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My story from where i had left off! i am soo lazy!

Date: 10/26/13 7:07 PM
From: iluvuall92

Cyclops presses a small red button on the wall that says open cells and I glare at him.
?What?! I did as you asked me to do Magpie!? He yells at me.
?You were supposed to do all cool-like!? I yell at him. He just frowns and shakes his head at me while the cell doors open. I stop my yelling as wary and confused mutants cautiously exit the safety of their personal prisons. They are all moving too slow and I quickly grow impatient at their cautiousness.
?HURRY IT UP!! I SET YOU FREE FOR A REASON SO STOP BEING SO SLOW AND GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE THE GAURDS COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I scream at them. This ends them into action and they are all making a break for the door, including us at the head of the group. We reach the steel looking doors and try to pry them open to no prevail. I turn my head to Scott.
?Cyclops, get the doors open!? He blows at hole right through it and I glare at his.
?What is it this time?! I opened the doors!? He yells at me.
?You could have just pressed the button over there, ya know.? I say pointing to a small black button labeled as ?Open Doors?. He gives me an angry scowl and presses the button, making the doors slide open the rest of the way. He gives me an icy smile (if you can?t tell, he doesn?t like me very much).
?Better, Madame Magpie?? He asks with sarcasm and malice. I smirk at him and nod, making him glare and growl at me. I chuckle and face the mutant we just set free.
?I don?t know what any of you people are gifted with but if you see a MRD soldier... KICK THEIR BUTT!!? I scream making all of their grimy disheveled face instantly light up. I turn to face the hallway and we all storm the halls, taking out anyone who stands in our way.
We all keep running until we reach the final set of doors. I look for a button to open the doors or some sort of key pad but it is sealed completely. I hear a startled cry and turn around to see everyone in our revised group being restrained by a MRD soldier except for me. A man with salt and pepper hair suddenly walks through the crowd with a triumphant look in his eyes. I instantly knew that it is Him, the Voice, the inhumane creature that has tormented me since I got here. I stalk towards him until we are only 3 feet apart, a glare on my face.
?Now Magonolia, is that any way to look at me when I have your only friends you?ve ever had in my captivity? If I want to, I could have them all be executed with a wave of my hand.? I give a small chuckle that obviously makes him nervous.
?Well, here?s the thing, I don?t really care about them, they?re just my pawns for getting out of this joint!? I say without a care in the world. I hear a small gasp and I can tell that it?s Molly. I smirk, knowing that Rex, Gambit, and Hunter will get out safely.
?You know, it?s actually kind of cute that everyone here thought that I cared about them, really! I guess that I should have all of you know that you were never important to me, not even now. Sorry to burst your bubble.? I hear a small growl and suddenly Curt and his captor are standing next to me, Curt with hurt in his eyes.
?Please, please Maggie, tell me it?s not true!? He pleads. I give him a cruel smile and grab his hair, yanking him head in a way so that his ear is right next to my mouth.
?Oh, but it is, Little Boy Blue!? Then, I lightly tap the side of his head with mine. It was a code that we made up 7 months ago for ?Just go with it, it will turn out okay, I promise!?
His eyes fill with hurt that only I can tell is fake and he hangs his head and let out a little chuckle that sounds very similar to a sob. He shakes his head and looks at me with a glint in his eye.
?You know, people will fall for anything these days.? I say in a sly tone and all of the captors including the Voice drop to the ground.

Spaz out
I love you all 92!

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Date: 02/10/14 10:15 AM
From: iluvuall92

Of course! I would be honored and would love to read it! Feel free!

I love you all 92!
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Date: 02/09/14 8:17 PM
From: tmntl1

May I write a fanfiction based off of your fanfiction? CX

Date: 02/09/14 6:15 PM
From: iluvuall92

At first i am startled, but kiss back none the less. I pull away and we?re both blushing, and I flash him a smile.
?Well, I?m just going to change and then we will have some fun!? I run to my room and slip on a blue, green, and purple tie-dye and light blue skinny jeans that were provided to me when I first came to the institute remembering what Rex had said to me during our first real conversation.

