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BTR Info You'll Love!

Date: 03/06/13 5:41 PM
From: ninmar

Holaz! Here's some info!

*I got all my info from Up Close! magazine.*


Full Name: Kendall Francis Schmidt

Pets: a cute pig!

B-day: November 2, 1990

Favorite Food: Pizza

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

Favorite Book: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Siblings: older brothers Kenneth and Kevin

Hobbies: surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing


Full Name: James David Maslow

Favorite Food: Italian food

B-day: July 16, 1990

Favorite Book: Ender's Game by Oscar Scott Card

Hometown: New York City, New York

Hobbies: practicing Saito Ninjutsu, surfing, horseback riding

Pet: a dog named Fox

Siblings: older brother Philip, and half sister Ali


Full Name: Carlos Roberto Pena, Jr.

Pets: two dogs Stella and Sydney

B-day: August 15, 1989

Favorite Food: spaghetti

Hometown: Columbia, Missouri

Favorite Book: Harry Potter series

Siblings: three brothers named Javi, Andres,and Antonio

Hobbies: scuba diving, writing music


Full Name: Logan Phillip Henderson

Favorite Book: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Birthday: Septemmber 14, 1989

Hobbies: watching sports, wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding

Hometown: Temple, Texas

Favorite Food: Pizza

Siblings: a sister named Presley

Hope u enjoyed this!

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Date: 03/15/13 9:28 AM
From: cam72

Nice to know more abut them! :)

Date: 03/13/13 8:10 PM
From: Brody5626

OMG i've read Fahrenheit 451 i LOVE that book its AWESOME... or maybe i'm just weird



Date: 03/12/13 7:28 PM
From: RoseLuvHOA

Awesome thanks and don't you think the sight is acting a bit weird???

Date: 03/09/13 2:12 PM
From: bobandme

THAT'S AWESOME!!! me and Carlos share a favorite book series!!!! i LOVE the harry potter series

Date: 03/09/13 9:11 AM
From: ninmar

Anyone here?