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Ideas for the penguins of madagascar or like episodes

Date: 10/11/13 9:53 PM
From: Rico519

king julien and alex have a dance off
king julien and skipper have a comedy competition
the penguins have a to do list for the day
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Date: 12/31/13 6:14 PM
From: Rico519

sorry, Skipper meant to some kind of a ligthshow

Date: 12/30/13 10:21 PM
From: Rico519

sorry, redo part 4 again a little

Hypnotic Lightshow!
Skipper: Hypnotic? Don't look boys!
Dr. Blowhole activates the lightshow and it appears above from the ceiling. The lights spin around
Skipper: You're not fooling us, Blowhole
Dr. Blowhole: You peng-uins keep beating me and since I can't beat you, you'll join me permanently
Skipper: What?
The other penguins silent gasp. Dr. Blowhole laughs evilly and then, the penguin are in a trance


Date: 12/29/13 1:25 PM
From: Rico519

Private: Are we going to finish this list, Skipper?
Skipper thinks
Skipper: Ehhhh......., what the heck? Second on the list, we're low on fish. We should just take Blowhole's fish
Rico is happy about it and the penguins fo find the fish. Skipper checks off fish off the list
Skipper: Last, but not least, keep and eye out for an enemy, which was already done and it was Blowhole
Skipper checks off the last thing of the list
Skipper: Let's head back to the zoo and apologize for the mess we made
Private: Aren't they going to be grudgy?
Skipper: I'm sure no hard feelings, Private
The penguins head back to the zoo

The End!


Date: 12/29/13 12:10 PM
From: Rico519

Before we got here, we didn't receive our fish yet, attached to the wall, Blowhole meantioned revenge or an assignment? Sweet mother dirt ballls and worms, I remember he said something about revenge and a lightshow, then the next thing we knew, we couldn't remember what happened
Private: Oh dear! So now what?
Skipper: We give Blowhole a taste of his own medicine
The penguins go find Dr. Blowhole
Skipper: Hey Blowhole!
Dr. Blowhole: Aren't you all supposed to be working?
Skipper: First, we gotta talk!
Dr. Blowhole: What about? Make it quick!
Skipper: My boys and I have the strangest feeling we can't remember what happened after you set up a lightshow
Dr. Blowhole: What are you talking about?
Skipper: Don't play dumb, Blowhole-wy!
Dr. Blowhole: What did you call me?
Skipper: Action Time boys!
The penguins spring into action and attack Dr. Blowhole

Date: 12/28/13 2:23 PM
From: Rico519

Kowalski: Apparently, this is a case of a mystery. Empty of memory and neither of us knows what happened.
Skipper: Its all coming back to me

Date: 12/28/13 1:41 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper: Private, let's forget about that to-do list
Private: I can't, Skipper! We didn't do everything on the list. Isn't it strange to you guys?
Kowalski: It was strange since this morning, we were expecting fish from a truck, but we didn't receive it yet and then we were found here......attached to a mechanical wall and Dr. Blowhole said something about revenge or ordering an assignment?
Skipper thinks
Skipper: Come to think of it, that does make sense. Kowalski, analysis!

Date: 12/28/13 1:21 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper thinks
Skipper: You know what? I do remember that and something tells me we haven't gotten our fish yet or kept an eye out for an enemy
Skipper goes back to thinking
Skipper: Aw well, let's head back to Dr. Blowhole's hideout
the penguins head back to Dr. Blowhole's hideout

Part 6- Dr. Blowhole's Secret Hideout:

the penguins arrive at Dr. Blowhole's hideout
Private: Dr. Blowhole, sir! We did what you asked for
Dr. Blowhole: Excellent!
Private: But, there is one thing. We have this to-do list and we are confused, but we didn't finish everything on it
Dr. Blowhole: A to-do list you say?
Skipper: Its right here!
Dr. Blowhole: Let me see that!
Dr. Blowhole snatches the list from Skipper and reads it
Dr. Blowhole: Whatever it is! I want nothing to do with it
Dr. Blowhole throws the list on the floor
Dr. Blowhole: As my next command, you peng-uins get to work
Dr. Blowhole scoots away
Private picks up the list


Date: 12/28/13 12:51 PM
From: Rico519

and pulls out the list
Skipper: Huh!? What do you know? I did have the to-do list and it says there's two things not checked off on here
Kowalski: I believe this morning, we paid everyone a visit, but there's something missing

Date: 12/28/13 12:36 PM
From: Rico519

Private: Good to me!
Rico: Me too!
Skipper: Now, how about we destroy this place?
The penguins split up again and destroy the zoo, then later, the penguins are done and meet each other back at the gate
Skipper: Well done, boys! Up high, down low, too slow
Private: Skipper? I just remembered something. Didn't we have a to-do list?
Skipper: A to-do list?
Private: Yes, don't you remember this morning, you said we had to complete it by today?
Skipper: Private, didn't I tell you, not to make up stuff?
Private: I'm not making stuff up. Do you still have it?
Skipper checks behind his back

Date: 12/27/13 11:36 PM
From: Rico519

Then after a while, the penguins meet each other back at the gate
Skipper: How was that little taste of sweet victory?

