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~Oogway's Warrior:Book 2 of JADE~

Date: 04/13/14 5:23 PM
From: skipper345

Firstly, I'm going to have a quick ending summary for the last few chapters.(super sorry about this).
First off, Blood was injured and the wolves in his pack actually turned out to be controlled by Tai Lung (they all had gray eyes, so now they?re back to normal). Also, the old Alpha stayed in the pack (he chose to). Everyone who was under Tai Lung?s Dream Orb influence (including Jade) is now free, and Blood was carried off to be healed. The pack is now on Jade?s side. Here?s what happened after Blood?s injury:2 wolves came over to me and one of them knelt down and said, ?We can help him heal. . .? I looked up at him. What used to be dark gray eyes were now a pair of forest green eyes. He looked like the oldest wolf there, yet still young. ?We were wrong to listen to Tai Lung? The wolf stood up and bowed fist to palm style after putting his fist to his chest, the other wolves following him. ?We?re on your side now? I nodded and let the 2 wolves heal Blood. I sensed Tai lung behind me and I only looked to the side with my eyes.
?You fool! You?re all fools!? Tai Lung snarled. He scoffed. ?If you want something done right, you do it yourself!? Everything went in slow motion as he charged at me. I let my instincts guide me and I back flipped over his head. Time sped up as he swiftly turned around and threw a punch at me that I caught.
?Your time is up. . . . Tai Lung,? I spat.

Secondly, Tai Lung and Jade have a face off (the Final Battle has finally come!). I will type that soon. No one is going to participate in the fight between Tai Lung and Jade (it?s one of those duels where all you can do is watch the two people).

Thirdly, Jade wins the Final Battle and Tai lung is gone for good and the Dream orb is destroyed. She is accepted back into the Jade Palace and now lives there. Blood is ok and now him and Jade are together. Shifu remembers that there were 2 more stolen Dream Orbs. The first was the least powerful. The second is in the hands of a new enemy and the third is held by the boss of all the orbs. Now Jade and the gang have to figure out where the other 2 are so they can destroy them so they won?t cause anymore damage.
So yeah, hopefully you?re not confused. Mods please post this. It?s merely a synopsis.

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Date: 07/09/14 12:47 AM
From: wolfjade28

1-thanks for clearing up the questions. It really helped.
2- I have no idea if you got the memo from RTFACTS-in case you haven't yet,here goes....

Also, do not run with scissors, as it is a safety hazzard.


Date: 07/05/14 1:15 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 3-part 3(still 3rd person unless I say otherwise)
?Ok ow, ow, OW!? Ivy said. It was the late afternoon and Mantis and Viper were tending to her bruises and burns, Ivy slightly yelping every now and then. ?Is there a reason why you?re sticking NEEDLES into me like I?m a pincushion??
?It?s accupuncture,? Mantis said.
?Ok so I guess it?s a CHINESE thing??
?Yup. It?s also a bit easier since you don?t have fur?
?It?s a lot more PAINFUL though? Silence fell between them. ?Soooo how did I do? Horrible, yeah I know? A knock was heard and Tigress opened the door as Shifu came in. He nodded to Tigress, signaling for her to leave, and he turned to Mantis, Viper, and Ivy.
?I, was meaning to?? Shifu started, but stopped short when he saw the 3 of them.
?It?s a long story?
?I know. Tigress told me. Could the two of you excuse us for one moment?? Viper and Mantis bowed and left the room that happened to be Ivy?s room. ?Ahem, I was meaning to apologize for my actions. I did not mean to offend you?
?It?s ok really. I get used to it? Shifu was about to ask what she meant, but then realized it may be a sensitive topic and also the fact that she may have been talked down to where she was from. In the other room next to Ivy?s the boys (excluding Blood) were eavesdropping on the two of them in the lantern lit room.
?You . . . . shattered my new punching bag? Ivy winced slightly and rubbed the back of her neck.
?Yeah, sorry about that?
?You must?ve been really upset . . . . however there is the matter of your power?
?Yeah umm I have no idea how I did that so yeah?
?You have power within you?
?Heh, guess so. . . .? An awkward silence fell between them.
?Are they done?? Po asked.
?I don?t know, they stopped talking,? Mantis whispered. ?Wait shhh?
?Oogway had told me that the Furious Five, Po, and as well as myself will train you,? Shifu said.
?Train? Usually when you train there?s bad guy,? Ivy said.
?He never specified of any new evil. However there has been the searching of the second Dream Orb?
?Dream Orb??
?Blood and Jade will explain that to you as well as help you with any point the others may have missed?
?Training begins in the morning, and by then you should have recovered, judging by the fact that you still have needles on you?
?Oh right, I forgot to take them out,? Mantis whispered. Shifu turned to leave when his ears pricked.
?Yes. . . . Master Shifu,? Ivy said lowly but with respect. A small smile appeared on his face but it quickly vanished when he heard the wall ripping. The boys had leaned in too far and they fell on top of each other. ?Were you guys listening??
?Noooo not at all,? Mantis said, shoving Monkey off of him. Ivy put a hand on her hip.
?This is awkward,? Po said.
?Umm we will be leaving now? And with that the boys scrambled out (except Mantis since he had to finish the accupuncture).
?Po and the others will fix that for you,? Shifu responded. ?Good night?
?Good night Shifu,? Ivy said, and Shifu smiled a bit as he closed the doors.

