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Indianna Rox and the Penguinie Shrine

Date: 07/16/13 6:14 PM
From: bullgal

chap 1
* * means thinking
Soffie:im not going.
Roxy:you have to Sof!Your family isnt all that bad!
Soffie(bored expression):My dad abandoned me,joined Miss Blowhole and tried to (air quotes) get rid of me forever(stops air quoting)
Roxy:well your Aunt Gertrude gave you that cruise boat!
Soffie:yeah,but SHE might be the only one who gives a rotten fish about me!
Roxy(starts pushing Soffie out the door):YOU ARE GOING!!!*locks door behind her
Soffie: -_-
Aunt Gertrude(sees Soffie):Soffia!!!My darling!*gives Soffie a hug*
Soffie:Hey Aunt Gertrude...
AG(Aunt Gertrude):let me guess: You dont want to come because you think youre dad's here.
AG:Well guess what.He ain't here!Also I want you to meet someone.Well somepeople.(3 penguin kids jump onto Soffie and knock her down)
AG:Thats AJ,DeDe and Duncan.Theyre my kids!
Soffie:I have cousins?!
AG:more like fans!!
Soffie:I have fans?!*IN YOUR FACE ROXY!*
AJ:Youve probably found the Penguinie Shrine!
Soffie:The what?
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Date: 03/27/14 9:12 PM
From: davisj8

:-p :-p :-p

Date: 03/24/14 9:17 AM
From: bullgal

Post a chap to go along with mine PLEEEEEASE!?!

Date: 03/17/14 9:30 PM
From: bullgal


Date: 03/12/14 6:33 PM
From: bullgal

Darthy,your chap didn't go with mine,could you make one that goes with mine?

Date: 03/11/14 4:19 PM
From: Darthskipr

Right! Sorry. Here we go.
[Mrs. B drags Roxy into the next chamber]

Rx: Ow, watch the fringe, will ya, lady?!

MrsB: Silence, Tomboy!

Rx: Quit calling me that! I'm totally feminine!

MrsB: Says the one that engages in burping contests with her roommates.

Rx: Hey, that wasn't my doing! My honor was challenged! It was totally worth it to send Rico running for his money.

MrsB: *Scoffs* revolting.

Rx: You try living with four guys that do nothing but eat, sleep, punch stuff, and belch!

MrsB: Point taken. [Looks around] How about we play a little game?

Rx: Ooh, what kind of game? Scrabble? Checkers? Trigonomitry? Backgammon?

MrsB: Noooo, it's called, "You go first through the dangerous and potentially deadly boobytraps, while I stand back and watch.

Rx: Oh, you mean like temple-trap fodder?

MrsB: Exactly! Good girl, now run along, before I destroy you.

Rx: *Sigh* Man, being trap fodder womps. [walks forward with her head leaning forward unhappily]


Date: 03/09/14 9:41 PM
From: bullgal

We needs new chap Darthy....

Date: 03/02/14 9:34 PM
From: bullgal

Soffie:grr...*jumps at Miss Blowhole but Antonio holds her back*
Crab1:Everything is so shiny in here!*sees statue of himself*Most...not...grab...
Miss Blowhole:UGH you fools!None of this treasure will get to me!*sees a golden diabolical weapon of toture*MINE!*jumps at it but the team of crabs hold her back*
Sk:*attempts not to laugh*
Soffie:*a random golden lightbulb appears above her head then drops to the ground*We'll go ahead so if anything jumps out,we'll get hurt!
AN:WHAT?!My amor,what the heck are you doing?!
Soffie*whispers to him*:I have a plan,and what does amor mean?
AN:*looks away and blushes*
*later when they get to the end*
Soffie:*takes a gold nugget and runs toward the entrance*
*the temple starts to crumple and the gang gets out but Miss Blowhole,the crabs and Soffie are nowhere to be found*

Date: 03/02/14 11:24 AM
From: Darthskipr

(They all stare in awe)

Rx: *low whistle* Wizard loot!

Ml: How did all this stuff get here?

An: Be careful, amigos. This is the first test of many to get to the main chamber. Whatever you do, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING.

KJ: But it's so SHINY!

[Voice]: And all mine!

[They turn around and gasp]

Rx: *Gasp* It's Skipper's dentist!

Sf: No, it's Blowhole!

Rx: *Gasp* Even worse!

MsB: Don't let us interrupt. Boys, sieze the girl!

[A team of giant crabs snatches Roxy and returns back to their master]

Rx: Hey! Hands off! I've got a snide attidude, and I'm not afraid to use it!

Ml: Well, at least I'm not the convenient damsel in distress FOR ONCE!

Rx: Not cool, Mar!

MsB: Keep moving, or the attention-deficit tomboy gets it!

Rx: Let me go!---- Wait... Tomboy?!

S: You won't get away with this, you madwoman of villany!

