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Legend of Crescent; Tale of a Silent Hero

Date: 09/18/12 1:33 PM
From: rtfacts

Ok, this isn't a chapter. But, just gonna say, this is my new story. So far, it has nothing to do with A Story with No Name. It's about a.....
Well, I better leave that to the story.
But trust me, you are gonna like it!

Crescent: Hi. The name's Crescent Drago. You haven't heard of me. But by the end of this story, you will know everything.....

That's it from Crescent herself! She is my most recent OC. Hope ya like the story and keep an eye out for the first chapter!!!!!
Your crazy author,

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Date: 11/09/13 2:01 PM
From: crlefan44

please post soon

Date: 11/05/13 11:48 AM
From: crlefan44

great chapter. nice move what Crescent did with Tanis. i kow that name anywhere and it doesn't make me happy. that foolish ball of fur will pay for what he did with Shadow and Tigress.

Date: 11/03/13 5:40 PM
From: crlefan44

Happy (late) Halloween to you too

Date: 11/03/13 4:28 PM
From: Rtfacts

Okay, this process was painfully slow, since my touchpad isn't working on my computer and I needed to copy and paste it paragraph by paragraph.....

Chapter Twenty-Seven
Crescent's POV
In a bewildered trance, I got to my feet and apologeticly helped Shadow up to her feet.
"By the stars," I muttured. "I never thought I'd see you again, Shad!"
Before I could say anything else, though, Shadow pulled me into a fierce hug. "I'm so sorry, Cress, I never meant--"
"I-it's alright," I reassured, laughing slightly. "I would of never discovered who I really was if it hadn't been for you."
"What's that?"
Scarr suddenly came up and eyed Shadow with a smirk. "Ah, who's she?"
I pointed at him and a layer of ice plastered itself over the wolf's mouth.
"I'm an Elemental." I shrugged. A look of shock and recognition flashed over her eyes, but before anyone could say a word more, a piercing howl split the air.
Shadow gasped and broke away from us. "Shadow-Ninjas...I have to run! Don't follow me!"
She sprang into the undergrowth and looked back in anxiety. "Goodbye, my friend." she breathed out sadly, then without a sound vanished. A scampering of paws was heard, then some dark words, and I peered through the bracken.
A massive lion and two ninjas clothed in black were snuffling around. I quickly shot out a jet of emerald which blasted into the ninjas, rendering both unconcious. The lion looked up, face-pawed, and thundered off in Shadow's direction.
"Wait!" I called out, then almost slapped myself for being so reckless.
The huge feline halted and turned to face me. I knew it was Tanis. It had to be.
I wanted to shred his nose in two, but I forced myself to a fake serenity and said. "Say, Mister Lion, lookin' for a white tigress?"
Tanis nodded hesitantly, eyeing me with guarded suspicion. "Yes."
"Well, I saw her run off in that direction. Bet she's a criminal or something, huh?" I said, pointing right in front of me.
"You have no idea," Tanis answered gruffly, then departed down to where I'd pointed. I managed a grim smile and spread out my palm.
"Ice and shadow, blend and mix. Confuse the enemy, make vision thick." I murmered, and the woods blurred in front of my eyes. A confused roar, then a crash.
"Blasted ice! SHADOW!" Tanis bellowed. I snorted softly in amusement, knowing the lion wouldn't find my friend so easily now.
Then I turned and faced two amber eyes, clouded with anger and misery, with a lacing of hope. "Where is she? Where's Shadow?" Tigress snarled, eyes flashing.
"I-I...she had to leave. Tanis was-"
"Tanis? Where is he ?!" Tigress growled in rage.
"Lost," I responded. "He won't be able to find Shad anytime soon."
Tigress turned around and slammed her fist into a tree. A spiderweb of a crack spread through the trunk. The Master slumped to the ground and buried her head into her paws.
"No...not again," she moaned, her voice cracking. "Not again..."
Then it hit me. Litterally, like, an invisible hand appeared out of nowhere and slapped my face repeatedly.
"You're her friend," I murmured slowly. "The friend she always talked about in the cave."
"What cave?" She asked drowsily, then her ears perked up in interest. " know her? How?"
I explained as best as I could, leaving out the minor details. Tigress just shook her head sadly when I had finished and muttured, "Soon. I'll see her soon, and everything'll work out." Her eyes were hard, though her voice was cracking slightly. Couldn't blame her, though, after all she and Shadow had been through...
"Look," I growled. "If I ever get my hands on that lunatic lion, I'll make him wish he wasn't born. I promise."
The last promise I'd made was to Mac...and I wasn't about to break this one. Tigress sighed but looked up with grateful eyes. "Thanks," She exhaled.
I shrugged, and helped to her feet.
And that was the last I'd hear about Shadow for a long time.


