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THE NEW X-MEN & Avengers ( Old ones as parents if want ! )

Date: 02/20/14 8:06 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Here is your form and im also filling this one out as mine :
Name : Alexa
Outfit : A black and Grey stringy shirt and Grey jeans and Black converses
Talent : Has fathers Hammer
Personality : Funny , Has a fiery temper , Sweet also
X-men Parent if have one : Thor and Jane
Crush : Wolverine's Son
Pet if have one : My pet is A husky names Chaos A black Cat named Midnight and a Horse Kit-Kat
Best friend: Mystique's Daughter
Signiture : Alexa
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Date: 04/02/14 3:39 AM
From: Fireyheart

Is anyone still open?

Date: 03/25/14 3:20 PM
From: vsnmbffluv

name: jessica abigail parker (jumping spider)
outfit: a red leotard with a black belt with diamonds on them and all of her guns and other tools black stockings black high cowgirl looking boots with some diamonds on them and black gloves that go up to her elbows wears her hair in a high ponytail
talent: a mixture of black widow and spider man has all of spidermans powers including his smack talk during a fight and is flexible and a master assassin like black widow
personality: funny, tough, risk taker, creative, smart, generous, sweet, kind, a great leader
parents: spiderman/ peter parker and mary jane watson
crush: tony and peppers son
pet: a cute little puppy named benny ( in honor of uncle ben) and a radioactive jumping spider that is like the one that bit peter she brings it in a fight because the spider can multiply and that helps her in battles
best friend: black widows daughter



Date: 03/24/14 7:41 PM
From: timtima

jay bye.

Date: 03/15/14 3:50 PM
From: mequikd

ok it's iceman's and jean kid.
the weapon is Rachele's old whatever...
sorry if it sounds mean and late, i had A LOT of homework

Date: 02/24/14 6:09 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

~ EmmaAwitch Wolverine and Thor Lover

Date: 02/23/14 8:54 PM
From: nature4cra

okay,danny will have a crush on alexa,i had a feeling you would want that.

Date: 02/23/14 7:37 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

@ Ava
Mystiques Daughter is take .....I did not put Iceman and Jean's Daughter is alright .... Sorry just fix thos two things

Date: 02/23/14 5:20 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Danny would you mind liking Alexa back?????
If yes than Accepted
If No then create a diffrent Character and add drama Okay?
Thank you so Much
~ EmmaAwitch Wolverine and Thor lover
Aka :

Date: 02/23/14 4:46 PM
From: mequikd

name: ava
outfit: queen t-shirt, torn jeans, ballet flats
wepons: kurt's old sword
personality: random, sweet
x-men parents: mystique and daredevil
crush: iceman's son
pet: bengal cay named sally
best friend: jean's daughter
sig: AVA

Date: 02/23/14 2:06 PM
From: nature4cra

Name :Danny
Outfit : a black t-shirt,blue jeans,brown boots,black hair,blue eyes,fair skin.
Talent : has dad's agility and senses,and his mom's healing factor and age thing.
Personality : Danny is alittle timid,and is easily mad.he can be hot-headed but most the time he hides his hatred or annoyance and is sweet to people,he is sometimes shy.
X-men Parent if have one : Wolverine and silver fox
Crush : [does the person you have a crush on have to have a crush on you?if so then i will do Alexa,but i want to add some drama to it if you don't mind] Kitty's daughter [can change it to alexa is you want]
Pet if have one : a wolf named Spencer[i know weird name,it poped into my head]
Best friend: spiderman's son
Signiture : ~Danny*~

Date: 02/23/14 9:26 AM
From: EmmaAwitch

Jazyln Accepted begin roleplaying

When will some one make WOLVERINE'S son
~ EmmaAwitch says keep signing up


Date: 02/22/14 11:07 PM
From: darkolight

okay,not good at this kinda,so...

~Amilia's POV~

"Honey wake up!" my mom calls through the closeddoor to my bedroom. i groan and open my eyes to see i am half way through my bed. i shriek slightly and stand up. i sigh and get changed,brush my teeeth,and put on some chap stick. i go through the door-a force of habit,and i can't really control my powers-and get a cough behind me,in the kitchen. i shriek out of being scared-and suprised-and my arms turn into their industructable metal type.