Date: 06/30/14 1:35 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 3-part 2-3rd person POV
Ivy angrily wandered around the palace grounds away from people (or animals in her case). As she did she came across some big wooden double doors that intrigued her. She stormed up the stairs and shoved open the doors, and what was inside amazed her. Inside was a huge training course with swinging ?claws? and wavy poles, crocodile-looking poles where different sections could rotate, a green tortoise-like bowl, rings suspended from the ceiling, and a field of holes that did not look promising. Ivy then came across a brand new punching bag hanging by a long chain. A long time ago she used to hit things when she was younger, but then she stopped. Now that old habit came itching back. So Ivy marched over to the bag and started to ?fight? it. She thought about some boxing matches her best friend Courtney made her watch, but something pushed those thoughts aside to replace it with a new-found knowledge. So she hit the bag in a different way.
After about 20 minutes later Ivy was still punching the lights out of the bag, and the group was coming in for training when they stopped to see Ivy creaming the bag. As the bag was about to fall Ivy did a move she?s never done before?she hit the bag with her right palm and the marking on it showed up in the air in an emerald hue, forming a pulse, and she jumped up to do a bicycle kick (or the ?dragon whips tail? kick) with a yell. The bag shattered like glass as she landed like she was about to do a slide kick. The symbol was still seen in the air but it vanished. Ivy was breathing heavily as she stood up to see the group wide-eyed, even Tigress. Crane let his beak drop open.
?Uhhh,? Mantis uttered.
?Yeah,? Blood said. Crane nodded with a sound that sounded like ?aha?.
?Temper much?? Jade asked.
?Didn?t you have that issue?? Money asked.
?Not anymore?
?That was AWESOME!? Po said, startling Crane.
?You may have some great potential in you,? Viper said.
?Yeah, try telling that to Shifu,? Ivy spat. ?Thanks for the compliment though? She started to walk off when she ended up face planting into the first part of the training course.
?That?s not gonna end well,? Blood said.
?The déjà vu is just kicking in right now,? Mantis said. By now Ivy had passed the first 2 parts and was in the turtle.
?Hit your left, no your other left!? Viper called.
?WHAT?!? Ivy called. After that she was being creamed by the crocodiles, barely missing them. Then she stumbled onto the field of holes. ?I?should be good?.right??
?Keep moving!? Monkey and Po said.
?Why? They?re just a bunch of?? Ivy was cut off by a high-pitched noise. ?Oh no?

Date: 06/28/14 1:04 PM
From: skipper345

planning out the next part...

