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Kung Fu Power Drain

Date: 01/06/13 12:38 PM
From: Tigress714

hi everyone! this is my very first fanfic and i hope u will lik it! if u have any advice or ideas for new chapters that will be great. but there is one thing i need though. i need a villian and possibly hench men. if u can help me with that, that will be fantastic. of course i will pick the villain and possiby henchmen later. hope u will like it!
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Date: 02/04/14 5:20 PM
From: bluewire

save :3

Date: 01/23/14 10:13 PM
From: tipo123

Plz dont stop writing

Date: 01/04/14 7:10 PM
From: Batskee


Wow! Delgado's in line to be a king in the Wolf Kingdom? Awesome! Now we finally have Delgado's backstory. Now, we shall soon hear Tigress' story for what happened with Jeia.
I can't wait for the next chapter!

I love backstories.


Date: 12/30/13 4:00 PM
From: Rtfacts

Dun. Dun. DUN! OMG!! Delgado the Wolf Prince! Title suits him, doesn't it? Absolutely epic, I cannot wait for more!



Date: 12/30/13 3:20 PM
From: Tigress714

Chapter 55

The three guys immediately stood up and bowed, saying in unison, "Your highness."

"No, no, no." DElgado said. "Please, don't do that. I hate it really. I'm not even pure royal blood. Please, sit down and treat me like you treat each other. And I'm sure of it."

Hesitantly, the three sat back down and Po still tried to spark a fire.

Delgado said, "Here." Delgado picked two rocks and slit them together, creating a spark. He smiled as he saw the spark created a fire. "Like a pro do."

Po sat dumbfounded. "I knew that." He said indignantly.

Delgado laughed along with the other two guys. "So, anyway, I was trained to be a warrior to protect myself against bad guys and was taught some survival skills. Been doing that for the past 20 years I lived there. That was until something terrible happened." He frowned. "My village was attacked by Jeia and her black magic. That's it. She destroyed most of everything, but thankfully everyone was okay. But she threatened us to help her if we want the people to be alive. So, we followed her orders. She picked the warriors and left the villagers and royals alone. I haven't seen them ever since, which was a few months ago. I don't even know if my parents are alright, but since my father is fighter, I'm guessing they are fine. But they must be gravely worried about me. So, now you know my story."

"Wow, that's a lot for a fella like you, Delgado." Crane said.

"Yeah, but my biggest worry is-"

"Tigress!" Po shouted.

Delgado whipped around and saw Tigress standing up in front of her tent, leaning on a tree for support. She said with a smile, "I've been wondering about how your life was going."

"Tigress, you're alive!" Delgado shouted and ran to her in a second, hugging her.

"Yes, I am. And you're hugging me too tight." She said.

Delgado immediately let go and saw the wrappings around her stomach. "Are you alright?"

" Nothing terribly bad."

"Thank goodness." Delgado sighed.

"And," Viper spoke up. "Tigress got her memory back!"

The guys cheered. Tigress said, "The trip was crazy and so was I, huh?" They all agreed. "Okay, well, I got a plan to take the enemy down, once and for all. So, we have to get a move on. " Tigress said.

Delgado froze and glared at her. "Aren't you forgetting something? A certain story to tell your friends?"

"I can tell them later. Now, we have to get the enemy down, before she gets more power."

"Tigress," Delgado argued. "You promised and you are probably going to forget telling them after the fight. They deserve the truth, don't you think?" Tigress paused and looked to her friends. "And you need to heal a little bit longer, right?"

Tigress still stood and finally sighed. "Fine. Get around the fire and make yourselves comfortable." She took a deep breath and started to tell her story.


Date: 12/30/13 2:47 PM
From: Tigress714

Chapter 54

"Woah." Po said. "And you remember that?"

"Not exactly." Delgado said. "I can just barely make it out. I don't remember the face, only the voice and what the man said. I really do think he was my father though, hence he said 'son'."

"Can you tell us more about Jeia?" Crane asked.

"That's the part that's up to Tigress to tell you. But it's pretty obvious that we three had gotten into a fight that made us enemies. Jeia on one side, Tigress and I on the other." Delgado responded.

"So what happened after the fight?" Monkey asked.

"Well, I was actually gone in the middle of the fight. Let me explain."

Jeia and Delgado fought, one on one, trying to get the other animal to surrender. Then finally, their paws linked together and now was the time to test each other's strengths. But with Jeia's new power, Delgado was sure to lose. And the worst part was, Jeia was leading him to a cliff.

"So, dog, are you ready to truly suffer?" Young Jeia spat.

The pup still didn't give up. "Jeia, you have to understand that what we did wasn't intentional! We just wanted to fit in."

"It's too late for apologies, mutt." Jeia said. Delgado felt he cliff on his hind paws and looked to Jeia with horror. "Any last words?"

"You may end me, but you will never end my warrior spirit." Delgado growled.

