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howling moon to irland

Date: 07/19/14 1:00 PM
From: malmal50

part 1.
I was in my room reading a book.
Then my uncal paws came in.
Me: hello uncial paws.what brings you here?
Uncial paws: a clan of dark wolfs are headed to this village.
Me: here?
Uncal: yes. And you will be staying in Ireland for a few days.
Me: Ireland?
Uncal paws: yes my pup. Your aunt Carla is getting married and your aunt Carla is in wolf claw castle. You can take those two humans with you and bring some of your horses. I will send for sigmund to take you there tonight.
Then uncal paws left.
Then I started packing.
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Date: 09/25/14 12:26 AM
From: malmal50


Date: 09/17/14 3:02 PM
From: malmal50

well everyone what do you think?

Date: 09/15/14 8:56 PM
From: malmal50

part 19.
We found Gunther. He was hiding in a hole in the ground I turns out he was on a midnight stroll a few nights ago and fell in and the ghost of Elisabeth kept him hidden all this time.
Then we got him out of the hole and we went back to the castle and we went to bed.
The next day my aunt Carla and Gunther were married.
And after the wedding.
Scull boy left for gloomsvill.
Then I packed up for home.
Then Kyle teleported us home.
.2bc in howling moon the Witchs curse part 1

Date: 08/27/14 6:26 PM
From: malmal50

part 17 1/2.
st blarney Told lucky about what really happened to the count and his family when he was there.
Then lucky Found out who st blarney really was. Not a heartless monster but a poor lepracon who was so frightened and haunted from his past he lost himself. And how heart broken he was when the count and his family were lost. and he would have gave anything to take that night back. On The night of the wagon crash. He was dragging his pot of gold.Then as the family coming back from there ride there horses saw him in the way and the horse ran off in fear. But as he took his pot of gold and ran. Then the horse broke free from the carrage and ran off. Then the wagon crashed.
Then the ghost of olivers chain broke from the crashed wagon and he and Elisabeth crossed over to the after life. And were together once again.

Date: 08/25/14 2:35 PM
From: malmal50

part 17.
Meanwhile at the lake.
Then Kyle carried me out of the lake and put me on the ground but I was not awake.
Kyle: Mallory? [sob] are you ok there? [sob] please say something.
Then fanboy chum chum and everyone else in the castle saw me.
Then Sigmund went to me.
Chum chum: [crying] poor Mallory.
Then skull boy went to me
Skull boy: Mallory?
Fanboy: oh Mallory? please be OK.
Then Sigmund stood at me in sadness.
Sigmund: oh Mallory [sob] I am so very sorry.
Then Kyle kissed me.
Kyle: [crying].
Then I woke up.
Me: [coughing] what happened?
Kyle: Mallory! oh thank goodness.
Then kyle hugs me.

Date: 08/21/14 12:19 AM
From: malmal50

part 15 1/2.
Then the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla Flys to me in anger.
ghost of Elisabeth mctilla: [SCREECH]!
Then the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla grabbed me and tossed me in the lake.
Then I started sinking.
Me: help me! I am sinking!
Then the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla saw saw skull boy running to her.
Then the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla as was about the fly to him.
Then the Ghost of Oliver came from behind the wagon.
Ghost of Oliver: ELISABETH STOP!
Then the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla Stood at him.
Ghost of oliver: This is not you. I know you. when I was chained to this place as a ghost I didnt stop thinking of you so I stood by this wagon waiting for you to come find me. and I never got to tell you this but I will tell you now. Elisabeth I love you so much. And I know the reel you are still in there.
Then the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla Stood at him in shock. And Her memerys returned and everything that made her cold and mean was gone.
the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla: Oliver?
Then the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla hugged him.