"don't do that.." i whisper and grab some cereal and a bowl."honey,sorry. you just need to try to control your...talent" my dad says in his russian accent. i sigh and look at his face.i nod,"i know dad..just a bad habit to do that." i mutter and sit down with my frosted flakes.

my mom walks through the wall from the bathroom,she sighs and face palms herself."now i am doing it...darn't"she says and i giggle."Amilia" my dad warnns pointlessly."it's okay honey. she is a high schooler,and my daughter,i would've laughed to" my mom says softly and i nod."sorry mom" i aopolijies and she nods. she pours some coffee and gives some to my dad.

"soon,you should leave Amy" my mom mutters and i sigh,nodding."i know mom..i wish i could stay but this talent of mine needs to be controlled.atleast my best friend won't be super sad,knowing it has to be this way" i reply to her and finish my cereal quickly.

there comes a knock on the ront door and i smile,then frown."there here?" mom asks. i nod and put my bowl into the sink and grab my full suitcase next to the door. i open the door to see professer Xavior,storm,and logan,aka wolverine."hey,ready Amilia?" storm asks and i nod.

"just let me say bye to my best friend,Emily,before we get to the x-mansion" i say and prof. x nods.
we climb into his car,me not going through the car door which is different for me. we get there and i walk out the car and go towards the front door,my nervousness showing up. i do and don't want to go,i wnat my best friend to come with me to,but she isn't a mutant and just has spidy sense-like her dad- and really flexable.

she opens the door-which suprised me-and i hug her straight away."i am gonna miss you" i say to her. she sighs and says a muffled "me too". i sigh and go into the car,she stares at the car,and storm and the rest of the people.

i say,and wave bye to her and we drive off. isee a glimps of her walking towards school,alone without me to talk to her on the way.

hopefully this is worth it.


Date: 02/22/14 10:42 PM
From: iluvuall92

Name: Jazlyn
Outfit: Loose fitting dull green blouse that hangs off of shoulders in an attractive way, yellow camisole underneath, black jeggings, black high-tops
Talent: sending off an explosive wave that knocks people out and absorbs their powers, giving them to her permanently
Personality: Quiet, loner, misunderstood, untrusting, sassy, sarcastic, sweet once trusted
X-men Parent: Rogue and Gambit
Crush: Natasha and Clint's son (Black Widow and Hawk Eye
No pet
Best Friend: Spiderman's children

Date: 02/22/14 10:17 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Are you sure you dont want a Crush?????
Start the Roleplaying

Date: 02/22/14 7:41 PM
From: Creedling

Name: Lyra
Outfit: Black hoodie, dark jeans, black sneakers, long black hair and green eyes
Talent: Same as Loki's and can cause insanity (temporary and permanent)
Personality: Quiet, Loner, will get angry if judged because of her father is Loki
Parent(s): Loki
Crush: None
Pet(If one): Wolf named Warrior
Best Friend: Warrior (pet)
Signature: Lyra

Hope you like her! Sorry, more independent than a social person, but that's kinda like me anyway.



Date: 02/22/14 6:54 PM
From: darkolight

i will do mine soon

Date: 02/22/14 4:18 PM
From: DeltaRogue

*Rue's POV*
I was rushing around my room packing a bag then rushed downstairs. "Rue, careful." My dad, Hank McCoy, warned as I ran into him.
"Sorry, but we've gotta go! Bye, Dad! Bye, Mom!" I said as I grabbed my brother's arm and we ran out and climbed onto our bikes.
"Last one there has to call the first cool!" I said then we started to race, only lived six miles from the school.


Date: 02/22/14 2:33 PM
From: EmmaAwitch


~ EmmaAwitch


Date: 02/22/14 1:42 PM
From: DeltaRogue

Name: Irene "Rue" McCoy
Outfit: Green long-sleeve, black jeans and green sneakers.
Talent: She's able to shape-shift like her mom and is a genius like her dad
Personality: Rue is a tomboy and sarcastic, she's friendly and very stubborn, and is a bit of a leader.
Parents: Beast & Mystique
Crush: Dmitri Rasputin
Best Friend: Alexa

Hope you like her


Date: 02/22/14 10:16 AM
From: EmmaAwitch

Name : Luke
Outfit : A black and gold t-shirt and black pants
Talent : Same as my dad's
X-men Parent or Superhero Parent : Loki
Crush : Emily
Pet if have one : A black baby dragon i found named Misery
Best friend : Iron Man's son
Signiture : Luke