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#~# Ruby and the Babysitter #~#

Date: 12/30/12 9:25 PM
From: Batskee

Heh, I couldn't help myself! I was originally going to wait on posting this, but like I just said, I just couldn't help it.
Now, back to the story. Here's the prologue:

Prologue: Ruby Xiaolin is a mischievous red fox who's at home with a new babysitter while her parents and brother are away. The babysitter has no idea what Ruby is like, but soon finds out when she arrives.

I'll post the first chapter when this posts!

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Date: 03/30/14 9:06 PM
From: crlefan44

please continue : )

Date: 03/27/14 11:01 PM
From: turtleian

me whoa



Date: 03/27/14 7:52 PM
From: crlefan44


Me- thanks. i thought you would like that little bit i did. oh and if you want to know want happened to Hiei *turns computer to show Hiei hogtied on the table with an apple in his mouth then Rafiki shooting the apple with her bow and arrow*
Me- after that she will lock him in his cage for about a week and in between do all these other tortures i don't know about. poor Hiei
Rafiki- he deserves it. setting his tail on fire and this is just the beginning of his punishment.
Hiei- *can't speak because of silent spell**mouths* help me!



Date: 03/27/14 3:13 PM
From: Batskee


Hahaha! Hiei: I did want revenge but not by burning 'the girl on fire'.

Silvermist: Ooh! Good choice. Especially in that position.
Ruby: What position? A running position? Sprinting position?
Zenghui: I don't really see a difference with those two.
Ruby: Running is what we do! Sprinting is for what older people do. Like Silvermist!
Silvermist: Hey!
Ruby: She's an adult. I'm not an adult yet and neither are you. But you are pushing the limit to the sprinting zone, Zengy-boy!
Zenghui: *rolls eyes* You're insane.
Ruby: What was your first clue?



Date: 03/24/14 9:06 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- *takes present* oh thank you Silvermist. anything i wish for huh. hmm let's see...
Hiei- CRLEFAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Me- *sigh* what?
Hiei-*runs into the room and his tail is on fire* GET ME A BUCKET OF WATER!!!!
Rafiki- *runs in* he burned all my Huger Games posters
Hiei- it was an accident!
Rafiki- right you just wanted revenge on me for dying your fur hot pink.
Hiei- i did want revenge but not by burning "the girl on fire'.
Rafiki- and you expect me to believe that...
*both stop talking because something just sprayed them with water*
Me- *holding a hose* that solve your problem?
Rafiki- why you little..*chases me*
Me- *grabs present* ok i wish for a cloak that would make me invisible. *opens box, put cloak on, turns invisible*
Rafiki- HEY NO FAIR!!!

Hiei- *sneaks into Rafiki's room, looks at one unburned poster* oops i missed one *burns last poster* heheh that for hot pink Hiei. *turns to leave*
Rafiki- *in the doorway* >:( >:( >:(
Hiei- 0_0 oh no


Date: 03/23/14 3:00 PM
From: Batskee


Thank you. I'm relieved your not mad, but still. I'm so sorry.

Silvermist: Ooh, Jared and June did that 'couples arguing' act before!
Travis: That wasn't an act...
Silvermist: Oh....but it was funny to watch!
Travis: *sighs* Don't you have something to say?
Silvermist: Oh yes! *takes present and hands it to you* Happy Birthday!
Travis: It's one of those mystery presents. Just wish for whatever you'd like, and its yours.
Silvermist: Set her tail on fire? *rubs tail* Ouch...
Ruby: Have I ever had my tail lit on fire, Zeng?
Zenghui: No, but I have. *glares at her*
Ruby: Hey! That was an accident and you know it.
Zenghui: I told you not to shoot fire arrows during practice, but you wouldn't listen.
Ruby: You never know if someone will challenge me with a wooden shield! All I have to do is use a fire arrow and then use some of my Kung Fu moves!
Zenghui: Yes, Ruby, because all the bandits are carrying wooden shields instead of metal ones. They're 'all the rage'.
Ruby: Don't knock'em until ya try'em!