Date: 06/23/14 5:24 PM
From: skipper345

Tai Lung is gone for good now and this is after he was thought to be gone and this is a whole different thing. About the Dream Orbs--they're a completely different thing from the spirit orbs. There are 3 of them, and the person who has one of them can take control of their target's mind or multiple people all at once like mind control. The victim or victims' eyes turn a dark gray once the orb has taken full affect. The longer the beholder has the orb and the longer the person stays within their target?s mind, the more the beholder will be able to control that person. In the first book it's explained a bit more. And according to my story it was possible Tai Lung could have survived the Wuxi Finger Hold. I hope this helped.

Date: 06/14/14 12:57 AM
From: wolfjade28

im sorry, its not that the overalll story isbad. its pretty good in fact. time wise though, is this when tai lung was alive, or is it like what happened in "the spirit orbs of master ding"? even better, was it possible that he survived po's woshi finger hold? ive gotta know

Date: 06/13/14 1:29 PM
From: skipper345

planning the next part...

Date: 06/07/14 12:30 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 3-part 1 (still Shifu?s POV)
?What? This thing?s not gonna come off?!? Ivy exclaimed. She was clearly not happy about the mark.
?Did anyone else notice that the stone glowed when it was held in front Shifu?? Viper asked. Ivy picked up the stone.
?Yeah, I noticed,? Po and Crane said.
?It must mean something,? Tigress said.
?Maybe that stone wants us to leave,? Blood said crossing his arms and smirking. Jade elbowed his ribs, causing him to almost fall.
?No he?s right,? I said. ?If this stone was from Oogway then we must abide by it. Ivy you must stay. The rest of you are dismissed? The Furious Five, Po, Jade, and Blood bowed and left. Once they did the stone glowed again like a candle, Ivy being skeptical about it now. She took 2 steps forward and it glowed a bit brighter, so she walked, letting the stone guide her as I followed. The stone led us outside and up the stairs that lead to the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom. When we reached the top the stone was dull once more. I walked ahead of her when she stopped walking.
?I see you two are getting along well? I turned my head in the direction of the voice to see Oogway?s spirit there. Ivy and I exchanged looks.
?I had assumed the one was to be an animal,? I said. ?Not, er, a human?
?Excuse me?? Ivy said.
?I chose her kind for a reason,? Oogway said.
?I know, but-? I started.
?Do you think I?m not supposed to be here or something?? Ivy asked.
?Well, no I??
?You?re hinting it then, and you also bluntly said you expected an animal and not a human?
?I know I said that but??
?Why did I even bother coming here anyway? Why did I even pick up that stone in the first place?!? After she said that she stormed off, and I saw the mark glowing ever so faintly. Oogway shook his head at me. I opened my mouth to speak.
?I am shaking my head because I see that you need only time,? Oogway said.
?Strangely this is reminding me of how I first treated Po, except this time everyone likes the newcomer,? I said. (if what comes next doesn?t make sense to you sorry. I tried to make a wise teaching thing)
?Think of the peach. It?s one with its tree when it is fully grown. A time comes when it falls from the tree. Its seed, the conscience, thinks otherwise. It is planted of new reason and thinking, blossoms, and the tree is united with the fruit again. She will come at her own time, and as will you. She will blossom into a great warrior with help from the others? I sighed. His words always helped put the puzzle together.
?Thank you master? And with that he faded into the breeze.

Date: 06/02/14 2:01 PM
From: skipper345

thanks! that means a lot. I will post whenever I can.

Date: 05/31/14 1:03 PM
From: treine

Interesting!! It's funny how they are barely getting to meet a human who is extremely nice and kind!! Ivy is a bit mysterious, but awesome!! :D



Date: 05/31/14 11:43 AM
From: skipper345

next part is coming soon...