He takes my hand and pulls himself up.
?You know, you are really pretty. You shouldn?t wear such dreary clothing; it hides your beauty.? I blush and smile at him.
?Thank you, Rex. I will take this into account.?
End of Flashbac

I ran down the huge stairs and saw a bunch of people in a group talking to each other. I see Lucas and Hunter over to the side and jog over to them. When they see what I?m wearing their eyes widen and their jaws open wordlessly.
?Take a picture, it?ll last longer. I know that this isn?t my usual attire, but I thought I?d try something different.? I say with a smile. Lucas take out his phone and snaps a quick picture of me, making me giggle, and their eyes widen even more.
?Oh, calm down! Prison changes a person?? I say in a wistful, daydreaming tone. We all are laughing when i see a huge group off to the side, all talking about a battle or some weird thing like that.
?What are those guys talking about over there and who are they surrounding?? The boys look over to where I?m pointing and give a small chuckle.
?They?re probably talking about the power dual.? I give Hunter a curious glance and he looks to Lucas for help on explaining.
?Well, about a week ago, people were all depressed because you weren?t here, so the teachers arranged the ultimate power dual that was so huge that they had to call it a power battle. There were about four teams with five to six people in each team. Each team had it?s own power category, like wasn?t one for the techies backslash electrics, Hunter?? My eyes are wide while they explain this and Hunter gets a wondering look on his face.
?Yeah, that was one of them for sure, and wasn?t another shape-shifters?? He asks Lucas.
?Yep! Lets go see where Wolfgang is. Maggie have you met Wolfgang, he?s the one who brought the pet dog.? My mind flashes to the boy with black hair that goes to about mid-neck, with blue eyes and tan skin.
?Met him? No, I haven?t, but I?ve seen him with his friends and he seems extremely nice. Let?s go.? I give them a genuine smile and they lean away from me a bit.
?Nope, you?re not Maggie. She would smack us aside the head for even mentioning meeting some goody-goody Momma?s boy. There is no way that you?re that girl!? I purse my lips and give them a long look.
?Look, I was taken from my best-friends and held without food or water. I was never nice to almost anyone, so you can imagine my surprise when i actually was rescued. I have friends now, so I don?t want to lose them, because you know what? I love you guys! Thanks for being here for me. Now, close your mouths, you?ll catch flies. Let?s go meet your friend.?


Date: 02/06/14 8:54 PM
From: iluvuall92

Hey guys, I recovered the rest of my story, so I'm just going to stop this one and repost the whole this so that other people can read it who are new to the boards. I hope that you all are ok with this. Don't post here and let it be deleted, it will all be back soon!

I love you all 92!
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Date: 01/27/14 1:16 PM
From: nature4cra

I LOVE THAT CHAPTER/PART it is awesome .Make more soon please.

Tamani Night ut


Date: 01/26/14 10:22 PM
From: iluvuall92

?Wait what do you mean?? I could see just total confusion on Rex?s face and I let out a little giggle.
?Well, when the shadows went up your arms?um, how do I say this? OH! Look at your hands, and then look in the mirror.? He looked down at his hands expecting them to be invisible, but did a double take and his eyes widened to the size of bowling balls and he darts over to a mirror hanging in the halls. He starts patting himself on the shoulders, arms, and face while looking at himself. He looks in his own eyes and a grin ghosts across his face.
?So, will I always have my eyes like this? Or do you not know?? He asks me, and a flash of fear strikes through my heart. What if he doesn?t like having strange eyes? What if he?s mad at me and the smile was just a front, oh, what have I done?!
?Rex, if you do-? ?Oh, who am I kidding, I don?t care, I LOVE IT!!! Not only am I visible thanks to you, but now I will always remember who did it! Thanks, Mags, it means a lot.? He runs back to me and engulfs me in a hug and lifts me up, spinning me around until I am a giggling mess. He puts me down, and looking into each other?s eyes I feel a rush of complete affection for Rex and find us both leaning in towards each other. We get closer and closer until our faces are only one inch apart. He gently grabs my face and closes the distance between us and kisses me full on,

I love you all 92
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Date: 01/23/14 4:14 PM
From: nature4cra

make mor Spaz!
i love it [it is awesome]
please don't stop



Date: 01/17/14 9:40 PM
From: windzaper

my microsoft word is 'locked' so i an't in a good mood.

