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Legend of Crescent; Tale of a Silent Hero

Date: 09/18/12 1:33 PM
From: rtfacts

Ok, this isn't a chapter. But, just gonna say, this is my new story. So far, it has nothing to do with A Story with No Name. It's about a.....
Well, I better leave that to the story.
But trust me, you are gonna like it!

Crescent: Hi. The name's Crescent Drago. You haven't heard of me. But by the end of this story, you will know everything.....

That's it from Crescent herself! She is my most recent OC. Hope ya like the story and keep an eye out for the first chapter!!!!!
Your crazy author,

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Date: 04/01/14 4:47 PM
From: leighaw

AMAZING! If you need any help I'm the perfect person. I love comedy and jokes. Plus you should add a sunken library. Thats what i did in sunken library because I am the author.

Date: 04/01/14 12:42 PM
From: skipper345

anyone like Frozen? cause I dooooo!!!!!

Date: 03/26/14 7:30 PM
From: skipper345

keeping this up for you!

~Silver Ninja


Date: 03/17/14 12:33 PM
From: skipper345

Cool! :)

Date: 03/15/14 10:01 PM
From: Rtfacts

Okay, here's the next part, for whomesoever dares to still read this

Silvo sighed. "Fine, but Fuego--don't be too hard on yourself."

Then the Plant Dragon turned with his back against the other reptile's and crossed his arms, chocolate-colored eyes using the moon's bright light to distinguish what lay in the forest. His ears pricked when Fuego suddenly whispered, "Hey, where's Crescent?"

"What? Probably in her tent."

"No, it's one thirty-six. She gets up at one-thirty every night and get water." He stammered, as if revealing a secret. Silvo turned to stare at him queerly.

"How tha heck do you know that?"

"I...I ran into her once by accident. Scared me more than I scared her." He got that strange, faraway look on his face again.

"Maybe she doesn't sleepwalk every night." Silvo pointed out. Fuego shook his head.

"Uh-uh. Did I say I ran into her once? Sorry, I meant...what was it, four times?"

"Dude, you sure you don't sleepwalk too? Those are kind of...strange coincidences."

Fuego pondered this. "Huh. I wonder-" But then he snapped up to his feet, scanning the ring of shadow and foliage around their camp. "Who goes there?"

Silvo instinctively slipped into a crouch, ready to morph into any of the plants to sneak up on the interloper (for example, melding into a tree near the guy and then jumping out at him would prove efficient). But this person wasn't trying to be surreptitious in any way. He was loud and though not clumsy, kept exclaiming 'ow' softly as if though he'd hit his head.

Silvo located where her voice (he determined that she was a girl by her light footsteps and tone of voice) was coming from and melted into the grass, his skin and bones like butter as he crawled up swiftly to a tree and hardened into the bark, invisible except for as a plant. The shape was lithe, and her armor, or maybe scales, glinted brilliantly when caught by starshine. Fuego gave a low signal whistle, illuminating one hand with blazing fire and lunged.

Silvo reformed as he hurled himself out of his cover of bark, leaves and sap, and flipped over on two feet, arrow nocked. Fuego's hands were raised and dancing with white-hot flame, one grasping a sword also engulfed in orange.

The creature's cape fanned over her face, confusing the two for a moment, before she lashed out quicker than the other two expertly with a gleaming silver sword and had Silvo's bow and Fuego's blade thrown out of their clutches. She turned to Silvo, face darkened by the roof of leaves overhead, and started to lunge, but Fuego tackled her from behind, spurting out a burst of flame at her legs and ramming his shoulder into her back.

She dodged the fire but was met head-on with the body collision and staggered to her back. Silvo started to chant, and roots grew out of the ground, wrapping greedily around her limbs and intertwining her in vines, latching her to the ground. She snarled, then flicked her sword into the air. When it came down, she reached out and clamped it between her teeth, pirate-style, and made a wide slice at the plants, tearing them apart.

Throwing her weapon in the air, she somersaulted backwards to her feet then when upright reached out and grabbed her blade's hilt without looking. Flicking her wrists, she summoned a cold-looking blue fire to encase on her left hand and a zapping, blinding white to glove the right. For a moment, they all squinted from the sudden exposure to bright light, but the girl was first to gasp.

"You idiots!" she hissed. Fuego, still blinking hard, yelped as suddenly she marched up and slapped him upside the head.

"Hey, what--!?"

"It's me!" She sheathed her sword and then the starfire and blue flames in her hand grew stronger, casting a white-azure glow on everyone's faces. Her crystal-blue eyes were slightly bemused.

"Cress?!" Silvo gasped.

"Seriously, you two? You attacked me without looking?" She shook her head and murmured, "I am so reporting this to Sage."


Date: 03/11/14 12:48 PM
From: skipper345

that was a really nice chapter! keep up the great work! :)

Date: 03/08/14 7:13 PM
From: rtfacts

@Silver Ninja
Thanks, a lot. Here's another chapter-part for you....and those other readers...


