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~Oogway's Warrior:Book 2 of JADE~

Date: 04/13/14 5:23 PM
From: skipper345

Firstly, I'm going to have a quick ending summary for the last few chapters.(super sorry about this).
First off, Blood was injured and the wolves in his pack actually turned out to be controlled by Tai Lung (they all had gray eyes, so now they?re back to normal). Also, the old Alpha stayed in the pack (he chose to). Everyone who was under Tai Lung?s Dream Orb influence (including Jade) is now free, and Blood was carried off to be healed. The pack is now on Jade?s side. Here?s what happened after Blood?s injury:2 wolves came over to me and one of them knelt down and said, ?We can help him heal. . .? I looked up at him. What used to be dark gray eyes were now a pair of forest green eyes. He looked like the oldest wolf there, yet still young. ?We were wrong to listen to Tai Lung? The wolf stood up and bowed fist to palm style after putting his fist to his chest, the other wolves following him. ?We?re on your side now? I nodded and let the 2 wolves heal Blood. I sensed Tai lung behind me and I only looked to the side with my eyes.
?You fool! You?re all fools!? Tai Lung snarled. He scoffed. ?If you want something done right, you do it yourself!? Everything went in slow motion as he charged at me. I let my instincts guide me and I back flipped over his head. Time sped up as he swiftly turned around and threw a punch at me that I caught.
?Your time is up. . . . Tai Lung,? I spat.

Secondly, Tai Lung and Jade have a face off (the Final Battle has finally come!). I will type that soon. No one is going to participate in the fight between Tai Lung and Jade (it?s one of those duels where all you can do is watch the two people).

Thirdly, Jade wins the Final Battle and Tai lung is gone for good and the Dream orb is destroyed. She is accepted back into the Jade Palace and now lives there. Blood is ok and now him and Jade are together. Shifu remembers that there were 2 more stolen Dream Orbs. The first was the least powerful. The second is in the hands of a new enemy and the third is held by the boss of all the orbs. Now Jade and the gang have to figure out where the other 2 are so they can destroy them so they won?t cause anymore damage.
So yeah, hopefully you?re not confused. Mods please post this. It?s merely a synopsis.

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Date: 10/15/14 8:14 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 6-part 3-3rd person POV
?No no no, it?s your left then you?re right!? Po tried to explain to Ivy, who was practicing combat on the tortoise.
?I?m trying! I thought it was Crane?s day today!? Ivy exclaimed.
?Well apparently he?s busy with something, so you have?OW! Not my eye? Just then the rest of the boys came in (the rest of the girls were already training). ?Oh look Crane?s here. Crane, take over before I end up with an eye patch, which would look super cool and piratey, but not right now?
?Maybe this is your chance to clear things up with her,? Mantis said to Jin. Jin had explained due to persistent requests from Monkey and Mantis.
?Well while you guys are doing that I?m gonna train,? Blood said, and leapt up from a swinging claw to the rings above.
?Pfft, show off,? Monkey said. Jin then breezed through the course.
?Huh. Jade went through almost as quickly as he did,? Crane said.
?Is everyone a show off today??
?You?re just jealous,? Mantis said.
?How much do you wanna bet that I?ll beat Blood up there??
?My desserts for the week?
?Oh this I need to see,? Crane said.
?I?ll beat him, and I?m gonna win the bet,? Monkey said, and leapt up after Blood. Meanwhile with Jin and Ivy, Ivy was trying to avoid Jin.
?Oh no,? she protested. ?Go, eway? When Jin landed on the rim of the tortoise Po lost his balance and fell off.
?If you wanted me off just say?AAHH! Oh no, not again?ACK!? Po said as he crashed through the rotating crocs.
?Try not to move so much,? Jin suggested.
?Ok there is no way in heck that I?m gonna listen to you, so go move yourself somewhere else,? Ivy argued.
?I?m trying to help!?
?I don?t need your help!? To prove her point she shot a stream of fire at Jin, who flipped to the side.

