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Date: 06/28/13 7:54 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 1:
I look out the frosty window to see an army of trees standing as if they were standing guard of something. Bored, I look more closely and see colors scattered all around their bark. All of them have a different story even though they look the same.
Suddenly, the strange woman that is driving through the depressing weather takes me out of my trance. "I am not sure what your power is or who you are, but Professor Xavier said that you have a very secretive personality. He also said you prefer driving instead of flying. My name is Ororo, by the way. You will probably be calling me Professor Storm, though, when you start taking my classes. What is your name."
Her white hair glistens in the shadowy air and my strange eyes meet her soft face for the first time since I got into this car. I could instantly see loss and hurt curve in bright colors across her face. To make the sadness stop, I closed my right (and black eye) so I would only see black and white, "My name is Dorrie."
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Date: 12/15/13 1:47 PM
From: darylfan15

For the power battle, I think that my character would work, so here's her info again.
Name: Thalia Foster
Mutant name: Torrin
Appearance: Shoulder length kind of spiky blonde hair electric blue eyes
Clothes: Light purple tank top half sleeved black jacket light blue jean shorts
Story: Daughter of Thor. Discovered when she ran into a field after with an argument with her ex-best friend Lily (daughter of Loki). Lightning surrounded her but didn't hurt her. She told her mom who immediately took her to the school. She thinks she was abandoned.
Power of lightning/electricity

Date: 12/15/13 12:21 AM
From: Hamrap

Okay, I have a little treat for all of you awesome readers:
If you have read my Part 246 yet, you will know that there was recently a Power Battle in my story's timeline. There are four teams with around five or six players in each.
So here is the fun part, I am planning on having the four groups with a certain power theme. This means that like one group has all electricity powered peopled and the other has...idk...water themed powers. Since I want to connect you guys as much as I want to my story, I want to have a poll with what themes there should be for two out of the four groups. The groups I already have themed are:
I want you guys to post as many power themes as you can. I will then see which ones are more popular and continue with my story.
I also want you guys to post characters for these groups to be in. I don't care if they are your persona character or just a character you made up in five seconds, if they fit in the themes, I probably will use them. Right now, the only placed characters I have are:
Please post as many themes and characters as possible! If there are a lot of openings, then I will need to make them up myself, which isn?t as fun. If you guys have any questions, just post.
Sorry for the long post, but love you guys

Date: 12/14/13 11:58 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 246:
"Yeah, they were," I practically jump a mile as a familiar face enters our group.
"Hey, Francis!" I wave upside smiling and then see another joyful soul follows, "Hey, Virginia!"
"Hey, Dorrie!" They both say in sync at the sight of me. At least they didn't react like my other friends. Francis then continues speaking, "But it wasn't exactly a traditional power dual."
I raise my eyebrow, "What do you mean?"
"It had a lot more people in it!" George suddenly pops out from behind me and scares me.
"Weren't there like five or six people in a team?" Eli suddenly appears as well into our conversation. How are they all coming from nowhere?
"Yes, but," Terrance joins as well. It is getting a little crowded, "there were like four teams!"
"Four teams?!" I gasp. This doesn't sound like a power dual.
A boy named Damien, who used to be in my power intro class, rolls around the corner, as well as several other students. Was the duel so exciting that just a simple discussion about it brings the whole school together? "It was so colossal that we had to call it a Power Battle!"

Date: 12/14/13 11:20 PM
From: Hamrap

Okay, now you guys can either laugh or yell at me...
I just realized that from parts 233-244 I accidentally wrote the parts as 333-344. I really have no idea how I started doing that, but I just wanted to tell you guys so that you don't start freaking out when I my next posts are 245 or 246 or something.
I'm sorry if I confused anyone along the way, but I guess this is what I get for writing these parts while being 2/3 asleep sometimes.
Anyway, thanks for understanding, I hope
p.s. if I do something like this again and you notice, please call me out on it. I feel like this will not be my last mistake with this type of stuff

Date: 12/14/13 10:49 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 344:
An awkward silence follows my response. Their faces have sympathy and wonder written all over them. At least they aren't destroying me with questions or squeezing me anymore.
Talon finally makes eye contact with me and quietly asks one more question, "What causes them to happen? I mean, if being at the Institute jeopardizes your health, then maybe you'll have to leave."
Dell and Ren both sigh harshly. I guess they were thinking the same thing. I on the other hand had not been thinking about that at all. This school is so awesome, I don't want to leave after just a few weeks.
Feeling stuck in the conversation, I answer as positively as I can, "I have no idea what causes it, that's why I was under observation," the glum faces of my friends is very hard to see, so I jump up from my seat and announce to the world what my opinion on the matter is, "Even if being at the for some reason triggered these 'headaches,' I wouldn't abandon this place in a million years. You guys are great and the classes are great and the teachers are great and my classmates are great and Wednesday?s pies are great. This school is just great!" They chuckle at the sight of my flailing arms and loud voice that makes many other people look our way confused. I quickly sit back down before I cause too much of a ruckus. Turning to Talon, as he was the one to ask, I smile kindly and punch him in the arm, "Besides, you can?t get rid of me that easily."