Date: 01/17/14 8:15 PM
From: iluvuall92

We look over to see a teary eyed Melody. Rex gives a chuckle, still in tears, and nods, sending Melody running over to her brother who is still holding me hands, almost like he?s afraid to let to go, and she engulfs him in a hug. In this moment, I feel the intensity of my crush on Curt flicker for just a moment into a small one on Rex, and then go back to the usual. I smile and look down at our hands, still entwined, and notice that the shadows are leaving my hands and traveling onto his. They start to speed their slow movement and I see Rex shudder and look at our hands, equally transfixed. Our eyes follow it up his arm and neck, and by now Melody is watching it too, just like the rest of the students. It has sped up even more in this moment and swiftly traveled up his face and seemed to disappear, but something told me that whatever just happened wasn?t over. Suddenly, Rex bends over, releasing my hands, clutching his head in pain, and we are in too much shock to realize that he?s still visible. He collapses on the ground still holding his head and around him, all is still. All is silent. All is in shock. Then, he stirs. We all are looking at him in shock when he looks at me.
?Hey, Maggie, what happened; I just had to worst migraine.? I am looking into his normally bright blue eyes, which are now not as? well? normal. One is still the lovely, deep blue, but the other is a pitch, pitch black. It was beautiful, in a dark, strange way. My eyes widen and Rex looks around trying to find out if anything is wrong.
?What? Is there something wrong?? I give a small shake of my head and the edge of my mouth twitches up in a smile.
?No, Rex, your eyes are? beautiful!?

I love you all 92
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Date: 01/15/14 10:54 PM
From: windzaper

hey spaz?
do you need help writing this???
cause i only have 2 fanfictions i'm writing and i have time usually since i got this AWESOME latop that i use in my room, i am able to trype up stuff, and i could help ya'll with your fanfiction!!!!

just asking....bye


Date: 01/11/14 5:27 PM
From: Windzaper

more more more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 01/04/14 4:27 PM
From: windzaper

go to the winx club boards and click on the 'not a mess up ((fanfic))' topic.((i'm catsoul4ev

Date: 01/02/14 9:05 PM
From: iluvuall92

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Sorry I'm taking a while, i left my computer at my grandparents house. Updating soom!!!!!

I love you all 92!
Spaz out


Date: 01/02/14 4:44 PM
From: coolcatv8

Hey! I'm back! If you go to Hamraps story you'll know why I was gone so long. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

lover of pie


Date: 12/21/13 8:51 PM
From: catsoul4ev

it's cool that you made Maggie make Rex visible.that is awesome 2 parts of ur story.
you are awesome at writing this and cliffhangers are fun yet not proper writing which is weird since every one kinda does them.
hope 2 see more chapters

Cat ut


Date: 12/21/13 6:53 PM
From: tmntl1

OMYGOSH HES VISABLE!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! OMYGOSH OMYGOSH!!! (sorry ive been a silent reader for a while)

