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Indianna Rox and the Penguinie Shrine

Date: 07/16/13 6:14 PM
From: bullgal

chap 1
* * means thinking
Soffie:im not going.
Roxy:you have to Sof!Your family isnt all that bad!
Soffie(bored expression):My dad abandoned me,joined Miss Blowhole and tried to (air quotes) get rid of me forever(stops air quoting)
Roxy:well your Aunt Gertrude gave you that cruise boat!
Soffie:yeah,but SHE might be the only one who gives a rotten fish about me!
Roxy(starts pushing Soffie out the door):YOU ARE GOING!!!*locks door behind her
Soffie: -_-
Aunt Gertrude(sees Soffie):Soffia!!!My darling!*gives Soffie a hug*
Soffie:Hey Aunt Gertrude...
AG(Aunt Gertrude):let me guess: You dont want to come because you think youre dad's here.
AG:Well guess what.He ain't here!Also I want you to meet someone.Well somepeople.(3 penguin kids jump onto Soffie and knock her down)
AG:Thats AJ,DeDe and Duncan.Theyre my kids!
Soffie:I have cousins?!
AG:more like fans!!
Soffie:I have fans?!*IN YOUR FACE ROXY!*
AJ:Youve probably found the Penguinie Shrine!
Soffie:The what?
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Date: 11/11/13 11:12 AM
From: bullgal

hurry up with the chapter,please!No offense though,
Soffie:pretty please!
Me:Soffie,no one says pretty please any more...
Me:*picks up a phone and dials the mental hospital*

Date: 11/10/13 7:28 PM
From: Darthskipr

Rx: [throws arms up] What is it with all these different versions of Blowhole?! I mean, what, did they suddenly start cloning themselves because they don't have any friends?

Ml: There's not that many different Blowholes, Roxy.

Rx: Still, we need more diversity in our villains. *Gasp* I know! A hacker mole with laser-eyes seeking vengeance on the surface world! I'll call him "The Underminer!"

Sf: Uh, Roxy--

Rx: Or maybe a ferret cat-burglar who uses a high-tech staff to get around: "Night-tail!" Oh man, I gotta write these down! [takes out a notepad and starts scribbling down the names]

S: Uh, yeah... We should get moving to civilization while Roxy works on her "fanfiction".

[They all start walking westward, Roxy following]

Rx: Ooh! Ooh! A gorilla mob boss who just wants to be loved: "Banana-rama!"

Sf: Those names are terrible!



Date: 10/31/13 3:19 PM
From: Darthskipr

Yeah, looks good! A little short, but it's well done.

So I guess I'll do the next one (took me about a week to realize that... der! ;x)



Date: 10/21/13 4:46 PM
From: bullgal

Soffie:Wrong.Think about it.
*Everyone hears blowholes laugh but more girlish*
Skipper:I KNOW!DERF!*Soffie faceflippers*
Soffie:Its Miss Blowhole,genius!
Skipper:Oh.I knew that!
Roxy:Sure you did Skippy.
Soffie:Well lets get a move on before these 2 strangle each other...
Soffie:In your dreams!*Punches him out of the way and runs into the dense swamp forest*
(Is this good?Im planning for a new OC of mine to join the crew)

Date: 10/20/13 3:32 PM
From: Darthskipr

[JAKE crashes into a rough, sandy terrain below and skids to a halt; Skipper and the others crawl out slowly, cartoon-singed slightly]

S: Ugh... Survivor roll call; Soffie? Ringtail? Marlene?

Sf: Here...

KJ: [groans] President.

Ml: [weakly] Here...

S: Roxy? Roxy.....?

Rx: [dazedly stumbles out from the car, singing] Falling from Cloud niiiine.....

Ml: [smacks her across the face] She's fine.

Rx: [rubs her cheek] Thanks. [looks around] Well, I guess we're in Mexico... that, or we're in that reoccurring dream I had where the ocean's tired of being on the ground and goes up into the sky and all the fish thinks he's a jerk for it. [notices the others staring] But I digress.

S: How's the car?

Sf: [places a flipper on the hood, and recoils with a yelp] Well, the main engine's fried, so it looks like JAKE's not going anywhere for a while.

Rx: [pats the side-view mirror] Don't you worry, JAKE. I will avenge you! [Looks up into the sky] AVEEEENGE YOOOUUU! [squints] Wait, what's that?

[Everyone else looks up to find a dolphin-shaped aircraft fleeing the scene and speeding away]

Sf: [scornfully] I think I have a pretty good idea....


Date: 10/15/13 8:27 PM
From: bullgal

NICKFrog-I try to log in and the thing looks like its loading but it doesn't ever load and sit there for like an hour before I finnaly give up.

[Note from NICKFrog]



Date: 10/10/13 3:13 PM
From: Darthskipr

@bullgal- Strange... I sometimes go through a similar glitch where it looks like I'm logged on, but when I try to upload a post, it says I'm not. Maybe that's your case? If it is, you should try going to the Nick homepage and then logging on, then try again. If not, there might be a board that you can go to that has the answer you're looking for.

In the meantime, I'll keep the story going, don't you worry! New chapter coming up!



