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Date: 04/22/14 6:31 PM
From: caelstella

[A yellow school bus drives down a dusty dirt path that's been cut into a dense forest. The bus looks at least a decade old with it's faded paint and the way it jerks and groans down the path, hitting every pothole and bump. Finally it skids to a stop in front of a clearing that resembles a military base with iron buildings and camouflage tents.The only thing that gives it away is the big sign that says: Skipper's Boot Camp. You can see It used to say "Skipper's Summer Camp" but someone crossed out the Summer with sharpie and wrote Boot in it's place. The bus doors open with a hiss of exhaust and the slightly rattled campers stumble out. A penguin with a buzz cut waits for them.]
Skipper: Stand at attention!
[A few look confused, but they all scramble into a sharp salute.]
(Camp Director)Skipper: At ease. Before we let you into the camp, you need to fill out these forms acknowledging that we're not responsible for any injuries. [passes out the forms.]
Pamela (my OC): Uh?great? [she quickly reads the form]


If you want to join the role-play, here's an example of what you can include in your OC's profile. I will be posting a list of the staff at the camp!

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Date: 07/28/14 11:43 AM
From: Wobbles10

Name: Ladybug
Age: 11
Gender: Girl
Personality: Brave, nice, honest, smart, calm, sometimes a bit awkward when it comes to people talking too fast, nothing like her dad
Appearance: Ring tail lemur with red stripes on her tail a white body yellow eyes black rings around eyes one white paw
Weapon: She doesn't fight with a weapon, she fights using her surroundings and her body
Extras: She's King Julien's daughter. She doesn't want to be the future queen, even though her dad thinks she'll be. She often gets embarrassed by her dad. She wants to be free, and Skipper to like her, even though, sometimes, he catches her at her most embarrassing fails. She thinks she can handle things ( Most of the time she can do it, but the other part of the time she can't ). She's also best friends with Alison. And she's in Maurice's cabin, insisted by her dad!

Date: 07/26/14 6:07 PM
From: Ninjawings

I kinda got tired of waiting to be joined in so i made my own.. (see Dr. Blowholes summer camp) if you want to add me in that would rock! if not oh well :/

Date: 07/23/14 10:11 AM
From: caelstella

On team one: Kowalski, Crystal, Alicia, Pam, Private. On team two: Skylar, Soffie, Ash, Rico, and King Julien.

Part three
[Team two slowly but surely makes their way up the lava wall, which really is just an ordinary rock wall.]
Soffie: I wonder why it's called the lava wall if there's no lava?
Ash: Who cares? At this rate, we'll be in first, easy!
Soffie *mumbling to herself*: Yeah, maybe a bit too easy? this isn't Skipper's style?
[suddenly, a shout of warning comes from above and the two pause to look up at their teammates, who are nearly at the top of the wall-- something liquidy and orange is bubbling at the rim of the wall. With a sizzle, it spills over the rim and starts to scorch it's way down the wall.]
Skylar: Hey, guys, I think I found the lava!
~~meanwhile, at the base of the wall~~
Crystal: *gasp* their going to get burned to a crisp! We've got to help them!
Pam: There won't be anyone to save them if we don't sac ourselves first! Hang on, I have an idea. TBC...


Date: 07/21/14 12:26 AM
From: Gidget100

This sounds really cool and is looking good! I'll have to look further into this roleplay to see if I'd like to join in as well!!! In the meantime I'll be here admiring it!



Date: 06/22/14 4:14 PM
From: Ninjawings

Sweet can my OC join by being washed up on shore with no memory? because i can. sorry i am crazy! :-P
Name: Clementine/ Clem for short
Age: 14
Gender: female
Personality: happy, Just goes with the flow, a glass half full kind of person, lived in a circus for part of her life and another part as a rich person's rare collection, Loves water more then anything, tomboy, had wings clipped so very self aware about it.
Appearance: Father was a puffin Mother was a penguin so she is half and half, short wings because of clipping
Extra: Loves Making friends and loves water and swimming more then anything. Sometimes will act weird because of Memory loss. OK I'm done.

Date: 06/22/14 12:27 AM
From: winxpomcp


If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it!


Date: 06/17/14 10:52 PM
From: caelstella

Part Two
[They all look nervously at the water as sharks circle beneath the Monkey Bars of Doom, waiting for their first victim to fall.]
Pamela: Interesting fact, a shark?s sense of smell is better then any of their other senses. They can smell a drop of blood in an Olympic-sized pool.
Ash: *sarcastically*Thank you for those confidence-inspiring words.
Pam: (to her team) Why don?t we go in pairs so we can help each other? According to my calculations, that would increase our chance of survival by 35%.
Alicia: Sure, why not? Plus I?m good at climbing, it?s what lemurs are made for. [she takes a deep breath and grabs the first bar, swinging across. She carefully makes her way, one bar after another. Pamela follows her, walking across the top of the bars. The reach the far side safely.]
Crystal [looks nervously at the water]: cats and water don?t mix.
Kowalski: Any animal and that water don?t mix. Want to go together?
Crystal (smiles): sure. [they start across the top of the bars. They try to put one foot in front of the other and not look at the swirling water below? Crystal goes to put her foot down but slips! She lets out a yelp of terror as she falls. Suddenly, she feels a flipper grab her and pull her safely up. She gives a sigh of relief] Thanks.
Kowalski: I couldn?t let someone as beautiful as you fall again, could I?
Crystal: Again?
Kowalaki: well, you must have already fell from heaven, ?cuz you?re an angel.
Crystal: Was that a pick-up line? At a time like this?
Kowalski: Sorry, I couldn?t help myself. I?m normally not like that.
Crystal: No, don?t apologize, it was sweet. Oddly timed, but sweet.
Alicia: Hey lovebirds, they?re getting ahead!
Kowalski: Oh, right! *blushes* uh, come on Crystal!
Pam: Hurry, Private!
[the three of them scramble and reach the safety of the other side just in time o see the other team pull ahead and start to make their way across the lava wall.]

