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Ideas for the penguins of madagascar or like episodes

Date: 10/11/13 9:53 PM
From: Rico519

king julien and alex have a dance off
king julien and skipper have a comedy competition
the penguins have a to do list for the day
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Date: 04/17/14 11:50 AM
From: Rico519

King Julien (yelling) Hello, silly birds! Have you come to party with us or have you come to see my sweet boogie skills?
Skipper (yelling) None of the Ringtail, but we want to show you something
King Julien: Ooh, what is this thing you are wanting to show me?
Skipper: This....
Kowalski activates his invention and blasts King Julien. Maurice and Mort are a little shocked
Maurice: Uh, your majesty? Are you ok?
King Julien: What?

Date: 04/16/14 11:52 PM
From: Rico519

Part 2- The Zoo, Outside the Penguin HQ:

The penguins stand outside their HQ, while Kowalski thinks about who to use his invention on first

Kowalski: Hmmm........ who should I used this on first?
Kowalski looks around, then looks in the lemur's habitat. The camera zooms in and King Julien is seen dancing,w hile the stereo music is playing. Mort is seen happy and enjoying the dancing and Maurice is seen with bored blank expression
Kowalski: Let's use this on the lemurs!
Skipper: Ooohhhh......., wait til they see their faces when we hit them with your invention thing

Part 3- The Zoo, The Lemur's HabitatL

While King Julien is seen dancing, the penguins drop in. Mort points at them!
Mort (yelling) Oh looky, it the penguins!
King Julien (yelling) Penguins, you say?
King Julien turns around and focuses on the penguins, but resumes dancing


Date: 04/16/14 11:24 PM
From: Rico519

The penguins leave to go use Kowalski' invetion

Date: 04/16/14 11:13 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper: What?
Kowalski: That's the point of the my invention!
Skipper: Ok, but please turn Private back to his kindness self?
Kowalski activates the invention and brings back Private's kindness
Skipper: Kowalski, why did you come up with an invention like that?
Kowalski: I just wanted to see what personalities are like, changed. It could be interesting!
Skipper: Doesn't this remind you the time, everyone hated you because you used on ot he your inventions to make Doris fall in love with you, but failed?
Kowalski: You don't need to worry about the anymore. Doris and I get back together and this time, its different. All we have to do is, use this on every animals and human possible, without getting busted or without any malfunctions, nobody will get hurt or blamed
Skipper: You sure about that, Kowalski?
Kowalski: I'm pretty sure!
Skipper: Alright, come on boys!

Date: 04/16/14 6:16 PM
From: Rico519

Kowalski activates his invention and blasts Private, while the other penguins look away
Kowalski: Well, Private, how do you feel?
Private: Why would you like to know, you dirty birdie?
Skipper and Rico are shocked about Private's attitude. Skipper slaps Private in the back of the head and Private rubs it
Skipper: Private, how dare you use that attitude?!
Kowalski: Eureka, it works!

Date: 04/16/14 6:10 PM
From: Rico519

check out my new story:

I've Seemed to Have Lost My Temper

Part 1- The Central Park Zoo, Penguin HQ:

It is day in the Central Park Zoo. In the penguin's HQ, Skipper, Rico and Private are seen playing a card game "Unlimited Poker."

Skipper: I'm all in!
Private: Aw geez, Skipper, that's the 4th time!
Rico: YEAH!!!
Skipper: Well, what are you going to do?
The penguins resume the game, then Kowalski comes out of his lab
Kowalski: Behold, my latest invention yet!
Skipper, Rico and Private hear Kowalski, turn around and they have his attention
Skipper: What is this time, Kowalski?
Kowalski takes out his invention from behind his back
Kowalski: I call it "The I.S.T.O.H.L.M.T.," a.k.a., "I've seemd to have lost my temper."
Skipper: What in the name of hanky, dirty-dester, handler is that supposed to mean? Does it have something to do with you or us?
Kowalski: Technically speaking, yes! And all it does is, change your personality oppositely. Observe!


Date: 04/10/14 10:23 PM
From: Rico519

get my idea, #65. transfers

Date: 03/21/14 8:04 PM
From: 1Kowalski

Hmm...the penguins get a computer, it goes nuts and Kowalski gets blamed, but it was Hans, Parker, blue hen....etch, etch.
all the villains get together to get revenge on the pang-you-ins, then have a battle about who get to rule the world, and this allows the penguins to beat them.

Skipper and Marlene go on a date, and get caught by the lemurs.


Date: 02/25/14 3:25 PM
From: anc105

I have a great idea for a episode. A new girl penguin joins the zoo. She is really nice and kind but is also kick butt. Soon she gets captured by Blowhole and they go to save her but it turns out it was a trap and she works for Blowhole. She also knows Skipper from his past though he doesn't remember her.