Date: 12/27/13 11:20 PM
From: Rico519

Rico arrives at Roger's habitat
Rico: Hey Roger!
Roger: Oh, hello Rico, what brings you here on this fine day?
Rico springs into action
Roger: What does that mean? I'm confused!
Rico attacks Roger and takes off

Date: 12/27/13 11:17 PM
From: Rico519

Dr. Blowhole releases the penguins from the wall
Dr. Blowhole: I command you peng-uins to destroy the Central Park Zoo and the animals there
Penguins: Yes sir!
The penguins slide back to the zoo

Part 5- The Central Park Zoo:

The penguins arrive at the zoo
Skipper: Kowalski, options!
Kowalski: I suggest we use our signature moves
Private: I agree!
Rico: Yea!
SKipper: Alright, then its settled! Move, move, move!
The penguins split up, go around and destory the animals. Private arrives at Marlene's plave, where she is seen eating oysters
Marlene: Mm-mm-mm...., that is good stuff. Oh, hey Private!
Private springs into action and attacks Marlene, the takes off. Skipper arrives at the Lemur's Habitat
Skipper: Hey Lemurs!
King Julien: What is it, now, you silly penguin?
Skipper: Who wants to play a game of Defeat th Lemurs?
King Julien: What kind of a game is that?
Skipper springs into action
Skipper: Something like this!
Skipper attacks the lemurs and takes off


Date: 12/27/13 11:00 PM
From: Rico519

Dr. Blowhole: Who's spoiled now?
Skipper: What was that?
Dr. Blowhole: Oh, nothing! Right now, I got a job for you
Private: What would that be?

Date: 12/25/13 6:56 PM
From: Rico519

sorry, I need to redo part 4 a little

Dr. Blowhole: Yes, but this time its different
Private: Different how?
Dr. Blowhole: Since, you peng-uins keep spoiling my plans to destroy the world, I figured out a solution to keep you from spoiling this one
Skipper: Like what?
Dr. Blowhole: Like a creation I like to call......
the sound from Dr. Blowhole's scooter, as he activates it
A Lightshow
the lightshow appears
Private: A lightshow? That doesn't sound so bad
Dr. Blowhole laughs evilly, the lights spin around and then the penguins are in a trance. Then they shake their heads


Date: 12/21/13 7:57 PM
From: unicorn887

evil Lunacorn: I am back!!!

private: what!!!! I thought I got rid of you!!!

evil Lunacorn: no you did not!! all you did was get rid of the Lunacorn toy!!

to be continued!!!


Date: 12/17/13 10:31 PM
From: Rico519

Dr. Blowhole: Who's spoiled now?
Skipper: What was that?
Dr. Blowhole: Oh nothing! Now listen, peng-uins, I'm your leader and you'll do as I command. Do I make myself crystal clear?
All: Yes sir!
Dr. Blowhole: Now, I have an assignment for you
Private: What would that be?
Dr. Blowhole: First, I got to let you down from that wall
Dr. Blowhole releases the penguins form the wall

Date: 12/16/13 9:23 PM
From: Rico519

Skipper: Like what?
Dr. Blowhole: Like a little something, called a Lightshow added to my scooter
Skipper: A lightshow? That's one of your sick plans? Weird!
Dr. Blowhole activates the Lightshow on his scooter and it apppears above from the ceiling
Private: That doesn't look so bad
Skipper: Private, at the moment, I would slap you
Dr. Blowhole: You peng-uins keep beating me and since I can't beat you, you'll join me, permanently
Dr. Blowhole laughs evilly. The penguins are suddenly in a trance and then, they shake their heads

Date: 12/16/13 5:45 PM
From: Rico519

Dr. Blowhole: Yes, but since you pen-guins keep spoiling my plan to destroy the world, I figured out a soultion to keep you ruining this one

Date: 12/16/13 5:32 PM
From: Rico519

That was the time, we rescued you from SeaVille and apparently, your sister, Doris and her ex-boyfriend, the Platypus, made us do that
Kowalski: Oh, Doris!
Rico: Oh boy!

Date: 12/16/13 5:30 PM
From: Rico519

Lobsters, take the penguins and put them, where I'll meet them with my new Hypnotic Lightshow that is now added to my scooter
Lobster #1: We're on top of it, doc
The penguins are then seen attached to a mechanic wall and they wake up
Skipper: Hmmmmm.....huh? What happened? Where in the name of handy nandy tribles househand are we? Boys, wake up
Private wakes up
Private: Huh? What happened?
Skipper: That's what I wanna know
Rico wakes up
Rico: FIIISSHHHHH, fish, fish, where is the fish?
Skipper: I don't know, but I think this is more important than fish, Rico. Whatever it is!
Rico: Awwwww......!
Kowalski wakes up
Kowalski: Hmmmm, odd! Technicalle, it seems to my calculations, we were just napped rom and undetected fish truck driver
Skipper: Now, what kind of a fishy, maniac would do something like that?
Dr. Blowhole laughs
Dr. Blowhole: So kind of you to ask that, Skipper
Skipper: What?
Dr. Blowhole: Greetings peng-uins!
Skipper: Blowhole? I thought we destroyed your lair.