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Kung Fu Power Drain

Date: 01/06/13 12:38 PM
From: Tigress714

hi everyone! this is my very first fanfic and i hope u will lik it! if u have any advice or ideas for new chapters that will be great. but there is one thing i need though. i need a villian and possibly hench men. if u can help me with that, that will be fantastic. of course i will pick the villain and possiby henchmen later. hope u will like it!
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Date: 10/24/14 9:30 PM
From: Batskee

*drum roll*


Date: 10/20/14 8:27 PM
From: crlefan44

boom boom pow

Date: 10/17/14 4:33 PM
From: bluewire


Date: 09/24/14 4:00 PM
From: crlefan44

keep it up, keep it up.

Date: 09/15/14 11:16 PM
From: Batskee

Gotta keep this up!

Date: 09/11/14 9:06 PM
From: Rtfacts

Don't wanna get these too far behind....

Date: 08/25/14 10:12 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- whoa... awesome chapter. it's hard to believe a little girl could cause all that destruction but there it is in black and white. wow.
Rafiki- school... SCHOOL!!?? please don't remind we. i was so happy when june came and we had summer, but now we have to go BACK??!!
Me- unfortunately yes. it's called summer 'vacation' for a reason.
Rafiki- UGH!!! *hits her head against the wall repeatedly*
Hiei- *just looks at her*
Rafiki- *looks at him* what are you looking at?

Date: 08/25/14 6:14 PM
From: Batskee


Haiii! It's been so long! And I had the same problem. I couldn't post, even when it said I was logged in. I still have the's very annoying. Hopefully they'll have the new message boards up soon. I believe that should make things easier to log in...hopefully...

Anyways, epic chapters! It's been so long. Great cliffhanger, too! Also, I think my heart broke when I imagined cute, lovable, and adorable Delgado...crying. That broke my heart.

I look forward to your next chapters!

Date: 08/24/14 8:45 PM
From: Rtfacts

That was one heck of an awesome cliffhanger! Soo worth the wait! Your descriptive prowess gets stronger and wider by the chapter, and this was like the cream of the crop, haha. :D Loved it!

Your fan and friend who missed you very much,


Date: 08/23/14 7:46 PM
From: tigress714

You guys have no idea how many times I tried to post. For some reason on my other computer, I'm not logged in, even though I AM logged in. It says the username on the upper page, but it doesn't post anyway. I am hoping to post more soon, because school starts soon, and I am not happy about that. Let's just see how it'll turn out.
New goal: Finish this story before 2014 ends.
So sorry for not responding, but technology has a thing against me. I'll see you all soon! Again, big thanks to all of you keeping this post up! Love you all!


Date: 08/23/14 7:41 PM
From: tigress714

Chapter 63

The kids screamed in fear. Tigress and Delgado had trouble standing up at the movement and grabbed each other's shoulders to support themselves.

The earthquake had created a crack beside the orphanage and started to grow, going past the yard to as far the field is.

The huge crack then started to separate. The kids made sure to stay in the side the orphanage was. Tigress and Delgado was stunned. They couldn't just let this happen. No, they wouldn't let it happen.

"Delgado," Tigress said, getting his attention, "we can't let Jeia do this. This is very bad. She could ruin a lot of lives...I don't think we should even consider Jeia as a friend anymore. I feel bad for her, really, but we have got to stop her, one way or another."

Delgado at first felt like it was terrible, especially since he could lose a friend, but Tigress was right. They can't let this go. "I understand, but how?"

"We have to attack. There's no other way and we're running out of time. Hurry, we run over and pin her down. Make sure to get rid of that bottle, that's what's making her this way."

Delgado nodded and without wasting another second, ran on all fours towards the angry panther. Tigress ran to get Jeia from behind by entering the orphanage's back door.

Delgado ran, pushing himself to run faster. Jeia noticed his intent and her paws glowed brighter. She shot beams of light at him, but Delgado managed to swerve out of the way. Finally, he jumped off his back legs and tackled Jeia before she could do more damage. At that moment, the shaking ground halted.

Delgado struggled to pin Jeia's shoulders to the ground. "Tigress, hurry!"

Jeia then pushed Delgado off her. She had to get more black dust. She ran over on all fours to get it, but Delgado blocked her path, his body in front of the bag as if protecting it. Delgado growled, baring his teeth at Jeia. Jeia didn't hesitate to growl and hiss back.

Jeia stood up and lifted her claws up in the air to hit the canine.

Though, Jeia found herself on the ground quickly then. Delgado was saved by Tigress pulling Jeia back and throwing her off. Tigress then pounced on her and held her down as best as she could do. "Delgado! Get the bag and find something to keep Jeia still! Rope!" Tigress shouted. Jeia struggled greatly and let out many roars.

Delgado quickly scoped up the bottle and placed it in the bag before holding the bag in his jaws. He rushed to find something to keep Jeia down.