And with that, Jeia pushed Delgado off. And Delgado fell.

"Oh my gosh!" Po exclaimed. "What happened next?!"

Delgado continued. "At the time, I thought I was going to end for good."

The little pup screamed, and was increasingly speeding to the ground. He covered his eyes and braced for impact. Until he heard a deep-pitched bark and he felt something grasp his body. Peaking through one paw, he saw that he stopped falling and was just above the ground.

"Let's get out of here!" A feminine voice said.

And suddenly, it hit him. Someone caught the pup in it's jaws and apparently was accompanied with a female wolf. And so, following the orders of the woman, the creature holding the pup ran on all fours following close behind the girl. The tiny dog realized that they were all in the forest, one side was the cliff he fell off of and the other full of trees. But the little one also noticed that the trees and rocks were falling all around them, signaling that an earthquake is taking place.

"We're almost there!" The female said.

Just when they were going to an open field, a huge tree had fallen before them. They had no time to lose. They immediately used their claws to get over it and into their village. Just in the edge of the cliff, a huge boulder had broken off and came hurdling towards them.

"Jump!" The woman yelled.

And they used their hind legs to push off and becuase they were on a hill, they tucked and rolled down. They had escaped just in time, for the boulder had smashed the tree into bits. Finally, they stopped rolling. The creature gently placed young Delgado on the ground and ran to the woman.

"Are you alright, my love?" He asked, helping the female.

"Fine, but we must get the child to the doctor at once. He is greatly injured." She said as she stood up on all four paws. She went over to the littly wolf and picked him up gently with her jaws. Then, the couple ran to their village.

"From there on, they took me to the doctor and I was patched up. They asked me questions about myself and where my parents are. I told them I was an orphan and they decided to adopt me. The surprising thing was that my new parents are the rulers of the Wolf Kingdom and I am next in line to rule."


Date: 12/29/13 2:05 PM
From: Batskee


Woohoo! The moment we've been waiting for! More chapters and Delgado's backstory! I can't wait for more chapters!



Date: 12/28/13 7:13 PM
From: Rtfacts

Woah..... :D:D More!

Date: 12/28/13 3:03 PM
From: Tigress714

Chapter 53

The whole group finally arrived to the camp and quickly laid Tigress in her tent.

"Alright." Viper started. "Mantis and I will try to help Tigress' wound. You guys start the fire again to get some warmth."

So when the two left to care for Tigress, the rest began grabbing some sticks and dry leaves for the fire. They all sat around while Po rubbed the sticks together to create a spark.

"So," Delgado started, "We never really had a chance to introduce each other. I'm Delgado, to clear it up."

"Crane" "Monkey"

"Po. The bug is Mantis and the snake is Viper."

Delgado sat still for a moment. "Well...interesting names."

They all went quiet for a moment. "Delgado?" Po said and Delgado turned to him. "What's going on?"

Delgado feared this question. "'s not my story to tell. It's Tigress'. All I can say though is that Jeia has been an enemy of ours since we were little."

"We?" Crane questioned.

"Yeah, we were both in the orphanage." Delgado said.

"Is there anything else you can tell us?" Monkey asked.

Delgado paused. "I may not be able to tell you her story...but I can tell you mine." He took a deep breathe. "It all started when I was just a pup."

The storm above grew louder and the lightening struck. One wolf running in the rain, carrying a sleeping puppy in it's mouth. The wolf looked around and still heard someone chasing it. The wolf ran faster as it began to rain. Finally, it found it's destination. The wolf carefully laid the blanket-wrapped pup on the doorstep.

"My son." The deep voice said. "Please, remember I am doing this to protect you." The wolf then stood up and was about to knock, but hesitated. It was the hardest thing he'd ever done. Finally, he knock and with one last nuzzle to the child, he ran off.

The care-taker then answered the door, but saw no one. Then, she looked to the ground and gasped. A pup. She carefully picked him up and went inside.

"At the time, I was only 5 or 6 years old. It still a bit blurry, I don't remember anything before that. So when the caretaker took me in, she saw I had fangs and claws, thinking I was a monster. So, she put me with another 'monster'."

The little pup was released into the room only a little while it was taken in. Just when the door closed, the pup woke up. The pup immediately jumped at the strange place it was in and tried to finds escapes, but the door was closed. The pup turned around and scratched the door, whimpering all the while. Finally after minutes of trying to get out, nothing. The poor one saw a figure in the corner, approching him. The little dog tried to get back to the corner as he could.

Then, the figure stopped. "Hi." A feminine voice said.

The pup stopped and looked to the figure, and saw it was a tiger. Being the young innocent pup he was, he stood up and greeted as well. "Hi! You seem nice! My name's Delgado! What's yours?"

"Tigress." The young female tiger said. "I have another friend here too. She's shy and she's hiding under the bed." Tigress gently said as she kneeled down under the bed. "Come out. He's nice."