-Later that evening-

Me: Um, guys? Do you know why a bunch of wooden shields are in a box outside with a sign that says: For Bandits and Evil-doers?
Zenghui: RUBY!!!
Ruby: *in her room, carving more shields* 0_0 *thinking* Busted.



Date: 03/22/14 8:50 PM
From: crlefan44


Me- oh you don't have to apologize. not everyone could've be online yesterday. not to mention i posted that at 8:45 at night. anyway great chapter. and i had a fun birthday. it was normal at my real house but as soon as a walked through the door of my characters' house it got crazy. there was a mountain of presents, a HUGE cake, a Po pinnate, etc. then Hiei and Azora did a skit of a couple having a argument (which Rafiki tricked them into doing)
Rafiki- >:)
Me- but got cut short when Azora electrocuted Hiei.
Azora- it made sense if we were having a argument.
Hiei- says who
Azora- says me
Me- WILL YOU LET ME FINISH!! so after we got Hiei walking without falling again we had cake, opened presents and finished the night with watching Azora's tantrum after Rafiki "accidentally" burned her tail. which i think was the best part.
Azora- >:(

Me- at least me and Rafiki had fun


Date: 03/22/14 4:20 PM
From: Batskee

Chapter 17: The Boat
Part 1

Ruby waited silently around the corner of a small home. The only light she had was the setting sun and the people's lanterns. Her ears straight up, waiting for a sound. Earlier, she had been banging on the doors to the council's building.

Now, her green eyes watched as the residents in this town passed by as they usually did. They were completely unaware of her. That's exactly how I want it, she thought to herself.

The two reasons she stopped is because she was getting tired of banging on the doors and that she thought she had heard Cheren coming her way. She just hoped Cheren was far from her.

Her left ear twitched. She quickly looked to her left with a cold glare on her face. She relaxed once she saw it was a goose with a little one on his back. She took a small step back, continuing to hide in the shadows.

Ruby needed to figure out a way to get to the place Zenghui and their parents stayed in. She tried to remember the name of the building. She didn't recall the name, but she did remember that it was close to the council's building.

She had a small picture of the little hotel she had dashed past earlier. Maybe they stayed there, she thought to herself.

Ruby began to come out of the shadows. She needed to act casual. She kept in mind that she shouldn't be noticed very much. Ruby walked towards the area and saw the little building up ahead.

She looked around. Drawing attention was the last thing she wanted. Ruby tried to keep looking nonchalant when going through the crowds. It was just a small glance and then they continued on their way. She continued to go down the sidewalks and approached the hotel. She heard something. It sounded like growling.

She quickly glanced over her shoulder and saw that it was Cheren. He was storming through the streets, tipping over carts, and pushing people out of his way. She quickly went inside the small building and closed the door behind her.

A female sheep swept the floors and stopped once she spotted the red fox. "Oh hello," she said in a sweet voice.

"Hello, is my family here? They go under the name Mr. and Mrs. Xiaolin. They even have a son named Zenghui," Ruby explained.

The sheep placed the small broom against the wall and said, "I'm sorry, sweetie. But they left awhile ago. They left in such a rush too."

Ruby moaned in frustration. She had come so close to finding her brother and parents. She looked around and found the sign-in desk. She slammed her fist on it and growled, "I can't believe it!"

The sheep saw that her desk now had a crack in it. "Please, ma'am. Calm down," she said, still in a sweet and calm voice.

Ruby began to have a meltdown. "I don't want to calm down! I shouldn't calm down! I deserve to lose my temper for once," she yelled.

The sheep saw the crocodile, continuing down the streets, pushing everyone and everything in his path. He had stopped after hearing someone yelling. He looked over by the hotel.

She covered Ruby's mouth and pulled her aside. She ducked down behind the desk and waited. Ruby started to calm down as they both hoped the crocodile would, for some reason, pass by the hotel.

Cheren stomped across the street, his fists as tight they could be. Bunnies, pigs, and geese ran away from the bandit as he walked by them. Cheren stared at the bamboo door and raised his fist. He was about to punch down the door when he heard someone move in the alley. He smirked. "Come out young one," he said walking towards the alley.