Chapter Twenty-Eight

No one's POV

Silent and Claw sat together on a mossy log, pressed both uncomfortably and comfortably close to each other. They were on guard duty, and no one else was awake.

The wolf poked the fire around with a stick, contemplating on what to say to the black she-cat beside him. It had been over twenty-five years. They had a lot of catching up to do.

But Claw couldn't seem to form a sentence, so he just gazed at the flames and thought forlornly.

"Claw," Silent murmured, rubbing her palm against his neck to get his attention. The light brown lupine turned to stare at her, noticing how the star and firelight seemed to blend so perfectly into the blue background of her irises, and how her dark fur was caressed by silver in the moonbeams.

He shook his head out of his trance and managed a sheepish smirk that made Silent's heart possibly skip a beat. "What?" He asked in that brittle accent of his.

"I just..." She stopped to draw in closer until she was resting against the wolf's chest, head nestled onto his shoulder. Claw turned a deep shade of red.

"I jus'...what?" He stammered, feeling his cheeks grow hot.

"Just don't leave me," She managed quietly, and Claw suddenly understood that she was afraid. Afraid of Crescent had lost Mac to Golden Eyes. "You ran away from me once--"

"But it won't happen this time." He affirmed while dropping his accent, cautiously, almost nervously, wrapping his arms around the ebony cheetah and finally pulling her into an embrace. "I promise, I'm never going to leave you again, okay?"

She grinned at him, the anxiety and worry fleeting out of her expression. "Thanks, Claw." She whispered.

"Anytime." He flashed another smirk.


Both jerked away and snapped their heads up in jolted surprise. "Uh..uh...Fuego." Claw gulped, failing to notice his light shade of fur was completely failing to cover up the pomegranate-colored flush spreading through his face.

"And Silvo..." Silent gave a meek, cringing laugh. "Hi. How'd you get here? Thought we left you in the Valley of Peace..."

"Followed ya'll. Our turn for Centry Duty." Silvo explained briefly, also wearing a nice shade of rose. In fact, everyone was blushing, though you could hardly tell with Fuego.

"Um...sorry if we...disturbed anything..." Fuego winced painfully.

"Jus' shuddup and sit on tha dumb log." Claw grumbled, standing up and walking away stiffly.

Silent followed him, turning to look with begging eyes that held the encripted message, 'Don't-Tell-Sage' before catching up the lupine and nuzzling her snout against his neck, mumbling something in his ear and walking into the girls' tent. Claw rubbed the back of his head while blushing, a shy yet impish grin on his snout before he yawned and literally almost dove into the boys' tent.

After a moment of silence, Silvo grinned and jeered, "Good thing it was us and not Sage who found 'em, huh?"

"Yeah," Fuego gave a small absent smile, placing his head on his hands and staring at the stars distantly.

Silvo, other than maybe Crescent, was Fuego's best friend, and he knew that when the Fire Dragon got all pensative like this something was wrong. Fuego wasn't really a jokester at heart, but he did like a good prank every once in a while (total opposite for Silvo). He was actually quite gentle-natured and thoughtful. A dreamer, a wisher, a thinker. And a fighter when he needed to be.

But this time he looked more than just thoughtful. It was like he was interpreting super-deep messages and all that boring stuff from the stars, his dark forest-green eyes almost black in the shadows.

"What's up, man?" Silvo inquired. Fuego sighed and looked away.

"The sky. Stars. Heaven. Mac." His red-scaled friend answered bluntly.

Silvo raised an eyebrow, a notion of what was happening pooling into his head. "You feel guilty, huh? Guilty couldn't save Mac?"

Fuego crushed a stone in his calloused hand to grey powder. "I...don't want to talk about it."


Date: 03/08/14 11:35 AM
From: skipper345

Ima keep this up for u

~Silver Ninja


Date: 03/02/14 5:24 PM
From: skipper345

So awesome!!

Date: 02/25/14 12:23 PM
From: skipper345

@ Rtfacts
ur welcome!

Date: 02/21/14 9:17 PM
From: Rtfacts

@Skipper345/Silver Ninja
I think the name's cool too. Thanks for trying to keep this up...and here's the next part of that chapter, since it seems as if I really must keep it going...


I could tell it was killing Mac ( pun intended) to have to leave. He cringed and I thought I saw a ghostly tear drop down to the ground. The tiger managed a pitiful attempt at a smile.

"Cress, I love you," He whispered sorrowfully, tracing a paw down the side of my forehead. "And I miss you more than anyone except for you could even imagine. But goodbye's aren't forever. And I'll see you sometime, okay?"

I realized that however hard this was for me, it was harder for him. So I tried to be strong, for both of us.

"Yeah," I mumbled, hugging him around the neck. "But not too soon, right?"

The tone was bittersweet, and he chuckled drily. "Yes. I'll be watching you," He started to fade away, drifting back into the square, until it was just our locked hands keeping us from parting forever.

"And I'll be thinking of you." I swallowed.

"But not all the time, right?"


His image was so dim I could barely see him.

"Goodbye, tiger-boy."

"For now."

