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KFP Short-Furious Five Legacy

Date: 01/13/14 2:46 PM
From: ROSHI22

Ruby Palace-Qogir Mountains-China

The morning was oddly calm despite the fact a war was raging between various principalities throughout the kingdom. Master Gongem had seized upon this oppurtunity to train his five students a newly perfected technique...the Wushi barrage, a move so ferious any would be attacker would immediately be disarmed, and more than likely too terrified to continue the battle.

The old otter hobbled across the palace courtyard clutching the sacred staff of the elders, his steadfast students...well most of them, were in the process of meditating.

Master Gongem: "I see you're all here- Wait, where are Oogway and Kai Shek?"

Sytho: "Hmph probably out pranking some unsuspecting villagers." The panda snarked as he propped himself against his war hammer.

A snow leopardess seated to his right shot Sytho a look of disdain for betraying his two comrades so easily.

Lan: "Master I'm sure they're hard at work trying to hone their- uh-uh- skills."

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Date: 06/28/14 11:30 AM
From: ROSHI22

"You're right about one thing eagle...this won't take long at all." Zhun glared at his relaxed opponent. His rage was boiling up, what they did to the Ruby Palace, and now Master Gongmen. They had to be stopped here and now before anyone else was harmed. "Quite the confident little bat aren't we." Lady Lihwa smirked as she continued hovering over the forest. "Now if you'll allow me to...." Before she could finish her sentence Zhun vanished. The flying fox reappeared to her left forming a ball of green chi prepairing to launch it at point blank range. "TAKE THIS!!!" The force of the blast cut through the air like a thunder clap. "Hmph this kids got skill." DÓwei looked on at the dissipating green cloud above. "But...he's way out of his league I almost feel sorry for him." "Now as I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, I'm Lady Lihwa of the golden court, heir to the throne of Lie Fu, 3rd member of Rý shÝ." "What?!" Zhun spun around as the Eagle appeared behind him.

Date: 06/26/14 3:16 PM
From: ROSHI22

Showdown in the Forbidden Forest

Rain began to trickle down from the dark overcast skies as Lady Lihwa glanced back. DÓwei looked around puzzled by the Eagles comment, there was not a soul in sight. Who would be foolish enough to venture out in the Forbidden Forest? "You don't disappoint ruby palace master...." The monitor lizard then caught sight of who his comrade was addressing. Zhun flapped slowly above the pair, his eye's glowing with untold anger as the rain began to grow steadily into a down pour. "It's been so long since I've had a good sparring match." The monitor lizard looked up at the eagle above in fear as he felt her grip begin to loosen. "LIIIIIWWWWHHHHAWWW!!!" DÓwei plumpted toward the forest below with a loud thud. Managing to lift himself off the ground he looked up at the two airborne opponents, neither making the slightest movement. "Don't worry about me I think this boulder broke the fall!" The Eagle glanced down. "Quit complaning, this won't take long."


Date: 06/26/14 12:50 AM
From: masterluna

Sweeeet! I can't wait for more! Great job!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 06/24/14 5:23 PM
From: ROSHI22

Lady Lihwa swooped over the Forbidden Forest, massive trees going by in a blur as she clutched DÓwei like a fresh catch. "This is pretty incovenient Lihwa. Why not use that little portal trick of yours?" DÓwei felt they were sitting ducks despite the Eagles incredible speed and agility. Sure the two back at the Barracks were subdued but what of the other 4 masters. "I need total concentration to use that technique. Hauling a filthy reptile around is quite a distraction."

DÓwei: "FILTHY? If I remember correctly someone else decided to molt all over the hide out. Weeks and weeks of removing feathers. Yuuuccck!"

The eagles firey amber eye's glared down on the monitor lizard. "Don't think for any second I have slightest concern with letting you fall to your doom."

*Gulp* DÓwei knew better than to tease Lihwa. She was merciless. The lizards train of thought stopped as he noticed they were no longer moving. "Lihwa why have you stopped?!"

Lady Lihwa: "We've got company."


