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Kung Fu Power Drain

Date: 01/06/13 12:38 PM
From: Tigress714

hi everyone! this is my very first fanfic and i hope u will lik it! if u have any advice or ideas for new chapters that will be great. but there is one thing i need though. i need a villian and possibly hench men. if u can help me with that, that will be fantastic. of course i will pick the villain and possiby henchmen later. hope u will like it!
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Date: 06/30/14 8:09 PM
From: Batskee


Darn those kids! I guess they're really determined to keep their little group together. Letting people go can be hard, but you definitely don't go and do that!! Poor Jeia...

Wonderful chapter, Tigress714!

Delgado sounds like he was so cute when he was little! :3


Date: 06/29/14 11:59 PM
From: Rtfacts

Oh noooo....I know where this is heading. (Cringe, cringe) But...excellent writing, otherwise. Keep on writing, my friend!



Date: 06/29/14 6:08 PM
From: Tigress714

Chapter 61

The kids all started to play various games with their friends. Tigress, Jeia, and Delgado had their own group of friends to play with, and they were treated like any other. They acted as if they all have been friends for their entire lives.

Then, a goat girl came over to Tigress, who was showing how to use dominos in different ways. "Hey there, Tigress!"

Tigress turned around and smiled. "Hi! What's up?"

"I want you and Delgado to come outside. We're playing a new game soon."

"Alright, but what about Jeia?"

"Oh, it's a surprise for her." The goat smirked.

"Um, okay, yeah, I'll join. I don't want to ruin the surprise. I'll go get Delgado." So, Tigress quickly went to get Delgado, who responded with a tail wag, and went outside.

Meanwhile, a caretaker came over to Jeia, who was sitting at a table and playing cards with a couple friends. "Jeia, I got good news! Come come."

Jeia told her friends to continue without her and started walking with the woman. "So, what's it about?"

"You're getting adopted!" She said. "Now, go to your room and gather your stuff. Be out quickly, because they are coming very shortly."

Filled with happiness, Jeia ran over to her room, shared with Tigress and Delgado. Over the years, she retained very little possessions, but she grabbed an old bag from under the bed and started packing.

Not long after, she finished packing. But she became saddened by the thought of being separated from her two best friends. She decided to spend the last moments with them outside and talk about how their friendship rised. Yeah, that's perfect.

Then, something called to her. "Child, quickly, look behind you."

Jeia frightened looked behind her.

"Do not be afraid. I want you to have these." The man placed a small bag through the bars from outside and placed it on the ground. "I have no kin to pass this onto, and my time is almost up, so I thought you can have it. After all, you are a panther. Be careful with it."

Before Jeia could respond, the man was gone. She was curious. Was the man a panther himself? She couldn't tell from the sunlight in her eyes. She was also curious about the bag. Was it a good idea to open it? But it was from a stranger. Maybe she should tell one of the caretakers. Yet, the bag was so intriguing, and curiosity got the better of her.

She looked inside. What did she find? A book, a bottle, and an orb. In more specific words, A book of spells, a bottle of black magic, and the KFPD stone.


"What are we doing again?" Tigress asked.

"You'll see. All you have to do is follow along." The goat girl says.

At the moment, the other dozens of kids were preparing themselves for something that the tiger and wolf had no idea of.

"They're coming!" Someone said.

Everyone began hiding behind the bushes and trees. This confused the two friends even more, but they followed along.

It was quiet until the kids let out a shouted, "Attack!"

The kids yelled determinably and ran forward. Now, Tigress and Delgado had a clear view. The kids were pelting water balloons, glue, and other supplies they got their paws on to two adults that came up to the orphanage door.


Date: 06/26/14 8:21 AM
From: crlefan44

this is a great story.

Date: 06/18/14 4:02 AM
From: wolfjade28

I literally was glued to the computer reading this story from beginning to end for an hour or more,I LOVE IT!!!!!
Keep writing please!?! I have to know what happens next...and then after that...and so on.

Date: 06/18/14 2:23 AM
From: wolfjade28

Awesome story! Can't wait for more!

Date: 06/17/14 10:09 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- everyone shout hooray!!!!!!!!!
Rafiki- is it someone's birthday?
Me- no it's.......

Olaf- Summmmmmmmmmerrrrrrrr!!!


Date: 06/13/14 3:41 PM
From: Tigress714

Hey, everyone! So, the next couple of chapters will come up in a few days. Yay! And one little note, uhh...

SUMMER IS HERE! I am so relieved right now, that I can't even realize it. I feel like something is going to be due the next week even when there's no school.

So, since school was the main reason that I had trouble loading chapters, I'm going to finish up this story this summer.

But don't you worry! I put up a blog here for the summer to chat with you guys a little more before I have to leave officially in the end of August.

See ya guys later!



Date: 06/09/14 9:52 PM
From: crlefan44

WHAT?! back to the front page with you, post.

Date: 05/30/14 3:48 PM
From: Rtfacts

Amazing job on the previous two chapters...I'm starting to get a feeling that I know where this story's headed. Anyeay, I'm loving it to the very core, and I'm actually feeling a little sorry for Jeia. Oh well...Until the next awesome chappie!



Date: 05/30/14 10:34 AM
From: Batskee


Ah, they feel like they belong. That's so nice.
Silvermist: It won't last for long.
Me: Why do you always spoil the happy moments?
Silvermist: It's called reality, sister.
Me: *rolls eyes*
Silvermist: But it's just so sad to see.....see...she's leaving! *sobs*
Me: It's alright. Her story and Kung Fu Spirit will live on forever.
Silvermist: I'll miss them too much!

Wonerful chapters T714! I look forward to more of the chapters.