?Stop moving!?
?I know you need help?
?No, you do!?
?Ouch,? Blood said from above. Soon the both of them fell in the bowl with Ivy falling on top of Jin. When she realized she was on top of him, she slapped him only for him to move in the nick of time. Ivy?s reflexes were quick enough to grab a lock of Jin?s coal black medium shaggy hair and yank on it.
?OW!? Jin said. Then he lost it and grabbed her shoulders. ?Stop it ok? Just stop it. You?re being difficult. Just trust me and let me help you? Ivy scoffed.
?Fine,? she said. Jin let go and got on one knee and cupped his hands to boost her out. After that he got out himself to see Ivy with her arms crossed.
?No ?thanks???
?Ugh fine. Thank you?
?You?re welcome? Then the two of them saw Monkey soar over their heads and to the other side of the course.
?I win! Your desserts are mine!? Mantis cheered.
?Are you telling me you guys bet on whether Monkey would beat me or not?? Blood asked.
?Yeah, and you totally did,? Crane said.


Date: 10/11/14 3:55 PM
From: skipper345

next part coming soon

Date: 10/04/14 5:07 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 6-part 2-Ivy?s POV
?You were following me?? I asked.
?I knew you would go after him,? Shifu said as he held his grip. ?He clearly must be linked to the attack?
?And so you followed me? Have you ever thought that maybe he was just trying to help?? Shifu looked at the boy before letting go. The boy got up and massaged his neck and pulled off his mask to reveal black shaggy hair.
?Thank you. I?m Jin,? he said. ?I?ve been training a long time so I?m pretty experienced. I saw you guys surrounded, so I pitched in?
?I see,? Shifu said.
?Wait, you live here?? I asked.
?Yeah, in the mountains,? Jin replied. ?Don?t you??
?Umm, no not really?
?Wow, and here I am thinking I was the only human here?
?Heh, me too?
?Ahem, Ivy, a word,? Shifu said, and I followed him off to an area out of earshot. ?There?s something about him that I don?t trust. He seems to have just appeared out of nowhere?
?We just met him?
?I know, but we must be cautious, and I already have the feeling Tigress won?t like him either?
?What makes you think that? It?s not like we?re gonna take him in are we??

3rd person POV

?And you found him in a foggy field,? Crane inquired. ?Just like that?
?He supposedly lives in the mountains and wanted to ?help? us when we were surrounded,? Shifu said.
?I already don?t trust him,? Tigress said crossing her arms.
?I dunno about you but he seems like a pretty cool guy,? Po said.
?Something about the guy is. . . . off,? Blood said.
?He?s right,? Jade said, putting a paw on her hip. ?Something tells me he?s not to be trusted, and not because he?s completely dressed in black?
?I wonder what they?re talking about,? Jin said. Shifu had asked Ivy to stay with Jin as he went with the others to discuss on whether he was to stay or not. Ivy was already fine with Jin staying anyways. ?They should?ve let you over there?
?I guess it?s to keep you company,? Ivy said.
?Or to put you with your own kind?
?Oh nothing. Ahem so I heard you?re still in training?
?Yeah, I still need a few tweaks here and there. Plus I have to keep this in check? Ivy produced a flame in her hand and then closed it.
?Wow. Fire huh??
?Don?t listen to them. You seem fine, and pretty powerful?
?Oh stop I?m not that great?
?Don?t pay attention to what they say. You?re perfect?
?Stop flattering me?
?It?s true!?
?Flatterer much??
?Sure?wait what??
?Thought so? Then Ivy elbowed Jin?s gut hard.
?Violent much??
?Nope, just with you? Then she stomped on his foot.
?OW!? Shifu then motioned for the two of them to come as Jin rubbed his foot vigorously.
?It is decided that Jin is to stay with us until further notice,? Shifu said. ?You are dismissed? Everyone bowed as Shifu motioned for Ivy to follow him.
?Well, that went horrible,? Jin said. ?First impression is down the drain?completely?
Sorry if this seems a little dry. Thought process in the works.


Date: 09/29/14 6:53 PM
From: skipper345

anyone still reading?

