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Party Rock *New Fanfic* *Need characters and a double*

Date: 01/30/14 7:22 PM
From: 8Thunder8

A group of new girls come to the PW and decide to have a party. They invite everyone but BTR(even Katie Knight). The boys come over anyway wanting to prank them and get revenge. They each fall for a girl. Will they prank the girls or will their feelings get the best of them? I need characters and a double.

Fill this out:

Crushing on her:
Does she like him back?(yes, no, or later in the story):
Does she sing?:
Does she dance?:

*BTR* *1D*

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Date: 04/17/14 6:30 PM
From: Spynina


Date: 04/16/14 10:06 AM
From: sing11love

Chapter 8/ Carlos's P.O.V:
*i knew it was a bad idea but i walked in anyway*
Me: Guys come on!
Kendall: Carlos lets go! We are gonna get in trouble
James: *laughs* I am only here for the pretty girl
Me: *sees Jenny walk up stairs* Guys let's follow Jenny!
Logan: But Carlos-
James: Come on Logan!
*we walk up stairs as we see Jenny close the door to the girls*
Kendall: We shouldn't be here
Me: Oh its not so bad! *knocks on door*
Me: Uh...
Lexi: They got in?
Jenny: *nods*
James: Hi Lexi!

Date: 04/12/14 10:22 PM
From: Spynina

Continue and I liked how you made my character Lexi Feisty.

Date: 03/22/14 4:39 PM
From: 8Thunder8

Chapter 7
Kendall POV:
James: This just got real!
Me: It's been real, James. You just got turned down by a girl.
Carlos*Laughing*: How did you say that with a straight face?
*I shrug.*
James: I will get revenge!
Logan: Can you stop yelling?
James: NO!
*He storms off leaving just Me, Logan, and Carlos.*
Carlos: You saw the other girls to, right?
*Me and Logan nod.*
Carlos: They're cute, yeah?
*We nod again.*
Carlos: I'm going back inside.
*When he tries to walk away, I grab his arm.*
Me: Is that the best idea?
Carlos: Nope
*He walks through the door.*

--I need comments so that I know that we have readers out there. !!



Date: 03/18/14 8:28 PM
From: 8Thunder8

@sing11love: I'll work on the story while your gone. When you are back just tell me and I'll let you do a few chapters.

@any of the readers out there: I'll post the next chapter this weekend. Comments!



Date: 03/16/14 7:44 PM
From: sing11love

Chapter 6: Jenny's P.O.V
Me: *walks up behind Lexi* I right?
Lexi: *Nods* Why are they here?!
Me: Katie...
Lexi: All Carters fault
Me: *sighs* I walk up to the door and see James and the other guys standing there, What are you doing here?
Kendall: You are?
Me: Lexi's BFF and my name is Jenny... my face in a frown
James: Hey can you get the cute girl to come here
Guys: JAMES!
James: What?
Me: *groans*
Kendall: So sorry about you-
Me: *smiles a little* No
I close the door on them
Logan: *trough door* Jenny please open up
Lexi: *walks up to the door* I said GET OUT!
James: Hey!
Lexi: *rolls eyes*
Me: *pushes Lexi a side*
James: Hey I am here to talk to the pretty girl
Me: *grins* To bad! *closes the door on there face and drags Lexi away*


Date: 03/16/14 3:31 PM
From: sing11love

I am going to be gone for a month I am not leaving I just have to take a break

Date: 03/16/14 2:01 PM
From: 8Thunder8

Chapter 5
James POV:
*We walk into the apartment of the party and I see a pretty girl.*
Me: I'll be back. I see a girl.
Kendall: I see girls to. I'm not going to flirt with them.
*I ignore him and walk over to the girl.*
Me: Hey
Girl: uh.......hey. What are you doing here?
Me: Partying, what's your name?
Girl: Lexi
*Logan walks up behind me.*
Logan: James.....
*I turn back to the girl.*
Me: Have you seen the hosts of this party?
Lexi: You're looking at her. If I'm not mistaken--believe me, I'm not-- you weren't invited.
Me: oh....your.......we'll be leaving now!
*I turn to go but, say to the guys.
Me: I found the host. She's kind of cute.
Lexi: Get out.
*We walk into the hallway and the door slams shut behind us.*
*I yell through the closed door."
Me: I like feisty girls.
The guys: JAMES!



Date: 03/16/14 1:51 PM
From: 8Thunder8

@sing11love: I've been busy so, I can only work on this story. If you want to, you can continue doing A Beautiful Lie with @30stmfano1. Thanks! I'll do the next chapter.



