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Make a KFP Character!

Date: 12/25/13 9:44 PM
From: Okami21

Basically just make a character using this form:

Eye color:
Pyhsical Appearance(Scars,Blind eyes,etc.):
Country Of Origin(China,Japan,etc.):

And that's all there is to it.

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Date: 03/24/14 3:27 PM
From: cooldudes6

Name: Chen
Animal: Mole
Clothes: pants like Po's (he is a BIG fan of Po ;))
Eye color: light blue
Physical Appearance:Blind eyes
Backstory: Orphan that gained incredible strength and the ability to sense the world around him
Country Of Origin:China

Date: 03/09/14 9:07 PM
From: Okami21

Yes I'm making Aarif a dude in my story. not sure It's gonna' work, since I haven't wrote it down yet. But, he's the combination of Polite and straight up rude(mostly to tigress and her anger issues) I won't spoil the rest so you're going to wait a few

Answered ur question?


Date: 02/16/14 2:56 PM
From: sunset

oh & please make a story with all the charicters that would be cool!:)



Date: 02/16/14 2:43 PM
From: sunset

animal:vixon (female fox)
clothes:Purple vest with silver decorations,black pants.
eye coler: a vibrant dark green
no pyhsical appearance
backstory:Meadow is shy & sweet and a cool tempered peacemaker but dosen't hesitate to defend her kin
country of orgin: china

Date: 02/15/14 9:19 PM
From: masterluna

Okami21, what is this for, I mean besides making a character. Are you going to make a story using these character or something? Please tell me.

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 02/15/14 8:53 AM
From: tigrena

Animal:chiger(mix between a tiger and a cheetah)
Appearance:White with black stripes and blue sparkling eyes
Clothing:The same as tigress but a blue shirt
Colors:White and blue
Likes:Kung fu and tigress
Dislikes:Kung fu haters and po
Family:Zanu (dad) and Zakie (mom)
Friends:Kung fu masters all over the world
Enemies:To many to say
Extra:She is a kung fu master and has traveled all over the world and lives on her own.Vista
is big and strong like a tiger but fast and smart like a cheetah.
Story:Vista was born in china and when she was 4 she left her parents when she realised
they were evil.Vista was nice and nothing like here parents at all because they were both
snow lepords(like tai-lung)and she is a chiger.Ever since that she has been moving around and
traveling around the world.

Date: 02/14/14 10:46 PM
From: tmntfan32

Name:Tiger Lily (her nickname is Lily)
Animal:Tiger(like Tigress)
Clothes:Like Tigress
Eye Color:Sapphire Blue
Physical Appearance:Fire Blast on her left eye(like Prince Zuko from Avatar)
Backstory:After her parents were removed from existence on her 5th birthday(A year ago), the crocs stole her favorite stuffed animal and she got the Furious 5 to help her. After getting her stuffed animal back, she told the 5 that she didn't have a place to stay at, the 5 then decided to let her have a room at the palace and decided to learn kung-fu from Master Shifu,and she is learning it FAST, like bam.
Country of Origin:China, duh

Date: 02/14/14 6:22 PM
From: charissa45

Species: Cheetah (Female)
Age: 17
Eyes: Light Brown
Fur: Yellow fur with brown spots.
Description: Nuwa is very shy and almost never talks. When she does talk it's most of time very fast but she's always right. She already was very smart on a young age and now still is. She's afraid of many things and Xia needs to calm her down most of the time but despite that she's still very loyal to her friends. Just like Daiyu she learned how to fight from Xia.
Outfit: Light green vest with a darker green curling pattern on it and wears black pants. She carries a little backpack where she keeps her scrolls and the groups food.
Talents/Abilities: Nuwa: Is still learning and doesn't actually like fighting. She would want to talk it out first or just hide but when her friends fight she fights too. She defends a lot since she's not very strong but she is very fast and that way can still knock out a lot of opponents in a short time. Also she knows every nerve in the body and because of that uses the nerve strikes a lot. She has an IQ of 185, a photographic memory and can read 20,000 word per minute. Always seeks a logic answer in everything, likes to experiment and observe things and doesn't believe in myths.

