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Date: 02/02/14 1:31 AM
From: stella0864

Name-Skylar Elizabeth Cole
Appearance-Jet black hair that stops at her mid back,icy blue eyes,freckles,dimples and pale skin(and a small scar on her cheek)
Hair Style-Side Braid(It will be down when she meets...*CLIFFHANGER!*
Likes to wear-Combat boots,crop tops,hoodies,low tops,skinny jeans,high-tops,head bands,rings,necklaces and bracelets.
Crush-LEO!(I LOVE HIM! I will just add in he's gotten taller in this fan-fic!*NOT THE BOOK*)
Half-blood or mortal-Half-blood
Godly Parent-Ares
Extra-Was abused as a child(by step-dad)
Backstory-Her She was raised by her aunt who blames her for not being like normal children*She is know raised by Stephanie's mom(You will know her later)*She grew up in Houston and met Leo when they were 5-7 and then she moved to New York
Personality-Sweet,nice,caring,sensitive,(When she wants to be)Acts tough,defensive,sassy,sarcastic,and is a little rude.

Sky's Story
Me-But I HAVE to go to 1st grade?You can take me home and home-school me!!!
My mom smiles and shakes her head.
Mom-I want to but,won't you miss your friends?
I look at a group of girls who are laughing and pointing.
Me-What friends?
My mom stops smiling and takes something out of her pocket.
Mom-Sky...You know I love you right?
I nod.Me and my mom had been very close,I have no father..
Mom-And I know you'll miss me
Mom hands me a black ring with:"Sky's the limit." engraved on it.
Me-Mom...I-I...Thank you.
I hug her and she hugs me back.
Mom-You should go...You promise you won't skip any classes right?
I frown,last year some girls were picking on me so badly I missed every class I had.
I nod.
The bell rings and I wave goodbye to my mom and run into the building.
When I get to class I sit next to a boy with curly black hair and brown eyes.
Boy-Hi...I'm Leo,what's your name?
Leo-Cool name,Um I'm new to this school,so can you show me around.
I stare at him for a long time..
Me-*Laughs*Haha! you around?!Hah,sorry but you don't wanna hang out with me..
Leo-Yes I do.The other kids I met just picked on me...
I look at the group of girls I saw earlier.They were walking over to me.
Girl #1-Hey there Saylor!
Me-*Sighs*Amber,we've been in the same class since head-start,my name is SKYLAR!
Amber-Whatever,I saw you talking with your mom,it must be pretty embarrassing,to,ya know,have a dad who doesn't care about you!
The other girls laugh.
Leo-Can you guys just leave her alone?
Amber-Aw!Look girls,Skylar has a finally made a friend,too bad he has less money then her!
Me-Listen here,I am sick of you picking on everybody,and making people feel bad,I am so fed up with you I could just-
A clicking sound echoed through the room as a woman in red heels walked into the room.
Amber quickly got on the floor and lay down,as soon as the teacher enters the room she screams and burst into tears.
Teacher-Amber,whats wrong?
Amber-She-She pushed me!
Amber-SKYLAR!I was just saying 'hi' when she made fun of my hair and called me names and pushed me!And the new boy was helping her too!
Me and Leo-WHAT!?!?
My teacher looks at me and Leo and points down the hall.I knew what she meant:Office,NOW
Leo and I trudge to the office.
Leo-What's gonna happen?
Me-Amber and her friends are gonna lie and the class is gonna agree and we'll be expelled.
Leo-But its not our fault!
Me-Look,whatever Amber says is what they believe,so if we told them exactly what happened and she lies we'll still be expelled for lying and stuff,even though we aren't lying.
Leo-Thats not fair..
Me-Nothings fair with Amber..
Leo-Lets make a pact,whatever happens,we'll tell the truth about what happened and we stick with it.Deal?
I smile.
Me-Deal.So does this mean we're friends now?
I smile,because for the first time I knew he meant what he said.