Date: 06/17/14 1:36 PM
From: invalid25

Ok I know it might be way too late for me to join but I just saw this post this morning and would love to be apart of it if at all possible.
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: very friendly to everyone, bookworm, focused on what needs to get done, organized.
Appearance: (Penguin) about private's height, green eyes, wears a black and silver pendant necklace.
Extras: Is very shy when meeting new people, but opens up more after getting to know her surroundings. She also does not really like having too much attention put on her. More of a no messing around, get done what needs to get done kind of person.

Date: 06/08/14 2:31 PM
From: bullgal


Date: 05/26/14 3:24 PM
From: Ninjawings

Yes Please continue! i love this idea! (I too feel impatient
No pressure

Date: 05/26/14 1:11 AM
From: winxpomcp

When are you continuing? (Sorry, sorry, I'm impatient. XD)


When you catch your evil shadow having a cup of tea...RUN.


Date: 05/25/14 2:40 PM
From: Ninjawings

I see you already started the story line continue on (if i can join) and i will just come in muddy from a big storm (its how i normally enter just cause) hope to see more!

Date: 05/25/14 8:45 AM
From: Ninjawings

one more thing about clem shes pretty much happy about anything a real go with the flow kind of person

Date: 05/24/14 7:25 PM
From: bullgal

Hi skrps,whacha doin?*acts like Isabella from Phineas and Ferb*Sorry I havent been on here lately,I've been working hard to prepare a story that im entering in a writing contest.

Date: 05/24/14 3:34 PM
From: Ninjawings

If its not too late i would like to join this i am in actually Civil Air Patrol so i kinda know about this i was just doing a bunch of Attention, Left-face, About face, At ease, Parade rest :D well here's my character:
Name: Clementine/ Clem for short
Age: 14
Gender: female
Personality: happy, a glass half full kind of person, lived in a circus for part of her life and another part as a rich person's rare collection, Loves water more then anything, tomboy, had wings clipped so very self aware about it.
Appearance: Father was a puffin Mother was a penguin so she is half and half, short wing because of clipping
Extra: Loves Making friends and loves water and swimming more then anything. OK I'm done :D
:D Ninjawings

Date: 05/24/14 11:34 AM
From: Skrp2012


Date: 05/23/14 10:53 PM
From: winxpomcp

Dude. You got it AWESOMELY!!

(That last line made me think of Chris from



Date: 05/23/14 4:52 PM
From: bullgal

Random Stuff about Soffie:
Don't call her Sophia,her real name.She hates it.
Do not,I repeat,DO NOT,let Soffie near chocolate or she will knock every enemy in the room out before Skipper can say "What the deuce!"
Watch out for her ninja skills.

Date: 05/23/14 10:24 AM
From: caelstella

Name: Pamela platypus (Pam for short)
Gender: Female
Species: Platypus (didn?t see that one coming, am I right?)
Appearance: light, golden-brown fur, blue eyes, a clump of fur that grows over one eye.
Personality: Super smart, enthusiastic, energetic, friendly, gets along with just about everybody.
Skills: hacking, anything science, math, or technology related.

Date: 05/23/14 10:18 AM
From: caelstella

Welcome, Skylar! Here?s part1:
~The following morning~
[the campers snore softly in their bunks, fast asleep. The camp is silent in the misty, dove grey hours of morning. An alarm clock beside one camper?s bed reads 3:30 am. The silence is shattered by the sound of metal clashing against metal, startling the campers out of their beds. Pam falls out of bed, does a backflip in the air, and lands in a karate position.]
Pam: Who dares disturb my slumber?!
[Ash?s claws gleem long and sharp in the dim light as she unsheeths them]
Skylar [groans and rubs her eyes sleepily]: It?s three in the morning.
[Skipper barges into the room, banging a metal spoon against a pot.]
Skipper: Up and at ?em! Be at the dining hall in five for breakfast. [his eyes glint almost evily] oh, and dress to go swimming.
[Five muntes later, the campers head to the dining hall. The boy?s cabin is already there, eating pancakes. After everyone has finished breakfast, the campers follow Skipper and Marlene to the first activity?floating on part of the lake is a giant obsticale coarse!]
Skipper: Listen up, today your training begins! Your goal is to clear the coarse without toaching the water. If you fall, your out. Since none of you are actually trained, Marlene convinced me to let you be in teams?
Ash: Convinced you, eh?
Skipper: *blushes, then clears his throat* ahem, your teams will be as follows. On team one: Kowalski, Crystal, Alicia, Pam, Private. On team two: Skylar, Soffie, Ash, Rico, and King Julien. If you don?t like the teams? SUCK IT UP. Do I look like a kindergarden teacher to you? [Ash opens her mouth, but Skipper cuts her off] that was rhetorical! It?s only for a day so deal with it! Oh, and one more thing?interns!
[a truck pulls up and a group of interns unload several huge tanks, covered with tarps, the fearful expressions on their faces almost comical. They pull off the tarps and empty the boxes into the lake.
Skipper: *shrugs* Legal, shmegal. You signed release forms. *gestures to the lake* a word of advice, I wouldn?t fall in if I were you. Ready? set? go!