Date: 05/26/14 1:30 PM
From: skipper345

The group of animal warriors led me through the village and up a HUGE, and I mean huge staircase. There were probably about like a million steps. For about 30 minutes no one spoke, but Monkey kept eyeing me like he was trying to figure out something, like a puzzle. Finally, he broke the silence.
?What kind of clothes are those?? Monkey asked. I looked down at my outfit.
?Yeah I?ve never seen anything like it,? Crane said.
?This is kinda what we wear where I come from,? I replied.
?Which is where exactly, ?cause it seems to me like you just poofed here, or maybe you?re a traveler?? Po said.
?Well, I came from a place where animals don?t talk, I?m from Tennessee which is in America, and Oogway probably sent this stone to form a portal to here?
?Guess we have 2 Americans here,? Jade said. ?I came from New York?
?Really? Nice!?
?But the animals could talk?
?I don?t see how anyone can live around animals that can?t talk,? Mantis said.
?Well there are a few that do, but they?re kind of trained to do it. Or it?s just natural. Most of the time talking animals are considered fantasy,? I explained.
?So you?re like from another dimension,? Po said.
?Guess so?
?We?re here,? Tigress announced. We stopped in front of two giant double doors. Whoever built this place was a genius. She pushed open the doors to reveal a beautiful main hall made entirely out of jade. Majestic pillars supported the Palace, and there were relics along the walls. I marveled at the beauty of this place. This is like rich people territory. Po then seemed to have gotten an idea. Without warning he showed me to the closest artifact, and he seemed really excited about them.
?This is the Sword of Heroes,? Po explained. ?It?s said to be so sharp you could cut yourself just by looking at it?
?Really? That sharp huh?? I said. A bit exaggerated but ok, I thought. Po then walked to a huge suit of armor meant for a rhino.
?This, is Master Flying Rhino?s armor, and look it even has authentic battle damage? I have to admit, these things are pretty cool. I can see why he gets excited about them. After he showed me about every single relic there (my favorite was the painting of Master Oogway) Tigress called us over, everyone else already by a pool with a golden dragon above it. They were in front of her by the time we got there. Tigress bowed fist to palm style.
?Master Shifu, we have brought the one Oogway foretold,? she explained. ?We found her at Mr. Ping?s attempting to defend him? The others moved aside to reveal a red panda getting up and turning to face me. He looked up and we made eye contact, his eyes widening.
?You?are human?? he asked, sounding like he was shocked.
?At least he knows what I am,? I muttered under my breath.
Shifu?s POV
I had assumed she was to be an animal, not a human. Clearly there must be a mistake, but then again Oogway had always said that there were no accidents.
?Forgive me if I insult you,? Tigress said to the girl, and turned to me, ?but how did you know what she was??
?I have read about humans before,? Shifu said. ?I?ve read that they were great conquerors and went by the old ways. Is this still true?? The girl rubbed the back of her head.
?Umm, not, uhh really,? she said.
?What is your name??
?Ivy, Ivy Stone? I was beginning to process the event when my eyes caught a glowing light from Ivy?s pocket.
?W-why?s your pocket glowing? What?s in your pocket?? I asked, gesturing to it with my staff. She pulled out a glowing jade stone.
?Oogway gave it to me to help me?
?I see? The stone got brighter and brighter until we had to shield our eyes.
?Why is it glowing that bright?? Blood asked. I heard Ivy hiss as she dropped the stone. The light vanished, and when it did I saw a burn mark on her right palm. It looked as if it were beginning to heal, but I saw that this second mark would stay, and the stone left an indentation, one of a chi symbol faded behind a single peach blossom.
?Look at your hand!? Viper said. Ivy looked at her palm and looked as if she were about to scream.
?What the-how the-oh my-? Ivy stuttered. ?Is this gonna come off? I don?t remember any carvings on this stone?
?I?m afraid that mark will stay,? I said. ?That must?ve been a significant mark?

Date: 05/26/14 12:37 PM
From: skipper345

Just came back yesterday. The next part is coming up next!

Date: 05/16/14 3:37 PM
From: skipper345

@treine- thanks! that means a lot.