Date: 11/01/13 10:11 AM
From: Rtfacts

Hehe, thanks! Happy (late) Halloween right back at ya!

I'll post as soon as I can, sorry for the delay....lots of stuffs happening.


Date: 10/31/13 9:35 PM
From: crlefan44


Date: 10/29/13 8:55 PM
From: crlefan44

hey guys?

Date: 10/27/13 7:22 PM
From: crlefan44


Date: 10/25/13 3:30 PM
From: crlefan44

it is Silver and Blaze actually. and Leon is Tigress's brother.
i hope the chapter comes soon.

Date: 10/23/13 6:10 PM
From: syrup240

I KNEW IT!!!! And she was albino with green eyes, I think; black stripes also, and Leon and two of her kids where her family....the kids names where Silver and Ember or something like that.

Syrup240 ;D


Date: 10/23/13 1:05 PM
From: Rtfacts

Yup, they are! Thanks for commenting!

Well, Shadow IS Tigress16's character....and she's in like, chapter three or four....

Sorry for not posting lately! I'll put up the next chapter ASAP!


Date: 10/15/13 6:37 PM
From: syrup240

...Wait a second...I know that Shadow from somewhere!!!! BUT WHERE?!?!

Date: 10/15/13 6:18 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- great chapter.
Rafiki- yay they finally reunited.

Date: 10/15/13 1:52 PM
From: Rtfacts

@Syrup and crlefan44
Here's more ofthe story! :P Sorry for taking so long to post. Hope you like it, and thanks for commenting! :D

This is going to be a very short part, sorry, but I'll try and post the chapter after this soon!

My memory faded away, and I dragged myself out of bed. Raising the tent flap, I looked around dully to what was happening at the camp. Scarr and Claw were shouting faintly in the woods, Silent and Fuego talking in whispers to Sage, Night looking grieved by the fire, and Jade and Tigress picking remorsefully at their soup.
Then Night looked up at me and beckoned for me to sit by him, and reluctantly I trudged over, refusing to meet anyone's eyes. "Hello," was all I could whisper out hoarsely. Night shook his head.
"Hi, Cress." He said, his voice filled with deep sadness.
We both stared in different directions, and I had my elbows on my knees and head on my hands. This was extremely awkward. I sighed.
"Look--I'm sorry about what happened with Mac..." he murmured gently. Fire blazed inside me, but I stayed frozen.
"It's okay," I lied, but didn't bring myself to talk anymore about it.
He looked like he wanted to say more, but he stopped, his green eyes in slits. "There's someone here, close." he growled teresly.
I stood up and peered through the bush. Everything was eerily quiet, way too quiet. Then there was a tense rustle in the undergrowth.
Without warning, something white crashed through brambles. I pounced on it and pinned it to the ground, growling. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"
Frightened, yet angry eyes glared up at me. "Let me go, I mean no harm!" the white tigress whimpered.
I stared deep into her bright blue eyes. Strikingly familiar eyes.
"Sh- Shadow ?" Was all my voice could bring out. The feline looked up and froze.
"No way!" she nearly shrieked. "Crescent! You're alive!"


Date: 10/12/13 5:51 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- please continue with the story.
Rafiki- PLEASE!!!

Date: 10/08/13 5:56 PM
From: syrup240


Date: 10/06/13 6:48 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- what happens next? OH THE TORMENT!!!!

Date: 09/24/13 2:16 PM
From: Rtfacts

This is getting a bit too far behind. Mil disculpas.

'Ere we gooo.....!

