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Big Time Survivor *by me*

Date: 09/23/13 10:49 PM
From: guppeh

Hey I'm back on the BTR boards again. So I thought that I will make a fanfic.

Plot: Belle's life turned upside down when she almost didn't get to shore herself. Will her world will ever be the same?

Name: Isabelle Tamara Mitchell
Nickname: Belle
Age: 16
Look like: Black shoulder length hair, Electric blue eyes, Fair skin, rosy cheeks.
Personality: sweet, committed, ambitious, smart.
Birthday: July 4
Brother: Logan
Crush: Kendall
Background: She's committed to singing and surfing, but her life changes when she's lucky enough to get back on shore from a shark.
(This is NOT a multi) You can make a character, and who knows your character may end up in my story.


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Date: 04/05/14 11:10 AM
From: guppeh

Does anyone like it?

Date: 03/27/14 11:50 PM
From: guppeh

Chapter 11
Belle's POV

I stand in front of the intimidating and scary Logan. My face freezes in a terrifying way, and I fumble with the fabric of my ripped jeans.
Me: Logan, I was just talking with Kendall.
Logan: No, you were about to kiss him.
Me: I wasn't! And I wish I didn't have you as a brother!
I barge out of the room and make my way to the place where everyone's waiting. I see Lily making a move on James.
Kristy: You lied!
Me: About what?
Kristy: There is no breakfast diner on there.
Me: What are you talking about? Anyway, can we leave now?
Kristy: What about Kendall and Logan?
Me: They could walk. It's just 5 miles.
Kristy: Mrs.Knight, we're ready to leave.
Mrs.Knight: Ok. Guys, we're leaving.
Back at The Palmwoods
Once the car pulls up to the Palmwoods, I run out bursting into tears to the park, where I can relax my nerves. 'I can't believe I just said that to Logan,' I think.
Jett: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: Nothing Jett. Just nothing.
Jett: Ah, I see. Drama! I guess I'll just leave.
He slowly skulks off, and I don't know if I should come up to him. He seems nicer than Kendall described he would be.
Me: Wait! Jett, can I walk with you?
Angie's POV
Since Belle just ruined my beach trip, I decided to bring my enthusiasm to the pool. I sit on one of the pool chairs, and chat with Camille.
Camille: I saw Belle and Jett walking together in the park. Some people say thay like each other.
Me: Really? If Belle is dating Jett, that means Kendall's single. Thank you, Camille!
I hope you liked the Belle and Jett scene. Tell me in the comments if you like Jelle (Belle and Jett) or Bendall (Belle and Kendall).


Date: 03/19/14 9:25 PM
From: guppeh

I'm sorry I haven't written a chapter; I have major writer's block.

Date: 03/11/14 4:50 PM
From: skyluvsbtr

Oh, ok! FYI:I'm btrfan4evs! :)

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Date: 03/10/14 5:20 PM
From: guppeh

I've been grounded off of the computer, but I'm on the library computer.

Date: 02/17/14 6:20 PM
From: Spynina


Date: 02/03/14 6:05 PM
From: btrfan4evs

Please keep going, I'm really enjoying your story!!!

Date: 02/02/14 4:01 PM
From: btrfan4evs


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Date: 02/02/14 9:53 AM
From: Spynina


Date: 02/01/14 8:38 PM
From: btrfan4evs

@guppeh, I cannot remember my character's name...The reason I have to ask you is that my posts on here got deleted, so I'm wondering who my character is...Oh, and just to tell you, I NEED MORE OF YOUR STORY!! WRITE MORE! IT'S BETTER THAN MY STORIES!! I TOTALLY LOVE IT! You are such a talented writer!!!

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Date: 02/01/14 4:44 PM
From: btrfan4evs

This story is more than just awesome!! I love it!! I need more!

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Date: 01/31/14 10:47 PM
From: guppeh

Chapter 10
Belle's POV

I'm on a beach with the pale, white sand underneath me, at least I think it is. The water is a murky black, instead of a sea green. The sky is a deep gray that their would be no swimming at all. A tall figure walks over to me, his dirty blonde hair flowing in the wind.
Me: Kendall?
Kendall: I wanted to tell you something.
Me: What is it?
Kendall: I always wanted to tell you this.
Kendall freezes in the invisible limelight, while twirling a lock of my jet black hair. My throat freezes as well, and I think my fingers begins to get frost bite. I try to reach out to him to touch his shoulder, but I'm held back by an invisible wall. He disappears, and Logan appears instead.
Logan: Why did you put yourself in danger?
Me: What?
Logan: You know how I hate it when you answer a question with a question.
It seems as I am underwater in a long tube. I struggle in it; kicking and punching the wall. A hand reaches out to me.
*End of Dream*
I wake up in an off white bedroom, filled with beeping machines and strangers voices. At the end of the bed, is the same figure from my dream. Kendall. He looks up at me, and smiles at me.
Logan's POV
I pace back and forth in the waiting room. What if she kisses Kendall? Kendall! My adrenaline rushes, and heart races. A small hand lands on my shoulder, and I make a double take, in case it's Belle. But, it's the person I didn't want to see at all. Angie.
Angie: I'm so sorry.
Me: Go away!
Angie: But it wasn't my fault.
Me: Yes, it was.
Angie: No, it wasn't. It was her fault.
My face turns red. I finally leave, and rush off to Belle's hospital room.
Belle's POV
Kendall: Are feeling all right?
Me: Never better.
There's an empty silence between us, until Kendall breaks the ice. He finally blushes.
Kendall:'ve always loved you.
Me: Me too.
Logan barges into the room.

