what new chapters you have! I feel like you and a couple of other authors are what I instantly come back to. Your work is absolutely descriptive and beautiful, and the storyline still amazes me with every twist and turn! Thanks for still staying with us,

Syrup240 ;D


Date: 06/13/14 1:30 PM
From: skipper345

DRAGONNSSS!!!! Sorry had to get that out of my system...

~Silver Ninja


Date: 06/07/14 12:33 PM
From: skipper345

keeping this up! Really good story!

~Silver Ninja


Date: 05/26/14 1:48 PM
From: flynjamie

Hi rtfacts, I've been a silent reader around here for a while. I really like your stories! And I happened to notice that " It's a Twisted Kind of Destiny" is gone from the boards. I don't want to rush you on restarting it, I'm just letting you know in case you didn't. It was really good so far!

Date: 05/25/14 11:38 PM
From: Rtfacts


It's like this <s.></s.> except with a word in between and without the periods.


Date: 05/01/14 7:19 PM
From: crlefan44

how do you do that stuff with the line through the words?

Date: 04/27/14 4:53 PM
From: Rtfacts

I'm clapping, don't worry! :D Thanks, and happy considerably late Easter too!

Well, thanks again; you rock! More than a mountain!

Lol that was horrible so horrible bwahaha nope I regret nothing sorry and keep reading

I'll post more soon.



Date: 04/20/14 11:04 PM
From: crlefan44

This is going great, great, great, great, GREAT.

Happy Easter

*Clap along if you feel like HAPPINESS is the truth*
*Cause I'm HAPPY*


Date: 04/13/14 5:12 PM
From: skipper345

great chapter! oh and you're welcome for keeping this up for you!

Date: 04/11/14 10:52 PM
From: Rtfacts

Firstly, a huge shout out to Silver Ninja (skipper345) for keeping this up quite faithfully, even without me asking. Here's a free virtual cupcake for you! :D I apologize for the delay, by the way.

Thank you so much, Syrup, I'm glad I'm consistent with those factors, and I'm happy you're back!

And many thanks leighlaw, even though I don't think I'll have a way to add a sunken library in this plot; it's umm, a bit too developed. BUT that is a very cool idea, and it sounds like you'd be the perfect one to write about it. I'll be sure to ask you for help when it's needed! Keep on reading!

AND finally, here ya all go!

"Sorry," Fuego mumbled. "Didn't know it was you. You don't usually wear that cape...and you don't...don't have a sword."

She frowned, eyes bitter, then shrugged. "Guess I look more like Sky the Silver Flash than Crescent Drago the Master Elementalist."

Before Fuego could ask who Sky, or the Silver Flash was, though, she shoved past them and grumbled, "I'm heading back. You two better watch out for people who, you know, are actually thieves." She spat. "Or who still are, at least."

She stormed back into her own tent and tried to slam the fabric door, but it just flapped down noiselessly.

"What's up with her?" Silvo asked. Fuego sighed.

"I don't know what she meant about thieves." He murmured. "But it's best to leave her alone for now anyway, I should think."

"Maybe we could ask Sage what she meant? I mean, who's Sky the Silver Flash?"

Silvo didn't hear the Fire Dragon, but Fuego whispered softly, "Someone who has still never left Crescent Drago the Master Elementalist."


Crescent's POV

Next morning, I woke up and heard Sage and Night arguing outside.

"We have to go against her now, before it gets serious and she attacks the rest of China. GE is just bidding her time, weighing options. You said Crescent has completed her training. With the DragonCounsel behind her, it will be an even match. The possibilities of us winning are very probable."

"And so is the chance that we could fail, lose more than we gain, and watch China burn. We ourselves must bid our time, weigh our options. Crescent is an excellent sword-master but she's still learning how to control every one of the elements. It's not an easy task, with all the diversity, and besides, it drains her unless she starbends, which is her main source, obviously."

"Brother, we can't wait much longer. Something must be done. If we are to be the saviors, the heroes, of China, we should be silent, safe, fast. We should finish this before it even starts."

"But if we rush her, anything could go wrong."

There was a lengthy pause and I tried to be fair with my uncle and father. They were just trying to figure everything out. But still, did they have to talk about me behind my back? I could've helped in a war counseling.

I shook my head in self-disapproval, realizing if I had participated in any kind of war council the council would be at war with itself. Then I started remembering what had happened last night, and another swirl of emotions seared through me. Why on earth was my life so frustratingly complicated?

"Okay, keeping it simple. Don't think about anything except for real feelings." I spoke to myself, thought a bit, then concluded, "Like hunger, for instance."


Date: 04/09/14 1:00 PM
From: skipper345

keeping this up! can't wait for more!