Date: 09/25/14 7:12 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 6-part 1-Ivy?s POV
I honestly didn?t know I had this much stamina until after I flew down the stairs of the palace (like literally flew. I used fire), sprinted to the village, and laid low on a rooftop. Yeah I was out of breath, but adrenalin gave me energy that felt like about 6 cups of coffee. Speaking of, I could go for some right now?focus! I saw the group completely surrounded, so I got up and shot fire down, creating a ring around them that pushed the goons away from them but not burning any buildings.
?Back off!? I snapped. Scar looked up and laughed.
?Ha! Who do you think you are? You?re nothing but a mere girl,? he said. I raised my arms up, making the emerald hued flames go up a bit.
?Back away slowly, or it?s gonna be roasted goons for the lot of you? The crocs backed up slowly with their paws up. I saw something move from the corner of my eye but paid no mind to it. Scar only crossed his arms as someone pushed me down to where the others were, the goons laughing.
?That was a good try,? Monkey said as I got up.
?Thanks, I guess,? I said.
?Uh Po? Anything up your sleeve?? Mantis asked, as Jade growled and snapped at the rhinos, Blood just giving them cold glares.
?Uhh, no,? Po said. Then ten guys went down.
?Viper, did you do that?? Monkey asked.
?No,? she replied as she whipped out the lights out of someone to keep the group back. Then a figure dressed in black appeared near them and fought a buff rhino, Shifu taking down a gorilla in the background. I then shoved the ring of fire toward the baddies and split it up. The fight didn?t really last that long, which was a bit strange. Every now and then I would see the figure go by me, and I would eye him suspiciously. The others didn?t seem to notice him. Soon the fight was over and the villagers cheered as the army retreated.
?Shifu! Oh I?m so glad to see you,? Po said. ?And Ivy too. You were awesome too by the way? Ivy just laughed. Crane and Mantis were checking to see if everyone was ok while Viper asked some people if they?ve seen the figure before. I saw him disappear right after the fight, so I followed him, not knowing that someone was following me. I leapt form tree top to tree top with surprising agility as I followed the sprinting figure. He then suddenly stopped right when I landed on a tree branch. My dark brown auburn hair was loose, and a part of it covered my right eye as I balanced on the branch, making sure not to fall or be seen. I have really got to stop loosing hair ties or whatever. I felt someone behind me but I ignored that. It was probably my nerves. I was in an open field with trees everywhere, the fog really heavy, but light enough so I could see him. He looked back and forth, and I heard him groan like he was annoyed with something. I knew he was human, and I was pretty psyched out there was another one. Look at that?I sound like I haven?t seen people in years. I?m crazy. He pulled back his left sleeve back a little to expose a red band with a ruby center. He tore it off and was about to chuck it when he resisted. He tried again but to no avail. Then he scoffed and shoved it back on. I then gasped as the image of the band in my dream flashed in my mind. I then fell off the branch only to catch myself by hanging by my legs upside down. His head shot up and he whipped around to see me fall on my face. I got up wearily as he just stood there. We just stared at each other for like what felt like a solid hour, and he had dark gray eyes. I stepped back from him, singeing grass and making it die with every step I took. His eyes then flashed to a regular gray and his touched his head and winced. I saw his eyes change color as he was about to go to his knees. He looked like he was fighting something in his mind.
?Don?t?go,? he grunted, and I tried to calm myself down. I heard a tree branch above me crack and I shot fire at it to see something leap away. The boy yelled in pain as he went to his knees. I didn?t know what to do, so I just stood there. He slowly put his hand down, and he wore a fingerless gloves.
?Y?you alright?? I asked, as I cautiously walked to him.
?Yeah, I?? He looked me in the eye and widened his a bit. ?Uuuhhh, h-hi?ACK!? Shifu came down from a tree and tackled the boy, pinning him down [like in that position he had Po in before he says ?a real warrior never quits?, except Shifu is holding back the boy?s head]

Date: 09/20/14 6:50 PM
From: skipper345

Next part coming soon...