Date: 06/22/14 2:15 PM
From: ROSHI22

-the masters. "He's sustained alot of damage..." The Rhino guard looked worried. Zhun glanced up angrily. "Do what you can, take him to the Ruby Palace!"

Rhino Guard: " should get help to."

Zhun: "No, they must be stopped."

Rhino Guard: "Who?"

Zhun: "Rý shÝ" The flying fox looked out into the dark night sky toward the Forbbiden Forest. "Alert the others!"

"I-uh..." Before he could answer the Rhino Guard watched Zhun rocket upward toward the moon lit sky.


Date: 06/22/14 2:08 PM
From: ROSHI22

Zhun was ready. The rocks above exploded with a blast of green light. Struggling to his feet the flying fox searched for any sign of his master. "That blast that was no firework like that Jaguar had." His heart sank as he saw his masters staff lying on the ground. "Master!?" Zhun frantically looked around for Master Gongmen. "Master are you there!? Please answer me!" Fearing the worst the flying foxes hopes lifted as he saw one of the mounds of rock begin to stir. Zhun helped free his master from the remaing rubble. The old master was not in good shape it looked as though he'd taken the full force of the attack. "Master....master can you hear me?" The old otters eye's slowly opened. "Z-Z-Zhun?" he whispered as he looked up toward his worried student. "Yes master I'm here." "I-can't...." "Please rest master." On queue the Rhino Guard from earlier appeared. "Is everyone alright?!" "No Master Gongmen requires medical attention immediately!" The Rhino guard hastily made his way--

Date: 06/22/14 1:51 PM
From: ROSHI22

Zhun came too in darkness, his ears still ringing from the sudden attack, trying to wrap his head around what exactly happened. His eye's caught sight of faint moonlight creeping in through the pile of stone. Try as he might the Flying Fox couldn't lift his wings, now sandwiched between two rocks. Summoning his remaining chi he foucused in on the stones crushing his wings, calming his breathing, and tunning out the outward distractions, Zhun channeled his chi into his wings pinpointing the weaknesses in the rocks above.

The Cunning Eagle looked back on the destruction she caused, satisfied with the results. "I expected more from the mighty Furious Five. These fools caused you and ChˇngdÚ so much trouble?"

DÓwei: *looking back on what remained of the barracks* "We underestimated them....especially the Dragon Warrior. But we won't make the same mistake twice."

Lady Lihwa: "I hope for your sake you're right DÓwei. Our Master can be most unforgiving to those who fail him."


Date: 06/17/14 2:00 AM
From: masterluna

Sweet chapters! I can't wait for the next ones! Great job!

Keep on Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 06/11/14 5:11 PM
From: ROSHI22

Meanwhile @ the Barracks

Master Gongmen and Zhun looked perplexed by DÓwei's statement.

"You're in no position to make threats. Or haven't you noticed that your in prison lizard?" Master Gongmen glared at the unfazed monitor lizard who sat calmly on the stone floor.

Zhun heard a strange high pitch noise echoing throughout the barracks. "Master!"

Before either could react the pair was engulfed by a blinding light, Zhun felt a searing pain before everything went black.

What remained of DÓwei's cell was little more than a pile of smoldering bricks and bamboo. " took you long enough to rescue me." The monitor lizard turned toward the large opening ripped into the barracks.

"Consider this the last time..." Lady Lihwa stepped through the smoke, talons crunching against the pulverized rock.



Date: 06/11/14 4:42 PM
From: ROSHI22

Lan and Kai Shek Fu made their way through rambunctious crowd of festive villagers. The air was perfumed with the delicious aroma of Stir Fry as small firecrackers whizzed by overhead and children played among the droves of partying villagers.

*Sigh* "This is so interesting....don't you think Kai?" The snow leopard glanced down at her companion with a warmth and cheer he'd rarely seen. Her red cheongsam and gray fur seemed to give off their own glow, back lit by the street lanterns and fireworks.

*Gulp* The python was still trying to convince himself that he was not dreaming. "I-I think...yeah this is pretty cool. Say did you want to grab a bite to eat before the parade?"

