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Mt. Frost (Accepting Characters!)

Date: 11/14/12 6:11 PM
From: Batskee

This is a sequel to {*}The Silent Forest{*}

When the Furious Five, Po, Master Shifu, and all their good friends go to hike on Mt. Frost, they soon find themselves stuck within the mountain! They have plenty of air, food, but they soon get seperated within the ruins of the mountain.
Will they make it out all together, or will some never come out?

Okay, so, if you'd like ot join, just fill out this form:

Fighting Style:
Special Moves:
Powers (if they have any):
Background Story:
Sample (optional):

Okay, I admit, that's a little much, but I want to really know the characters before I use them. So, I'll start after awhile, okay?
Have fun!

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Date: 07/03/14 9:34 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- what do you mean "hope this passes'? how could it not? that chapter is perfect. i hope they catch that no-good clone Athina. and Tidao too.

Date: 07/02/14 11:41 AM
From: Batskee

Hopefully this'll pass.


Crane charged towards the clone and yanked her arm back. They had made sharp turns through the confusing pathways in this freezing maze called Mt. Freeze. Luckily for the black-necked Crane, they didn't get too far from the others before he caught up to her.

"Are you crazy?" Crane asked in a harsh whisper.

"Am I crazy? Ha! That's rich coming from you," the cheetah hissed.

"I'm not the one who got captured," he said, narrowing his eyes at her.

She pulled her arm out of his grip. "Are you forgetting that you're a clone yourself? Are you forgetting your mission?" He was silent as she asked him these things. "Don't you know what happens to clones who fail Tidao the Great?"

"It's just Tidao," he corrected her.

She immediately smacked him. "You're a Failed Copy, aren't you?"

"I am not!" Crane objected.

"Yes you are," she told him. She began walking around him as she spoke, "You actually think she likes you? She likes Crane. The real one, copy-boy. Have you forgotten that you're a copy? A clone? A fake!"

"Stop it!" he yelled.

"No you stop it!" she snapped. "You are a clone. Just a clone. Nothing more. Nothing less."

"I am not," he said in a whisper.

She shook her head no. "Look at me Crane. Look!" She gestured at herself. He looked at her dark blue vest with light blue flowers and white swirls as well as the black sash with flames she wore. "I have every detail of the original. From the dark blue vest to the black pants that go to my ankles. I have the same fur too. Light golden fur. Jet black spots, outlined with gray. These spots that overlap in between my eyes. Everything."

"I can see that. But what I'm saying is that I'm different! I know I'm more than just a Copy of the Original! I know I'm different. I can feel it," he said, putting his wing up to his chest.

In a flash, she swatted him with her claws across the face. The false Crane fell to the ground and touched his face with his wing. "Ack! What was that for?"

"I'm showing you the truth," she told him sternly. She bent down to speak to him face to face. "On the outside, we look exactly like our Originals. But on the inside," she grabbed his wing and pulled it away from where she had swatted him. He saw that instead of seeing red liquid, it was clear. "We're just water."

She stood up and continued, "Although these Non-Clones can't truly tell whose who by sight, they tell by knowledge. But Clones can identify Clones."

The false Crane kept staring at the water that was slowly disappearing into his white feathers. He felt water trickle down his cheek and neck from the wound Athina gave him. Reality was sinking into the clone's mind, despite his high hopes. He couldn't escape the truth, no matter how hard he denied it. But then he thought of Li. How would he explain this to her?


The clone Crane began to grow worrisome. He desperately tried to think of a way to keep the truth from her. He looked at his fellow clone. "Please! Don't tell her who I am. Just a little longer," he begged.

"I've gone through enough already, long beak! And I'm going to be the top clone in Tidao's eyes." Athina said coldly. She looked behind her as the crane made a sharp turn down the path. The crane's body pulled back and Li spread her wings. She brought them together, sending a sonic boom to the clone Athina's direction. The clone was sent feet away and slammed into the icy walls.

Li looked at Crane and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, b-but we need to move! Now!" Crane said hastily, spreading his wings to prevent her from moving forward. Li still tried to see over his extended wings.

"Crane? What's with you? You're acting strange."

Crane could hear the clone moan. She would be getting up soon. "We...we need to go back to the others quickly! She called for back-up!" he lied to the fellow black-necked crane.