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Date: 04/13/14 9:37 PM
From: stella0864

Stephanie's POV~
I stand at the airport with my parents and my little sister Paris.
Dad- Stephanie, are you sure you want to leave?
I take a shaky breath.
Me-Yeah...I'm sure dad.
Mom- I think you're flight is taking off soon, honey.
Me- Oh okay.
I grab my bags and turn around and I feel someone hug me from behind.
Paris- Stephanie, please don't leave me!
Me- Paris, I have to go!
Paris- Please just stay with me!
Me- Paris... I have to go.
Paris- I know... I just wanted to give it a shot.
She lets go of me.
I wipe away her tears and I kiss her forehead.
Me- I love you Paris.
Mom steps forward and hugs me.
Mom- We'll see you soon.
I nod. I fight back my tears.
Dad- Promise me, you'll keep in touch?
Me- I promise. I love you guys.

I run to the plane.
I sit down and I take out my phone.
I text my friend.

Kendall-Hey. How did you're family take the news?
Me-Not so good, Paris took it even harder than I thought, she tried to stop me from getting on the plane.
Kendall- Wow, she really didn't want you to leave.
Me- No kidding Sherlock!
Kendall- I feel bad for her, I feel like I'm taking her sister.
Me-It's fine, she loves me, but she'll see me soon enough right?
Kendall- I guess..
Me- Kenny...
Kendall- Please don't call me that!
Me- Then stop being a baby!
Me- I'm sorry, I just feel bad for leaving her.
Kendall- Maybe you should call her.
Me- Okay, I'll tell you when I'm done.
Kendall- Okay.

I dial my mom's number.

Me- Hey mom, can I talk to Paris?
(Mom- Paris, its your sister.)
Paris- Hello?
Me- Hey Paris.
Paris- Steph!
Me- I miss you.
Paris- I miss you too.
Me- Are you mad at me?
Paris-For what?
Me- For leaving you like that.
Paris- I'm not mad at you.
Me- Are you sure?
Paris- I was mad at you, but I get it.. (whispers) Tell Kendall he better be nice to you or else!
Me- Okay Paris. I have to go, but I'll call you when we land okay?
Paris- Okay. Bye Stephanie.
Me- Bye Paris, tell mom and dad I love them okay?
Paris- Ok!
I hang up and I smile; I have the best sister ever.


Date: 04/06/14 3:44 PM
From: stella0864

Bling69-I know, I am going to try to add them in, in my next chapter. I will try to post it today.
And no offense but why did you have to ask 'what is this?' I mean, if you haven't read the series, why do you even want to read my fan-fic?


Date: 04/06/14 12:13 PM
From: Bling69

what is this its nothing like Big Time Rush or anything

Date: 03/30/14 1:29 PM
From: stella0864

@HAPPYGRL72-Thanks, that means so much to me!

HAPPYGRL72-I am glad you commented, I'm glad you are(well WERE) my silent reader. I am very happy you read my fanfic.

Readers-So I know what you're thinking- What happened to the 9 chapters u promised?
I have been so sick, its not even funny anymore! I am MUCH better now! So I will try to post my posting schedule later!

I am going to post my chapters a little differently. I will give you an example in a few. Bye my little doves!!!


Date: 03/29/14 10:17 PM

@stella0864- I LOVE this fanfic! Please post soon! (Can I have a shout out? You are my FAVE fanfic writer ever and it would mean a lot!)

Date: 03/27/14 9:47 PM
From: stella0864

I'll post the next chapter tomorrow around 8 or something. I have to go somewhere tomorrow but as soon as I get home I will post a week's worth of chapters because I won't be able to post for a few days(my friends staying for the weekend and my aunt asked me to babysit all week. Ok. Byeeee!

Date: 03/22/14 7:54 AM
From: EmmaAwitch

Aria's P.O.V
I feel so Happy for Sky..I wish I could be happy right now I just am still upset Over Annabeth and What she said. I wonder away from the lovly couples and Percy
Me: *Sighs and sits down in the grass on Half-Blood Hill*
Annabeth: "Hey Aria I have something to tell you STAY AWAY FROM PERCY"
Me: "Um No I think we are dating anyway. "
Annabeth: *Pulls out a sword and Charges at me*
We fight and she scrapes my face and arm but I cut off some of her and I damage her legs winnning
Me: *Watches her walk away my hand lingering on My face where their is a huge gash on my cheek the blood spills onto my fingers I walk back To dani sky percy and Nico*
Percy: *Sees me* "What happened"
Me: "Annabeth"
Percy: "I think I can heal you But I have to be at the water"
Sky: "Aria are you Okay"
Me: "Yes Sky it just stings"
Percy: *He has a protective look in his eye* "Come on" *He grabs my hand and my heart flutteres

