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Revenge on the Dragon Warrior

Date: 12/15/13 8:29 PM
From: lola595

Part 1:

Po: Then, when I opened my eyes I was here. And, everything was back to normal.
Tigress: Wow, seems like one heck of an adventure.
Po: I know, but it all just seemed so real, it's hard to believe it was dream. I really thought I lost everything becasue my selfish act. The Jade palace, My title, Shifu, you guys.
Tigress: Sometimes dreams can seem real. It usually means that your heart is trying to tell you something.
Po: That I was a complete jerk to Shifu?
Tigress: Yes, but maybe it's something else. Like something related to your dream that is goign to happen.
Po: Like what?
Tigress: I don't know. But, I wouldn't worry about it too much. It was just a nightmare, Dreams can't hurt you.
Po: Maybe you're right.
Tigress stood up from her seat at the table in the kitchen where they were at alone.
Tigress: Well, I'm heading to bed. You should to.
Po: I'll be a few more minutes
Po rested his head on the knuckles of his paw as he rested his elbow on the wooden table. Tigress walked over to the doorway and stopped, looking back at Po.
Tigress: um...T-thanks for rescuing me from the prison, even if it wasn't really me, it's good to know someone will still be there.
Po: Your Welcome.
Tigress then, walked down the hall. Po sighed. What if his dream was a message? What if they were in danger?

First Chapter! Hope you guys will like this story as much as the last one. For any new readers, they're talking about the events in "The Wish"!

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Date: 03/15/14 10:14 PM
From: lola595

Tigress froze at sight of her rescuer.
Tigress: Po? What are you doing here?!
Po: I'm here to rescue you and Shifu!
Tigress: No, Po. You have to leave. Now!
Po: No, not without you guys.
Po toke Tigress's wrists trying to figure out a way to break the cuffs. Tigress jerked away her hands.
Tigress: Po, we will be fine. You have to get out of this place now. Just get as far away from this place as posisble and then we'll all be fine.
Po: I don't understand! What is going on!
Tigress: I can't explain it right now all I can tell you is- Look out!
Po: What?
The pressure point on his neck was hit having him fall on to the floor.
Tigress: Po!
Yn rn: Well, well, well. If it isn't the dragon warrior. I'm sure Master will be excited to know he's here to visit.
Tigress ran to attack him but the chain held her back having her fall to her knees.
Yn rn: Take the panda to foyer, I'll tell the master the Dragon Warrior has cowardly surendered to us.
Tigress growled at the bandit.
Yn rn: You know it's a shame that pretty face has to go to waste. You won't get to see the excitement that holds after the panda's death.
The bandits toke Po and shut the door behind them.
Tigress: NO!

Ok, since you asked before I shall explain. Yes, Tigress is still handcuffed. the chain connected to them to the wall is long enough that she can reach the door but can't go past it that's why she can hit the door. Hope that clears up any confusion.
What will happen to Po? What will happen to everyone?!?!?


Date: 03/15/14 4:55 PM

I totally understand Tigress I'm claustrophobic too. I got locked in bathroom when I was little and now I do not liked being trapped. I can be in small rooms but as soon as I see the door is not opening I freak out.

Great chapter but how did tigress get freed? last I herd she was chained to the wall now she id free and throwing herself against the door. Did I miss something?

your a ~tigrispo~


Date: 03/14/14 4:41 AM
From: patstar

it reminds me the icarly episode with sam's mother that they were locked in a small room and carly got mad!

Date: 03/13/14 8:55 PM
From: stuffpup

I love it! I love how you put in that she's claustrophobic because it makes total sense! I hope Po can get her out soon!