Date: 10/08/13 6:14 PM
From: soboreed

Psst!Its me bullgal!
Darphy can you make another chapter?
Hey NICKFrog, can you tell me why sometimes the website don't let me log in?

[Note from NICKFrog]

I don't know.. what happens during those times?


Date: 09/27/13 4:44 PM
From: bullgal

Im the only one who got that "I love to singa" joke.Looks like im not the only one who watches Loony Tunes cartoons!!

Date: 09/22/13 9:42 PM
From: winxpomcp

lol wut?



Date: 09/22/13 2:52 PM
From: 7GaGa

I didn't understand a word in that last chapter...
But I was laughing the whole time! That was so funny! .

Date: 09/20/13 3:18 PM
From: Darthskipr

Sorry about the delay, here you go!

PS: I'm not sure about AW8S at this point; I may continue, or hold off until I can indefinitely post it. We'll see!
-En route to Mexico on JAKE-

Ml: [in cage] Hey, wait a minute, I don't go feral anymo--

Rx: [singing to the radio in the passenger's seat] There's a place in town, where the freaks all gather 'round!

S: [in driver's seat] *Groans* [changes the channel]

Rx: [sings to the next song] Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...

S: What?! [changes the channel again]

Rx: [still singing in sync] This girl is on fiiirrrre!

S: How is that possible?! [rapidly changes the channel]

Rx: [singing still] I'm blue, da-ba-dee da-ba-die!---You belong with meeee---Drop it low, Dro-Drop it low!---Crank that soulja boy!---Nothing I can say, total eclipse of the heaaarrrt...

S: [sits back, winded] How in the...

Rx: *shrugs* I like to sing... [eyes widen] about the moon and the June and the Spring-uh, I love to sing-uh, About a sky that's blue, or a tea for two...

S: [Slams head on the wheel] Sweet merciful heavens, just take me now!

[Suddenly, JAKE's hull gets shot by a flashing beam!]

Sf: What's going on?!

Rx: [looks at the front panel] Oh boy, something, or someone, just breached JAKE's engine shields! We're going down!

S: I didn't mean take *ALL* of us!

[They scream as they plummet to the swampy terrian below]


Date: 09/15/13 10:07 AM
From: 7GaGa

@bullgal- I can't really describe it. But maybe they should remember that she can leave without going wild as soon as they get out. Of course, that's up to Darthskipr. Believe me, though; you'll be glad you overcame your laziness to watch the episode.

Date: 09/09/13 5:37 PM
From: bullgal

Gaga-tell me about littlefoot pls!Im too lazy to watch the video

Date: 09/08/13 12:14 PM
From: 7GaGa

I love this so far, guys! But you know that Marlene can leave the zoo as of the episode "Littlefoot", right? If you've never seen it, it's on now.

Darthskipr, they took "Around the World in 80 Songs" off the boards again! Are you gonna re-post it?


Date: 09/06/13 4:07 PM
From: Darthskipr

Oh, right. On it!

Date: 09/05/13 4:55 PM
From: bullgal

darphskpr-ur turn

Date: 08/24/13 10:04 AM
From: bullgal

heh heh good job darphy!my turn!
chapter something
Everyone's about to leave when Marlene pops up
Mar:Hey guys!Where you going?
Soffie:oh only to a lost city to look for acient treasure and to go through tests that roxy over here wont even come CLOSE to passing!(sarcasm)Nothing to it!(more sarcasm)
KJ:shes so cute when shes being sarcastic...
Roxy:oh i didnt say anything!
KJ:I was talking to Soffie!
Mar:Can I come?
Soffie:sure but youll have to hop in this cage cuz the adventure is outside the zoo and i dont need you going ferral*pushes a cage toward her*
Mar:fine.*gets in cage*
KJ:now i can work on my tan!
Skipper:You have a tan?
Soffie enough talk!TO THE AIRPORT!
*they run and leave marlene in the cage,then a minute later Soffie comes back and drags marlene with them*

Date: 08/18/13 3:07 PM
From: Darthskipr

Rx: Hey KJ, we're going on a half-baked Quest for a Treasure that may or may not even exist and hardly any of us are prepared for! Wanna come with?

KJ: Oh, yes! Anything to be with the fluffy-feathered she goddess over here!

Rx: [flattered] Oh, Julien, you tease!

Sf: Uh, I think he was referring to me again.

Rx [Flatly]: Oh. Right. [thinks for a second, then leans over the concrete platform] Hey, Prives, can you come, too?

P: [hops out of the water] Oh, sorry Rox, but the Lunicorns marathon is going to be on the telly until next Tuesday for the world premiere of "Poise is Magic"!

Rx [conflicted]: Ugh, search for ancient riches,or cute boy in front of a TV for a week...? [pauses] Wait, did you say "Lunicorns" marathon?

[Private nods]

Rx: Oh. In that case, see you next week! [watches him dive in the water again] *sigh* Why did I have to fall in love with a Broney....?

K [entering through the fish bowl] Sorry, everyone, but I'm busy preparing a scientific serenade for Doris.

Rx: Yeah, I REALLY don't care, Kowalski.

K: [whimpers] Fine! [slams the door]

Rx: [facepalm]


Date: 08/11/13 1:10 PM
From: Darthskipr

Woot! I'm on it!