With little hesitation, the black panther came out beside Tigress, who said, "This is Jeia."


Date: 12/28/13 2:36 PM
From: Rtfacts

YAYYYY!!!! :D :D You're back--with a lot of chapters and more awesomeness!!! So happy! We've missed you around here, T714!
Well, looks like Delgado will have to wait until he can finish Jeia later. Bummer. Hehe, no apology for Fred...nice.
Anyway, I'll keep reading and reviewing,

Your fan and friend,



Date: 12/28/13 12:31 PM
From: Tigress714

Chapter 52

The wolves all attacked in a rush. Delgado quickly flipped the first wolf over his shoulder when it jumped towards him. "Sorry, Kevin!"

Another attempted to slash his claws to Delgado's face, but Delgado blocked with his arm and kick him back on his stomach. The wolf flew back and landed on his shoulders, his body hanging down above his head before it flopped to the floor. "Sorry, Jeff!"

Another tried to swipe his legs under him, but Delgado jumped, grabbed the wolf's ankle and threw him towards other wolves, making them fall in the process. "Sorry, everyone!" Then, he paused. "Except Fred! You owe me five bones!"

"You can't take them all, Delgado." Jeia said. "They are all going to over come you." She gave a chuckle. "You better run, pretty boy. But you can never hide."

"Like I'm going to listen to you!" Delgado spat at Jeia, who was at the top of the stairs watching the whole scene. Several wolves jumped at him and he barely avoided them, but managed. He looked to the dozens of wolves on their fours, growling as the walked towards the canine. "Not that it's a bad idea-Retreat!" He said as he jumped out of the hole they made earlier.

The wolves stopped and lifted their heads. They whimpered and back away from the large cliff.

"What are you waiting for?!" Jeia yelled. "Go after him!" They didn't respond. They were afraid of the large height. "Mutts." Jeia grumbled under her breath as she took out a bone. The wolves all paid attention to her and the bone. "Fetch." She said absent-mindly as she threw it through the hole and all the dogs jumped towards it.

Jeia went down the stairs and into the weapons room, after making sure to disable the traps. She went to the two cases, one of them having the flute, by the orb was gone. She gasped and then realized she left it somewhere in the grass by the mountain. She quickly jumped out the hole and ran down while holding the flute in her jaws. As she looked towards the canines fighting over the bone, she face-palmed. "Leave the bone alone and find Delgado!"

The wolves perked up and after listening to their master, looked around, having no idea as to where he went. Jeia growled, "Why? Why me? Why can't I have a smarter army?" She turned to the dogs. "Forget it! He'll come back anyway. Just look for the orb and stand guard." She said as she went back to the mountain to finish a few things, mumbling the whole way.

Meanwhile, Delgado ran to the camp, folowing the faint footprints the friends had left. At no time at all, he caught up with his friends. "How's Tigress?"

"Not any better, but we're almost there. How did the fight go?" Mantis said.

"Fantastic." Delgado said sarcastically, though Mantis got what he was saying.

"What happened?" Po asked.

"Well," Delgado stretched the word. "Jeiasomehowcontrolledthewolfsminds."

"Huh?" Mantis said.

Po replied. "He said, 'Jeiasomehowcontrolledthewolfsminds'."

"What did it mean?" Mantis said.

"I don't know." Po shrugged.

Delgado sighed. "I mean, Jeia took over the minds of my fellow wolves. I don't know for certain, but...that must have been her secret weapon."


Date: 12/28/13 12:29 PM
From: Tigress714

You guys are in a surprise! I am posting like 4-6 chapters this weekend! Yup! Again sorry for the long wait. You guys definitely deserve these chapters! Thank you guys so much. Can you believe it's almost a year since I first posted this AND I have 300 posts?! Incredible! So please enjoy these chappies!



Date: 12/27/13 3:48 PM
From: Batskee

Hurray! 300 posts! Congrats T714!



Date: 12/26/13 4:26 PM
From: Rtfacts

No it just me...or does this story have 300 posts? Congrats, Tigress714! :D (or if this is a Nick glitch {it's happened before} you're probably really close to 300....) Oh well, I'm not letting this story go just yet!

Date: 12/25/13 8:47 PM
From: crlefan44

i hope Santa gave you all lots of presents.

Date: 12/24/13 12:42 PM
From: Batskee

Ack! How'd this get back here?! Well, I'm not going to let this happen again.



Date: 12/07/13 1:54 PM
From: masterluna

When are you going to continue Tigress714?

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 12/04/13 3:22 PM
From: freyes

im new here can someone help me i dont know what to do but this stuff rocks

Date: 11/29/13 10:58 AM
From: kfpfan

I love this story so so much plz keep righting

Date: 11/11/13 1:10 PM
From: crlefan44

Me- she totally BRAINWASHED them. that's not a new army. those were the other wolves that were with Delgado but she used she black magic to control them. that little sneak. Delgado better be strong enough for them all.