Date: 08/19/14 1:29 PM
From: malmal50

part 15.
Meanwhile at the castle.
Fanboy and chum chum were still trying to find me.
Then me and skull boy ran to the castle.
Fanboy: Mallory!
Chum chum: your OK!
Fanboy: where were you at?
Then I herd st blarney scream.
Then me and skull boy.
ran to the old cottage next to the castle
Then as I went inside I saw st blarney standing in the middle of the room in fear.
Then the door closed itself.
st blarney: it is too late lassie. Elisabeth Will never let us leave.
but the cottage was locked.
Me: is there a way out of here?
st blarney: yes there is hidden trap door on the floor bord.
Then found the trap door but the door was locked.
Me: oh no the door it is locked!
skull boy: I will help you. I have a skeleton key with me.
Then skull boy tried to unlock the door.
Then st blarney stood at the wall.
st blarney: Elisabeth stop this please!. I am sorry for what happened!
Then skull boy trys to put the key in the lock.
Skull boy: I think the key fits.
st blarney: I sat at your graves every night for a year!
Then skull boy trys to unlock the trap door.
Skull boy: I almost have the door open.
st blarney: and I said I am sorry!. I never wanted you all to be lost!. it was only a wee accident!. I didnt ever take gold again after that!
Then skull boy opened the trap door.
Skull boy: it is open!. Come on we have to get out of here.
Then as I was about to go in to the trap door.
Me: come on st blarney.
st blarney: no lassie. You both leave this cottage. I deserve this fate.
Me: everyone deserves a seconed chance. Now come on!
Then st blarney followed us out trap door.
Then we found crawled out a hole in the ground next to the lake were the wagon was.
Me: [coughing] is everyone ok?
Skull boy: we are fine. We have to everyone in the castle here wait for us.
Then skull boy and st blarney ran back to the castle to bring everyone to safety.

Date: 08/17/14 1:48 PM
From: malmal50

part 14.
Me and skull boy were still followed the path of wagon tracks.
Then we saw a crashed wagon.
Me: is that a wagon?
Skull boy: it must have crashed five hundred years ago.
Me: who would crash a wagon here?
Skull boy: who would?
Then the ghost of a teenage farm boy came.
Ghost of oliver: who are you?
Me: wait are you oliver smith the boy that sold milk and cheese to the count and his family?
Ghost of oliver: yes I am. Who are you?
Me: I am Mallory.
Skull boy: and I am skull boy.
Me: I herd a lot about you. My aunt lives at there castle now.
Ghost of oliver: what about the mctillas are they there too.
Me: not anymore.
Skull boy: sorry.
Ghost of oliver: wait that means Eliabeth is.
Skull boy: no. Elisabeth is still here.
Ghost of oliver: Elisabeth is still here?
Skull boy: yes. But is not friendly.
Ghost of oliver: wait what do mean?
Skull boy: that ghost has been haunting the castle and this place for years and That ghost will be after anyone near her.
Ghost of oliver: oh no this is not good. Elisabeth is becoming a lost sole.
Skull boy: a what?
Ghost of oliver: every ghost has a short. But when they stay too long without peace. They slowly start to forget what made them human and then they become mean and scared and wicked. I have to find Elisabeth before it is too late.
Skull boy: then come with us so we can find her.
Ghost of oliver: I cant leave the place where my wagon stays.
Then we saw a ghost chain on olivers leg that chained him to the wagon.
Ghost of oliver: I have been chained here for five hundred years
Skull boy: then we have to bring her to you.
Ghost of oliver: how?

Date: 08/13/14 1:39 PM
From: malmal50

part 13.
Meanwhile at the castle.
Sigmund was in the castle library to find out more about the count and the family.
Then fanboy and chum chum came.
Fanboy: hi Sigmund what are doing here?
Sigmund: oh just some light reading.
Then Frisky came in.
Frisky: What are you children doing here?.
Chum chum: we wanted to find out more about the castle.
Fanboy: what happened to the count and his family anyway?
Frisky: well many years ago in the stables they were on a carrage ride and the horse got scared and the carrage crashed but when help arrived it was too late. But the people of Ireland were in tears for the count and his family.
Chum chum: poor guys.
Fanboy: I hope mallory is ok.