Tigress on the other hand wasn't strong enough to hold Jeia down, especially with black magic on her side. Jeia lifted herself up with her newfound strength, as well as swiftly grabbing Tigress' neck. Jeia threw Tigress against the wall and as Tigress hit the wall, it left the mark of her body.
Suddenly, she used the magic to form a bigger set of paws made out of the flying black dust. It formed in front, each paw bigger than herself. She clenched her right paw, and the dust-made paw on her right clenched as well. It was controlled by her and her only. She was growing stronger indeed.
Jeia saw Tigress try to stand up. She knew what she wanted to try first. She used the magic-paws to clenched Tigress' entire body and lifted her in the air. She lifted her claws once more, knowing she couldn't miss this time.

"Goodbye, old friend." Jeia sneered.

Tigress tried to remove herself from the magic's grip, but it was no use. Her arms were pinned dwon alongside her body. Only her head was free. As the blow came, Tigress turned her head away and clenched her teeth.

Date: 08/23/14 7:40 PM
From: tigress714

Chapter 62

Jeia came to the door of the entrance with her backpack filled with the few possessions she had as well as the gifts given from a stranger. She intended to take a closer look once she was adopted. But as quick as her happiness came, it left when she saw the scene fold out.

Two panther adults were being pelted with garbage, such as eggs, dirt, water balloons, anything that you could find at an orphanage. The two big cats were furious at the kids and didn't want any of the sort. They immediately ran off the other direction, covered in trash.

Jeia lost her grip on her bag and let it drop on the floor. 'No, it can't be.' she thought. Jeia slowly walked down the steps to the front yard. She watched her own species, the only other panthers she had ever seen in her life, off and disappear.

The kids cheered and high-fived in joy, happy to know that their friend is still with them, but not everyone was happy. The only ones who still didn't seem to comprehend the situation was Tigress and Delgado. It didn't take long to figure it out.

Tigress and Delgado looked at everyone, seeing them celebrate, but they knew this was wrong. Delgado looked over to the steps and saw Jeia. His heart broke when he saw Jeia, for the first time, have a tear rolling down her face.

Concern jumping to him, he ran over, "Jeia!"

Tigress turned her head and also saw he friend in distress. Quickly, she ran over as well. Once she was over, Tigress put her paw on Jeia's shoulder. "Jeia..."

Jeia looked up, but she wasn't filled with sadness. She clenched her teeth and bared them, growling as low as she could. Her ears went flat against her head and her glare was the sharpest they have ever been. "What... have you... done?" She breathed out.

Tigress and Delgado looked at each other in confusion, until they realized that she was thinking they had planned this.

Delgado spoke, his ears going down in sympathy. "Jeia, you know we wouldn't do anything like this..."

Jeia yelled, "You're covered in the garbage you have thrown at them! The ones who could've adopted me! You think I am going to forgive you?!"

Delgado desperately spoke out, "We never did this, I promise!"

Jeia screamed, "LIAR!" In fury, Jeia pushed Delgado with all her might.

Delgado was pushed with such force that he had to step back a few times, but there was not much ground. There was stairs. Delgado lost his footing and fell down those stairs, crying out as he hit the hard cement until he finally landed on the soft grass. He whimpered, too hurt to move. He was not hurt only physically, but also spiritually in his heart.

"Delgado!" Tigress cried out. Tigress turned to her friend. "Why did you-?!" She didn't get the time to finish when Jeia had kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying.

Delgado was too determined to keep everyone safe to stay on the ground. He got up on all fours and ran over. He only had one choice and jumped to collide with Tigress, which will at least slow down the impact. The both of them got hit and rolled on the ground. No doubt Tigress would have gotten seriously hurt.

Delgado winced. The pain hurt, but it was worth it for his friends. Delgado spoke what he first thought, "Tigress, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you." Tigress said sincerely.

The two then looked at Jeia. She was taking something out of her bag. A bottle. She poured carelessly half of the bottle in her hand, where it surprisingly glowed at the touch. Soon, it flew around her body and they merged together. Her eyes turned a bright red.

The tiger and wolf was hit with fear. They knew that there was no turning back. The kids at the orphanage realized what was going on and back away in fear.

Jeia's paws glowed. She squated down, putting the back of the paws on the ground. Then, she lifted them as she stood again and simultaneously the ground shook. An earthquake enacted.

Date: 08/22/14 5:39 PM
From: bluewire

oops, wrong post! :/ I did write all that. made it up on the spot! the last post was for another forum where I said another quote, something from a videogame character. I think I was something john marston said...cant remember but I do remember that I wrote that quote.
that's what I get for writing on 2 different forums at the same time!

Date: 08/22/14 5:13 PM
From: bluewire

it was a quote afterall XD
no way I could've wrote that!
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Date: 08/14/14 10:03 PM
From: Batskee


Woah...that was...kinda deep.


Date: 08/13/14 7:47 PM
From: bluewire

at the brink of existence I grab your hand, as you dangle from the pit of oblivion I pull you back up. you rise to the top and there you will stay, a statue ever lasting.
-Paladin of the light society

Date: 07/19/14 11:06 PM
From: crlefan44

do not delete

Date: 07/08/14 8:43 PM
From: crlefan44


haha defy gravity. funny how that works.

Date: 07/08/14 9:39 AM
From: Rtfacts

Keeping this up, 'cause I defy gravity!!!


Date: 07/03/14 9:48 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- oh no. i have a feeling that this is going to get strange.
Rafiki- yup. and little Tigress and Delgado where pulled into it without even knowing.
Me- poor kids.