Ruby and the sheep sighed in relief. "I'm sorry," Ruby apologized. "It's been a long day."

"It's alright young one," the sheep replied, getting up and beginning to sweep the floors again. "But why are you here?"

"I'm looking for my brother and parents. That croc bandit out there, Cheren, is looking for me. He's trying to hold me ransom so he can get his claws on my family," Ruby explained.

The sheep was surprised by this. "Oh my. You have had a rough time. How long has this been going on?"

Ruby looked down for a moment, trying to think of the entire amount of days she had been at this. Minus the days where she was with Valerie, Josie, and Peter. She just shook her head and said, "I don't know."

"Why don't you rest here?" the sheep suggested, gesturing to the dark hallway behind her. "This is a hotel after all."

Ruby bowed to the sheep palm-to-fist style and thanked her. "I deeply appreciate this. But I have to leave quickly. I can't stay in one place very long," she explained.

The sheep nodded. "I suppose I understand."

Ruby watched the sheep as she went out into the hall and came back out with a piping cup of tea. "Relax yourself, child. You need it," she told her.

Ruby thanked her again. She sat down on a small and wobbly chair and drank her tea, taking little sips at a time.


Date: 03/22/14 3:35 PM
From: Batskee


I am SO sorry!

:::~+/*Happy (Belated) Birthday!*\+~:::

....I sincerely apologize for not saying Happy Birthday to you yesterday. I hope you can forgive me...

I'll load the chapter up in a few seconds.

How was your birthday?



Date: 03/21/14 8:46 PM
From: crlefan44


Me- *walking down the street to my house* thank you. it's good to hear that the next chapter will be ready soon. that is the best birthday present EVER *with some exceptions* speaking of present. my family gave my lots of great ones and a really good chocolate cake. but that was at my real world house. let's see what's going on at my KFP universe house.
*i open the door, then get pelted with confetti, balloons and about 1 gagillion noise makers*

All my characters- SURPRISE!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRLEFAN!!!!!!!!!!!! *Rafiki blows a horn in my ear*

Me- and this is just part of the party.

who's having a really LOUD birthday party


Date: 03/20/14 9:18 PM
From: Batskee


It is?!?! That's so cool!

I'll say Happy Birthday tomorrow for ya!


Of course I have! My favorite is Marceline. I don't watch it all the time, but I've seen some episodes with her in it.


Don't worry. I will. Thanks for the encouragement! :)



Date: 03/20/14 6:18 PM
From: Bluewire

havent you heard of "ADVENTURE TIME"??
lemon grab says that when pricess bubble gum tried to teach him how to rule her subjects.

Date: 03/20/14 11:51 AM
From: crlefan44

potato. patato.
tomato. tamato.

it's happy day.
happy happy day.
tomarrow is my happy day because it's ...... MY BIRTHDAY!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!

Date: 03/18/14 8:17 PM
From: Batskee


0_0 ?! Me? Oven? POTATO?? *cough* Ermmm...nevermind.


*Phew* Seems like I'm almost caught up with what I've written beforehand. I still haven't worked beyond Chapter 17 though. You should all expect something soon.



Date: 03/17/14 3:01 PM
From: bluewire

le SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mmmmmmmmmput you in my oven!
-lemon grab

Date: 03/13/14 1:19 AM
From: puj3211

you must make MORREEE!!!



Date: 03/11/14 3:30 PM
From: bluewire


Date: 03/05/14 2:16 PM
From: bluewire

priest in a long snow white silk robe walks up to a podium.
Priest: we are all gathered here today-
Me: didnt you hear them!? there is not going to be a funeral!
*readies bible to be thrown
is it disrespectful to throw a bible?

Date: 03/01/14 6:09 PM
From: crlefan44

Stop the funeral!!!

Date: 02/18/14 8:13 PM
From: crlefan44

Me-no no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO!!!!! no funeral yet. this story will not die as long as i'm here!!
*funeral bells*
Me- -_- did anyone here what i just said. NO FUNERAL!!
*a coffin is taken out of a trunk*
Me-OH COME ON!! you can't put a online story in a coffin.
*sees a computer crying*.... *facepaws*