Lan: "YESS!!! I'm starving, I could eat a whole python." She shot Kai Shek Fu a toothy grin as he looked up at her horrified. "RELAX! I'm just kidding." She patted him on the back as he tried to keep from blushing.

Kai Shek Fu: "Here's the place!"



Date: 05/28/14 5:13 PM
From: ROSHI22

The old rabbits eyes were comically enlarged by a pair of thicked rimmed glasses, her fur was dull and gray, the only sign of wealth was a strange gold bracelet around her wrist. The Rhino thought it odd but decided not to question it. "May I help you, miss?"

Old Rabbit: "Miss, Yuan...Why yes I was wondering where exactly the village barracks is?"

Rhino: "Ma'am I hardly think you want to go there, with all those criminals and bandits."

Old Rabbit: "Oh, I don't think it'll be a problem." Her voice had changed to that of a familiar tone. As the Rhino Guard dropped to the ground unconscious.
"Now to pay the Ruby Palace a visit." The old rabbit woman nodded toward a dozen or so bandits hidding on the roof above.



Date: 05/28/14 5:05 PM
From: ROSHI22

DÓwei: "We offered him a chance to attain his full potential...."

Master Gongmen: "Is this true Zhun?"

The flying fox struggled to find an adequate answer.

Zhun: "He did master...but I refused. And I still do!"

DÓwei: "Well that's unfortunate bat...cause I thought I could save you from what's about to happen."

Master Gongmen: "What do you mean?!"

DÓwei: "Oh, you'll see soon enough."

Meanwhile @ the Village Spring Feast

A Rhino guard lumbered along keeping a look out for any supicious activity looking through the droves of celebrating villagers. Passing buy a large wanted poster with the familiar face of Qin Soto. "If it wasn't bad enough worrying about the Theif Works, now they had to prepare for another attack from those Rý ShÝ goons." He thought as he leaned against a nearby terracotta wall.

"Excuse me....sir" a frail voice snapped the Rhino from his thoughts. He looked down to see a frail old rabbit woman, wearing a torn and tattered cape.


Date: 05/24/14 3:47 PM
From: Okami21


Oh I forgot that Seifer has a ocarina his grandmother gave to him. It's like the Fairy Ocarina from Ocarina of time(Look up a picture) but jade colored. Also, some songs I got from Ocarina of Time, like I thought that maybe Saria's Song could be Seifer's Song.

Just thought I'd let you know.



Date: 05/22/14 7:41 PM
From: ROSHI22

DÓwei: "Come to finish the job, eh?" The grotesque reptile grinned toward his two visitors. He was shackeld to the floor, now wearing a simple burlap sack.


Zhun felt his heart thundering in his ears as he entered the jail cell behind Master Gongmen. The old otter turned toward the Rhino Guard.

Master Gongmen: "That'll be all, thank you. We'll call you when we're finished questioning the prisoner."

Rhino Guard: *closing the cell door behind the masters* "Of course Master Gongmen."

The old otter silently stared at the monitor lizard for what felt to Zhun like an eternity.

Master Gongmen: "I must admit you and you're jaguar friend almost got the better of us back there."

The lizard ignored the old otter turning to the flying fox.

DÓwei: "So bat have you considered my offer?"

Master Gongmen: *turning to Zhun* "What offer?"

Zhun: "He tried to--"

DÓwei: "Make him see how foolish you are


Date: 05/14/14 7:54 PM
From: ROSHI22

@ Master Luna, Thank you! Also Denahi will be in soon, I don't want to spoil the plot but Oogway and the others will be making a trip to the Valley of Peace and will be meeting a certain Yeren.

Wisdom is the Key,

~Master Roshi


Date: 05/13/14 2:31 AM
From: masterluna

Oh this is so awesome! I love the scarf Sytho and Oogway made for (i can't believe i already forgot his name) Kai Shek (?)! When is my OC going to be in it? No rush or anything. Again, great job!