Date: 12/14/13 10:03 AM
From: catsoul4ev

dont stop
i haven't been on all week so i am sorry if this is late
im not soppost to be on the computer for anything other then school 4 now, so bye

SnarfFan4Ev ut


Date: 12/13/13 11:12 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 343:
Ren looks at me a little disbelieving, "A headache?"
"Yes, but," my thoughts waver about how much I can tell them without giving away too much information about my power, "its different from a normal headache you guys might get."
"What do you mean?" Talon asks very interested. Actually, all three of them lean towards me as if I'm whispering, "How is it special?"
Twiddling my thumbs nervously, I continue explaining, "It is a headache caused by my power," all of them widen their eyes at the mention of my power. With the exception of Ren, I haven't told them anything about my power, "They are really intense and takes over my whole body almost. Really the only thing that can resolve it strength over me is to isolate myself from others. That's why I ran away."
Hoping deeply that none of them ask about the power part, I listen to their concerned comments. I don't really absorb all of them, but one catches my attention, "How long has this been going on?"
I look into Dell's green speckled eyes, ?The first time was when I was very young. Since then, they have reoccurred every now and then. For some reason, they have been happening a lot since I came to this school.?

Date: 12/13/13 10:43 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 342:
Stealing a few more minutes just to stare at my friends' face, I stall answering their questions. I save mental images of Dell's freckles and frizzy red hair, Ren's glasses and round face, and Talon's straight nose and dark eyes. Man, I've really missed these guys.
"Well...?" Talon raises his eyebrows impatiently. Maybe I haven't missed him so much, just kidding!
"Um," I look at the three of them and speak words that are not helpful for them at all, "What's up?"
Dell angrily stomps her foot and glares at me with poison, "'What's up' with us? What's up with you? You just disappear in the middle of an assembly and the next thing we hear is that your under observation in the hospital wing of the school! The least you could tell your friends is why!"
She is fuming so much that I can see the anger symbols radiating off of her. Ren forces her to sit down and puts his hand on her shoulder to calm her. I cough to clear my throat and try to think of something to tell them, " a headache."

Date: 12/13/13 6:00 PM
From: Creedling

Thanks for letting me use Dorrie! I hope I get her character right. Guess we'll see!



Date: 12/11/13 9:57 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 341:
Suddenly, the door slams open and a burst of students come rolling into the room. How long was I thinking? I quickly look at the clock again and read "2:34 p.m."
Hopping up from the soft chair, I swiftly sit in a nearby windowsill and try to act as if I'm not searching for my friends. At first I think that they are never going to come through the spewing door, but then I hear a shriek startle me out of my skin.
"DORRIE!" I turn and see Dell running towards me with her arms held wide open. She holds in a grip as I try desperately to catch my breath from the mini heartache she gave me.
"Hey, Dell-" I try to loosen her grasp, but I am instead welcomed with a few more tight hugs.
I am then bombarded by questions upon questions like, "what happened to you," "where have you been," and "Is it true you were in the observation wing." Of course I am unable to answer any of these before another comment is pushed in my ear. At least, they let me go after a few minutes and I could finally see my three friends eye to eye for the first time since...I still have no idea how long I was out.

Date: 12/11/13 9:19 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 340:
Although, when I opened the creaky wooden door to the open room, no one was there. My first gut reaction is to panic, but then I use my brain and look at the huge clock on the wall.
It reads "1:47 p.m.," which also means that everyone is probably in their classes. Well, at least that means that it is during the week, right? Giving up on everything, I sit comfortably in a very plush chair. It is enough to sink in.
'I wonder what has happened,' leaning back and staring at the symbol filled ceiling, I try to guess what I have missed, 'I wonder if they had that power dual yet, or that test in Algebra. I wonder if they found Maggie and those other students.'
If I was really concerned, or less lazy, I could just scan the room and answer most of my questions. It could be so easy, but I don't want everything to be so easy. I refuse to let myself rely fully on my power because if I did that I would really be alone and stuck in my own color filled world.

