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My Party and Sleepover.

Date: 04/13/14 9:49 AM
From: Allyevi

(Got this AWESOME idea from 1Kowalski)

Alicia (My OC): Hey guys! I want you to all attend the sleepover/party!

Kowalski: That's right! and we NEED OCs!

Skipper: Leave yours in the comments!

Julien: Yeah! Party! With music and pizza and games!!!

Alicia: It's gonna be awesome! *smiles at Kowalski*

Kowalski: *blushes and giggles nervously* Oh, and NO DOLPHINS!!!

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Date: 07/15/14 12:08 PM
From: Gidget100

So I may not be a pengooin agent, but may I join you in this sleepover? It'd be just for fun! :) I'll bring the oriental goodies!

Date: 06/27/14 12:39 PM
From: evilblue10

Really good but I still did NOT get what exactly goes on. Can I help?

Date: 06/04/14 9:03 AM
From: Allyevi

Skipper: Alright? Who's up for a movie?

Skylar: Me!

Alicia: Me! Can I pick the movie? Please?

Skipper: *shrugs* Sure.

Alicia: Can we watch "Frozen?" Please?

All: Yeah!

Private: I love that movie!

Pamela: Me, too!

Alicia: I love Hans! The character! Not the puffin!

Skipper: *glares at her, then turns on the movie* Not gonna spoil the movie......Not sure if all of you have seen it.

Alicia: And YOU have? It's Disney!

Skipper: *whispers entire plot and villain to her*

Alicia: Okay, he's seen it. *smiles and watches movie*

(Let's keep this going, guys!)


Date: 05/31/14 4:53 PM
From: Skrp2012

Hello??? Where is everyone???

Date: 05/27/14 4:17 PM
From: Allyevi

Um, guys?! You still out there? I got writers block! Post! Before this gets taken down! :)

Date: 05/18/14 4:27 PM
From: LtKowalski

@ Allyeiv:

I regret to say, i will not be able to post for awhile.

Cr...oops, i mean, Fritz, is still here and you are welcome to continue to use her.

(save me a slice of pepperoni pizza, double the sauce, triple the pepperoni, and quadruple the cheese!)
K: aww, leaving already!
me: sorry, I;ll be back some day, (not sure when.Bye!

Lieutenant Kowalski, signing off.

K: she's named after ME! I am flattered!


Date: 05/15/14 8:19 PM
From: Allyevi


Alicia: *blushes* Kowalski.....We've been on this team for years and you've never been like this.......Why are just NOW interested?

Kowalski: Well, I always have been.....I just now decided to show it....

Alicia: That's sweet, Kowalski. Really sweet. *smiles*

Kowalski: Thank you. *hugs her*


Date: 05/15/14 8:11 PM
From: Allyevi


Date: 05/15/14 8:01 PM
From: Allyevi

Alicia: *after being kissed* Ahhh! Julien!! *pushes him away* No! I don't like you like that! Ugh! *runs out*

Kowalski: *furious* Julien!! *runs after Alicia*

Skipper: *glares at Julien* Not cool, dude!

All: *glaring at Julien*


Date: 05/15/14 7:56 PM
From: LtKowalski

F; Oh, and what was all that about...drawing on somebody's face? I don't get it! and Doris is a good friend of mine, BTW.
K: Really? *gulp*'s she doing?
F: she's doing good. she found a new boyfriend, but says her door is open.
K: *Sighs.* If only I could, but i no longer love her.
A: hey, you got me.
K: True!'

Okay, I hate writing like that!!


Date: 05/14/14 8:03 PM
From: LtKowalski

F: *Grabs a piece of pepperoni, glances at Julian.*
J: *waggles his eyebrows at her*
F: Oh, stop it!
J: eh, admit it, you can't resist the Julian charm!
F: yeah, you're right.
K: *looks admiringly at Alicia.* man, are you pretty.
A: *Giggles.* You are so cute.
K *giggles, suddenly he kisses her briefly.*
A: *giggles at him.*
K: *turns away, trying to hide his blushing, eating a piece of Pizza.*

Date: 05/13/14 8:25 PM
From: Allyevi

Skylar: Hey, guys! Am I late?

A: Fashionably late. *smiles at her*

Fritzie: Good to see you, Skylar!

Skylar: *Nods* Same to you, bro.

S: Good to see ya, Soldier.

Skylar: Okay, are we just gonna stand doing greetins all night or are we gonna party? Come on! Let's get crazy! Draw on someone's face!

A: Woah! Woah! *turns human* (She can do that.....Forgot to mention......) We aren't THAT far into the party.......I've got the perfect target, too...*glances at Kowalski*

K: *glares* No, Alicia.

A: *laughs* Sorry, Cutie. No stopping it now! *smiles at him*

K: Can you go back to lemur? It's weird seeing you tower over us.......

A: No prob. *lemur mode* There, happy?

K: You know it. *smiles dreamily at her*

Skylar: Bleh! Love! *laughs* So, what now?

Skipper: Pizza's here!

A: Woo! Pizza! Who's in?

