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Date: 06/28/13 7:54 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 1:
I look out the frosty window to see an army of trees standing as if they were standing guard of something. Bored, I look more closely and see colors scattered all around their bark. All of them have a different story even though they look the same.
Suddenly, the strange woman that is driving through the depressing weather takes me out of my trance. "I am not sure what your power is or who you are, but Professor Xavier said that you have a very secretive personality. He also said you prefer driving instead of flying. My name is Ororo, by the way. You will probably be calling me Professor Storm, though, when you start taking my classes. What is your name."
Her white hair glistens in the shadowy air and my strange eyes meet her soft face for the first time since I got into this car. I could instantly see loss and hurt curve in bright colors across her face. To make the sadness stop, I closed my right (and black eye) so I would only see black and white, "My name is Dorrie."
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Date: 01/01/14 8:36 AM
From: DeltaRogue

Happy New Years, everyone!

Date: 12/31/13 8:23 PM
From: Hamrap

Thanks MBAVFan7, DeltaRogue, and Creedling!
I think Evangelina would fit in a plant/elemental group if is voted for. Either way, I think she would be great for the story.
Cammi would fit great in a telepathy/mind reading team if it is voted for and in the story.
And a physical powers could fit with a shapeshifting/animal group. Please post your characters!
Here are the tally scores:
Shapeshifting/animal/physical- ||||
Elemental(plant,earth,fire,water,wind)- ||
Telekinetic/Gravity- ||
Psychic/mind reading- ||
I will be trying to write the next few parts soon so please post as many characters and teams as you can. By the way, if a couple groups seem to have powers that are similar, I might combine them when I write the story.
Thanks and happy new year

Date: 12/30/13 3:20 PM
From: Creedling

Can there be a team for more physical powers? (For example: claws, spikes, fangs, etc.) I have a couple characters that would fit there, if you want.



Date: 12/30/13 7:30 AM
From: DeltaRogue

Real Name: Camilla Elizabeth Rachel "Cammi" M.
Mutant Name: Dream
Age: 11
Powers: Telepathy, empathy, telepathic illusion/cloak/camouflage, eidetic/picture memory
Appearance: Short black hair with green streaks, green eyes, fair skin, freckles across cheeks and nose.
Clothes: Graphic t-shirt, green hoodie, black jeans and green sneakers
Personality: Sarcastic, clever, shy, tomboy, loyal
Story: Cammi is from England and her parents were rich. She powers manifested when she was 10 after her grandmother died. Her parents sent to Xavier's, she tends to keep to herself but does stand up for other mutants.
Extra: Cammi is a very talented sketch artiest.

Hope you like her


Date: 12/29/13 11:32 PM
From: MBAVFan7

Here's another one of my characters. I'm not sure what to call her power exactly, though:

Name: Evangelina (Nicknames include Eva, Angel, Angelina, Lina)
Mutant Name: Dryad
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: Can control plants, go inside of trees, turn into a tree, communicate with Dryads, and can "jump" into/turn into leaves and travel through them to places (while leaving a trail of leaves) (she disappears, and can move anywhere without tiring out. As she travels, a trail of leaves is left behind)
Personality: Outgoing, friendly, has a short temper, can be forgetful
Back-Story: When she was young, she was always green and loved trees. When she was 10, she was able to comunicate with Dryads and they told her of Xaiver's. They showed her how to use her powers, and they lead her to Xaiver's.
Friends: Victoria, Sensor
Extra: Her mutant friends and classmates can call her by any of her nicknames, her mutant name, or simply her full name, but regular people must call her by her Mutant name (unless they want to be yelled at and attacked...)


Date: 12/28/13 10:32 PM
From: Hamrap

Thanks Modlche and Creedling!
If there is a gravity team, then Gravitoria will be sure to be in it!
If there is a Psychic/mind reading team, then Schism will be on the team!
Here are the tally scores for the teams:
Shapeshifting- |||
Elemental- |
Telekinetic/Gravity- ||
Psychic/mind reading- |
I'm back from traveling, so I will be able respond again!

Date: 12/25/13 10:47 PM
From: Creedling

Um, I have a new character named Schism who sort of has multiple powers, and is especially good at psychic stuff. Maybe a Psychic/mind affecting team?



Date: 12/21/13 9:01 PM
From: modlche

gravitoria could be in the gravity team.

Date: 12/20/13 6:32 PM
From: Hamrap

Awesome! Thanks DeltaRogue!
If shapeshifting is chosen then Virginia and Terrance will be sure to go in the group!
I was also hoping that you would suggest Francis for the electric/techie group. That makes this team have members:
The tallies for the other team themes are like this:
Shapeshifting- |||
Elemental- |
Telekinetic/Gravity- |
Remember, we still need more team suggestions and more characters for the groups. I may not be posting very often because of traveling, but I will pick up every time I can.
Thanks you guys

Date: 12/18/13 2:18 PM
From: DeltaRogue

Um, Terrance and Virginia are both shapeshifters, also Francis has electricity based powers.

What about telekinetic/gravity theme?


Date: 12/16/13 3:46 PM
From: Hamrap

Yay! I'm so glad that you suggested Victoria! I was actually thinking about putting her in the Elec/Techie, but I wasn't sure if it would fit her character. This means that there are now three members of the Electric/Techie team:
Thanks iluvuall92 and MBAVFan7 for suggesting for power teams; so far these are the tally scores:
-Animal/Shapeshifting- ||
-Elemental- |
If you guys have anymore suggestions or characters, just post! I can't really continue the story until I get enough votes and suggestions!
Thanks to you all

Date: 12/15/13 9:57 PM
From: iluvuall92

3: animal related
4: element related

I am loving this!