Date: 03/13/14 7:41 PM
From: lola595

At the first sign there was an intruder in the area was the last time Tigress saw Shifu. To make things difficult for the Dragon Warrior and for them to escape Shifu was moved to a different cell leaving Tigress by herself and there was nothing she could do to stop them. As soon as the door closed was when the room felt smaller. Her breath quickened as she stood up running towards the door. She pounded her fists against the iron door but it hardly made a dent.
Tigress: No, I- I can't be locked in here. I can't be in a cage again!
She kicked and pounded her fists into the doors several times but with no luck. She started pacing the room trying to keep her head together. Her only weakness, the one and only thing she feared was coming true: Being locked in a cage. Using her side, she slammed into the door once more. She leaned her back aginst it as she tried to calm herself down. The room seemed to grow smaller and smaller making it harder for her to breath. She slid down into a sitting position, her knees up to her chest. She closed her eyes as she remebered what Shifu said: Just take a deep breath and wait. She rested her head on her knees keeping her eyes closed. After she was calm again a noise outside the door made her lift her head. Moving away from the door it fell to the ground with an echoing bang.
Tigress: Po!?

Ok so since Tigress was pretty much imprisoned in her room at the orphanage I had this idea that she would be claustraphobic (Fear of being in small spaces) and the only person who knew of this fear was Shifu. So in her mind she kept imaging the room getting smaller which leads to hypervenalating. I don't know I feel everyone has a fear of something (mine would be ghosts from too many scary movies!) and I thought it would be nice to prove that no one perfect


Date: 03/12/14 9:52 PM
From: treine

That better not be a bandit pretending to be Tigress!! D:



Date: 03/12/14 2:38 PM
From: reutc

please continue

Date: 03/10/14 4:33 PM
From: stuffpup

that better be Tigress and not bigger problems

Date: 03/09/14 7:08 PM
From: lola595

Po sneeked over to the tree closet to the window. Taking the small claws he had he began to climb the tree. Of course this was difficult task for him, but he needed to do this for his friends. Reaching the top, he reached for the window. Trying to pull his weight into the building he heard one of the gaurds yell.
Bandit: Intruder!
Po froze. He'd been spotted. Turning his head he noticed none of the guards were looking at him. There was a rustling in the the bush beneath him. Monkey came out from the bush holding a rock.
Monkey: *whispers* You owe us big for leaving us.
PO sighed in relief to know his friends forgive him. As he climbed through the window Monkey threw the rock at the Bandits keeping them distracted. When Po landed inside he kept against the wall looking for any sign of bandits. Coming around the corner he saw two bandits gaurding a door. On the inside something continued to hit against the door followed by muffled yelling.
Po: Tigress

Sorry it toke forever!


Date: 03/05/14 11:01 AM
From: patstar

please continue! I love it!!!

Date: 03/04/14 10:07 PM
From: treine

This was fabuloso!!



Date: 03/04/14 3:06 PM
From: stuffpup

please continue soon

Date: 02/26/14 8:01 PM
From: masterluna

Ooh ooh ooh! Awesome!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/26/14 12:35 PM

ooh likey likey

Date: 02/25/14 1:48 PM
From: patstar

oooh, awesome!

Date: 02/24/14 9:21 PM
From: lola595

When the crack of dawn hit it was like an alarm clock in the four warrior's minds. Th eawoken with a yawn after having to sleep on the gorund again. Crane was the first to notice they were one less a person.
Crane: Anyone know where Po is?
Everyone started searching but couldn't find their black and white friend.
Viper: Do you think something happened to him?
Mantis: He took his his stuff so I don't think so.
Monkey: Why would he go alone? He knows what danger he's in.
Mantis: I don't know. But, we have to go after him!

Po pushed aside the tall grass out of his path.
Po: This must be it.
Po starredup at the tall stone building heavily guarded by bandits.
Po: I've gotta sneak in. Ugh, but it won't be as easy as it was as chourgum.
Po searched for a solution until he noticed an open window just out of his reach.
Po: Bingo.

Sorry again for not posting in a while. Time just goes by too fast! Will Po suceed? Will Tigress and Shifu be saved? Who's this mystery villan??


Date: 02/24/14 2:27 PM
From: treine

Amazing chapter!!



Date: 02/22/14 8:48 PM
From: stuffpup

please write more!!!

Date: 02/17/14 11:13 PM
From: Rtfacts

I have a feeling Po isn't going to be that successful...but anyway, this story is getting more and more fantastic by the chapter. Please keep writing, Lola! (OK if I call you that?)



Date: 02/16/14 11:21 AM
From: patstar

best KFP story ever! amazing!