Luan and Kuan
Species: Lynx (Male)
Age: 15
Eyes: Luan: Brown but has a blue line in the middle Kuan: Blue but has a brown line in the middle
Fur: Luan and Kuan: both light brown fur with some darker spots.
Description: Luan and Kuan: they're the youngest of the group and only reach Tigress shoulders if the would stand next to her. They are always full of energy no matter how late or early it is. The boys see almost everything as a game but know when to run or stay, still they are very loyal towards their friends.
Outfit: Luan: white vest and black pants. Kuan: white vest and dark blue pants.
Talents/Abilities: Luan and Kuan: the boys don't really have a fighting style and Feng, Shui and Zhi are still teaching them how to fight well. They mostly climb in trees and always stick together but when it comes to a big battle the boys know how to fight.


Date: 02/14/14 6:16 PM
From: charissa45

Species: South Chinese Tigress (female)
Age: 20
Eyes: silver/grey yet fiery eyes
Fur: Orange (and some spots white) fur with black stripes and black claws.
(Is only one inch smaller then Tigress)

Description: Stealthy and intelligent, but somewhat shy because she has lived alone for 16 years. Has respect for elders but also has a ferry short temper. Likes jokes and sometimes also likes to tease people a bit but when you pull a prank on her, you have to run. Would do anything for her friends and family. Knows very good how to survives in/on the streets/forests and can heal wounds with plants.
Outfit: Wheres black Chinese vest with golden vine patterns, held together with small metal fasteners and golden waist wrap/belt. She also wears black silk pants and she always carries a bright white staff (that is about the hight of Po).
Talents/Abilities: Can feel by your heartbeat if you're going to pass out or anything else. Can feel vibrations in the earth so she can see but thats also her weak point because she can't see (or feel) air attacks or anything that's in the air. And trains in the Tiger Style of Hung Gar Kung Fu.

Other Info: She was born blind. Has lost her family, 7 year older sister and home when she was just a baby and has lived for 4 years at an orphan camp (where nobody liked her), when she walked away from the camp she lived alone in a cave till she was twelve and then started traveling.
She has a big scar that runs from her hip till the middle of her leg.
She has travelled all her live and has made many friends but now lives in the Jade Palace.

Species: Panther (female)
Age: 17
Eyes: Has a dark green line around the iris but turns into a brighter green in the middle. (Is about three inches smaller then Tigress)
Fur: Completely black
Description: Very smart and good at strategies, know's what she wants, likes silence and doesn't make friends very easy. She's very sarcastic and always get's straight to the point but still likes a good joke. Because of a though youth, she's not one of the easiest persons and gaining her trust is very hard. She loves her family and will do anything to protect them but sometimes cares to much about herself. She has a good relationship with the Masters has they all see her like a little sister. She always calls Po 'big guy' and likes to take Crane's hat and put it on herself.
Outfit: She has a dark red bandana, wears a dark green vest but with black and red patterns and a dark brown pants. Around her middle she wears a black belt with, two Sai, a little blowgun with darts and she has a lot of throwing stars and around her back she has another brown belt for her katana.
Talents/Abilities: She's specialized in the art of ninjutsu and amazing in sneak attacks. Can jump on and of high buildings without any trouble and is very fast. She is most of the time sneaking/spying on people and appears out of nowhere also usually uses her throwing stars or two Sai. Has habit of hitting people when she doesn't like them or when they get on her nerves and although she is silent most of them time she can speak very convincing.
Other Info: She grew up in a big city in Japan with two older brothers, one older sister and a younger (twin) brother and sister. When her father died in a fire her mother locked herself away from the world and her brothers helped earning the money while she and her sister helped in the house and with their little brother and sister.
Because she was in such a big family and city, her brothers learned her how to defend herself in the art of ninjutsu (much to her sisters annoyance as she thought a lady wasn't supposed to act like that).
When one of her older brothers and her sister moved out, the family was beginning to separate. And when her mom died her other older brother went into the military of China, so she was left to take care of her little twin brother and sister. When she turned seventeen she left them in a foster family and slipped on a boat to China. She slipped of the boat again without anybody noticing her and after that went to live on her own.