All: Woo! *grabbing pizza left and right*


Date: 05/09/14 8:22 PM
From: LtKowalski

Okay, let's keep the party pumping, man!

Lieutenant Kowalksi, out.


Date: 05/06/14 4:37 PM
From: Skrp2012


Date: 05/05/14 8:22 PM
From: LtKowalski

Fritz: Ooh, yeah, that will I am, got it going' on!
KJ: yeah, and Brittany, too!
(he twirls Fritzie towards him, she giggles and gets on the floor, doing some awesome break-dance moves.)
KJ: whoa!
(She jumps back up, grabs Julian's hands, kisses him lightly on the cheek.)
KJ: OH! (Giggles.) You sweet, you know?
Kowalski and Alicia gaze at each other deeply, still dancing.
"Kowalski. did I happen to mention I think you're the cutest Penguin in the whole universe?"
K: (Giggles.) No, that you mention're not that bad yourself.
A: I'll take it.

Date: 05/05/14 4:47 PM
From: Skrp2012

I'm late aren't I? Oh well... Here's my Main OC. (Which is me. )

Name: Skylar R
Gender: Female
Age: 11 (but looks 13)
Species: Human. (I... I don't do animals...)
Occupation: Secret Agent, Dimension Traveler, Fighter, Bender.
Appearance: I'll make it simple. Asian but looks American, Black Hair, Ponytail with Blue Lightning on each side, Button Up Blue plaid shirt (Unbuttoned), Black T-Shirt With Lightning in the Middle. (On the inside) Black Jeans. Black n' blue Sneakers. Orange W.A.T.C.H. on Right Wrist.
Personality: Tomboy, Gamer, Silent (50% of the time), Doesn't dance, Fun, Can be violent when necessary, Ticklish, Talks about Missions; TCG; Weapons; Guns; PC Games and Console Games.
Skills: Crashing into windows, Breaking open doors, Lightning Bending (Main), Fire Bending, Earth Bending, Sharpshooting, Using Dual Gun-Blade to destroy stuff with. Playing Videogames and TCG.


Date: 05/05/14 3:33 PM
From: Allyevi

To tell the truth.....I think Dorski is ADORABLE! I just REALLY like Kowalski, too.......Kinda like in my other obsession, Ninja Turtles, I think Apritello is adorable, but I LOVE Donatello.

A: *switches song to Scream and Shout* *dances*
K: This song is great!
F: I know, right?
KJ: This is the bestest song ever!
S: *shrugs* It's okay, I guess.

Everyone: *dancing*


Date: 05/04/14 7:46 PM
From: LtKowalski

eh, that's okay. I'm kind of blushing right now.

sometimes i get locked into this mindset like everybody likes Dorski, so when I see someone who doesn't, i get mad.

it's my fault, and I should have realized the truth.

(Though I can't see how anybody could hate Doris. she is soo SWEET! and pretty, smart, clever...Sorry, am I rubbing this in? )

anyhoo, I'm still here.

KJ: Hello, dolly-face!
F; (Giggles.) want to dance?
KJ: Sure!
F: Oh, and could we play the song Scream and Shout by Will I am and Brittany Spears, please??
*in the meantime, Julian takes Fritzie's paws into his hands and dances with her.*
F: I love you, Julian.
KJ: I love you too...Fritz.
*Fritzie giggles.*


Date: 05/04/14 9:40 AM
From: Allyevi

P: *Walks away from the TV because the Lunicorns are on*

A: *follows* You don't like Lunicorns either?

P: *Shakes head "no"* I don't understand how he likes it so much.

A: He's just a kid. Let him like what he wants.

S: That's how we've survived.

K: Alicia!! Guess what!!!

A: What?! Are you okay? *looks concerned*

K: Yeah! But, I'm playing our favorite song first!

A: You mean...?!

*The song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams starts playing*

A: AHH! *hugs Kowlaski* Thanks! Let's go dance!

K: *nervous laugh* O-Okay! *goes to dance with her as everyone starts to dance*

Skipper and everyone who won't dance: *off to the sides*

K and A: *Dancing AMAZINGLY*


Date: 05/03/14 10:06 AM
From: Allyevi

That part NEVER happened. T_T I can't STAND Doris. In this, Kowalski is over Doris. I understand if you want to quit because of that, but I don't want to write about something I dislike.
Also, P=Pamela and Private will be fully spelled out.

Alicia: *sees Kowalski talking to Fritzie, smiles and walks over to Skipper* Ready to party like never before?

S: I guess......I just don't party much. I'm just not that fun, I guess.

A: Nonsense, Skipper. You're tons of fun! I mean, you let us HAVE the party didn't you? That's one step to being a party animal. BTW, I ordered about........12 pizzas. But, I'll pay for all of them. Don't worry.

S: Fine by me. You're looking at the new, cool Skipper. *Smiles*

A: *giggles* Whatever you say, Cool Skipper. *Walks over to Rico*

R: *watching TV with Pamela*

P: Why are we watching this? *gestures to the TV which is playing Lunicorns*

Private: Because the Lunicorns are magical! They'll help get this party started!

All: *groan*