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Date: 12/30/12 9:25 PM
From: Batskee

Heh, I couldn't help myself! I was originally going to wait on posting this, but like I just said, I just couldn't help it.
Now, back to the story. Here's the prologue:

Prologue: Ruby Xiaolin is a mischievous red fox who's at home with a new babysitter while her parents and brother are away. The babysitter has no idea what Ruby is like, but soon finds out when she arrives.

I'll post the first chapter when this posts!

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Date: 01/28/14 10:24 AM
From: BAmeliaVee

This story is amazing! keep up the good work,Batskee!

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From: crlefan44

Me- *holding an icepack to my head.* it's ok I'm fine. I just got overwhelmed by all the brand new AWSOME chapters. but i'm ok now.
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Date: 01/17/14 9:48 PM
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Yep! That should keep your hunger for chapters satisfied for a bit, until I've written ahead in my story.

Me: Oh wow! She fainted! We've gotta help her!
Silvermist: Yeah! Defini-*sees ice cream truck* ICE CREAM!!!


Oh yes. Well, actually, I have already written a few chapters ahead since the beginning and I've been copying and pasting them here. It's been such a long while since I've done anything with my other chapters.

Good luck with your own stories!



Date: 01/15/14 9:17 PM
From: crlefan44

Rafiki- -_- that's not what i said.

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From: bluewire

wow! well look at this! you've been busy haven't you?
gota start writing as well!

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From: crlefan44

Me- 0_0 four chapters? *faints but no one catches me*
Rafiki-*looks down at me* i think she's passed out
Hiei- *facepalm*

Date: 01/11/14 7:36 PM
From: Batskee

Oh, why not four?


Chapter 16: Looking for Ruby
Part 2...?

Zenghui stood at the top of the stairs, looking at Peter who was in his room. "Peter," Zenghui began. But before he could continue any further, Peter was pulled back into the room.

"Josie! Come on!" Peter argued. He pulled her back over and pushed her out of the room. She just looked at the metal-gray fox nervously. His coal black eyes looking at her somewhat intently.

"Why did you go into my room?" he asked plainly.

Josie looked away. She didn't know exactly how to tell him. She was silent for a few moments, but then she blurted out, "I put a hole through your window!"

Zenghui's eyes widened only slightly. "You went in my room to put a hole through my window?" He joked slightly about how she didn't directly answer his question.

"No! It was an accident. I was bored so I just decided to try out archery and I missed the target I made. That's all. I promise," Josie said to Zenghui. Zenghui looked down at the tiger who was on her knees, looking up at him, and seemed to be begging for forgiveness.

"It's...okay," he said. He looked over at his room. "Just please don't do it again, alright?"

Josie nodded and got up on her feet. "Yes. I promise," she said hugging him.

Josie let go after a few seconds and then looked at Peter. She then swatted his shoulder. "Ow! What was that for?" he asked, rubbing his arm.

"Why'd you leave me here alone?" she asked, crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

Peter sighed, but smiled. "I'll explain it to you a little later," Peter replied. "Right now, I'm going to help Mrs. Xiaolin fix up dinner." He didn't want Mrs. Xiaolin to find a trap that Ruby had set up.

Zenghui gently grabbed Peter's arm and whispered, "Don't worry. I handled them all."

Peter just looked at Zenghui in shock. How did he do it so quickly? Peter just kept walking and then Zenghui remembered something. "Wait, Peter!"

But it was too late. Peter stepped on the tenth step and he slipped. He tumbled down the steps and felt dizzy after he stopped rolling. He rubbed his head and muttered, "Ouch."

"Sorry, Peter. I forgot about that one," Zenghui said. The fox smiled sheepishly and Peter facepalmed. Peter was just glad that the trap he had just encountered, would be the last one...for now.


Date: 01/11/14 7:34 PM
From: Batskee

The third!


Chapter 16: Looking for Ruby
Part 2

Valerie was a little taken back by what he had said. She wanted her to come with him? She hadn't ever been invited to go with someone...ever. Even in a game. She was usually left alone, because everyone thought she was going to hold them back.

Valerie stopped thinking about her past and nodded. "Of course I will."

"Marigold and I will search more around Gongmen City," Shandian said.

"Peter, how about you and I ask some of China's prisons about this croc bandit? They might know something," Miles suggested.

Peter didn't find going to China's jails appealing, but if it meant finding Ruby, he would try. "Sure," he said.

Shandian grabbed the map and folded it neatly. He then looked at the group who seemed to be ready to go off and search for their red friend. "Let's begin at dawn. We all need a good rest to be ready for a long search tomorrow."

They all nodded. "You can all stay in our home," said Marigold as she began to walk.