Part Something of Chapter I Dunno

Crescent's POV
I stared at the tent's walls blankly. I bet I looked horrible, with my clothes bedraggled and crumpled, and my eyes red from crying. Luckily, I sustained my anger enough not to destroy everything I saw.
Hugging my knees and rocking back and forth, I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to remember the days of the orphanage, in my cave with Shadow and Kasaru, my years working for Claw, and then finding myself trapped in the Jade Palace. My memories were surprisingly sharper, which probably made it worse.
"C'mon, Cress! Race you to the Training Hall!"
I was eighteen and feeling great after a long, difficult day of training that I had flowed through with unexpected ease; I was getting more skilled by the day.
"Alright, Mac, I'm coming!"
The tiger waited patiently for me, head cocked. "Now, I'm gonna beat you this time."
"In your dreams, Tiger-boy."
"I thought you were my worst nightmare, Silvering," he teased. I punched him playfully, and he dodged.
"Okay...ready, set--?
"Cool! A race!" It was Jade, accompanied by Fuego. "Can we join?"
I couldn't exactly decline. "Umm, sure."
Santi and Sam both came loping up. "Dude, epic!" Santi exclaimed. "A race! Can we participate?"
I rolled my eyes. "Sure, whatever.?
Then Silvo unexpectedly morphed out of the grass (dragons controlling plants have that freakish ability). "Awesome! A race! Can--"
"Alright! You can!" I sighed impatiently. "On my mark then," everyone got ready. Mac winked at me.
We burst running like streaking confetti. Mac, so far, was first, then Fuego and me were tied, and Jade was quickly catching up to us with Silvo and Sam on her heels. I but on a burst of speed and nimbly swerved away from a tree, only later realizing Santi had accidentally slipped and hit it and his sister had stopped to help.
Fuego and Jade were catching up fast. I dropped on all fours and sped forward, and then looked back to find Silvo had too. Fuego passed me by an inch, then Jade leaped over both our backs and drew in front of Mac. I growled and barreled up the hill, and finally passed Fuego. Silvo raced up in front of him but Fuego caught up and both were neck-in-neck.
The Training Hall loomed into view.
Seeing it made me launch myself further, my eyes narrowing. My feet burnt from all the running.
I sprinted faster and faster, until I felt like a silver flash of moonlight speeding over the grass. Jade grinned back at me mischeviously but I inched up to her, slowly passing her. The wind whistled loudly in my ears, my face was flustered, and I could feel exhalaration racing through my veins. I pushed myself to my limits and caught up to Mac.
He smiled down at me, and I smirked.
Challange accepted.
He was still in front of me, but I was gaining speed as we raced downhill. Fuego thundered an inch behind me, and Silvo even closer with Jade at his heels. I laughed and my voice was swept away by the wind. Then I was jumping gracefully, faster and faster, until I flipped in the air and skidded upright, and stretched out my arm.
I was breathing heavily, but laughing in between gasps. Mac and I had both placed our palms against the Training Hall's wooden walls at the same time. We both stared at each other, as if puzzling who won, not saying a word. His amber eyes were almost entrancing.
"Woah! That was like, increadible!"
Jade's words snapped me and the Maltese tiger out of it, and I backed up a step, only now noticing we were uncomfortably close, and grinned. "Yeah." I said softly. "Yeah, it was."
I followed their voices, and my smile faded, though I still felt happy. My stomach felt like it was doing sumersaults. There was a strange, lulling look to the way Mac had stared at me. Made me feel...I don't know, shy?
He looked away from the forest and back to me. "Guess it was a tie then." he said to no one In particular. I shrugged uneasily and stared at the red and orange rainbow of a sunset.
"I suppose it was."
Then, side by side, me and my friend walked into the Training Hall, smiling at each other for no reason in the world.


Date: 09/14/13 5:19 PM
From: Rtfacts

Sorry for taking so long to post, I've been busy :P

Thanks for keeping this up! :D

Wow, thanks! And really? Wow....Well, glad I did, 'cause your stories are super-awesome and the KFP Nick boards wouldn't be the same without them! I'm so glad you're back! Thanks for commenting, too. :D

Alright, here we go....

No one's POV
The wolf was standing there sulkily, his eyes plainly showing his boredom. "I've told ya--the name's Scarr, I do know Crescent, and I was jus' curious about what she was doin'."
Sage, Night, and Claw, the latter invisible behind a tent flap, all growled defensively.
"I don't believe you." Night spat.
"Your words may have truth, Scarr Zios, but I fear you will have to remain doubted." Sage responded.
Claw just crossed his arms, letting out muffled grunts. Far too well did he know this young wolf.
"So, brother . What kind of trouble 'ave ya been up to lately, eh?" Claw growled, stepping forward from where he had hidden in the shadows.
Scarr raised his eyebrows, surprised, then scowled. "Could ask ya the same thing."
"Same ol' brat, am I right?"
"And you're still bossy." Scarr pointed out crossly. Hazel met dark brown and the two canines both growled.
"Alright, alright! Hold it, you two!" Night sighed, stepping in between the bristling pair. Sage gave a start and stared at both of them.
"You're... brothers ?"
Claw sighed begrudgingly. "Sadly."
Sage frowned. "How old are you, then?"
"Twenty-five," Scarr mumbled.
"Thirty-four." Claw spat.
Sage rubbed his temples. "All right," he said. "I trust you, Scarr. You have my permission to stick around until you wish."
The dark wolf nodded, then narrowed his eyes at Claw. "We have a lot to talk about, brother."
Claw's ears lay flat against his head. "So it seems."


Date: 09/09/13 7:37 PM
From: syrup240


YOU'RE ON!!! I AM TOO!!! IT'S LIKE A FAMILY REUNION!!! And Rtfacts posted more.... you're still as awesome and descriptive as I remember you! To tell you a secret, you really inspired me to start writing on the boards, and start writing in general. I hope you see this, because you really inspired me. So did you, Batskee, especially your nice comments and encouraging words. I'm so glad I got back on, you guys just made my day. <3

Syrup240 ;D
Skye- Remember us!?!?!
Han Kai- YEAH!!!