Attention readers,
I will not be able to post any parts next week because I will be on vacation. I will hopefully post some when I get back.


Date: 05/12/14 3:12 PM
From: treine

Well, it looks like your story is getting really interesting and that they've never met a human before!! This will be getting good!! I can't wait for this great experience!!



Date: 05/10/14 12:53 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter2-part2 (still Ivy?s POV unless I say otherwise)
I turned my head away from the corner and sighed inwardly. Ok, it?s bad enough to make a gorilla angry, but it?s even worse when they?re already angry, especially when it?s more than one. Helping him would be the right thing, but I may not live to see anything else afterwards?or get squashed flat to a pancake, I thought. After debating with myself (I?m not crazy) I eventually mustered up the courage to help the goose. I appeared in the doorway and stood my ground.
?Hey tough guys!? I yelled. They both turned and I saw that one of them, the taller one, had a scar on his left eye. I gulped mentally. ?You leave him alone!? The two looked at each other and laughed. Well, so far I?m still alive.
?Hah! What are you gonna do runt, or?whatever you are?? the shorter guy said.
?Let?s just get them both,? Scar Guy spat. As they reached for me I slipped past them and ran into the kitchen to grab a pan. ?Now that?s pathetic?
?At least I?m armed,? I justified. The short guy blinked.
?Hey she?s got a point,? Shorty said. Scar Guy whacked him on the back of the head. As they got ready to charge I readied myself while the goose was cowering behind the counter, but someone from behind the gorillas said,?Hey! Leave my dad and, that other person?thing alone!? The gorillas turned to see a panda backed by a tiger, crane, viper, monkey, a green dot which I think is a bug, and two wolves. The shorter one gulped.
?Uhh, we were just leaving,? Shorty said as leaned in toward Scar Guy. ?We?re outnumbered? Scar Guy huffed and shifted his position.
?We?ll be back,? he said, and they climbed over the walls and vanished.
?Wow, that was easy,? the panda said. ?I was expecting some huge fight, but I guess not. Ahem is everyone alright??
?Po!? the goose said behind me, who I?m guessing is Po?s dad-strange. Maybe Po?s adopted? ?I?m so happy you?re here!? He turned to me. ?And I should thank you for at least trying? I shrugged and smiled. I turned my attention to the group of animals and felt my pocket for the stone. I had put it away when I came to face the thugs.
?Umm hi. I?m looking for the Jade Palace. This tortoise named Oogway told me I?d find a certain group of animals here and I think you guys are it,? I said.
?She must be the one Oogway foretold,? the viper said. Ok, so apparently these guys have been waiting for me to come around?cool, but weird.
?What?s your name?? the female wolf asked.
?Ivy, Ivy Stone,? I said.
?Oh, ok. This is Po, Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Crane, Mantis, and Blood. I?m Jade? Huh, five names are self explanatory except for three?this is gonna be interesting.
?Nice to meet you all?
?We should probably bring her to Master Shifu,? Blood said.
?Good idea,? Mantis said, and he turned to me (he was on Monkey?s shoulder). ?Shifu?s the master of the Palace?
?Oh,? I said. Now I?m feeling nervous.

3rd person POV
Far away from the Valley of Peace are a range of mountains, where a secret society lay hidden from all of China. The two gorilla thugs who were at the noodle shop waited by tall Oakwood double doors lined with gold and bronze. All of a sudden the doors creaked open inwardly, announcing that they could enter the dark throne room. When the doors stopped they walked into the torch lit room, the flames gold. The walls? paint wasn?t visible, but it was sure they were a dull gray with hints of ancient gold Chinese characters written all over them, as if the walls were a giant canvas. The tiles were silver and the pillars were gold and bronze. The gorillas stopped in front of a shadowed throne that was the deepest red and the lining was a deep bronze. The two bowed and looked at the shadow, a steely gold eye the only thing visible.
?What is it now?? boomed a deep voice.
?We thought you?d like to know that a strange being has arrived in the Valley of Peace,? Scar said.
?Is it a leopard? Any foreign animals??
?The thing is, it?s not an animal. In fact we don?t even know what it is? A figure shifted on the throne.
?Tell me what this, creature, looked like?
?Well, it has no fur except on the head, it was a girl, it had weird clothes, bright jade eyes, and dark brown auburn hair? The figure let out a deep chuckle.
?Another human huh??
?So that?s what they are,? Shorty said. Scar slapped the back of Shorty?s head.
?Forgive him,? Scar said. ?What do you wish for us to do?? The figure rose from the throne, the shadows still obscuring the being from view.
?I will take care of it? Scar was about to speak when he bowed.
?Of course sir?