Li listened to him this time; even though she was still suspicious of his behavior. The clone Athina groaned again, struggling to get up after that hard blow to the wall. She watched while gritting her teeth as the false Crane and Li Sun ran back to their friends. She was about to use her anger as fuel to give her enough strength to get back up. Instead, she thought of another idea. She would tell Tidao of the clone Crane's betrayal. That would result in having-not only the Kung Fu Masters' being hunted down-but the Copy of the Original Crane as well.


Date: 07/02/14 10:54 AM
From: Batskee


The next chapter should be up soon. I've been busy saving stories.



Date: 06/28/14 8:11 PM
From: Batskee


Well, I'm pretty sure most people have been. We're still wondering whether our accounts will be transferred over. They think they will, but they haven't given absolute confirmation.

Silvermist: *reading over message over shoulder* 'Absolute confirmation'? What about just saying, 'but they haven't given an o-k'?
Me: Because I felt like saying/typing it...
Silvermist: Speak regular English, Batskee. Don't go all...that.

If they don't transfer over...I wonder what I'll call myself then. I wonder we'll all have as our usernames!
I've gotten so used to Batskee...


Date: 06/26/14 8:34 AM
From: crlefan44

thanks for the clue. now i'm going there and GIVING THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND!!! *runs off*

Date: 06/22/14 8:15 PM
From: Batskee


Calm down. It's already been decided. If you go on the Blab Boards, they'll be a post called: SNEAK PEEK: The New and Kids' Choice Sports!

It's also on the Role-Playing board. I don't know where else. But those two, I'm positive. You might have to flip through some of the older posts, but it's there. I checked!



Date: 06/22/14 12:36 PM
From: crlefan44

WHAT??!! that;s insane!! where did they say that? im going to go over there and give them a piece of my mind!!

Date: 06/19/14 10:11 PM
From: Batskee


They say there's going to be a new Message Boards soon. Everything will be updated...and all of our stories/fanfictions deleted. Yep. The Mods have told us (On a different Board) to copy & paste our stories so we can repost them when the new changes are made!

So make sure, if you have a story, whether it's on this board or another one, to save it!

Gosh. I've got a lot to save...


Date: 06/17/14 10:18 PM
From: crlefan44

next chapter.

Date: 06/15/14 9:21 PM
From: syrup240

Oh, and HEY BLUEWIRE! Long time no see! Or...long time no type!

Date: 06/15/14 9:20 PM
From: syrup240

Amazing chapter, Batskee! As always! I'm so awed by how much you keep improving each time I look back on the boards! I'm so happy you're still continuing the story!!! I can't wait to (hopefully) catch up and read the next chapters. I'm with you till the end!

Syrup240 ;D


Date: 06/13/14 12:48 AM
From: ultozach23

Great post Batskee! Here are my answers:

Large and Powerful
Strong Kung Fu
Cyclone Claw Strike
Razor Sharp Claws and exceptional Kung Fu
Tigress,Fighting, and Victory!
Evil,Defeat, and Stupidity
Blazeclaw went to an exclusive Kung Fu School and was trained by one of Shifu's greatest enemies, Master Junjie! When Blazeclaw found out the truth about Master Junjie, a giant brawl began that left them both with cuts, bruises, and scars for life! Blazeclaw barely escaped with his own life. He now fights solo, occasionally joining the Furious Five and Po to fight for truth,justice,and freedom!
He is a serious fighter and never blinks in the eye of danger!


Date: 06/11/14 8:51 PM
From: jumpinlove

... keep going Batskee!



Date: 06/04/14 3:01 PM
From: bluewire

(. .)
my paws are HUGE!
because yeah <.< >.

Date: 06/03/14 3:21 PM
From: Batskee


Okay. And thank you!


Alright...let's see if this is good.


They were as quick as lightning; the bandits only seeing mere blurs as the door swung open. They were thrown back into the ice walls and slammed face-down to the floors. Some were even given a high-kick to the ceiling.

A snow leopard looked up after being given a merciless beating from 'the blurs'. As the bandit began to look up, he saw all of the other fellow bandits were knocked out.

Flora stood tall before the bandit; glaring down with her red eyes. The bandit then let himself fall unconscious. The red and white furred fox looked over at her friends who had just finished defeating their opponents.