Date: 12/21/13 4:46 PM
From: iluvuall92

Part 2
?Why did you come back?? I looked over to see an angry looking Kitty Pryde. She has always severely disliked me, but I am quite shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth. The shock is soon replaced by hurt, but most of all anger.
?What was that, Pryde? Ask that again.? I say in a cool, calm, and collected voice, and everyone falls silent.
?Why did you come back? It?s not that hard of a question. But no one really wants you here besides Kurt, you know that right?? I give her an icy smile.
?Well, I came here because people actually do like me; I made friends. I know, hard to believe, right? But now, I have a family, and it isn?t your call to say whether I come back or not, because, quite frankly, you aren?t a part of my family! So, I would run along before I send Hunter?s ghosts after you.? I say while smiling the whole time. By now, I usually would have taken her down, but I didn?t want to make people hate me again so soon, so I decide to take the actually pretty threatening verbal approach. Kitty looks at my hands, looking scared for a second before running off and I look down to see them completely surrounded with black, shadows. I smile in awe at my new gift and lightly touch the banner. Suddenly the whole banner turn black, then it disappears. But I know that it?s still there, I feel still with the tips of my fingers. I touch it with my other hand as well and am shock to see it become visible again. One hand equals invisible, two hands equals visible. Then, I have a brilliant idea.
?Rex, come here, please.? I hear a small shuffle of feet coming over to me.
?Give me both of your hands, just trust me, k?? I hold my hand out to where he is, with my palms up. I feel his warm, rough hands be set on my cold, soft ones. Suddenly, standing in front of me is a tall and skinny boy, with fluffy ginger hair and deep blue eyes. He was wearing a grey t-shirt with a red jacket over it and light denim jean. He looked down at me, then looked at himself, gasped, and started to cry.
?Rex? Is that really you??
HAHAHA! Happy Holidays Cliffhanger!
I love you all 92!
Spaz out

Date: 12/21/13 4:44 PM
From: iluvuall92

Part 1
I let the three girls, Aaron, Hope, and Thalia, go back to their previous business and give Rex a small high five.
?Are you ready for some surprises, Rex?? I whisper into Rex?s ear. I feel him nod, so I loop my arm with his and we begin to skip down the like the weirdoes we are. As we skip through the halls, I spot a familiar blonde with blue highlights talking to my favorite haunting victim. I pull Rex with my over to Hunter until we are right behind him.
?You didn?t even try to help us, Master! We needed you and you left us, so now, you will feel our wrath!? I whisper into his ear. At the same time, Rex and I grab poor Hunter?s arms and legs, and I clamp my hand over his mouth. We start to run away and we hear Lucas calling out for his missing friend. I kick a dark classroom open, and we gently toss my buddy inside. I let go of Rex and turn on the lights, so he can see me. I immediately put my hand to his mouth to make him be quiet.
?Shh, be vewy (very) quiet, I?m hunting wabbits (rabbits)!? I say quoting Elmer Fudd from the Looney Toons. I feel him smile into my hand and I release my hold on his mouth. He immediately hugs me and spins my around.
?You?re finally back! I have missed you so much! I never really got to say hi, or anything!? I give him my tightest bear-hug until he?s gasping for breath.
?Hugging tightly.. can?t breath.. going down.. help!? I chuckle and release him from my python-like hug.
?So, no one knows I?m here, so you can?t tell anyone! K?? He nods and I ruffle his hair in a giddy fashion.
?Now, get out so I can surprise my other peers!? He gives me a soft look.
?I?m really glad you?re back, but, uh, what should I tell Lucas?? I toss him a carefree look.
?That you escaped the ghosts, obviously!? I chuckle and shove him out the door that he had opened moments before. I close the door softly and turn back to where Rex was.
?I think that Dorrie should be next. How bout you??
?I think that that would be fun, but I think that we should surprise everyone now, huh??
I smile at where his voice is and walk over to him. I offer him my hand and he lightly grips my hand with his large, rough one. I smile, knowing that he can?t see and drag him to the door. The second that I?m out, I run to the main hallway to see 99% of the students waiting underneath the Welcome Home banner, waiting for my return. I let out a silent gasp, and my eyes fill with tears that I can?t even explain. Just knowing that so many people care about me brings tears to my eyes. I wipe the tears away and walk forward until I am right behind the large group of mutants.
?I?ll take it that this means that you are either going to swarm me and force me back out, or that you missed me.? I hear a collective gasp and I release Rex?s hand before anyone can turn around. Almost immediately I am bombarded with questions of: Where were you? Are you okay? What was it like over on the other side? How did you escape?
But, through all of this, one question caught my attention.

Date: 12/20/13 4:02 PM
From: catsoul4ev

kk Spaz
i can wait

SecretCat ut


Date: 12/20/13 10:32 AM
From: iluvuall92

Be patient now, my children! I want to make this next chapter really awesome so it might take a small while. Just a few days, though!