Date: 08/11/14 1:48 AM
From: malmal50

part 12.
Meanwhile that night.
Me and skull boy headed back to the castle and skull boy and me became friends as we passed the river.
Me: so where are you from skull boy?
Skull boy: I am from gloomsvill. In the monster relm.
Me: you are from the monster relm? My uncal told me about that place. He told me he went there to visit his my aunt rosetta.
Skull boy: that is so cool. I wish I had a family.
Me: I am so sorry. I did not mean to say anything.
Skull boy: no it is ok. Sometimes I wonder who my family were or where they are. to find out who I am.
Me: what happened to them?
Skull boy: I dont remember.
Then as we got to a willow tree next to a stump we herd the singing again.
Me: there is that singing again.
Skull boy: oh no we have to hide.
Then we hid in the bushs.
Then we saw the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla fly to the willow tree.
Then the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla put some flowers next to the tree.
Then The ghost of Elisabeth mctilla flys off in the night.
Then we came out of the bushs.
Me: what was that?
Skull boy: that was the ghost of Elisabeth mctilla.
Me: really?
Skull boy: if that ghost saw us we would be in deep trouble.
Me: why?
Skull boy: that ghost does not like anyone near her at all. That ghost will be after anyone near her.
Then a saw some flowers in the shape of a heart with a rusty box next to it.
Me: what is this?
Then I opened the box and saw a small locket with a dried up rose next to it.
Then I opened the locket. And I saw a small note in it.
note: dear Elisabeth I found you this locket by my farm so I wanted to give it to you. love Oliver.
Me: aw that is so sweet.
Skull boy: we betterget out of here before that ghost comes back.
Then we followed path where the wagon tracks were.

Date: 08/09/14 1:46 PM
From: malmal50

part 11.
At the castle.
Fanboy and chum chum were still trying to find me.
Fanboy: Mallory! where are you?
Chum chum: please come back!
Fanboy: we looked everywhere but there is no sight of her. [sigh] what are we going to do?
Then Sigmund and Kyle teleported to them.
Sigmund: well some help is here now.
Kyle: where is Mallory?
Fanboy: we cant find her.

Date: 08/07/14 1:23 PM
From: malmal50

part 10.
Meanwhile In a small camp.
I was laying on a soft sleeping bag next to a tent but I was still not awake.
Then I woke up.
Me: what happened?
Then the young skeleton came to me.
Skull boy: [phew] you are awake at last.
Me: who are you?.
Skull boy: my names skull boy. Whats your name?
Me: I am Mallory.
Skull boy: so how do feel? Are you OK?
Me: yes I feel fine but a little dizzy. What happened?
Skull boy: you fell in the river and started sinking. But I saw you and I swam in and carried you out the river and took you to my camp.
Me: oh thank you.
Skull boy: so where did you come from anyway.
Me: I was following some singing last night.
Skull boy: Singing?
Me: yes and it stopped at the river. Then I fell in the river.
Skull boy: oh.

Date: 08/05/14 11:03 PM
From: malmal50

part 9.
The next day.
In the castle grounds.
Fanboy and chum chum were seuching for me.
Fanboy: Mallory? Mallory where are you?
Chum chum: please come back.
Fanboy: where is Mallory?
Then lucky came to them.
Lucky: are you boys ok?
Chum chum: we cant find mallory.
Fanboy: have you seen her?.
Lucky: no and my uncal is trying to find her too.
Fanboy: doesnt he have to bring his pot of gold?
Lucky: no. he has a pot of gold but he locks it up in his room. He does not think about gold anymore. He used to only love and take gold where ever he found it when he first lived here when the counts family were alive.
Fanboy: really?
Lucky: yes. But they didnt ever see him. But after they died he did not ever want to think about gold again. He did not ever talk about it.
Fanboy: what happened?
Lucky: I asked him that too but he did not tell me.
Fanboy: I hope Mallory is ok.

