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Date: 01/22/14 11:41 AM
From: 7chase530

fanboy is ther for chum chum when he gets hert
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Date: 03/30/14 4:44 PM
From: eum

Fanboy and Chum chum always have each other back when one of them get hurt.

Date: 03/04/14 8:24 PM
From: lenser

yes he is 7chase530

Date: 02/27/14 3:39 PM
From: sfan246

Cool! Anyway, they do need to show the episode "Brain Freeze", the episode that was on DVD, on Nick! I just can't wait anymore...!

Date: 02/20/14 3:31 PM
From: areumadnah

I love fanboy and chum chum

Date: 02/18/14 3:42 PM
From: malmal50

there will be one soon.
I think one is coming in April.

Date: 02/18/14 1:00 PM
From: sfan246

When do you think Fanboy & Chum Chum is getting a 3rd season? I just don't know if it's true or not.

Date: 01/25/14 12:01 PM
From: cerrato

Hi i/m new wute are yols names.