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Date: 01/05/14 8:28 PM
From: 8Thunder8

OMG! Continue, Continue, and.. uh.... oh yeah CONTINUE!

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Date: 01/05/14 4:38 PM
From: guppeh

Chapter 9
Belle's POV

I took a deep breath, and slid into the water. I feel a touch of independence and outgoing-ness that I would never look back on the old me. I'm greeted by another fellow surfer, asking me something.
Me: What?
Girl: I said have you ever surfed before?
Me: Yeah, totally.
I wanted to tell her so much that I never surfed before, but I would just look like a freak going out there with no experience. I passed by my little experience, and finally just pushed myself to the biggest wave I've seen today.
Kaitlyn's POV

I sit down on my towel, and take out a book from my beach bag. A day at the beach reminds me like. . .the opposite of home. I wonder where Belle is. Kristy is already here.
Logan: Mrs.Knight, have you seen Belle anywhere? I haven't seen her.
Mrs.Knight: No. Wait, Belle!
Logan: What?
Mrs.Knight: She's over there with a surfboard.
She is surfing! How did she get passed by Mrs.Knight?
Me: I'm going to go get some ice cream.
Logan: Shhh!!!
Belle's POV
I'm on the surfboard, and I see the girl that was talking to me earlier lose her balance on the surfboard. The lifeguard is telling us to all get out of the water, but I don't. Instead, I just lunge towards the wave; my arms propelling them through the water. I'm stuck in the middle of a huge shark, eye-level with me. I turn around, swimming back to shore as fast as I could. My vision blurs as I get closer to the shore, and when I reach shore, my adrenaline is fast and I collapse.

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Date: 12/30/13 1:28 PM
From: spynina


Date: 12/25/13 3:14 PM
From: guppeh

Chapter 8
Lilly's POV
OMG!!! When I was walking by the boutiques, I stumbled across Belle, Kristy, Angie, and believe it or not, Kendall by the surf shop. Belle ran into the surf shop, sobbing. I think as a friend I should go in the surf shop. I run into the shop, littered with surfboards.
Me: Um, Belle?
Belle: Go away, Angie!
Me: It's not Angie. It's Lilly.
She suddenly hugs me, and the tears of sadness turn into tears of joy.
Belle: Lilly! I'm so happy to see you. I think you're the only one I can trust at a time like this.
Me: What happened?
Belle: Well. . .
She tells me everything what happened the last thirty minutes, and tells me about her crush on Kendall.
Me: You should totally go for him! Kendall totally talks about you.
Belle: Thank you!!!
Her smile forms into a huge grin. Then, when I think she's going to tell Kendall; she's at the desk, renting a surfboard. I think to myself, 'What did I do?'
Me: Belle, what are you doing?
Belle: Getting a new bathing suit.
Me: Ok. . .Wait!
Belle: What?
Me: You're going to get that surfboard!
Belle: Oh yeah! James wants to meet you at the breakfast diner on Elmo St.
Belle's POV
That was close. I turn back to the cashier.
Cashier: You just lied to your friend. Cool!
Me: I know!
Cashier: You're Logan Mitchell's sister!
Me: Yes, I am.
Cashier: If you kiss me, then you could have the surfboard you wanted for free.
Me: No!
Cashier: Ok. That would be $50.
Me: 50 dollars!
Cashier: Yes.
I throw a wad of cash at the cashier from pocket, and get the surfboard. Who does he think he is? Trying to kiss me, I thought. I look over at Lilly wandering for James. Just before I know it, I'm already at the beach side. I take a deep breath, and slide into the water.

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Date: 12/24/13 4:58 PM
From: guppeh

Sure. After christmas, a new chapter will be up.

Date: 12/24/13 9:36 AM
From: spynina

Can I get a pov I'm Lilly

Date: 12/23/13 4:01 PM
From: guppeh


Date: 12/23/13 11:32 AM
From: winx22192

Really good! And I like how you still post chapters even though nobody comments!