Date: 01/24/14 11:03 PM
From: stigress14

Name: Hope
Age: 13
Animal: lioness
Clothes: green top with yellow on the sides, a green headband, black pants, and a bracelet.
Eye Color: very light cloudy blue
Physical Appearance: Blind
Backstory: Hope was born with a disease and was cured with abilities like earth bending. At the age of 6 during a siege she was kidnapped and was blinded by a bandit. and now her father, the emperor's former servant and soldier, and her mother, a healer, traveled valley after valley, village after village, house after house, any thing to heal poor Hope. when she turned 7 she learned how to see with earth bending. now she's going to the valley of peace to heal her.

Date: 01/05/14 2:15 PM
From: Low1

Name: Master owl.
Age: 102.
Animal: Owl.
Clothes: Hat that Crane wears.
Eye color: blue.
Physical appearance: a big scar across his eyes, and a black like chin.
Back story: Was raised by an rich couple of owls, but they died because of the hawks.
Country of origin: China.

Date: 01/04/14 2:07 PM
From: BAmeliaVee

Name: Mai
Age: 9
Animal: Albino Tiger
Clothes: A green and pink shirt with blue pants
Eye color: Brown
Physical Appearance(Scars,Blind eyes,etc.): Water magic tattoo on left cheek
Back-story: None
Country Of Origin(China,Japan,etc.): China

Date: 01/02/14 1:16 PM
From: masterluna

What is this for? A story or something?

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 01/02/14 12:48 AM
From: masterluna

What's a humanoid. Is that like a Sasquatch? If it is... AWESOME!!!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 12/30/13 9:57 PM
From: Okami21

Here's my own:

Name:Aarif M.
Animal:Wolf but looks a LOT more humanoid than wolves in the series.
Clothes:Like Cloud from KH minus the wing.
Eye color:Blue
PA:has a scar on his left eye, like Anakin,has Cloud's hair style from kh,is about the size of Tigress.
Backstory:Was the Prince of Arabia until China's Emperor destroyed his land.He traveled to china, learning kung fu moves from others & keeping out of sight. Citizens made him into a urban myth, called The Wanderer.

"C'mon Tigress,I thought you were the strong one!"-Aarif to Tigress after he defeats her.


Date: 12/26/13 12:11 PM
From: tigrispo

Name :Jewel , Age : about 4 years younger than Tigris, Animal: tiger,clothes: same as Tigris only a purple vest instead of red ,eye color :green , physical appearance : beautiful ,clean and soft fur , looks nothing like her sister Tigris . Back story: 3 years after her parents dropped Tigris off at the Orphanage Jewel was born. She loves Kung fu ,but is" too pretty to fight" evry one says .Her parents think she is too fragile.After all they had to put there first daughter in the orphanage because they couldn't feed her and doesn't want to lose jewel cto kung fu. Her ancestors migrated to China from other parts of Asia. Country of origin: somewhere in Asia other than China and Japan. Hope you like it. Please tell me what you think I'm thinking about writing my own story and I need all the help I can get.

Date: 12/25/13 11:38 PM
From: TiPo4ever

Name: Shannon
Age: mid 30's
Animal: Peacock
Eye color: Red
Physical Appearance: the fan(the wings; like shen's) has eye's in the end that are the color purple
Backstory: Shannon is the daughter of Shen and wants to take over China for his father. She spent many days along side of him learning from her father. He denied her into going with him to take over China. She later learns of her father's passing and wants to prove him wrong by taking over China in his place.
Country Of Origin: China