Date: 12/11/13 9:05 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 339:
I was right about my homework only taking an hour to breeze through. Looking down at my colorful dress and black leggings, I wisp through the halls trying not to catch the attention of people I don?t know. It also took me a short time to get to my room and get washed up and dressed. Luckily, people don?t seem to be around the dorm rooms or bathrooms.
'Maybe it?s too early? Wait,' I stop and realize something as I reach the top of some long stairs, 'I don?t even know what time it is, or how I have been out. Not only that, but I haven?t even wondered or cared until now.'
Walking down the almost barren hallways is a little lonely. Sure, I've done it a lot, but being away from my friends has made me a little forlorn. Even though it wasn't long ago that I could have been in a crowd of people and none of them thinking of me as friends. All except one person...
'Dang it, Dorrie! Don't think of that now; you'll just make yourself even more depressed!' I demand myself while snapping myself out of my funk.
Shaking off my thoughts, I trace the halls to a very familiar wooden door. The rec room door. If I have learned anything while being at this school, then it is that you can find most of the population of the school in the rec room if all else fails.

Date: 12/11/13 4:44 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 338:
"Very well," she shocks me as her calm voice agrees to my wish, "I guess I have enough notes for now, but," her finger is raised to my face and she gives me a stern look, "if I request for you to come back for more tests, I expect you to come without refusal."
My eyes open wide. Could she really be letting me go? "Really?"
"Of course," a smile shines across her face and she walks away from me to one of the buzzing machines, "but you might want to get started on that make up work for school first."
I glance over at the endless papers on the table and sigh, "Fine, I will do my work first." Besides, it won't take that long!
"Ugh," I brush my brunette bangs to the front of my face and place my black rimmed sunglasses comfortably on. Not having to wear these things for a while was really nice. I slightly wish that I could always go without something covering my strange eyes. But only slightly.

Date: 12/10/13 10:48 PM
From: Hamrap

MBAVFan7, Sensor seems great. I was actually thinking about including Victoria soon and Sensor is great because he and Dorrie seem to have similar powers
Creedling, I am grateful that you want to put Dorrie into your story, thanks for asking. I can't wait to read your story. I'm sure it will be a good read.
Thanks everyone for your great compliments and encouragement! I will try to post a few more parts soon for you guys.
You guys are awesome!

Date: 12/10/13 5:49 PM
From: Creedling

Hi Hamrap! Um, I am writing a new story and Dorrie would fit perfectly in it. Can I use her? It's called "Schism of Faith".



Date: 12/10/13 3:21 PM
From: catsoul4ev

dont stop
awesome so far
good job
write on

SCat ut


Date: 12/10/13 9:58 AM
From: Hamrap

Part 337:
And so I told her. I told her of every time I can remember losing my power and getting a splitting headache. I told her that normally strong emotions or symbols normally cause great pain to myself. I told her all of this because there really was no reason to lie.
By the end of her taking notes and asking almost every possible question there is, I finally start to remember my real life. A life that is beyond this small room of buzzing machines and bright lights. Where I have school, friends, and lots of crazy activities. I don't even know what day of the week it is or what time it is.
"I need to go back to school," my voice interrupts the countless thoughts and words going through the woman's mind.
She looks at me with as if expecting me to say this at some point, "Your school book is on the table over there," Glancing over at the wooden table piled high with books, I notice a few cards that read things like 'get well soon.' She could tell, though, that school work was not on my mind, ?I offered earlier to let your friends visit, but you declined, remember??
?Yes, well,? hobbling over to the stack of homework that will take me about an hour, I try to get my point across, ?I didn?t want them to visit me and act superficial. Sure, to normal people flowers and concerned looks please an unwell person, but I can see beyond that. I just want to see them,? looking into her raised eyes and I can see her sympathy for me all across her face.

Date: 12/06/13 12:11 AM
From: MBAVFan7

I already gave you Victoria's info, but I also have another character. He's friends with Victoria, and is the reason she found Xaiver:

Mutant Name: Sensor
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Power: Just by looking at someone, he can figure out everything about them, even some things that they don't know or have forgotten. He can block out telepaths, mutant detectors (Like Cerebro) and mutants that have powers that give them information about someone. He can also tell if someone is lying or telling the truth
Looks: Long blonde hair, light green eyes, tan skin
Clothes: Casual t-shirt, shorts, sneakers
Personality: Quiet, mysterious, kind, helpful, curious about what other Mutant's powers are
Extra: He has a crush on Victoria.
Backstory: His past is mostly unknown, except for that he ran away from home, and somehow learned of Xaiver's. He helped out fellow mutants, and told them where Xaiver's "school" was. (But he obviously made sure they could be trusted first) He never traveled with anyone, until he met Victoria. He thought she was beautiful, and tried to convince her that she didn't need to hide all the time. He traveled with her to Xaiver's, where he now stays. Every once in a while he'll take a trip to the town for a week, and then come back.


Date: 12/05/13 8:51 PM
From: Creedling




Date: 12/05/13 1:38 AM
From: MBAVFan7

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I can't wait for the next parts, and to see what else happens!