Date: 05/10/14 11:46 AM
From: skipper345

thanks! That means a lot!

Date: 05/05/14 2:21 PM
From: skipper345

Chapter 2-part 1
?Oh well would you look at that,? Ivy said sarcastically. ?I?m now Alice falling down a rabbit hole. Where?s the rabbit?? As she fell deeper and deeper into the vortex everything seemed to reverse back in time. An Phone floated by her ringing and then a telegraph, which was in great condition. Then, everything started to slow down and freeze in time, including Ivy. Peach blossoms swirled around to form a ghostly figure of a tortoise as she remained suspended in the air.
?Greetings young warrior,? it said.
?Umm, you?re a talking tortoise, and they?re not supposed to talk,? Ivy said. ?And ?warrior?? I?m not a warrior?
?There will be many animals like myself?
?Seriously? This has to be joke or something?
?No young one. This is all reality. Forgive me, for I have not introduced myself. I am Master Oogway, the one who left you that stone you have in your pocket?
Ivy?s POV
?Stone? I don?t have a-? As I felt for the stone I touched a bump in my pocket and pulled it out. Weird, I could?ve sworn it burst into a bright light and vanished from existence.
?That special stone will guide you to a group of other brave warriors I want you to meet. They reside in the Jade Palace? Then the wind began to pick up (how is there wind down here?!). ?My time is short. I wish you luck on the path destiny has laid out for you? As Oogway said those last words and faded away, everything began to speed up, and when everything sped up, I saw a flash of a bluish white light and I landed on solid ground with a thud, landing on my back. I groaned and rubbed my lower back as I sat up.
?Well that was abrupt,? I said to myself. During the rabbit hole incident my hair got loose and was now in knots. I combed my hair with my fingers and sat up, dusting off my dark blue jeans and aqua tank top. I took a look at my surroundings-trees I don?t know what kind they are, odd little houses, and noises I never heard of. I took another look at the houses in the distance. They kinda look like. . . wait. Am I, in ANCIENT CHINA?! How in the world did I go back in-
My eyes caught a flash of a jade light a few feet away from where I landed. I walked over to it and picked it up. When I had it out in front of me it glowed a bit brighter. Curious, I pulled my right arm in and it dimmed. I outstretched my arm and it got brighter. Amused by this I repeated this for several times before deciding to walk forward, the stone acting as a compass and flickering like a candle as if a tiny little ball of light was inside.
After about a 5-hour walk I finally found civilization. A sign in Chinese and English (thankfully) said ?Valley of Peace? and the stone just flickered out. Looking out ahead of me I decided that the name was suitable. I crossed a bridge and entered a town. Everywhere I looked were geese, bunnies, pigs, and the occasional goat, all talking. This is gonna take some getting used to, I thought. As I walked by I saw from the corner of my eye young bunnies looking at me with awe with other animals whispering into their neighbor?s ear. They act like they?ve never seen a human before.
?I?m givin? you one last warning goose!? a gruff voice threatened. I walked by a noodle shop, saw 2 huge gorillas threatening an old goose, and pressed myself against a wall and peeked behind a blind corner.

Date: 05/05/14 2:06 PM
From: treine

Nice story, and I read it!!



Date: 04/29/14 12:47 PM
From: skipper345

@readers who read First Book
u still there?