"Thank you, Mrs. Xiaolin, but I'm afraid I must turn down your offer. I need to return to my home and tell my parents what's going on. Otherwise, they'll be extremely worried," Miles explained, bowing Palm-to-Fist style.

Marigold nodded and said, "I understand, Miles. No need to worry. We'll see you tomorrow, first thing in the morning."

Miles smiled and replied, "Yes ma'am." And with that, he walked towards his home.

As they walked down the dirt path towards Mr. and Mrs. Xiaolin's home, Peter realized that he had left Josie by herself. The snow leopard stopped in his tracks at the thought. The others looked at him curiously. "What's wrong?" asked Zenghui.

He looked at the metal-gray fox and said, "We left Josie by herself."

Zenghui was silent for a moment. He didn't know much about Josie, except that she had accidently told everyone that Ruby had a crush on Miles. He then just said, "I suppose you better hurry and see if your friend is in trouble."

Peter nodded and dashed off ahead. The snow leopard stopped and panted as he approached the large home. He saw the lights were still on and he opened the doors. "Josie?" he called out for his friend.

There was no reply. He was beginning to get a little nervous, until he heard someone shout, "Haha!"

"Josie?" Peter called out again, climbing up the staircase to the second floor.

Peter cocked his head slightly. Who exactly was she fighting with? He crept over to the two rooms. To the left, was Ruby's room. And to his left, was Zenghui's room. Josie's voice came from Zenghui's room. He noticed the note that told Ruby to stay out of his room and wondered if Zenghui would be upset if he found out that Josie had been in there.

Peter grabbed the door and opened it a little. The door creaked slightly, but it was barely noticeable. He peered through the slight opening and saw Josie, completely unharmed.

Josie was messing around in Zenghui's room. She wielded an item in her paws. It was a bow and arrow. She drew back the arrow and fired it at the target she had set up. A small clump of grass with a sheet of paper that had a target-like design drawn on it.

But she completely misssed the target and went straight through the window. Peter's eyes were wide after seeing that. "Josie!" he yelled.

Josie was startled and dropped the wooden bow on the ground. She saw the snow leopard, his mouth open, his eyes wide, and he was absolutely shocked at her for doing such a thing. "I'm sorry, Peter!"

"Try telling that to Zenghui," Peter told her coming into the room.

It was a nice and relaxing room. The wooden floors had a shine to them, the bed looked comfortable, and Zenghui had shelves to hold his possessions. He mostly had weapons like daggers, bows and arrows, nunchucks, and some other things.

But Peter's attention was still fixated on the hole in Zenghui's window. Peter heard Zenghui and his family come in their home. "You have a lot of explaining to do," said Peter to the South Chinese Tiger.

Josie just shook her head no and shivered. "Ruby is bad enough, Peter. I don't want to mess with the fox who outsmarts Ruby," she told him, still shivering.

"C'mon, you have to tell him sometime," Peter insisted, grabbing her paw and bringing her to the door.


Date: 01/11/14 7:31 PM
From: Batskee

The second promised chapter/part for you all.


Chapter 16: Looking for Ruby
Part 1

Valerie yawned. She was getting tired. They had been looking for three hours. She was getting really hungry as well.

Miles held up the Chinese lantern and kept searching for their friend. He didn't seem tired or hungry. He looked over at Valerie who yawned for the tenth time that half-an-hour. "Would you like to rest for the night and continue our search in the morning?"

Valerie shook her head no. "I'm alright. Let's keep looking," she said.

Miles looked at her for a few seconds and then continued on. The fox paused and his ears twitched. Valerie looked at him curiously, "Miles? What's wrong?"

Miles quickly turned around. "We're not alone," he said. He handed the lantern to the snow leopard and he got his staff ready. He waited patiently for another sound.

His left ear pointed up and his eyes looked over to his left. He couldn't exactly see the shadow in the dark forest, but he could hear it. He pointed his staff at the shadowy figure, "Show yourself."

Valerie shivered slightly, wondering what would happen. But then, Miles relaxed as he saw the figure step forward. It was Zenghui. "Miles, have you seen Ruby?" asked Zenghui.

"Zenghui!" Valerie said in relief. She ran over to the metal-gray fox and hugged him.

"It's good to see you too, Valerie. But I still need to find my sister," Zenghui said, giving her a hug back.

"I know, that's who we're looking for," she told him.

Zenghui looked over at Miles. "Did you find anything? One of her arrows, the croc bandit's weapon, anything?"

Miles shook his head no. "I'm afraid not, Zenghui. No traces of the bandit or Ruby."

Zenghui sighed. "Where could she be?"

"I should've known that croc wasn't Miles," Valerie said, crossing her arms and looking away.

Zenghui put his paw on her shoulder and said, "Valerie, you were only trying to be helpful to Ruby. You had no idea it wasn't him."

