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Date: 01/27/14 8:49 PM
From: lizy21

I'm doing imagines.If you have an idea for one give it to me.I'll also do imagines for people.If you want me to do one please give me the following
*Your name
*Favorite boy
*Kind of imagine you want
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Date: 07/04/14 3:52 AM
From: lizy21

Kendall Introduces His and Your Daughter to His Family

His family was in Kansas visiting Kent's parents during your birth.
Once they got back in LA they was going to your house.All you were in the living room.Kendall came back with a pink bundle. He said,
"Say hello to Zoe Erica Lennon Schmidt.". His family couldn't help the fact of how cute she is.



Date: 06/15/14 12:44 PM
From: lizy21

Part 2 of Father's Day Imagine

You-Rylie.Can you get me four eggs and Bradley.Can you get me the bread?
Rylie&Bradley-Ok mommy.
*They get you the things*
You-Ok while I make the eggs and french toast go make papa and pop.
Mrs.S-Where're my grand babies?*She asks as her and Mr.S come in.*
Rylie&Bradley-Nana!*They run and hug her*
You-Guys do you want pop to see your cards?
Rylie&Bradley-No!*All three of you laughed and Mr.S hugged you.
You're his little girl since he only has boys*
You-Ok the eggs and french toast are done.
*Bradley puts bread in the toaster and Rylie spreads the butter and jelly on*
You-Ok.What do you think daddy would want to drink?
Rylie&Bradley-Orange juice.
*You pour some orange juice in a cup and puts it on the breakfast tray*
You-Do you guys want to come?
Mrs.S-No we're fine.
*You go to the master bedroom*
You-Kendall baby wake up.
Kendall-Y/N no.
You-We have food.
*He woke up when he heard that and starter eating.*


Date: 06/14/14 11:16 PM
From: lizy21

Here's a Father's Day Imagine for you guys.It's about Kendall.

*You were cuddled up to Kendall and looked at the clock it said 9:30*
*You carefully untangled yourself and woke up your kids.You went to your daughter's room first*
You-Rylie wake up.
Rylie-Why mommy?
You-We are going to make breakfast for daddy.
Rylie-Really.*She got excited.You smiled she looks just like Kendall,
but has your eyes.*
You-Now.Wait for me while I wake Bradley up.
Rylie-Ok.*She holds your hand as you guys walk to Bradley's room.*
*She climbed up and jumped on her big brother's bed.Her and Bradley are 2 years apart.She's 3 and he's 5.*
Rylie-Bradwey.Wake up.
Bradley-Mommy tell her to stop bothering me.
*You also smile at him he looks just like you.It's like Kendall's not even his father*
You-Sorry baby.Do you want to make daddy breakfast for daddy.And make papa and pop cards?
*Papa was your dad and pop was Kendall's dad.*


Date: 06/12/14 12:23 AM
From: lizy21

Part 4 of Love Story Gone Wrong

*Kendall goes in his and Haley house.He sees Haley crying on the couch*
Haley-Oh hey Kendall.
Kendall-Im so sorry I said we weren't ready for a baby.It's just that before you told me the guys and I were playing with bubble wrap.
*He says handing her black and orange tigerlilys.*
Haley-I love you.*She hugs him*
Kendall-I love you too.*He says will they hug*

Hope you like it.


Date: 06/01/14 9:16 AM
From: lizy21

Part 3 of Love Story Gone Wrong

Mrs.S-Ok Kendall you've been here for a week.What's wrong?
Kendall-Nothing mama.
*Mrs.S sits on the couch next to him*
Mrs.S-I know when something's wrong with my baby.
Kendall-Haley's expecting.
Mrs.S-Aren't you happy.
Kendall-No mom.We're not ready.Before she told me me and guys were popping bubble wrap.
Mrs.S-You can be the baby's parent and their best friend.
*That made Kendall smile and show his dimples that he inherited from her*
Kendall-Thanks mama.I love you.
Mrs.S-Love you too K3.
*He gets up and packs his backpack and goes to his house*
Mr.S.Can you ever grow up.
Mrs.S-Can you ever shut up?Geez you're annoying.
*She says rolling her eyes at her husband.*


