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X-men and I

Date: 09/02/13 10:00 PM
From: woolmanman

So this is not really a story just kind-of like a no picture comic book with less lines.
Me:*wakes up and walks to kitchen* So whats for breakfast?
Charles: Um...Uh.... how about some ce-
Charles: Logan you need to hid those better
Logan: She can smell them.

Also find "life with x-men by Cass" by mequikd.


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Date: 04/13/14 10:29 PM
From: woolmanman

Ok guys sorry I have not been on lately but here's my newest one:
Me: I'm so glad spongebob won
Even: Yeah and i'm glad Andra Granda won (sorry spelled her name wrong)
Me: I can't believe that the slime stained my dress so harsh
Kitty: Like you should've not worn it
Me: Oh i wanted it to be stained I was just suprised how much it stained it
Scott: Yeah and i can't belive i got Elvis Preslesy's athograph!
Me:Scott you know that was a fake Elvis right?
Scott: D-: WHAT!!?!!



Date: 03/24/14 7:09 PM
From: woolmanman

Me: It's almost time for the KCA's!!!!!!!
Me, Curt, Even, Kitty, and Bobby: *gets on computers and gose to*
Curt: Lets see here. Favriote Movie, i pick........ Iron man 3!
Even: Hmm... Favriote TV actress.... Andra Granda!
Kitty: Favoirte TV show... hmm.... Sam and Cat!
Bobby: Favriote male singer..... Hmm....... senice Scott and i are not on this i'll go with...... Justin Timberlink!
Me: Favtriote song... Hmm.. Roar!!!!!
Everyone who i juast menchioned: *clicks last vote and vote again*
Me: I wish we could go to the KCA's
Kitty: Like, yeah i would lik, ask Talyor Swift for an aotograph
Even: Yeah man, i would ask Dwayne Johnson for one.
Curt: I would ask Robart Downey Jr. for one
Bobby: i would ask Jake Short for one
Me: Well sence Even took mine i would go with Katy Perry
Logan: Hey guys we just bought tickets to the KCA's
Everyone in the room but Logan: *staring*

Date: 03/23/14 10:49 AM
From: nature4cra

omg,that is so so so funny.

Date: 03/23/14 4:23 AM
From: woolmanman

Episode 43: LET IT GO part 2
Logan: *face plam* You're not mealting!
Me:Oh really, Well that's a relef but we need to get toad!
Logan: Why?
Me: He's the closed thing we have to a troll
Jean: *moans and solwly wakes up* I'm going back to bed
Logan:Thats it no more 'frozen' for you
Me: *gives puppy eyes* can i please still watch it (don't do that in real life because its disrescetful)
Logan: Fine just put them mutt googles away!
Me: *singing* Let it go, let it go,turn away and slam the door! *starts throwing snow again*
Charles: I think you will need this *hands over mop*
Me: i've lifted a mop and they're heavy
Logan: I don't care how heavy it is just mop up your mess!
Me: *picks up mop and falls* Hey i'm gonna make a dress like Elsa! *throws ice alover body* COLD!! VERY COLD! SOME ICE JUST GOT DOWN MY NIGHTGOWN!!
Logan and Charles: *facepalm*
Me: Hey logan?!
Logan: yes?
Me:Try to melt me again so i can melt this ice!!!!

Date: 03/23/14 3:35 AM
From: woolmanman

Thank you guys for the nice commets :D i'll be wrighting part two in just a mitute or two

Date: 03/22/14 6:20 PM
From: mequikd


Date: 03/22/14 12:38 PM
From: nature4cra


Date: 03/22/14 2:18 AM
From: woolmanman

Me:*trhows snow and ice cubes, and silver glitter around the kitchen) Let It go, Let it go! Can't hold it back any more! Let it-
Jean: It's 3:00 in the morning can't you do that later *is more awake* And you have a big mess to clean up.
Me: *throws snowball and hits head by mistake*
Jean: *falls down*
Me:AAAHHH I NEED THE TROLLS!! But they aren't real! *in half way singing voice* I can't control the curse!
Logan: Kid what are you doing?!?
Me: *singing* No Logan please you'll only make it worse!
Logan: Oh I see you've been watching to much frozen.
Me: *in normal voice* I got it! Toad is a lot like a troll so maybe he can help!
Logan: *face plam* Just get her a hot blanket or something
Me: But I don't do hot stuff or i'll melt
Logan: *tosses hot water on me but not boling*
Me: *in witch voice* I'm melting I'm melting!!
Narrrator: To be contuned

Date: 03/09/14 2:00 PM
From: nature4cra


that is funny,more soon,please


Date: 03/09/14 4:22 AM
From: woolmanman

Me: *throws clovers everywhere*
Logan: What... are these things doing here?
Me: (in 'happy-rainbow-sunshine voice) It's almost St.Patricks day! :D
Logan: Well I'm from Canada not Iirland
Me: (in normal voice) I'm not from ether but I still celebrate it!
Scott: Bad news guys I have a sore throt and can't sing.
Me: *Starts dancing in joy*



Date: 03/03/14 4:07 PM
From: waterspout

Theis are so funny! This + me = Lol!
Waterspout out

Date: 03/01/14 3:38 AM
From: woolmanman

ok sorry I have not been posting lately but I have to go but i'll try to remember to make some tommarrow so,
Live long and prosper,

Date: 02/13/14 7:32 PM
From: darkolight


Date: 02/08/14 11:39 PM
From: woolmanman

Me: ok sorry I have not been on lately but I have been in the world of Star Trek and now I am a 'treky' (someone who likes star trek a lot)
Scott: WHAT!!! Can you get me Mr. Spock's athograph?!?!?!?
Me: Sure if you don't sing until I get it :D
Scott: If you get it now
Me: Never mind. :d
All (in the insatude): Happy almost valintines day!

Date: 01/22/14 7:00 PM
From: mequikd


Date: 01/19/14 4:28 PM
From: woolmanman

Kurt: About time you got back because we've been lisining to Scott and Bobby singing FOR WEEKS!!!
Me: Do you mean 4 weeks or for weeks?
Kurt: For weeks.
Me: You mean for four weeks?
Kurt: No I mean for weeks.
Me: AHHHHH!!!!

Date: 01/04/14 4:32 PM
From: windzaper

lol he LOVES singing then......

more it is funny

oh.i'm catsoul4ev and go to the winx club boards and check the topic 'not a mess up ((fanfic))' i made it!


Date: 01/03/14 10:24 PM
From: woolmanman

Logan: Your a little late.
Me: Well I forgot to get on,
Scott: Hey you guys want to hear a song I wrote about new years?
Everyone but Scott: Uh no thanks *runs out of room*
Scott: Ehh I can sing it to myself......

Date: 12/16/13 9:12 PM
From: catsoul4ev

HAHAHAHAHA i love when you run from scott destroying your ear's happiness

SnarfFan4Ev ut
SpazFan4Ev ut


Date: 12/15/13 12:20 AM
From: woolmanman

Me: Merry Christmas all! Or at least in a few weeks.
Scott: Want me to sing some Christmas songs while we decorate the tree?
Me. Uh no that's okay because it will be hard for you and bobby to sing and put ordaments on the tree and I don't want you to feel left out in decorating it.
Scott. I'll sing instead
Me: RUN!!!!!!!