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Ideas for the penguins of madagascar or like episodes

Date: 10/11/13 9:53 PM
From: Rico519

king julien and alex have a dance off
king julien and skipper have a comedy competition
the penguins have a to do list for the day
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Date: 01/20/14 1:58 PM
From: Rico519

King Julien: Uh, snacks, drinks, party decorations, music, candy and lots of food and I order you to get them
Maurice: I'm gonna need a little help carrying all the stuff
King Julien: Then ask Mort or the penguins to go with you
Maurice: Doesn't Mort always get into trouble or mess up whenever he goes somewhere?
King Julien: Then ask the penguins!
Maurice goes to find the penguins. He enters their habitat!
Maurice: Penguins?
The penguins are seen playing a card game
Skipper: Maurice, what's up?
Maurice: I need some help getting party supplies
Skipper: Well, I suppose! We have to get it done by tonight. Let's go men!
The penguins and Maurice leave to go shopping
Part 3- The Snackitorium

Date: 01/20/14 1:29 PM
From: Rico519

Later, the lemurs are done with King Julien's costume and he looks like a real king
Maurice: Phew! All done, what do you think?
King Julien looks in a mirror
King Julien (gasp) I look Fabulous! Just like a real king! Well done, Maurice!
Maurice: Thank you!
King Julien: Now I can rub this in all the zoo animal's faces and get nearly almost all the candy I deserve
Maurice: Nearly almost all the candy?
King Julien: Well, of course!
Maurice: What ever happened to sharing?
King Julien: Eh, I do not mostly share anything
Maurice: Uh, then the animals will just think you're being rude
King Julien: I am not rude, I just don't share! Anyway, we have to continue planning for tonight, so hop to the ideas
Maurice gets out his clipboard and starts to write
Maurice: Ok, what do we need?

Date: 01/20/14 1:13 PM
From: Rico519

Part 2- The Lemur's Habitat:
King Julien: I'll show the penguins who's boss. I shall have the best costume to prove it. Maurice, make me the best costume in all of Halloween
Maurice: Yes, your majesty! What shall you desire?
King Julien: Make me the best king I can be

Date: 01/20/14 1:06 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper: No, I still don't trust you!
Kowalski: Awwwwwww!
Private: Why not let him give it a try?
Skipper: You know what Kowalski does with inventions. They go wrong!
Private: King Julien did sound serious about scoring candy tonight
Skipper: That's just his opinion! We'll have Rico make the best costumes or by say regurgitate. Rico!
Rico jumps down from the bed and regurgitates costumes. Skipper is seen dressed like a commander officer and he looks in the mirror
Skipper: Excellente Rico! Now try Private!
Rico regurgitates a happy pumpkin for Private and Skipper hands him the mirror
Private: Hmmmm, not bad!
Rico regurgitates and Einstein costume for Kowalski
Skipper: Nice job, Rico! Now could you put these back until later?
Rico eats the costumes back up

Date: 01/20/14 12:56 PM
From: Rico519

Moments later, the penguins awaken. Kowalski is excited, jumps down from his bed and runs to his lab
Skipper: Kowalski, what's the hubbub?
Kowalski runs out with an object behind his back
Kowalski: I've invented something handy for Halloween
he brings out the invention from behind his back
Kowalski: Behold, my latest invention! The Monster Maker!
Private: Monster Maker? That sounds horrible and evil
Kowalski: Nonsense Private, its just a costume maker
Skipper: Than why not call it a costume maker?
Kowalski: Well, its Halloween and it calls for monsters, scary stuff and costumes. Tonight, we are going to score with tons of candy and the best costumes
Skipper: Kowalski, before you use that thing, doesn't it malfunction, make us evil?
Kowalski: No!
Skipper: I don't trust you with this thing. We can just go our own way with Halloween
Kowalski: Don't you wanna score candy, have the best costume and show everyone who's boss?
Skipper thinks

Date: 01/19/14 11:52 PM
From: Rico519

and kicks King Julien out
King Julien: You do not kick me out either. Penguins? Penguins?
King Julien is seen knocking on the fish dish entrance
King Julien: Are you hearing me? Hello? Fine, suit yourselves, I'll just go back to my kingdom and start planning for Halloween
King Julien leaves

Date: 01/19/14 11:31 PM
From: Rico519

Monsters vs Penguins:

Part 1- Penguins Habitat:

The penguins are in their habitat, sleeping. King Julien comes in

King Julien: Hello silly birds!
Skipper growls and turns away
King Julien: Guess what day it is!
The penguins are silent
King Julien: Aw come on, you know!
Skipper: Ringtail, can't you see we're sleeping here?
King Julien: Alright, I'll tell you! Its Halloween! Ha, ha! And you know what that means. I get nearly almost all the candy you can offer and you get some
Skipper: Whatever Ringtail! Now please let us sleep!
King Julien: First of all, you do not say " whatever " to a king. That's being rude! Second, you know I deserve nearly almost all the candy
Skipper: Rico, please show Ringtail the way out!
Rico gets down from his bed


Date: 01/19/14 12:51 PM
From: terrafirma

How about an episode were Private has to fight his evil brother but becomes evil in the process and becomes the new enemy to the penguins and his brother has to help them fight him