The clone Athina clapped slowly as she looked at them with a flat expression. "Bravo," she said slowly and sarcastically. You're all so fearless. All of you, facing six bandits." She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips.

Li whacked the back of clone Athina's head and faced her friends. The black-necked crane gave them a smile and said, "Good job guys."

The South Chinese Tiger began examining the room, now that the fight was over. The clear, frozen floor was now scratched up, with a few cracks here and there. Then he saw a few little baskets in the far corner of the room. He quickly ran to them. His stomach growled loudly for even the smallest bit of food.

As he flipped open one side of the picnic basket, he saw only one sandwich. He began searching through the others. They had even less. Half an orange. One dumpling. The bottom of a basket, stained with what seemed to look and smell like teriyaki sauce. Leon's stomach still roared for food, despite the slim findings.

He looked over his shoulder to find his friends looking at him excitedly. Their expressions were so optimistic and merry. They were all excited and anxious for some food. He was as well, until he saw what they had to choose from. These few things wouldn't be enough for them. They were starving. Before they knew it, they wouldn't have the strength to fight and search for their friends. Going against the mastermind behind this plot wouldn't even be an option.

Skylar dashed over to Leon who stood up as she approached him. "So? Let's dig in!"

Leon looked back at what they had. "There's not enough to fill us," he told her.

Skylar's gleeful attitude was washed away. Skylar's blue eyes, alive and vibrant, turned somber. "Well, there's enough to hold us until we find more, right?"

Leon was silent. "I'm afraid not," he admitted. He gestured toward the baskets so she could see what they had to chose from.

The others began to follow to see what was wrong; all except Li Sun, Crane, and the clone Athina.

"Do you really think I look beautiful?" Li asked Crane.

The black-necked crane gently caressed her face and beak with his wing, "Beautiful is simply an understatement. You're much more than beautiful, Li."

Li blushed at his complement. The clone cheetah moaned and stated, "Pathetic!"

"Quiet," Li told her sharply. "And if you wanna talk about pathetic," she began with her brown eyes narrowed, but Crane put his wings on her shoulders and told her to relax.

"She's not worth it."

"Hey guys!" Li, Crane, and the clone looked at Han Kai. "Come over here so we can split up the food."

"Alright! Let's eat!" Crane said happily. He placed his wing over Li's shoulder as they began walking towards the group. He stopped in his tracks as he remembered the cheetah. When he turned back to get her, she was already out the door.

"I'll help you," Li told him, but was surprised by his response.

"No. Stay here. I...I don't want you to get hurt," he said in a rush. He instantly flew out the door and after clone Athina.

She stood there confused. Crane knew that she could defend herself. She was the guardian of her grandfather's village, not to mention that her grandfather was Master Stork, and she had Samurai skills and did Kung Fu. She wouldn't be the one getting hurt. Li disobeyed Crane's orders and followed them. She wasn't going to let her Crane go after the clone by himself.


Date: 06/03/14 11:38 AM
From: Batskee

Grr...didn't show up. Let's try this again


[NOTE FROM NICKPhilly] Your writing is Fantastic but a little too graphic for NICK. Please edit and try again.
Thanks. :)


Date: 05/18/14 6:45 PM
From: crlefan44

nice to meet you Anna.

Date: 05/13/14 10:24 PM
From: minetigr20

Me: I would like you all to meet my new main character, Anna.
Anna: H-h-hi g-g-g-g-guys..

~:Minecraft Tigress:~
Check out, A Silver Wolf In The Valley Of Peace.


Date: 05/09/14 10:45 PM
From: pinky8888

Name: Dawn
Age: 11
Gender: Girl
Species: Tiger
Appearance: A light gray tiger with medium-colored gray spots, along with dark blue eyes
Fighting Style: She uses her claws for almost anything
Special Moves: She can pounce on her opponent and pin them to the ground
Powers: She has the power of the peach tree, as she was born under it
Likes: Learning, nature, mystery and love books
Dislikes: Arguments, fights, bad people
Background Story: Was born in the Jade Palace under the peach tree, was treated with much love and care
Extra: Is Po's and Tigress's daughter (They got married)
Hope I can join! :)

Date: 05/09/14 7:46 PM
From: crlefan44