He slipped his hand out of mine, smiled one last time, but a smile of gladness. "Oh, and Cress, cut Fuego a bit of slack, will you? He's more of a shy type."


His soft laugh was the last thing I heard before he disappeared, the sound mingling in the late night's mild wind.

"Yeah. Love you too." I grumbled half-heartedly.

I heard Mistia giggling slightly. I turned to face her, sighing.

Her quiet laughter stopped and her voice adopted a serious, yet kind tone. "Cress..." she muttered, " Do what Mac says. Anger can be a good and bad emotion. Don't take it out on your father, or Sage, okay?"

"Okay," I vowed absent-mindedly.

She brushed her hand against the side of my face, almost mournfully, and I gazed, puzzled, into her gray-green eyes. "You have grown so much, and learned many things." She whispered in an awed, proud voice I heard very rarely towards me.

"I am very, very proud of you, my girl. My sweet Crescent. My daughter."

I stood upright in shock. "Daughter?" I gawked, blinking.

But when I opened my eyes again, Mistia was gone.


Date: 02/21/14 5:24 PM
From: skipper345

I'll keep it up too!
Oh, just thought of this now- I'm a.k.a Silver Ninja. I think it's cool



Date: 02/14/14 12:18 PM
From: Rtfacts

Thanks for keeping this up, guys! Now, who wants the next post?

(Cricket chirp)



Date: 02/10/14 10:53 AM
From: masterluna

*sings* I will keep this up, won't let it down, I will make sure this doesn't go away! Lala lala lala lala lala, lala lala lala lala!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/08/14 10:42 AM
From: skipper345

u r very welcome! ;)

Date: 02/01/14 1:21 PM
From: Rtfacts

Thank you, at least I now know one person still reads it.

Date: 01/28/14 1:26 PM
From: skipper345

@ rtfacts
yes ofcourse! This story is too genius to leave!

Date: 01/25/14 12:08 PM
From: Rtfacts


Date: 01/17/14 8:48 AM
From: Rtfacts

Okay, here we more chapter, for those who read...

Crescent's POV

I staggered back a step, blinking hard and swallowing down the parched feeling in my throat.

"Mac," my voice trembled hoarsely as I repeated his name over and over, tears pooling in the corner of my eyes as I reached out with one hand at the rippling hologram.

The silver-blue striped feline gave a small smile, and placed his paw out, and when my hand touched the square it didn't go through it, instead touching a flat, smooth surface, like marble. Still, it looked like I had my hand against Mac's anyway.

"Hey, Silvering." He murmured. I could only greet him with a squeaky creaking sound and closed eyes. I felt something like a soft wind lift my head up and realized Mac had somehow come out of the square, and he was hovering in the air like the ghost he was, paw on my cheek. But instead of fur and flesh I felt a soft breeze wipe the tears away. I gave a shuddering sigh.

Amber eyes stared deep into mine, sorrow and shame visible in them. "I'm sorry," Mac said quietly in an anguished tone.

Maybe at regular people, like Night or Fuego or Claw, I would snap at, saying that he should be sorry, demanding why he left me, but I couldn't get mad at this certain pantherine. My stubborn, fiery spirit seemed to melt when he looked at me, so hurt and guilty and concerned.

"No, no, Mac," I sobbed weakly, "I'M sorry. I'm responsible for this. I let you go! It was all--all m-my fault..."

"Listen, Cress," Mac said with a gentle determination, stepping down on the grass, his feet shimmering as he touched the dewy earth. He grabbed me by the shoulders and looked at me square in the eyes. "Don't you dare, ever, say that. It was not your fault. No one but Golden Eyes', you hear?"

"But I--"

"Tried everything you could. Cress, fate has it's own plans, and we have no power to change it. I have seen what will happen, and trust me," He took both my hands firmly in his. "Destiny has it's plans for you. But I can't do anything about it. Neither can you. And no matter how stubborn or hot-headed you are, it's a whole lot more stubborn than you."

"Which is saying a lot, then." I laughed weakly between tears. Mac gave me a crooked half-grin.

"Just remember." He continued, "Fate, it won't give in, but you will have to. It's. Not. Your. Fault. Ok? It's just how it was meant to be--so you'll just have to live in the present, not the past. And try not to expect anything of the future, because if you do, you'll regret it."

I absorbed in his words, nodding ruefully. "But I won't let GE get away with this. I promise."

Mac sighed. "Just...know who the enemy is."

Before I could inquire what that meant, his specteral form flickered. He furrowed his eyebrows.

"My time's up." He grunted. "I won't see you again for a long time, Crescent."

"No!" I yelped, grabbing his arm, but my hand wafted through it. "Don't leave me, Mac. Please!" I pleaded. Mac somehow managed to pull me into an embrace, but it almost felt like I was hugging a tiger-shaped block of compressed air, if you can imagine that.

You would of though I'd be tired of crying, but the tears still streamed out. I needed to talk to him, to sort more things out, to have him hold me longer. "D-don't go." I gasped out.



Date: 01/13/14 3:40 PM
From: Rtfacts