Valerie just looked down. "But still," she began, but Zenghui interrupted her.

"Valerie, we could continue this blame game all day, but that won't help us at all," he said firmly.

"But it is my fault! I should've questioned him or something! I should've followed them or maybe turned him down," Valerie said starting to have a meltdown. Her green eyes began to look watery.

Zenghui just said sternly, "Listen to me!" Valerie looked up at the metal-gray fox who seemed very serious. "You want to play the blame game? Fine. Blame me. I could've turned down going to that meeting and stayed home with my sister so none of this would've happened."

Valerie wiped away a tear that started running down her face. Zenghui continued on, "But I didn't. And there's nothing we can do about it. We just have to keep looking for Ruby."

Valerie nodded. She started to feel a little better. Not a lot, but just a little. She took a deep breath in and exhaled. "Where should we look first?"

"We should ask around town," said Shandian, joining the group with his wife.

"That's a good idea. They might've seen her," Miles agreed.

"We should hurry. It's getting very late and she could be in grave danger," Ruby and Zenghui's mother, Marigold, said nervously.

"Then we shouldn't waste any time," Shandian said. "Let's go."

And with that, they set off for the city. They asked everyone in the city, from the people running the fruit stands, to the little kids playing in front of the homes they lived in. No one saw Ruby or a croc bandit go by that day.

They all met at the outskirts of the city. "Nothing?" asked Peter.

They all shook their heads no. "Oh, my little girl is lost," Marigold said sadly.

"It's alright, Mother. Ruby is probably just fine. I think she's already outsmarted that old crocodile," Zenghui said to his mother.

Marigold just tried to calm herself down. "I suppose so," she said in a quiet voice.

Valerie looked at Zenghui. He looked down. He had some doubts himself. He just hoped that what he had just said, was true. And that she wasn't in any serious trouble.

"Maybe we should split up?" Valerie suggested.

They all looked at her. "That might be a good idea," Miles agreed with her.

"Alright then," said Shandian. He bent down to the dirt ground and rolled out a map. "Choose where each of you would like to go to."

They all looked at the map of China. She could be anywhere. They hadn't the slightest idea of where she could be. But then Zenghui got an idea. "I have a good feeling that Ruby might be in the city where we just were. I got lost in the bamboo forest and I was kidnapped there by the croc and an ox bandit. They have a small hideout in the bamboo forest. I think I know where it is."

"Then you should go there since you know where it is," said Valerie.

Zenghui was silent. "I think you should come with me Valerie."


Date: 01/11/14 7:28 PM
From: Batskee


I'm BaaAAAAaaack! I liked your little Christmas song you sang for me. I really appreciate it (plus you wanting to keep reading this). Anyway, the long awaited chapter/part!


Why, thank you! Just for the nice things you and Crlefan44 have been doing, I'm going to give you, not one, not two, but three posts worth of chapters!


Chapter 15: The Search
Part 3

Meanwhile, just outside Miles' home, Zenghui and his parents ran down the streets towards their home. "Pick up the pace, sweetie," Mrs. Xiaolin said to Zenghui.

For once, he couldn't keep up. Zenghui had barely ever ran with his parents.

Zenghui tried to run faster to keep up with his mother. His father, however was far ahead. They soon reached the mansion.

They reached the door and Zenghui's father swung the door open in a rush. He looked around for anyone who might look supicious.

He saw Peter and rushed at him. Zenghui quickly called out, "Wait Father, he's a friend of Valerie!"

The metal-gray fox stopped. Peter looked at them curiously. "Zenghui, are these your parents?"

Zenghui nodded. "Is Ruby okay?"

"Yes, she's with Miles. Valerie just went out to get her back for dinner," Peter explained.

Mrs. Xiaolin sighed in relief. "Shandian," she said to her mate. "I'm going to bring Ruby home immediately."

"Good idea," he said. "That crocodile may not have gotten here yet."

"Wait," said Peter.

They all looked at the snow leopard. "What is it?" asked Shandian.

"A crocodile?" asked Peter. He began to worry when he heard this.

"Yes," Zenghui said. "He had green scales, black eyes, metal armor, and was looking for Ruby."

"I think I know what might've happened to Ruby," said Peter.

Mrs. Xiaolin looked at him worriedly. "What's happened to our little Ruby?"

"Well, this crocodile came to the door and said he was Miles and Ruby might've gone off with him. I don't know. I was doing laundry when Valerie opened the door," said Peter.

"Valerie," said Zenghui. "Where is she?"

"She went to look for Ruby and Miles," Peter explained.

Shandian then turned to his family. "We're going to look for Ruby," he said. He looked at the snow leopard. "Will you come with us?"

"Of course," said Peter.

Zenghui went to the drawers. "Grab a lantern. It's getting dark out. We will need these to find Ruby and Valerie."