Date: 09/17/14 5:59 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 5-part 3-3rd person POV
?Do we have a plan?? Blood asked. ?We can?t just waltz over there. They look like they?ve already taken over the town? The Five, the Dragon Warrior, and Jade and Blood were behind a building formulating a last minute plan (mainly because Jade insisted on just charging).
?Sure we can,? Jade said. ?And it always looks like that to you?
?Ok, no. Look at the size of those guys. It?s like they?re on steroids or something!? Crane peeked behind a blind corner to see massive gorillas, rhinos, and crocs (not the ones with the leader who throws down his helmet a lot) [I forgot his name].
?Yeah, they?re big,? Crane agreed.
?So? I say we run ?em to the ground!? Jade protested.
?You?re starting to sound like me now,? Blood said. ?Well what do you guys think??
?I actually agree with her,? Tigress said. ?If we tackle them head on we might be able to take them down. They may be great in size, but their numbers aren?t. We?ll have to split into teams of two. There?s eight of us so that?ll do?
?Sounds good to me,? Mantis said.
?If anything we can just go into groups of four,? Po suggested.
?Right, and if we get outnumbered we?ll group together,? Viper said.
?Alright. Let?s go then? Then the eight of them charged, calling the attention of the goons. The citizens fled into their homes as good and evil charged, and everyone went into pairs.
?You?re crazy you know that?? Blood asked Jade.
?I am not!? Jade barked, and growled as she picked up a gorilla and flung him into two other ones.
?I?m sorry if I got you mad. Just don?t pick me up like you did with that guy!? Blood kicked a croc and knocked him out
?Apology accepted!? The couple locked arms and Jade hoisted Blood onto her back so she swung him around as he kicked the assorted army. Tigress and Viper had the group of rhinos, Crane and Monkey had the crocs, and Po and Mantis got everyone alongside Jade and Blood. After what felt like hours (when it was only twenty minutes), reinforcements came in, outnumbering the group of eight by hundreds.
?We?ve been played! It was a trap! Form together!? Tigress exclaimed.

Ivy listened to Shifu as he taught her the basic moves of Crane style and following his lead. Then she froze up and gripped her head with her hand, her head feeling like someone was pounding a hammer inside her head.
?What?s wrong?? Shifu asked. Ivy?s eyes flew open, and he saw a flame with an emerald hue in them.
?It?s them,? she said. ?They?re outnumbered, and they won?t last long?
?How do you know??
?I just sensed it. Someone had a fireplace going and I somehow ?saw? and ?heard? them. I need to help them?
?If they?re outnumbered then they won?t stand a chance aga??
?I have to try!? Discontinuing the conversation she ran out the doors, not knowing that Shifu was following her.


Date: 09/15/14 5:09 PM
From: skipper345

Hi! Ok super sorry for not posting anything for a while. I'm going through the next part right now so I'll try for Wednesday. Hang in there! ;)

Date: 08/23/14 4:41 PM
From: skipper345

Next week I'll be going on vacation and I won't be able to post anything until after I come back. I'll be sure to post when I get back.

Date: 08/21/14 5:32 PM
From: skipper345

Next part coming soon, and is anyone reading this still? If you are comment so I know you're still there.

Date: 08/16/14 1:16 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 5-part 1-Ivy's POV
It?s been about, uh, let?s say maybe a week or so since I?ve been here, and I?ve been getting better at training. I mastered the Swinging Claws and the crocs, and I have yet to learn that tortoise thingy. I also went completely native. I had the usual kimono top [like the style Tigress has] with it being burgundy and the lining being navy blue. There was a slightly visible design on the shirt that kinda looked like dancing flames, but I have crazy fire powers so that?s probably why it caught my eye. I also had on black pants and some very comfortable flats, and the design kind of reminded me of home. Speaking of fire, I haven?t quite gotten that under control. Whenever I was trained by either Shifu, Po, or both of them to harness it the training went outside, like waay out there so I wouldn?t burn the palace down. Sometimes I would accidentally fry Po, and even though it wasn?t supposed to be funny it was. Shifu even smirked when Po was looking for some water.
Today I was training with Monkey and he was helping me go through his course. How he can fit through those holes I have no clue. I just swung from one to another without impaling myself with those spikes there. There is no way I can fit through those things.
Now, I was fighting Monkey in his course and I was doing pretty good according to Jade who wants me to smack him into next week.
?There you go! Get him!? Jade cheered. I latched onto the ring in front of me and kicked Monkey?s face only to have him swat my foot away. My ponytail was coming loose as I swung back and forth to swing over Monkey?s head and to the ring behind him. I nearly missed it, but I shot a small stream of fire from my foot to boost me up. I kicked Monkey in the back and he lost his grip. I thought he was gonna fall when his tail grabbed the closest one to him and he swung in for a punch when I let go.
?WHAT?! You had him!? Blood said. I boosted myself again and grabbed Monkey?s ankles and thrust him down. When he slipped down I boosted again and latched myself onto the ring Monkey used to be on. I saw him land on the head of one of the spinning crocs and balance on one foot.
?Well played Ivy! You should teach me that,? he called from below.
?If you have built in rocket boosters let me know,? I teased.
?Ha ha, very funny. I?d like to see you get down from there? I blinked?didn?t think of that one.
?Just let go,? Po said.
?You do realize I?m above the field of fire right?? I said.
?Hey you?ve been pretty good with Viper. I?m sure you?ll be able to dodge the streams in time,? Blood said.
?If I become toast I?m blaming you? I took a deep breath and let go. My mind went in slow motion as it calculated how I was going to land, timing how long I had before the streams came up after I landed. I saw Monkey talking with Po, and all of a sudden my mind just locked up.
Do exactly as I say, a male voice said. The ground wasn?t too far from my feet. I saw Jade looking at me, her eyes widening.
?She being controlled!? she said.