Date: 03/22/14 2:02 AM
From: stella0864

Chapter 12;Skylar's POV~*At the camp bonfire*
I sat between Aria and Dani. Dani and Nico were flirting the whole time; same with Percy and Aria.
I noticed that Leo was staring at me. I turn to look at him and I realize that we're face-to-face staring at each other. I drop my necklace and we both reach to get it and our hands touch. I yank my hand away and Leo gets it and drops it into my hand.
I blush and Leo does too.
Leo-No problem. And uh Skylar? I'm sorry for what I said and did at the party. I don't know why I did that. I...really like you.
Me-Sure. I've heard that before.
Me-Leo, it's OK, you don't have to lie to me. That was a week ago, and I'm over it...and I'm over you...
Leo-Skylar, please, I really wanna be with you.
Me-Well I don't wanna be with you! I'm over you OK! I think it would be better for both of us if you got over me.
Leo-I can't! Skylar- I'm in love with you!
He yells the last part and everyone is staring at us.
Leo-I love you..
I stare at him. me?
Leo nods.
I stand up.
Me-I can't believe this...You jerk!
I lunge at him but Dani and Aria hold me back.
Me-You think that you can make-out with another girl and then tell me you love me-after you break my heart in front of everyone!?
I jerk my arms away from Aria and Dani.
Me-I'm out of here.
Me-Stay away from me!
I walk to the river with Aria and Dani chasing after me.
Aria-What was that?!
Dani-Isn't that what you wanted? To have Leo tell you how he feels?
My face is streaming with tears.
Me-I know...but he made-out with another girl and broke my heart. I really wanted him to like me but...not after everything that's happened.
Dani hugs me.
Dani-Sky, it's ok.
Me-No its not!
Aria-Skylar, it'll be okay, we're gonna help you.
Me-You guys are the best friends ever.
Aria and Dani-We know.
I smile.
Dani-Do you wanna be alone?
I nod.
They leave me alone.
I sigh. I sit down in the sand and stare at the water.
Leo-Mind if I sit?
Me-Why are YOU were?!
Leo-Aria and Daniele told me what you said. Do you...still have feelings for me?
I look up and Leo kisses me.
I pull away.
Leo-What's wrong?
Me-When you said that stuff at the party...did you mean it?
Leo-No, I honestly don't know why I kissed Hanna or why I said any of that stuff!
Me-Yeah, now we can be a couple...I mean if you want!
Leo-I would like that a lot.
Me-Me too.
I kiss him and I hear cheering.
We pull away and I see:Dani,Aria, Percy and Nico clapping.
Me-How long have you guys been there?!
Dani-A while.
Aria-That was SOOO cute!
Dani-Oh and I have news too; Nico and I are dating.
She waited for us to say something.
Nico-Hey, how come you didn't clap for us?
Me-It was obvious that was gonna happen.
Leo-It really was.
Aria-It was pretty much expected.
Percy-I thought you guys were already dating.
Dani and Nico shrug.
Dani-Eh, true.
Me-Guys, can you guys leave me and Leo alone?
They leave.
Me-I'm glad we're together.
Leo-Me too.
Me-You know how you told me you love me?
Me-I just wanted to say... I love you too.
He smiles. And I smile too; its been forever since we've been this happy together.

Date: 03/15/14 1:42 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Chapter (11 i think) Aria's P.O.V
Chiron : "You see Daniela Aria and Skylar are Girls of a prophecy like Luke and Percy but theirs is stronger"
Percy: "How?"
Chiron: "They are Girls and are more powerful then You and Luke combined they do not Know their strength"
Percy: "A prophecy "
Me: "I know that"
Chiron: "Go see your sister "
Me: *Laughs* " i don't have a sister"
Annabeth: "I'm Your sister daughter of Athena"
Me: "No NO No Not happining "
Annabeth: "now you know how i fell and you are dating my EX! "
Me: "We Are not dating"
Percy: " i thought we were"
Me: "You never asked me"
Sky : "Too Cute! "
Percy: *Blushes* "Will you Date me?"
Me: *Answers with a Kiss and Annabeth Lunges at me*
Daniela and Skyler dragg her off of me
Me: *Grabs a sword and goes after her and Percy holds me back* "Look Annabell-"
Annabeth: "It's Annabeth"
Me:"Same thing Just watch it "