Date: 08/02/14 11:00 AM
From: malmal50

part 9.
I was in my room.
Then I herd singing From my door.
Then I opened my door and I saw no one there.
Then I herd the singing was headed to the castle door as if it wanted me to follow it.
Then I followed the singing deep in the castle hall.
Then I opened castle door and left the castle.
Then I followed the singing far away from the castle grounds.
Then as I got to the river the singing stopped.
Me: where did that singing come from? and where am I?
Then I slipped on some wet grass and fell in the river.
Me: OH NO! [coughing] HELP ME!
Then as I started to sink.
A young skeleton wearing a black shirt and gray pants and red shoes saw me in the river.
Skull boy: [gasp!].
Then the young skeleton ran to the river.
Then the young skeleton jumps in the river and swam to me.
Then the swam grabed my arm and swam back to land.
Then the young skeleton carried me out of the river and as he walked on the grass on the side of the river he put me on the ground But I was not awake.
Skull boy: hello? Are you ok?
But I did not answer. I was still not awake.
Skull boy: oh no maybe I am not too late.
Then the young skeleton listens to my heart to hear if it was still beating.
Skull boy: [phew] that girl is still alive.
Then the young skeleton carried me off the ground.
Skull boy: I have to take her back to my camp. I have a first aid kit there.

Date: 07/31/14 12:09 AM
From: malmal50

part 7.
Later that night.
I was in the back yard with fanboy and chum chum.
Then I saw an old grave yard near a berned down old stables with a big horse stachue in the middle.
Fanboy: this place is awesome.
Chum chum: yeah. And cool.
Fanboy: Mallory your aunt has an awesome place.
Me: thank you.
Then We saw Frisky by a tree.
Frisky: hello again children.
me: hello Frisky what are you doing here?
Frisky: I come here every night. Me grandpa used to take me here when I was a puppy.
Chum chum: he did?
Frisky: eye this is the mctilla graveyard where the count and his family now rest. I can tell ya all the names here and who they were.
Then we left the graveyard.

Date: 07/29/14 12:44 PM
From: malmal50

part 5 1/2.
The next day.
Sigmund was leaveing to head home.
Sigmund: well I have to head back to my trailer but I will return in a few days to bring you back.
Me: OK.
Sigmund: and be careful Mallory. And if there is any trouble you two just give me a call.
Fanboy: ok sigmund.
Chum chum: we will.
Sigmund: so long.
Then sigmund teleported himself back home.
At the stables.
Raspberry was grazeing on the fresh green grass in the stable pasture.
Then moongem was in a small pond in the pasture with her two foals as they were spashing in the water.
Moongem: now settle down you two.
jipper: but mother it is so much fun.
Sea gem: yeah it is.
Moongem: I understand that. But we will only be here for afew days.
Then they saw another tub of water with a yellow water horse with a golden mane and a sun birth mark on him.
Prince sunlight: hello you must be the guest horses staying here.
Moon gem: um yes we are.
Prince sunlight: I am Prince sunlight.
Moon gem: I am moon gem and these are my foals.
Prince sunlight: it is nice to have new horses here it gets lonely.
Moon gem: you mean there are no other horses here?
Prince sunlight: no. my ouner gunter has me. There has been no horse here in years.

Date: 07/27/14 12:37 AM
From: malmal50

part 5.
I was with Sigmund fanboy and chum chum by the hall.
Then a young lepercon came to us.
Lucky: hello you must be carlas niece.
Me: yes I am. hello.
Lucky: I wanted to apologize for my uncals behaver at the door. He is just not happy about visters coming here.
Me: it is OK.
Lucky: he has not been himself since the ghost started coming around.
Me: ghost?
Lucky: eye. The ghost of Elisabeth mctilla.
Sigmund: who?
Lucky: that Was The counts niece. When Elisabeth was very young she lost her mother and father so Elisabeth went to live with the count and his family and they treated her like Elisabeth was there our daughter.
Me: that is amazing.
Lucky: If you want to find out more about the family there is a graveyard by the castle stable gate.