Date: 01/11/14 8:40 PM
From: Rico519

here's another idea:

64. new adventures


Date: 01/09/14 10:44 PM
From: Rico519

I have to redo Monsters v.s. Penguins

Date: 01/04/14 12:51 AM
From: Rico519

sorry, Skipper meant to say little taste of sweet justice

Date: 12/31/13 6:14 PM
From: Rico519

sorry, Skipper meant to some kind of a ligthshow

Date: 12/30/13 10:21 PM
From: Rico519

sorry, redo part 4 again a little

Hypnotic Lightshow!
Skipper: Hypnotic? Don't look boys!
Dr. Blowhole activates the lightshow and it appears above from the ceiling. The lights spin around
Skipper: You're not fooling us, Blowhole
Dr. Blowhole: You peng-uins keep beating me and since I can't beat you, you'll join me permanently
Skipper: What?
The other penguins silent gasp. Dr. Blowhole laughs evilly and then, the penguin are in a trance


Date: 12/29/13 1:25 PM
From: Rico519

Private: Are we going to finish this list, Skipper?
Skipper thinks
Skipper: Ehhhh......., what the heck? Second on the list, we're low on fish. We should just take Blowhole's fish
Rico is happy about it and the penguins fo find the fish. Skipper checks off fish off the list
Skipper: Last, but not least, keep and eye out for an enemy, which was already done and it was Blowhole
Skipper checks off the last thing of the list
Skipper: Let's head back to the zoo and apologize for the mess we made
Private: Aren't they going to be grudgy?
Skipper: I'm sure no hard feelings, Private
The penguins head back to the zoo

The End!


Date: 12/29/13 12:10 PM
From: Rico519

Before we got here, we didn't receive our fish yet, attached to the wall, Blowhole meantioned revenge or an assignment? Sweet mother dirt ballls and worms, I remember he said something about revenge and a lightshow, then the next thing we knew, we couldn't remember what happened
Private: Oh dear! So now what?
Skipper: We give Blowhole a taste of his own medicine
The penguins go find Dr. Blowhole
Skipper: Hey Blowhole!
Dr. Blowhole: Aren't you all supposed to be working?
Skipper: First, we gotta talk!
Dr. Blowhole: What about? Make it quick!
Skipper: My boys and I have the strangest feeling we can't remember what happened after you set up a lightshow
Dr. Blowhole: What are you talking about?
Skipper: Don't play dumb, Blowhole-wy!
Dr. Blowhole: What did you call me?
Skipper: Action Time boys!
The penguins spring into action and attack Dr. Blowhole

Date: 12/28/13 2:23 PM
From: Rico519

Kowalski: Apparently, this is a case of a mystery. Empty of memory and neither of us knows what happened.
Skipper: Its all coming back to me

Date: 12/28/13 1:41 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper: Private, let's forget about that to-do list
Private: I can't, Skipper! We didn't do everything on the list. Isn't it strange to you guys?
Kowalski: It was strange since this morning, we were expecting fish from a truck, but we didn't receive it yet and then we were found here......attached to a mechanical wall and Dr. Blowhole said something about revenge or ordering an assignment?
Skipper thinks
Skipper: Come to think of it, that does make sense. Kowalski, analysis!

Date: 12/28/13 1:21 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper thinks
Skipper: You know what? I do remember that and something tells me we haven't gotten our fish yet or kept an eye out for an enemy
Skipper goes back to thinking
Skipper: Aw well, let's head back to Dr. Blowhole's hideout
the penguins head back to Dr. Blowhole's hideout

Part 6- Dr. Blowhole's Secret Hideout:

the penguins arrive at Dr. Blowhole's hideout
Private: Dr. Blowhole, sir! We did what you asked for
Dr. Blowhole: Excellent!
Private: But, there is one thing. We have this to-do list and we are confused, but we didn't finish everything on it
Dr. Blowhole: A to-do list you say?
Skipper: Its right here!
Dr. Blowhole: Let me see that!
Dr. Blowhole snatches the list from Skipper and reads it
Dr. Blowhole: Whatever it is! I want nothing to do with it
Dr. Blowhole throws the list on the floor
Dr. Blowhole: As my next command, you peng-uins get to work
Dr. Blowhole scoots away
Private picks up the list


Date: 12/28/13 12:51 PM
From: Rico519

and pulls out the list
Skipper: Huh!? What do you know? I did have the to-do list and it says there's two things not checked off on here
Kowalski: I believe this morning, we paid everyone a visit, but there's something missing

Date: 12/28/13 12:36 PM
From: Rico519

Private: Good to me!
Rico: Me too!
Skipper: Now, how about we destroy this place?
The penguins split up again and destroy the zoo, then later, the penguins are done and meet each other back at the gate
Skipper: Well done, boys! Up high, down low, too slow
Private: Skipper? I just remembered something. Didn't we have a to-do list?
Skipper: A to-do list?
Private: Yes, don't you remember this morning, you said we had to complete it by today?
Skipper: Private, didn't I tell you, not to make up stuff?
Private: I'm not making stuff up. Do you still have it?
Skipper checks behind his back