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Creat your own

Date: 04/30/14 8:04 PM
From: libby1001

Create your own Marvel hero. Could be x men, Avenger, Fantastic 4 or Even a villain.

Name: Emily
Siblings:Quicksilver and Scarlet Which
Affiliation:X men
Hero name:Sonic
Power:able to shoot sonic waves and hear at extremely high sound levels.
Suit:The suit Shadowcat uses in X men Evolution tv series
Friends:Shadowcat,Nightcrawler,Cyclops,Phoenix,Rouge, Wolverine and Storm
Pearsonatility:shy, A student, loves to read, Hangs out with Wolverine a lot, Spends days not at school in the danger room with Storm and Wolverine
Worst Nemesis:Sabertooth

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Date: 08/16/14 1:21 AM
From: jamesfan28

heyy my name is jamesfan28 and here my character
Name:Eli Xavier
Mutant Name:Nitro
Age: 15
Looks:blonde hair with red hightlight,navy blue eyes
Clothing Style:black skinny jeans,black converse shoes,black t-shirt with red stripes,black and white checkered jacket,black beanie and a class ring that belonged to his mother
Likes:being left alone,drawing,just being popular
Hates:Seeing People Be Bullied,Arguing With His Dad
Powers:Telepathy,Manipulating Glass
Sibling's:Charles Xavier (Father)
Personality:Shy,Always Wondering About Everything, Always Happy
Story:His Mother Died When He Was Born Then Taken From His Father Who Tried Raising Him And Was Not Able To Get Him Back For 15 Years And For Those 15 Years Eli Did Not Know who His Parents Were Until He Met His Father Face To Face Since His Birth When Eli Met Him He Was Not Sure But Professor Xavier (Aka Eli's Father) Kept It From Him Until He Though He Was Ready To Know About His Life And Family

Date: 08/12/14 12:01 AM
From: Starsurfer

Parent:Storm and Batman
Affiliation:Fantastic 4
Hero Name:The Gymnast Girl
Power:Able to do Gymnastics and can tell anyone"s next moves
suit:As the same excat suit as skylar storm
Friends:Captain America,Storm,Iron Man And Batman.
In school at Next hero camp.
Worst nemesis:Dr.villain

Date: 07/21/14 4:17 PM
From: ravi100

name: tony jr.
parents: pepper pots and tony stark
siblings: Olivia stark
affiliation: next avengers (avengers kids)
hero name: (new) iron man
power: he doesn't have powers sooo. weapons: thick bracelet and when ever he wants it puts on whatever suit he sais, obviously his custom armors.
suit: any armor he is wearing.
friends: James (captain Americas son) azuri (black panthers son) Pym (ant mans son) hawkeyes son and thors daughter
personality: (basically iron mans personality inside a 13 year old)
worst nemesis: anyone who messes with the next avengers (his team)

Date: 07/15/14 6:46 PM
From: xmenluver

Sorry...I just don't like the guy...I LIKE ANGEL

Date: 07/14/14 2:56 PM
From: erm7

Name: Elonzo R. M
Parents: Hank M(Beast) and Ororo M(Storm)
Siblings: Cyclops and Wolverine
Affiliation: X-Men
Hero Name: Lonzo
Power: Able to shift into animals, able to control weather
Suit: X-Men T-shirt and long Spandex pants
Allies: Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine, Beast, Storm
Personality: Calm, laid-back, strong, tall, kind
Worst Enemy: Mister Sinister

Date: 07/11/14 4:44 PM
From: goop5623

my favorit mutant is quicksilver!!!

Date: 06/18/14 9:34 PM
From: mequikd

name: Maya
parents: wonder woman and the flash
siblings: none
affiliation: none
hero name: little miss manhattan
power: none but fully trained in free running, gymnastics, and special guns
suit: black pageant dress
friends: deadpool, mystic, icicle
personality: in charge, money-wise, sarcastic
worst nemesis: senator kelly
note: she is the real boss of all marvel heroes and pays for their expenses

Date: 06/17/14 8:51 AM
From: jyalinadge

i love that show

Date: 06/16/14 4:56 PM
From: jayilnadge

i love the marvels

Date: 06/15/14 11:43 PM
From: Starsurfer

Name: Skylar
Parents:Storm and Batman.
Hero Name:Elements
Power:Have the four elements
Friends:hot guy,Captain amercia and batman
Pearsonatility:Brave,A hero,Hangs out with storm and batman and loves to use her water and air but not fire and earth.

Date: 06/01/14 1:02 AM
From: snake0721

parent:charles Xavier
affliction:X men
Hero name:wolf
powers:hear things from long distance, has metal claws, can heal ,can sense,has reflexes,can fly and read minds.
suit:has a red and black suit with xmen symbol on it
friends:wolverin,storm,charles Xavier,nightcrawler,scott
pearsonalitty:likes to hang out with wolverine and storm
worst nemesis:sabertooth


Date: 05/31/14 8:51 PM
From: xmenluver

Name: Anna
Parent: I was left at Professors house in a basket when I was a baby
Siblings: None...I think
Affiliation: X-Men
Hero Name: Dove
Power: I have white, feathered wings..Like Angel
Suit: A girl version of Angels...But it's light blue
Friends: Shadowcat, Wolverine, Storm, Phoenix, and Angel
Personality: Random, HAPPY , always cheerful.
Enemy: Quicksilver...I hate that show off
Loves: Frozen, skittles, annoying Wolverine, beating bad guys
Hates: When Cyclops sings (AHHHH!!!!!), bad guys, anyone who hates Frozen

Date: 05/28/14 4:43 PM
From: chieffan22

Name: Xavier S
Parents: Tony Stark and Pepper Potts
Siblings: Jacob Stark
Affiliation: Avengers
Hero Name: Iron Warrior
Power: None but uses on of Tony's suits.
Suit: A mark V iron man suit
Friends: Commander America( Captain America's son) ,Bowman( Hawkeye's Son), Iron Man, War Machine and Hawkeye
Personality: nice, caring, strong, athletic
Worst Nemesis: Zapper(Whiplash's son)


Date: 05/10/14 8:55 PM
From: mequikd

name: Meredeth
parent: elsa and jack frost
Siblings: none
Affiliation: x men
Hero name: icicle
Power: to shoot ice out of her hands
Suit: the one emma frost wore in wolverine and the x men but more covered up
Friends: the iceman
Personality: loner/random/grateful/mischievous
Worst Nemesis:pitch black, maleficent, carnage