Peter grabbed a lantern and they lit them. They saw the lanterns glow brightly and then set out to find Ruby and Valerie.

Zenghui just hoped that they wouldn't be too late. He just couldn't imagine what would happen if they didn't make it in time.

As the group set off to find the two, Josie came down the staircase, looking down at the gameboard she held in her paws.

"Alright, Peter. I got the game. But I think it's missing a piece. Do you think Zenghui will get mad once I tell him I went into his room?"

The South Chinese Tiger paused once she looked up from the Chinese Checkers box. She blinked. She saw that she was all alone in the big mansion. "Peter?"


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this shall stay on the front page!
~its been fun but now i got to go,
life is way too short to take it slow. . .

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come back

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Chapter 15:
The Search
Part 2

The snow leopard went off into the city and looked around the streets. People passed by in a rush and some took their time to enjoy the shops and say hello to friends and family.

Valerie looked around and saw a messenger goose. She tapped his shoulder and he turned around. "Yes, may I help you?" he asked.

"Hello, I was just wondering if you knew where a boy named Miles lives?" asked Valerie.

The goose said in a dull tone, "There are many 'Miles' in the world, miss. Can you please describe the one you're talking about?"

"Well, he has green scales, black eyes, he wears metal armor, and he has sharp teeth," Valerie said trying to remember more about the crocodile.

The goose just blinked and said in his dull tone, "I'm sorry miss, but I don't recall a crocodile named Miles in this area."

"But that's impossible. He came to my house saying that he wanted to see someone," Valerie said starting to pace back and forth.

"Well that must've been someone else, because the only 'Miles' I know in this city is a fox with jet black fur, metal-gray eyes, and some white fur by the tip of his tail."

Valerie facepalmed herself and moaned, "What have I done?"

"Is there anything else I can help you with, miss?" he asked in the same dreary tone.

Valerie just glared at the goose who didn't seem to have a care. "Yes, you can change that attitude before I swat you!"

The goose just took a step back with wide eyes. He swallowed hard, "Sorry."

"It's alright. I'm sorry for snapping at you. It's just that Ruby is probably really mad at me right now," Valerie began, but the goose interrupted her.

He seemed to shake while asking, "Did you say Ruby?"

Valerie nodded. "Yes, Ruby Xiaolin. Why?"

The goose panicked. "Oh my! You better run! Hide somewhere safe until she's cooled off," he said frantically.

Valerie stopped the panicking goose and said, "Relax. I will survive through her temper."

Then a voice in her mind said, Hopefully, you'll survive through her temper.

Valerie then returned her focus back on the issue. "Where is the Miles you just told me about? Where does he live?"

"He lives a couple blocks away from Gongmen City. He helps his family with the rice farm," said the goose.

"Thank you," said Valerie.

The snow leopard ran out of the city and tried to look for Miles' house.

She spotted a rice field a little way ahead. She got a little too excited and ran across the rice field.

She spotted a black fox with white fur at the tip of its tail. The fox looked at her wondering why she was running through the fields.

"You're ruining our rice fields," he said plainly to the snow leopard.

"Have you seen Ruby?" Valerie called out, completely oblivious to what she had done.

Then she noticed that the fox was giving her a look. She looked down and saw what she had done.

She tried to go back, but when she began to go back, she started to mess it up even more.

Something grabbed her arm. "I'll help you," the fox said.

The fox led her out of the rice fields and she looked at him. He had a gray vest on with black pants. He had a hat similar to the hat Crane wore and saw that he held in his paw, a bo staff.

Miles looked at her and asked, "What is this about Ruby?"

"Well you see, Ruby was worried that you were mad at her for that article in the newspaper and she was mad at me and my friends so we tried to cheer her up, and then a crocodile came and said he was you but he wasn't really you," Valerie blurted out in a rush.

Miles stopped her before she went on. "You thought I was a crocodile?"

"I've never seen you before," Valerie said.

Miles nodded. "So, apparently Ruby has gone off with a crocodile whom you thought was me?"

Valerie nodded. "I have no idea where she is and I was going to ask if you knew where she was."

Miles crossed his arms and thought for a moment. His metal-gray eyes looked at the snow leopard and said, "I don't know where Ruby is, but I will help you look for her if you'd like."

"Thank you so much," Valerie said with relief.

Miles looked up at the sky. The sky was now a beautiful pink-orange. The sun was setting. "We better start looking. I'll go and get a lantern so we can search when it gets dark."

Valerie nodded. She followed Miles to his home to get the lantern for the search.

I'm so sorry for getting behind on my story/stories. I'll try my best to keep up.


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please post

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Yes, I've seemed to be disappearing a lot lately. Not sure if they'll be a chapter today, but that's okay.