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Just Another X-Men Geek Writing a Story

Date: 06/28/13 7:54 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 1:
I look out the frosty window to see an army of trees standing as if they were standing guard of something. Bored, I look more closely and see colors scattered all around their bark. All of them have a different story even though they look the same.
Suddenly, the strange woman that is driving through the depressing weather takes me out of my trance. "I am not sure what your power is or who you are, but Professor Xavier said that you have a very secretive personality. He also said you prefer driving instead of flying. My name is Ororo, by the way. You will probably be calling me Professor Storm, though, when you start taking my classes. What is your name."
Her white hair glistens in the shadowy air and my strange eyes meet her soft face for the first time since I got into this car. I could instantly see loss and hurt curve in bright colors across her face. To make the sadness stop, I closed my right (and black eye) so I would only see black and white, "My name is Dorrie."
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Date: 03/02/14 11:58 PM
From: waterspout

I have a OC for you! Love the story btw!
Name: Kyouki means dangerous weapon but you better not call her that if you know what is good for you.
Nickname: Ares F.
Mutant name: Lynx
Gender: Female
Mutant: genetically altered
Powers: Wolverine like healing (Not sure if she is immortal or not), enhanced strength, agility, and speed, and she instantly knows all of your fears and weaknesses
Eyes: Very large light brown
Skin: Light tan with freckles on her cheeks
Hair: Dark brown and wavy, Reaches her mid back
Wears: Dark jeans and tennis shoes, Black hoodie, silver butterfly hair clip
Personality: sarcastic, loaner, secretive, hostile to new people, fearless of everything but a mysterious man named Bishop (He was the lead scientist working on her), She loves (in a big brother type way) Wolverine but is still not willing to giving people (even him) her trust
Weapon: Dual Broad Swords
Hobbies: Traveling the world, and reading
Specialties: Stealth, speed, and "finding" money
Backstory: She was created using Wolverine?s DNA, in the same lab that transformed wolverine. She escaped and found wolverine. It took a while to get used the fact she was like his clone. Soon after that he took her in and has started raising her like a daughter/ little sister. Now he has to start traveling again. So he is dropping her of at Professor X?s school. She is not very happy about that.
Loves: None
Hates: electricity; Bishop used it to try to control her

Waterspout out


Date: 03/01/14 12:39 PM
From: iluvuall92


Date: 02/22/14 7:30 PM
From: Creedling

Just keepin' this alive!



Date: 02/18/14 11:48 AM
From: DeltaRogue

I'm here, been a bit of a silent reader.

Date: 02/17/14 10:32 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Anyone here?

Date: 02/10/14 2:29 PM
From: MBAVFan7

I'm still here too! I'm just usually a silent reader...



Date: 02/07/14 4:08 PM
From: nature4cra

my computer now has internet forever!!!!!!!!!!
i would've commented but this computer had no internet for 3 days or so.

bye keep it up


Date: 02/06/14 10:58 PM
From: Creedling

Still here!



Date: 01/29/14 12:51 PM
From: coolcatv8

keeping this alive!

lover of pie


Date: 01/18/14 12:51 PM
From: anna2345

i forgot to describe what she looks like sorry,angel has jet black hair up to her shoulders,dark chocolate brown eyes,and caramel skin.she is perfect size and weight for a 15 years old.

Date: 01/18/14 12:46 PM
From: anna2345

powers:able to move things with here mind/read minds
history:angel's always been a rich girl had everything but when she turned 14 she had discovered she has this power she decided to run away and join the x men.

Date: 01/11/14 5:14 PM
From: Creedling

Name: Cougar
Age: 13 (doesn't age)
Powers: Healing, adamantium skeleton/claws at fingertips, knows many fighting styles
Personality: Tough, independent, rebellious
Appearance: Sandy shoulder length hair, bright green eyes, tan skin, shorts/t shirt
History: doesn't tall, very good at mental defense(even Prof. X can't get through, though it has something to do with the Weapon X program
Hope you like her



Date: 01/10/14 3:14 PM
From: Hamrap

Of course Creedling. Post your character!