Date: 08/13/14 2:58 PM
From: skipper345

Planning next part...

Date: 08/09/14 1:22 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 4-part 3-3rd person POV
?The falcon,? Ivy whispered.
?You?ve seen it before?? Jade asked.
?The dream I had? Then the mysterious falcon took off into the sky.
?What did you dream about?? Ivy then explained to the wolf her dream. ?Wow, that seems pretty intense. I think your dream was a warning?
?A warning??
?We need to tell Shifu? So the two of them went down the stairs and to the Jade Palace, where everyone but Monkey and Blood were there. Ivy felt a little awkward. Shifu looked at her.
?I?ve heard about what happened,? Shifu said. Ivy face turned beet red.
?Uh yeah, um I uh?? Ivy stuttered.
?It?s alright. I just hope that it won?t happen again? Ivy blinked.
?I?ll uh, work on that?
?Blood and Monkey are fixing it,? Po said.
?And also, uh Ivy had a dream, like a weird one. It sounded like a warning,? Jade said. All eyes were on Ivy as she cleared her throat and told the dream again. Afterwards they all were silent. Tigress and Viper looked concerned; Crane had a blank expression; and Po was afraid (a little), amazed, and a bit confused. Shifu only nodded, for he had seen that symbol before.
?That symbol sounds familiar,? Shifu said. ?I believe it has to do with a clan, but I can?t remember the name. But for now we should continue on training you? The others bowed and went to the training room where Monkey and Blood were finishing up the course.
?Good as new,? Monkey said.
?I did all the work,? Blood said.
?I did help?
?Sure you did?
?Ahem,? Mantis said. ?Are you guys done??
?Yeah yeah we?re good. They still work see?? Blood spun one of the crocs and it spun like it was never broken.
?We?ll try and help you control your powers Ivy,? Viper said. Ivy smiled.

?So, did you find anything?? a rhino asked the figure on the throne.
?I?ve seen everything I needed to know. She?s more powerful than I thought,? the deep voice said.
?That?s what you wanted right??
?Of course you idiot, but I have a feeling she has more for me? The figure then pulled out a multicolored orb that only revealed his gold eye and his eye patch. ?This little Dream Orb is all I need to find what I need?
?Yes sir? The shadowed figure set the orb down and looked at the rhino.
?Bring him in? The rhino pounded his fist against his armored chest and went on his way. Moments later the rhino came in holding a boy of about 16 with blue eyes by the back of his shirt. Then he plopped him down.
?You guys really need to stop doing that. The least you could do is just say ?oh you?re needed by so and so? instead of manhandling me,? the boy said. The rhino huffed and left the boy with the figure. ?You called??
?I need you to do something for me?
?Another task that you can do by yourself. You legs do work you know?
?It has to do with a certain someone?
?If you?re asking me to try and capture the Dragon Warrior again then no. I was almost sat on by him? The figure chuckled.
?No, and it?s something only you can do?
?You?ve said that every time?
?I mean it?
?And that? The orb holder sighed in annoyance.
?You see this?? The orb was held up. ?This controls the mind?
?Yeah yeah I know about that thing. I used it?
?You what??
?I saw who you were trying to get to, so I decided to help out?
?Help out??
?Everyone needs my help here. Some of you people don?t have opposable thumbs?
?I can toss you off the side of this mountain if you don?t keep your smart mouth shut?
?Ugh fine. What do you want?? The shadowed figure leaned in slightly so he was still within the shadows.
?Find her, and you know who I?m talking about?