Date: 07/25/14 12:25 PM
From: malmal50

part 4.
I saw a door that had dust on it.
Then as I was going to open the door.
Then in irish wolf hound came to me.
Frisky: hello there lass.
Then I saw the dog.
Me: hello. who are you?
Frisky: I am frisky the pet of gunter. You must be carlas niece mallory.
Me: yes I am.
Frisky: what are you doing near that room?.
Me: I want to see what is in it.
Frisky: it is the old childrens room. If you want a tour then open that door and I will come with you.
Then I opened the door.
And I saw two dusty beds and a vanity and a dusty rocking horse and some dusty toys and the room had cobwebs everywhere like no one was in there for a while.
Me: this room is full of spider webs and dust.
Frisky: eye lass. this room has not had children in it for meny years now. It was when the count lived here with his family he had a wife a son and a dog named ruffles And there teenage niese. When they lived here the room was full of life and joy. And now it is full of spiderwebs and dust.
Me it must have been a lovely room.
Frisky: eye it was. And now no children are in it. only you are.
Me: where do you think gunter is?
Frisky: I am not sure really lass. my owner has been missing for a few days with no trace.
Me: was he happy about the marriage?
Frisky: eye he was. He becomethe most happy lad.
Me: what do you think about aunt Carla?
Frisky: a nice lass. Has a good heart in her and smart mind. Carla reads to me some nights when it is raining out and comforts me by the fire place. Carla is nice to gunter and he loves her so much. I am happy to be calling her my second owner.
Me: ok.
Then we left the old childrens room.

Date: 07/23/14 4:54 PM
From: malmal50

part 3.
Then we saw a big sign next to a village.
Sign: welcome to Ireland.
Then we ride off to wolf claw castle.
Then as we got to wolf claw castle.
The path was foggy and the wind was howling.
Me: here we are.
Then we head to the castle door.
Then I knocked on the door.
Then a lepercon opened the door.
st blarney: what do what?
Me: hello I am Mallory. my aunt Carla lives here and I was sent to stay with her for a few days with my friends. is my aunt Carla here?
st blarney: no one is welcome here. And miss Carla is not exspeting visters ether. Now You better leave.
Me: wait.
st blarney: I said leave!
then aunt clara came to st blarney.
Aunt clara: no! what are doing? That is my niece. Now take there horses in the stables. We were expecting her.
Then st blarney opens the door for us.
Then we went inside.
Aunt clara: hello mallory it is great to see you again.
Me: hello Aunt clara.
Aunt Clara: I see you brought friend with you.
Chum chum: this place is so awesome.
Aunt clara: thank you. this castle has a lovely history. It belonged to a count and his family meny years ago.
Fanboy: cool. Was there battles or knights here too?
Chum chum: or even a mote?
Aunt clara: no. If you want to find out more about the count and family there is a library upstairs.
Me: it is great to see you too
Aunt clara: oh thank you
Me: held back?
Sigmund: why?
Aunt clara: my gunter went missing a few days ago.
Chum chum: he went missing?
Fanboy: oh no.
Aunt clara: your rooms are up stairs. Mallory your room is on the left by the libery. And you boys will have the room on the right and as you young wizard your room will be next to theres.

Date: 07/21/14 8:50 PM
From: malmal50

part 2.
Later that night.
I was near my house waiting for sigmund.
Then I went to the stables.
Then fanboy and chum chum came.
Fanboy: hi mallory.
Chum chum: whats up?
Me: I am staying in irland for afew days.
Fanboy: but thats far away.
Chum chum: can we come?.
Me: ok.
Then I took raspberry and moongem and her two foals out of there stalls.
Then we waited by the stables.
Then sigmund came.
Sigmund: ah hello mallory.
Me: hello Sigmund.
Sigmund: I see you have some friends with you and some horses coming with you.
Me: yes.
Then sigmund telaported to irland.