Date: 02/22/14 11:21 PM
From: Rico519

I need to rewrite my stories

Date: 01/26/14 12:04 AM
From: Rico519

Part 5- The Central Park Zoo:

After the penguins and Maurice were done with the shopping, they headed back to the zoo in disguise. They went to the gift shop and undiguised themselves

Skipper: Now that that's over with, let's get to decorating. Private, Rico, set up the snacks and beverages and Rico, no eating any of them
Rico: Awwww........
Private and Rico go set up the snack table


Date: 01/20/14 9:50 PM
From: Rico519

sorry Skipper meant to say to Kowalski " your list "

Date: 01/20/14 9:49 PM
From: Rico519

sorry, I meant to say Part 3 was the Penguins Habitat and The Snackitorium was Part 4

Date: 01/20/14 5:47 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper and Maurice get the snacks and Maurice checks snacks off the list
Maurice: For drinks: soda, water and smoothies, which can be made back at home
Skipper and Maurice get the drinks and Maurice checks snacks off the list
Maurice: Next is party decorations!
Skipper: Maurice, party decorations are not found here. We'll just have to the decoration store after we get the food
Maurice's eyes swirl around
Maurice: Next is candy!
Skipper and Maurice get the candy and Maurice checks candy off the list
Maurice: Last, but not least, lots of food
Skipper: Obviously, we are getting food! What kind of food are we talking about here?
Maurice: Anything party-ish here and we could order some pizza
Skipper and Maurice get the food and Maurice checks it off the list
Skipper: That should be it for food. Now, let's head to the decoration store
The penguins and Maurice head to the decoration store

Date: 01/20/14 2:23 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper: Private, watch the door! Rico, keep a look out! Kowalski, keep cover for options and come with me and Maurice with your to find supplies
Maurice: That won't be necessary, Skipper. I got one myself!
Skipper: Well, in that case forget what I said, but keep cover for options, Kowalski!
Kowalski takes out his clipboard
Skipper: Maurice and I will handle the supplies
Skipper and Maurice go find supplies. Skipper gets a shopping basket
Skipper: Let's see, what do we need?
Maurice: Snacks!
Skipper: What kind of snacks?
Maurice: Sweet'n'salty snacks, mix, chips

Date: 01/20/14 1:58 PM
From: Rico519

King Julien: Uh, snacks, drinks, party decorations, music, candy and lots of food and I order you to get them
Maurice: I'm gonna need a little help carrying all the stuff
King Julien: Then ask Mort or the penguins to go with you
Maurice: Doesn't Mort always get into trouble or mess up whenever he goes somewhere?
King Julien: Then ask the penguins!
Maurice goes to find the penguins. He enters their habitat!
Maurice: Penguins?
The penguins are seen playing a card game
Skipper: Maurice, what's up?
Maurice: I need some help getting party supplies
Skipper: Well, I suppose! We have to get it done by tonight. Let's go men!
The penguins and Maurice leave to go shopping
Part 3- The Snackitorium

Date: 01/20/14 1:29 PM
From: Rico519

Later, the lemurs are done with King Julien's costume and he looks like a real king
Maurice: Phew! All done, what do you think?
King Julien looks in a mirror
King Julien (gasp) I look Fabulous! Just like a real king! Well done, Maurice!
Maurice: Thank you!
King Julien: Now I can rub this in all the zoo animal's faces and get nearly almost all the candy I deserve
Maurice: Nearly almost all the candy?
King Julien: Well, of course!
Maurice: What ever happened to sharing?
King Julien: Eh, I do not mostly share anything
Maurice: Uh, then the animals will just think you're being rude
King Julien: I am not rude, I just don't share! Anyway, we have to continue planning for tonight, so hop to the ideas
Maurice gets out his clipboard and starts to write
Maurice: Ok, what do we need?

Date: 01/20/14 1:13 PM
From: Rico519

Part 2- The Lemur's Habitat:
King Julien: I'll show the penguins who's boss. I shall have the best costume to prove it. Maurice, make me the best costume in all of Halloween
Maurice: Yes, your majesty! What shall you desire?
King Julien: Make me the best king I can be

Date: 01/20/14 1:06 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper: No, I still don't trust you!
Kowalski: Awwwwwww!
Private: Why not let him give it a try?
Skipper: You know what Kowalski does with inventions. They go wrong!
Private: King Julien did sound serious about scoring candy tonight
Skipper: That's just his opinion! We'll have Rico make the best costumes or by say regurgitate. Rico!
Rico jumps down from the bed and regurgitates costumes. Skipper is seen dressed like a commander officer and he looks in the mirror
Skipper: Excellente Rico! Now try Private!
Rico regurgitates a happy pumpkin for Private and Skipper hands him the mirror
Private: Hmmmm, not bad!
Rico regurgitates and Einstein costume for Kowalski
Skipper: Nice job, Rico! Now could you put these back until later?
Rico eats the costumes back up

Date: 01/20/14 12:56 PM
From: Rico519

Moments later, the penguins awaken. Kowalski is excited, jumps down from his bed and runs to his lab
Skipper: Kowalski, what's the hubbub?
Kowalski runs out with an object behind his back
Kowalski: I've invented something handy for Halloween
he brings out the invention from behind his back
Kowalski: Behold, my latest invention! The Monster Maker!
Private: Monster Maker? That sounds horrible and evil
Kowalski: Nonsense Private, its just a costume maker
Skipper: Than why not call it a costume maker?
Kowalski: Well, its Halloween and it calls for monsters, scary stuff and costumes. Tonight, we are going to score with tons of candy and the best costumes
Skipper: Kowalski, before you use that thing, doesn't it malfunction, make us evil?
Kowalski: No!
Skipper: I don't trust you with this thing. We can just go our own way with Halloween
Kowalski: Don't you wanna score candy, have the best costume and show everyone who's boss?
Skipper thinks