Keep On Kung Fu-ing

Master Luna


Date: 05/09/14 3:34 PM
From: ROSHI22

The panda and tortoise watched their two friends head down the palace steps. Sytho turned to Oogway smiling.

Sytho: *Running toward the sacred hall* "DIBS ON THE CRYSTAL BLADE OF UTTER DESTRUCTION!"

Oogway: *Following after him "HEY I WANTED THAT!...Fine guess I'll try out the indestructable armor of General Fu instead."

Meanwhile at the Valley of wind guard barracks...

"He's been silent since you've brought him in...just sits there similing." A Rhino guard nodded toward the jail cell where DÓwei sat starring at Master Gongmen and Zhun with a creepy grin across his reptilian face.

Master Gongmen: "We'll get him to talk. When is the prisoner being sent to the onyx labyrinth?"

Rhino Guard: "First light tomorrow."

Zhun: "Very well...let's get this over with." The flying fox still felt uneasy after his last encounter with DÓwei and the loss of his own anger. Despite being shackled and in a jail cell Zhun still felt Rý ShÝ had the upper hand.



Date: 05/09/14 3:20 PM
From: ROSHI22

Lan: "Heh-heh...You look awesome and epic Kai."

Oogway and Sytho looked pleased at their latest creation. "What did I say Oogway, the villagers will just love it!"

Kai Shek Fu: *whispering* "You two will pay for this when I get back." The snake looked around suprised not to see either Master Gongmen or Zhun. "Where's Zhun, I figured he'd have some sarcastic remarks for me."

Sytho: "Oh Zhun the "wise"? He and Master G headed to the barracks to question that creepy Rý shÝ lizard guy."

Oogway: "Yeah, hopefully they'll get to the bottom of why they attakced us and destroyed half the palace."

Lan: "I can hear the music already." The snow leopardess flicked her ears with excitement hearing the loud festive music coming from the village below.

Kai Shek Fu: "Guess we better get going."

Lan: " two don't do anything stupid while were gone, Ok?"

Oogway: *Looking suprised* "Who us?!"

Sytho: "Don't worry Lan we'll keep out of trouble scouts honor!"


Date: 05/09/14 3:05 PM
From: ROSHI22

The three masters hastily lifted their dropped jaws as Lan blushed under the undesired attention.

Lan: "I figured I'd wear my best cheongsam for tonight."

Kai Shek Fu: "Lan you look.....great!"

Lan: "Please don't go saying things that aren't true."

Kai Shek Fu: "Of course they're true. Look at me I can't even wear clothes on account of the whole being a snake thing."

Sytho and Oogway looked at one another with a devilish grin.

Sytho: "We've got just the thing for ya Kai!"

Oogway: "Sytho and I whipped it up today!"

The python looked suprised toward his friends sudden generosity. "Guys you really shouldn't have..." When Kai saw the gift his suprise turned to embarresment. Oogway held up a red scarf which crudely read Too Awesome and Epic for Clothes. " really shouldn't have." Kai Shek felt the evening had already taken a turn for the worse.

The snow leopard struggled to keep from laughing as Sytho and Oogway finished wrapping the scarf around Kai.


Date: 05/02/14 3:36 PM
From: ROSHI22

The Raccoon stepped forward dressed in gold trimmed jet black armor. Unlike the rest of the bandits he didn't show the slightest bit of fear when approached by the menacing raptor. He was Qin Soto, leader of the Thief Works Gang and a formidable martial artist in his own right.

Quin Soto: "Of course not Lady Lihwa. We'll keep our end of the bargain, you just do what you need to get done. We'll keep those Ruby Palace masters, and the village guards preoccupied."

Lady Lihwa: "Very well, we shall rendezvous at the dry riverbed in 3hours, that should be more than enough time for your band of rejects to pull off the attack."

Quin Soto: "Understood"

Meanwhile at the Ruby Palace...

Kai Shek Fu couldn't contain his excitement over his night out with Master Lan. Sytho and Oogway quickly ruined the excitement with their embarrassing questions. Suddenly their attention was drawn to the snow leopardess who shyly entered the kitchen dressed in a beautiful red cheongsam.