MsB: We shall see. MWAHAHAHAHA!

[They continue along the path while Roxy struggles]

Rx: I am NOT a Tomboy! I'm the most feminine person ever! Now let me go!


Date: 02/28/14 11:58 PM
From: bullgal

Happy B-Day to my lil sis Aubrey!

Date: 02/05/14 8:58 PM
From: bullgal

Hey Darphy!Its ur turn to post!

Date: 02/03/14 9:43 PM
From: bullgal

Heres the chappie
Suddenly a male penguin with a Mexican accent and shaggy bangs that hang down in his face jumps down in front of them just as they are about to enter the cave.
Sf:Antonio?Is that you?
Antonio:Soffie?I can't believe it!*they hug*
Sf:Guys,this is my friend Antonio from the time I was sent to the base in Me-he-co!
S*turning green with envy*:How good a friend...?
Sf:Does it matter?
S:What?Of course not!
Ml:Its good to meet you Antonio!We're going to go to the Penguinie Shrine!
AN(Antonio):What?!Are you out of your minds?!
(Roxy and soffie exchange a look)
AN:You two don't answer that.But it could be dangerous!
Sf:Would you calm down if I let you come with us?
SF:then let's go!
*they go into the entrance and into a room of glittering jewls and gold...*

Date: 02/03/14 3:56 PM
From: Darthskipr

[Later, at a nearby convenience store]

Rx: Aw, what?! They're out of cherry! now all that's left is this cola-flavored garbage! [kicks the shushie maker, then jumps back and cradles her foot in pain] *Sharp inhale* Ahhh......

Ml: At least the lattes are good..... *sips, then cringes* I stand corrected....

S: Focus, people! We've had our potty break in this conveniently-located gas station, now we need to find the entrance to the Shrine.

KJ: You mean like that one over there? [Points out the window]

Sf: Why didn't you tell us that earlier?!?!

KJ: You didn't ask! I am not a reader of minds, people!

Rx: C'mon, let's get out of here before they realize I didn't pay for these beverages.

S: You wh-

Rx: Vaminos, let's go! [rushes out of the store] *Begins to sing* On the traaaaaiiiillll we blaaaaaaze!!!!

others: NO!

Rx: Alright, fine. *hums "happy trails" quietly to herself*

[They walk into the dark, abandoned cave entrance]


Date: 01/30/14 7:51 PM
From: bullgal

Hey Darphy?You wanna,like,POST ALREADY?

Date: 12/25/13 1:16 PM
From: bullgal

I HAD AN IDEA BUT I LOST IT!STUPID WRITERS BLOCK!*hits ? block and a huge mushroom comes out and lands on me.*
Me:*muffled*I never did like mushrooms...

Date: 12/16/13 4:33 PM
From: Darthskipr

No problem; it's tough sometimes! I'll get another chapter going, while you try to get through that block.

Rx: I've got an idea! [takes out a rocket launcher and aims it at the block] *waits, then looks into the barrel* Dangit! I'm out of ammo! [tosses it aside and walks towards the door] I'm going to Walmart.

Self: To get ammo?
Rx: No, I'm hungry for some deli. Want some?
Self: Nah.
Rx: Suit yourself... [exits]

Sometimes when I have writer's block, it helps to walk away from it for a while; you can't force creativity! TV and video games usually help, too.



Date: 12/15/13 12:27 PM
From: bullgal

Soffie:Why is it you always add an "s" to the end of your sentences?
ME:Honestly I has no idea,I think it has something to do with being crazys.Anyway I have total writers block(camera backs out to show a huge ? block in front of me)So i need you to post yet ANOTHER chap till i get more ideas for this post.I'm so sorry!!

Date: 11/30/13 11:59 AM
From: Darthskipr

-Meanwhile, in the deep, dark lair of the Blowhole-

Voice: Mistress, we have disabled their aircraft.

MsB: [from behind a large chair] And?

Voice: Well... they seemed to have survived.

MrsB: Unfortunate.... But luckily, this fits right into my diabolical plan.

Voice: Mistress.....?

MrsB: I'll spare you the details, Corporal. You need know only that with our "little friends" searching for the shrine, they're actually leading us right to it!

Crprl: How so?

MrsB: We shall see soon enough. But for now, let us sit back and enjoy the show. [Laughs maniacally]


MrsB: Stop that! Only I am allowed to do the evil laugh!

Crprl: *clears throat* Sorry, Madam.

Mrsb: Now, where was I? Oh yes! [chuckles evilly to herself]


Date: 11/16/13 4:35 PM
From: bullgal

write a second one

Date: 11/14/13 2:51 PM
From: Darthskipr

@bullgal- Do you mean a 2nd one or the one I posted on the 10th? It's king of confusing when it takes time for posts to show up.

Just in case, I'll get to writing a 2nd one.



Date: 11/13/13 6:37 PM
From: bullgal

post another chap pls!