Date: 01/08/14 8:34 PM
From: Creedling

Hey guys! Um, I have another character if you want. sorry. I think Cougar would fit in the physical/animal/shapeshifting group. Seems like a lot to keep track of! Anyway, good luck!!!



Date: 01/08/14 5:41 PM
From: hamrap

Hey, sorry for not posting in a while

Here are the latest tally scores:
Shapeshifting/animal/physical- ||||
Elemental(plant,earth,fire,water,wind)- ||||
Telekinetic/Gravity- ||
Psychic/mind reading- |||

Here are all of the volunteered people:
Dell- Sonic/Speedie
Ren- Electric/Techie
Thalia- Electric/Techie
Victoria- Electric/Techie
Terrance- Shapeshifter
Virginia- Shapeshifter
Francis- Electric/Techie
Gravitoria- Gravity
Schism- Psychic/mind reading
Evangeline- Plants
Cammi- Telepathy
Tilda- Water
George- Plants
Jazlyn- Electric/Techie
Simon- empathy
Tell me if I forgot anyone or if you have anyone else. I will actually try to write another part soon.


Date: 01/03/14 4:05 PM
From: DeltaRogue

Real Name: Simon M
Mutant Name: Sense
Age: 15
Powers: Regenerative healing factor, aura vision (like empathy but instead of the sensing part of it, the person can see the emotions) and essence reading (able to see/sense someone's true nature)
Appearance: Short auburn hair, brown eyes (amber-gold when using aura vision or essence reading), fair skin, always wears black sunglasses.
Clothes: Red flannel long-sleeve shirt, jeans, sneakers and a watch.
Personality: Calm, quiet, shy (friendly once you get to know him), nerdy, clever, has a good sense of humor.
Origin: Simon comes from a family of athletes and scientists/researchers. His empathy abilities manifested after escaping from his brother's friends who were bullies. His parents sent him to Xavier's to learn.
Extra: Simon has no control over his empathy powers so the sunglasses help him control it. He likes to prank Tilda and Cammi a lot.

Hope you like him


Date: 01/02/14 9:21 PM
From: iluvuall92

For the tech group
Jazlyn D.
mutant name: Wat (electric measurements)
Age 18
Power able to control electronic devices by moving the electricity inside of them (like blood bending in LOK)
Personality: shy at first, but once you get to know her, look out for some crazy stuff! A people pleaser, smart
Story she was exiled in her community because she used a strangers earbuds to tie up someone bullying a little kid (STAND UP TO BULLYING!!! TELL AN ADULT). She didnt know what she did wrong but after awhile, she too was being bullied (STOP IT!!) She ram away from home cause she felt unwanted (dont let it happennto others! Stand up) and ended up being brought to the institue when she was 16

I love you all 92!

Spaz out


Date: 01/01/14 6:09 PM
From: coolcatv8

IMMMMM BACKKKKKKK!!!!!! BLARGHHHH!!!! My computer decided to go all dead on me so we had to take it to the shop and the nice man fixed it so now I'm back! But the nice man took like forever to fix it. He kept being all like "Oh well its so close to Christmas that I'll wait until its over to fix your computer...Oh dear now its to close to New years so I think I'll wait a little more" But anyways...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Also who's on the element team?

lover of pie...still alive


Date: 01/01/14 2:35 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Okay, and wouldn't George fit into the plant/elemental group? I don't remember her powers exactly, but it had something to do with plants, right?


Date: 01/01/14 9:29 AM
From: DeltaRogue

Real Name: Matilda "Tilda" Matthews
Mutant Name: Aqua
Age: 13
Powers: Aquakinesis/water and moisture manipulation, resistance to her brothers's powers.
Appearance: Long strawberry blond hair (usually in a ponytail), green eyes, blue skin.
Clothes: White tanktop with an off the shoulder top over it, green shorts and black leggings, green hi-tops, a blue headband.
Personality: Tomboy, friendly, talkative, outgoing, can be very over hyper sometimes.
Origin: Tilda is the youngest of a small family, both of her older brothers are mutants. Tilda's powers recently manifested and her brothers brought her to Xavier's to learn.
Extra: Tilda's older brother, Simon, also attends the school. She loves surfing.

Hope you like her