Date: 08/04/14 7:03 PM
From: skipper345

planning the next part

Date: 07/30/14 1:43 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 4-part 2-3rd person POV
?I saw the look on her face,? Jade said. ?And her eyes flashed a dark gray?
?So you?re saying she was being controlled?? Po asked.
?Then someone must have one of the Dream Orbs,? Viper said.
?Whoever has it must?ve found out about Ivy?s being here,? Tigress said.
?And her ability,? Blood said. ?We need to tell Master Shifu?
?You guys go on ahead. I need to talk with Ivy,? Jade said.
?Shouldn?t someone fix the course?? Crane asked.
?Monkey and I will fix this,? Blood said, and winced at the burnt crocs. ?Or uh, in this case get replacements?
?The rest of us will go to Shifu,? Tigress said. While the others went to Shifu and Blood and Monkey took care of the course, Jade went to find Ivy. She went out the doors and her gut told her to check the peach tree. So she went to the tree and found Ivy against it, her eyes closed. Apparently she naps her stress away. Jade used to do that when she was 4. It didn?t work.

Ivy's POV
I stood on an old bridge alone and unarmed. It surprisingly held me, figuring that the bridge looked like it would give way any second with the rotting wood and rope. Something told me to walk forward, so I did and saw a black dot in the sky coming closer to me. As it got closer it turned out to be a black and red falcon landed on a peg on the other side. It seemed to be waiting for me, so I speed walked with caution. When I got to the other side I saw that it was holding a black scroll down under its talon. It took it with its beak and handed it to me. Even though I was skeptical of this bird I took it, not taking my eyes off the predator. I opened it to find a black symbol of a falcon holding a torch in one talon and a sword in the other. Under it read, ?He is coming, but not alone? He? Who?s he? I looked up to see that the scene had changed, the scroll gone.
I was surrounded by darkness, and I saw cold blue eyes piercing through the shadows and a red band. I saw a flash of sympathy in them. Then the shadows drew back, and I stood at the edge of a cliff, fog everywhere with snow-capped mountains in the distance. I saw everyone in cages hanging over an abyss. Shifu wasn?t there, which worried me. Then the ground gave way, and I managed to grab a ledge. I made the mistake of looking down, which only poisoned me with fear. A huge hand all of a sudden grabbed my right hand, but I didn?t see the person. All I saw was a gold wristband. The hand let go and I fell farther and farther down, screaming the whole way. I saw sharp rocks at the bottom?
I yelled as I got up, accidentally letting out a wave of emerald fire that almost fried Jade. I found the back of my neck wet. That meant I was sweating, and my breathing was uneven.
3rd person POV
?Woah, you alright?? Jade asked.
?I?uh, yeah I?m. . . fine,? Ivy lied. Jade studied her.
?You?re lying?
?I?m fine, now get away from me before I hurt you? Ivy sounded scared.
?I felt the same way you did when I first got here. Believe it or not I couldn?t control my own strength. I was scared that I?d hurt someone?
?But you didn?t have crazy fire powers like I do where I could possibly incinerate anything if I wasn?t careful?
?Well no not really, but I was bit of what you?d call a wild wolf?
?How would you be wild??
?Well my instincts kind of took over me sometimes, and I couldn?t get that under control?
?. . . .Wow?
?Yeah, it was pretty crazy, but everyone tried their best to help me out, and now look at me? Ivy smiled. Then Jade?s ears pricked up.
?What?s wrong??
?Shh? Jade?s right ear twitched and she whipped around to see a black and red falcon perched on a branch. Ivy?s face drained of all color.


Date: 07/26/14 3:21 PM
From: skipper345

planning the next part...