Date: 03/12/14 7:54 PM
From: sing11love

Chapter 4: Jenny's P.O.V:
Me: * walks over to Carter and Lexi* Hey sorry i was late!
Lexi: Guess what!
Me: What? * sees Katie walking around* Oh
Carter: She seemed nice
Lexi: *rolls eyes*
Me: Well just leave it lets go
Lexi: ok
* We walk to our other friends*
Everybody: Hey Jen!
Elizabeth: Your late!
Me: *Nods at Elizabeth* Guess what Carter invited Katie!
Carter: what?
Everybody: CARTER!
Carter: *shrugs*
i was going to do your victorious story because you weren't here but now your back so you can do it, or do you want me to do a chapter of your Vicotorious story?

Date: 03/12/14 3:31 PM
From: 8Thunder8

Sorry that I haven't been on in a while but, I've been pretty busy with school. I'll be on today and this weekend.

Chapter 3
Lexi POV:
*The first group of guests have already showed up and we are walking around and saying 'Hey' to people. A younger girl walks up to me.*
Me: Hey, what's up?
Girl: Nothing. So, your new here?
Me: Yeah, me and my friends moved here over the weekend.
Girl: Cool, I'm Katie Knight. A.K.A, BTR's Kendall Knight's little sister.
Me: Oh.
Katie: Why didn't you invite them?
Me: Well......I.....
Katie: I'm not saying that I don't like it. I just want to know why.
Me: First day here. I have to make friends and enemies, right?
Katie: I guess so.
Me: I'll be back in a sec. I need to talk to my friend.
*I rush over to Carter.*
Me: Did you invite Kendall from BTR's little sister?
Carter: You told me not to invite BTR. You said nothing about their family.



Date: 03/03/14 8:48 PM
From: sing11love


Date: 03/03/14 5:32 PM
From: 8Thunder8

Chapter 2:
James POV:
*I storm into the room and slam the door behind me. Logan looks up from a book and the other guys rush into the room.*
Me: Did you hear about this?
*I throw a piece of paper at Kendall.*
Kendall: We were invited to a party?
Me: No! That's Katie's invitation!
Logan: Stop screaming.
Me: No! I want this face,
*I gesture to myself.*
Me: at the new girls party!
Carlos: So, what do you suggest?
Me: I want revenge.
Kendall: We should first try to talk to them.
Me: As long as we get to crash the party.
*Carlos puts his helmet on."
Carlos: I'm in.
Logan: Sure. Kendall, are you in?
Kendall: Fine, but no pranks.
Me: No promises. I'm getting ready.
*I rush out of the room before he can say a word.*



Date: 03/02/14 6:39 PM
From: sing11love

Yes I still want to be your double and sure you can do three chapters plus yes you spelled my username right

Date: 03/02/14 3:33 PM
From: 8Thunder8

@sing11love(I hope I got the username right): You can be my double if you still want to but I want to do three chapters!

Date: 03/02/14 3:26 PM
From: 8Thunder8

I hope you guys like the first chapter!

Chapter 1:
Lexi POV:
*I was pacing the room with a check list and the other girls are starting to get annoyed.*
Me: Carter, did you hand out the invitations?
Carter: Yes, can you calm down? It's just a party.
Me: It's the party that will get us recognized. Ellie, did you get the snacks?
Elizabeth: You saw them on the counter when you came in. carter's right. You need to chill.
Me: Alexis, did you get the decorations?
Alexis: Yes but, can you at least sit?
Me: No, can you guys get more excited for this party.
All: We are excited!
Alexis: We're just saying that you're getting to into this.
*The doorbell rings.*
Me: Guests already?
Carter: I told them to come at six.
*I check my watch.*
Me: It's only five.
*I shrug and open the door.*
???: We're here to party!
Me: Who are you?
???: We're the Jennifers and we always come early.
*I slam the door.*
Elizabeth: Who was that?
I scream like a little girl: The Jennifers!



Date: 02/23/14 5:02 PM
From: sing11love

me too lol

Date: 02/23/14 12:43 PM
From: btrfan4evs

@sing11love, that's good you understand! I just don't want to start drama! Man I dislike drama! lol

~I'm btr's #1 fan~


Date: 02/23/14 10:42 AM
From: sing11love

oh and i forgot you need a double... i will be your double

Date: 02/22/14 9:03 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Name: Alexa
Personality: sweet funny but feirce
CLA: Light Brown wavy hair with Brown eyes
Crushing on her: James ( Please say yes )
Does she like him back?(yes, no, or later in the story): Yes immidently
Does she sing?: yes
Does she dance?: yes
Extra: She has a horse , Cat and dog and she was adopted
~~~~ I will be your Double ~~~