Date: 12/15/13 9:53 PM
From: MBAVFan7


Well, Victoria has Electricty powers. If someone asked her to do it, she would, she would just cover herself up with her hood the whole time.

And for the types... let's see. Um, the only think I can think of currently is animal/shape-shifting powers.

~K!r@ and V!ctor!@


Date: 12/15/13 9:11 PM
From: Hamrap

Thanks Darylfan15 for being the first to respond! Thalia has the perfect power for team Electricity/Techie. This makes the first team have two players:
If you have anymore characters or team suggestions, just post!

Date: 12/15/13 2:40 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 245:
Talon rubs his arm and rolls his eyes, "Sometimes I wish you would leave, though," Man, do I know how to ruin a moment!
We spend the rest of the break just catching up. Apparently it's Friday afternoon. Wasn't it like Tuesday when I passed out? Anyway, my friends told me about everything I missed. Including the several tests I need to make up, Wednesday's pie day, Ren, Talon and their friends getting in trouble for blowing something else up, another one of George's epic pranks, and best of all...
"So how was the power dual?" I ask while sitting in my chair upside down.
"How was the power dual?" Ren excitedly answers...with a question, "It was AMAZING!"
"Yeah!" Dell hurriedly joins in with his peppiness, "I cannot believe you missed it, Dorrie!"
Talon waves his hand annoyed, "Oh, come on. You guys only think it was 'amazing' because you were in it."
My eyes practically fall out of my head, "Both of you were in the power dual?"

Date: 12/15/13 1:47 PM
From: darylfan15

For the power battle, I think that my character would work, so here's her info again.
Name: Thalia Foster
Mutant name: Torrin
Appearance: Shoulder length kind of spiky blonde hair electric blue eyes
Clothes: Light purple tank top half sleeved black jacket light blue jean shorts
Story: Daughter of Thor. Discovered when she ran into a field after with an argument with her ex-best friend Lily (daughter of Loki). Lightning surrounded her but didn't hurt her. She told her mom who immediately took her to the school. She thinks she was abandoned.
Power of lightning/electricity

Date: 12/15/13 12:21 AM
From: Hamrap

Okay, I have a little treat for all of you awesome readers:
If you have read my Part 246 yet, you will know that there was recently a Power Battle in my story's timeline. There are four teams with around five or six players in each.
So here is the fun part, I am planning on having the four groups with a certain power theme. This means that like one group has all electricity powered peopled and the other has...idk...water themed powers. Since I want to connect you guys as much as I want to my story, I want to have a poll with what themes there should be for two out of the four groups. The groups I already have themed are:
I want you guys to post as many power themes as you can. I will then see which ones are more popular and continue with my story.
I also want you guys to post characters for these groups to be in. I don't care if they are your persona character or just a character you made up in five seconds, if they fit in the themes, I probably will use them. Right now, the only placed characters I have are:
Please post as many themes and characters as possible! If there are a lot of openings, then I will need to make them up myself, which isn?t as fun. If you guys have any questions, just post.
Sorry for the long post, but love you guys

Date: 12/14/13 11:58 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 246:
"Yeah, they were," I practically jump a mile as a familiar face enters our group.
"Hey, Francis!" I wave upside smiling and then see another joyful soul follows, "Hey, Virginia!"
"Hey, Dorrie!" They both say in sync at the sight of me. At least they didn't react like my other friends. Francis then continues speaking, "But it wasn't exactly a traditional power dual."
I raise my eyebrow, "What do you mean?"
"It had a lot more people in it!" George suddenly pops out from behind me and scares me.
"Weren't there like five or six people in a team?" Eli suddenly appears as well into our conversation. How are they all coming from nowhere?
"Yes, but," Terrance joins as well. It is getting a little crowded, "there were like four teams!"
"Four teams?!" I gasp. This doesn't sound like a power dual.
A boy named Damien, who used to be in my power intro class, rolls around the corner, as well as several other students. Was the duel so exciting that just a simple discussion about it brings the whole school together? "It was so colossal that we had to call it a Power Battle!"

Date: 12/14/13 11:20 PM
From: Hamrap

Okay, now you guys can either laugh or yell at me...
I just realized that from parts 233-244 I accidentally wrote the parts as 333-344. I really have no idea how I started doing that, but I just wanted to tell you guys so that you don't start freaking out when I my next posts are 245 or 246 or something.
I'm sorry if I confused anyone along the way, but I guess this is what I get for writing these parts while being 2/3 asleep sometimes.
Anyway, thanks for understanding, I hope
p.s. if I do something like this again and you notice, please call me out on it. I feel like this will not be my last mistake with this type of stuff

Date: 12/14/13 10:49 PM
From: Hamrap

Part 344:
An awkward silence follows my response. Their faces have sympathy and wonder written all over them. At least they aren't destroying me with questions or squeezing me anymore.
Talon finally makes eye contact with me and quietly asks one more question, "What causes them to happen? I mean, if being at the Institute jeopardizes your health, then maybe you'll have to leave."
Dell and Ren both sigh harshly. I guess they were thinking the same thing. I on the other hand had not been thinking about that at all. This school is so awesome, I don't want to leave after just a few weeks.
Feeling stuck in the conversation, I answer as positively as I can, "I have no idea what causes it, that's why I was under observation," the glum faces of my friends is very hard to see, so I jump up from my seat and announce to the world what my opinion on the matter is, "Even if being at the for some reason triggered these 'headaches,' I wouldn't abandon this place in a million years. You guys are great and the classes are great and the teachers are great and my classmates are great and Wednesday?s pies are great. This school is just great!" They chuckle at the sight of my flailing arms and loud voice that makes many other people look our way confused. I quickly sit back down before I cause too much of a ruckus. Turning to Talon, as he was the one to ask, I smile kindly and punch him in the arm, "Besides, you can?t get rid of me that easily."