Date: 07/19/14 1:15 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 4-part 1-Ivy?s POV
The next day I woke up refreshed and with no pain. I guess that acupuncture stuff really worked. I heard snoring in the room next to me, so I assumed that everyone was still sleeping. I mean, I always get up at 6 or 7 in the morning (like Rapunzel. . . .ha ha). I carefully fixed my bed and snuck out my room to walk around a bit. I wasn?t really hungry anyways. I went to the main hall and saw Shifu meditating in front of the pool under the Golden Dragon. I was heading outside when his ears pricked up. Not thinking anything of it I kept walking. Then from the corner of my left eye I saw Shifu turn around to face me. I turned to him in return.
?Oh, you?re up, good morning. The others are in the training hall waiting for you,? Shifu said.
?Um thanks,? I said. ?And uh, morning? He turned back around as I walked to the training hall. When I got there I pushed open the doors to see them already training. Crane was on the turtle bowl and looked up.
?Hey she?s here,? he announced. Tigress then fought her way to the left, flipped up, landed, and walked to me. I know she?s on the side of good, but the fact that she?s a tiger and she?s supposed to be a predator and she does Kung Fu or whatever it?s called still kind of makes me a bit uneasy.
?Morning,? Tigress said. ?Today you will train with me first, then Viper, and lastly Crane? She gestured to the first part of the course. ?This is where you?ll start? She then started to do the first part. ?You have to keep moving or you?re dead. That?s how it is in a real fight. Always be aware of your surroundings? As if to prove herself she whipped around and did a palm-strike at the flat part of the swinging claws, and she broke it. Then she landed on the other side, leaving me with my mouth gaping. Tigress placed her left paw on her hip and gestured for me to go with her right.
?Um, what you did is easier said than done. The closest I?ve come to combat is breaking up the town bully from pummeling someone else,? I said. Tigress stayed quiet. ?Ok, here we go? In the background I could hear Jade and Blood doing manual combat off to the side. I balanced on the rotating poles how you would in a log rolling contest (you know like the ones where the log keeps rolling until you fall into the water. Yeah I was never good at that).
?Behind you!? I whipped around to see a claw coming toward me but with spikes. I ducked under it and continued to do whatever I was doing. ?Good? I was actually doing surprisingly well for?
I was hit in the back of the head by a claw and I almost blacked out. I then struck to my left randomly and hit another one. Then one got the side of my head and I soared over the course and to the crocodiles. All of a sudden, my mind slowed everything down, and I blocked every hit and dodged every one of those poles. I felt my right palm heating up, and I thought it was just my nerves playing tricks on me.
Focus on everything around you. Open your mind, a voice in my head said, a voice I?ve never heard of before. I was half expecting the voice to be Oogway?s, but it wasn?t. Last time I checked the little voice in my head was not male. I then panicked a bit as my mind sped everything up. Wait no don?t do that! Oh would you look at that I?m reprimanding my brain. I was nailed in the gut by a lower pole and I dropped to my knees. I was then smacked in the back. Ok, THAT?S IT! I swung my right arm toward the croc and I sliced through it, with fire. I had no idea what I was doing, and I don?t even think I even had control over myself anymore. The symbol on my palm shimmered in the air as the lone little flames on the ground died down to emerald sparks. I trust my arms out to the side and set the whole part of the course on fire, the outlining of the flames being an emerald green. I felt the resistance holding my self-control back mentally fade away as I was surrounded by dying embers and emerald sparks. What did I do?!
?Oh my gosh. . . .,? I said. Jade and Blood were putting out the fire as everyone just stared at me, Crane and Mantis with their jaws dropped.
?How did you. . . .?? Monkey started.
?I?? I trailed off as the doors opened and Po walked in.
?Hey guys where?ve you?woah what happened?? Po said.
?I uh. . . .I?m, going to go? And with that I took off to who knows where.

Date: 07/14/14 12:54 PM
From: skipper345

Don't worry! I'm typing the next part as we speak.

Date: 07/13/14 4:48 AM
From: wolfjade28

Don't think u get off 2 easy- u still have another mission-
completing u're story- I happen to be enjoying this!


Date: 07/12/14 5:31 PM
From: skipper345

Next part coming soon...
I will, and glad I could help.