Date: 05/11/14 1:54 PM
From: WTNotch

Logan and Carlos
A love triangle where I end up with Logan but CArlos and I are good friends.... and later Logan gets jealous when Carlos and I start spending a lot of time together

Date: 05/08/14 2:54 PM
From: laziapuuh



Date: 05/06/14 9:48 PM
From: frozen90

I imagine that I was kissing james

Date: 05/05/14 3:50 PM
From: kei55

love james

Date: 05/04/14 9:19 PM
From: lizy21

Part 2 of Love Story Gone Wrong

3 years later

*At Kendall and Haley's house in their room*
Haley-Here.*gives him a box*
*He opens it and sees a bracelet with daddy stitched in it*
Haley-Aren't you happy?
Kendall-No.We aren't ready!
*He storms out of the house*


Date: 05/01/14 3:36 PM
From: lizy21

For EmmaAwitch
Love Story Gone Wrong

Kendall's POV

Me and the guys had just finished Show Me and it was time to pick our worldwide girls.I saw this beautiful girl with brown hair and crystal blue eyes.
End of Kendall's POV
*They sing Worldwide and Kendall pulls the girl into his dressing room*
Kendall-I never caught your name.
Haley-I'm Haley.
Kendall-Pretty name for a pretty lady.
Haley-Was I suppose to hear that?
Kendall-Well of course.
*He kisses her*


Date: 04/21/14 7:34 PM
From: kimes16

hello i imagine you can make please
my name:Kim
my favorite guy:James Maslow
imagine the type i want:Logan Henderson is my older brother and is somewhat overprotective and i like James Maslow and i like James Maslow

Date: 04/21/14 7:25 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

She Looks Like Taylor Marie Hill

Date: 04/20/14 7:46 PM
From: k3luver

@EmmaAwitch can you tell me what she looks like?

Date: 04/20/14 7:44 PM
From: k3luver

Part 3 of Proposal Brings to Jealousy

Skylar-Guys!I know you like me,but I'm with Kendall.I have a crush you guys too.We can still be friends right?

Hope you like it!


Date: 04/17/14 10:32 AM
From: lizy21

Baby Announcement Cards

Please help me and Y/N Welcome
Ella Mae Schmidt
Dirty Blonde Hair and Your Eyes
Daddy's Little Girl,Mommy's Little Angel

Me and Y/N want to welcome our newest addition
Julie Renne Maslow
Light Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes
Mommy and Daddy's Little Princess

Welcome the newest little Pena
Lindsey Grace Pena
Black Hair and Your Eyes
Daddy's Second Queen and Mommy's Little Troublemaker

Welcome our little one
Jane Emerald Henderson
Dark Brown Hair and Your Eyes
Our miracle


Date: 04/16/14 4:43 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

yay hopefully mine is soon!

Date: 04/15/14 12:34 PM
From: lizy21

Part 2 of Proposal Brings to Jealousy

James-Sky.Can I talk to you?
*They go into his dressing room*
James-Why did you say yes to Kendall about marrying him?
Skylar-Cause I love him.
James-No you don't you love me.
Skylar-No I don't.
*James kisses her*
Skylar-James stop!
*He continues to kisses her*
*Kendall walks when that's happening*
Kendall-What the heck!?!
Skylar-Kendall it's not what it looks like!
Kendall-Oh it is.It looks like my best friend is kissing my fiance.
James-No she kissed me!
Skylar-No way.


Date: 03/17/14 9:26 AM
From: 1btrfanha


~I'M BTR'S (ONLY) #1 FAN!!~
~1btrfanha( rock!)


Date: 03/15/14 6:53 PM
From: lizy21

For btrfan4evs Proposal Brings To Jealousy

Kendall-Can I have Skylar up here.
*Skylar comes up on stage*
Kendall-You guys know Skylar. We've been dating for a year and four months.
James-You guys don't want to be sharing a tour bus with Kendall. They talk for what seems like hours.
*The crowd laughs. Kendall takes out a black velvet box and gets on one knee.*
Kendall-Sky you know I love. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So will you marry me.
Skylar-Yes!*tears streaming done her face*
*Kendall slides the ring on her finger and kisses her*

Not done yet.