Long Live Delgado!


Date: 05/18/14 6:29 PM
From: crlefan44

this is great. can't wait to see what happens next.

Date: 05/17/14 9:02 PM
From: Judger5367

Chapter 60

The door shut as Tigress left again. The two animal friends came out of the bed, both with a face of confusion and worry.
Delgado said, "Who was that? And...did he just adopt Tigress?"

"Some kind of mutated rat." Jeia said as she titled her head. "And I don't know." The panther than became sadder. "...Maybe she was adopted..."

"But she didn't say goodbye!" Delgado whimpered.

"Then, maybe she's coming back then." Jeia said. Jeia furrowed her eye ridge, looking at the door. "She has to."

Later, that same day, the door opened to sleeping kids around the room.

"Guys?" Tigress asked.

Hearing the sound of her voice, Delgado sprang up from slumber and hugged the tiger. "Tigress!"

Jeia as well came over, a bit of sleepiness obviously on her face, but she fought it. "What happened?"

"That man named Master Shifu is helping me control my anger." Tigress said, smiling.

"Wait, so he's coming back?" Jeia asked, trying to contain her frown.

"Yeah, but only for an hour a day. The rest of the time, I'll be with you guys." Tigress smiled. Tigress noticed they weren't convinced. She understood. If she was one of them, she would feel the same.

"We thought you left us." Delgado said, his ears dropping against his head. "Without a goodbye."

"I would never do that, guys." Tigress said. "If I'm getting adopted, then you guys too. We stick together, no matter what."

The two seemed to lighten up at her words.

Tigress said one more thing, to convince them completely. "We stay together..." Tigress said, holding her palm out. She waited for them to finish.

Jeia and Delado smiled and piled their paws on top of Tigress'. They both said, "Forever and ever."

They all laughed and hugged. Their bond was too strong to break.
It had been a couple months since the training began with Tigress controling her anger. Soon after, the other kids began to like her. Delgado and Jeia played together a good game of dominos that Tigress gave them from Shifu. That same day, the door opened. The two cubs looked over and saw the care-takers come in. They were giving the two smiles...not fear.

"Come on out. Let's play with the other kids." One woman goat said, holding out her hand as well as the other.

Delgado and Jeia both looked at each other is astounishment. The slowly stood up and hesitantly took their hands. They gently led them out of the room and into the playing area. The children stopped playing and looked over at the two. The children did what the panther and wolf never thought they'd do to them. They came over with smiles and greeted them, as if they were new. They began to smile. They went over and began to join in on the fun, finally getting the feeling that they...



Date: 05/17/14 8:38 PM
From: Judger5367


Hey. Summer's coming guys! :) More time for writing! Sad to say the story is coming close to an end.

....Whoever is playing that sad music, turn it off!

Delgado: What? It seemed appropriate.
Me: *growls*
Delgado: Hey, look at the time! I need to do stuff, while doing ...things. Bye! *runs off*

*sighs* Anyway, hopefully I can get another chapter squeezed in here by tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to be gone all day. Hold on, guys!

Thanks for everything.


Date: 05/17/14 11:53 AM
From: Tigress714

Chapter 59

Delgado and Jeia played cards as they waited for Tigress to come back. Jeia felt a little distracted, she kept worrying for her friend.

"Ha! Crazy eights! I win." Delgado said, putting down his cards and showing all the eights he had.

"We're playing solitaire." Jeia said.

"Really?" Delgado said. "Oh, that makes more sense."

Then, the door opened. Before they could see, Tigress was thrown in on top the two kids playing cards. The door immediately shut after.

Jeia got out the pile first and helped Tigress up. Delgado stood on all fours and shook his fur, making it puff out a second later. He saw Tigress with a sad expression. Delgado's ear and tail dropped. He could tell they treated her pretty badly. Figuring he could cheer her up, he went up and said, "Hey, look, Tigress, I'm a pomeranian!"

Tigress only glanced at him before looking at the ground again. Then, Tigress lashed out on the wall, scratching it with all her force. Jeia and Delgado backed up, for they know what happens when she was angry. Finally, she was able to calm down and sat in the corner, facing it as she curled to a ball.

Jeia and Delgado gave each other a sympathetic look. They wanted to cheer her up. Before they could though, the door opened. Jeia and Delgado hid under the bed, out of fear. Tigress didn't move an inch.

"Tigress," The man said. Tigress moved her head slightly to him. "I am Shifu. I am-"

"Afraid?" Tigress growled.

The man closed the door behind him. "No." The man responded, showing no fear.

"Well, you should be." Tigress growled, facing him. "I am Tigress! Tigress, the monster!" Tigress then showed a face of sadness and returned to looking at the wall. "The monster no one wants."

"You are not a monster. You're just a little girl." Then man said, taking out a domino from up his sleeve.

Tigress turned around and gasped silently in amazement as the man made a curved row of standing dominos on the floor. Jeia and Delgado watched in silence of what was happening and didn't dare to interrupt.

The man, known as Shifu, picked up one domino and holds it out to Tigress. "Let us play?" Tigress hesitantly grabbed it from him, only to break it. A piece flew out of her hand from the power and Shifu caught it. "You must learn to control your strength. Come with me." He said, leaving the place.

Tigress hesitantly followed along, momentarily forgetting about the two cubs fearful for their friend.


Date: 05/09/14 7:48 PM
From: crlefan44

just be patient

Date: 05/01/14 7:13 PM
From: crlefan44

we will keep this on

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Date: 04/04/14 7:04 AM
From: 20willow14

Please finish! I've been reading this for soooo long, and I don't want it to end, but if you have to end KFPD, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it an ending!