Date: 03/14/14 11:16 PM
From: artemis66

Daniela's p.o.v Ok Athena and Ares just showed up.Why am I the only one clamed!We went to dinner and then we played captuer the flag. me:Me and Nico will gard the flag. Percy:You way too happy about this. Aria:She's been a fan of you for years. We ran to our post.We were playing a night game.A group of Hermes kids came.I heard a voice. voice:If you want me to clame you you must prove yourself to me. The moonlight hit me and I went crazy.I was fighting the kid alone ond theitr was about 20 of them.I won the fight. Nico:What the Hades!Your eyes are silver.Just then Aria,Sky,and Percy ran with the flag with the rest of the camp.They all stoped and gasped. me:What is wrong with you guys? Percy:Look up. Their was a a cresnt moon on my head but their was also a sun and a spear though it.The markes of Artemis,Apollo,and Ares. Chiron:You are the girl from the prophecy me:What prophecy?Chiron:Daniela daughter of Artemis and Apollo the twins and granddaughter of Ares.Everyone bowed.

Date: 03/14/14 8:29 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Aria's P.O.V (Chapter 9 i thinkz)
Me: *Hold percy's Arm*
Percy: "What's wrong?"
Me: "If Her dad shows up so will my mom I dont want to see her"
Dani: "Why?"
Me: "She abonded me and my real dad Abused me*"
Percy: "OH! Thats why"
Athena Appears
Me: "Speak of the Devil"
Athena: "That's Hades"
Me: "Sure couldnt tell" *Shouts angrily and tears flow with anger*
Percy: *Stands protectivly* "Just leave you upset her"
Sky: "Yesh I dont want you or my father hurting us"
Athena: "I cant i mean I have to but she needs to know this"
Athena: "Here Just take this paper " *Hands me a golden paper *
Me: "Mom GO! "
Athena: "You are going the opposite way of camp half blood it's That way and Honey Be careful of Thalia's tree"
Me: "WHY! Isnt she alive?"
Dani: "Thats a soft spot for her and Annabeth"
Athena and Ares Dissapear
Me&Sky: "Finally !!!!"

Date: 03/12/14 10:02 PM
From: stella0864

Chapter ?(I lost count!)
Aria's POV~
Me-What's his last name?
Skylar looked like she might die on the spot.
Sky looks at me and I swear her eyes were GLOWING! They looked like glowing embers in a flame.
She blinked and her eyes turned back to their original color.
Dani-Did your eyes just GLOW?
Percy-Calm down it might not be her.
Skylar-What are you two talking about?
Nico opens his mouth to talk but Percy kicks him in the shin!
Dani-Hey, stop that!
Dani kicks Percy.
I yank her hair and soon Me,Percy,Nico,and Dani are pulling each other's hair and kicking each other.

Skylar's POV~
The next thing I know my head starts feeling like it's about to spilt open and the pain goes away and I give Aria,Percy,Nico and Dani a look and they stop what they're doing in less than a second.
I blink and I feel dizzy.
Me-I don't know.
Then there's a blinding light and a man appears.
Percy-Not you!
Aria-Who is this guy?

Ares-This guy has a name. Plus you should show a bit more respect for the god of war!

I suddenly feel like someone had just kicked me in the stomach. daughter.

He looks at me and I realize he's sizing me up.

Ares-I've seen better.

My friends gasp and stare at me.

I clench my fists and I glare at my father.

Me-So you mean to tell whole life I've been dying to meet you, to show everyone else that my dad cares but he doesn't...My whole life I've been told you don't love me and its true isn't it?!

I feel the climate change until I hear a hiss and I glance at the grass. Fire.

I look back at my father and I feel the fire expand until there's a ring of fire separating me from my dad.

I smile.

Aria-Skylar! Stop!


I give them and icy glare and suddenly Aria and Dani fly backwards into huge tree.

I smile.

'What am I doing?! These are my friends and I'm hurting them!' I think.

The flames rise and I get closer.

'What was that!?'

I look close and I see myself but older..19 maybe and fires have broken out and screams fill my ears and I smile cruelly,I was born to destroy.

'No! 'I think to myself and I close my eyes until the hissing stops and when I open them my friends are staring at me.

I glance at my dad and he's smiling.

Nico and Percy exchange looks.

Then they drop to their knees and bow their heads.

I blink.

Ares- Skylar Cole: The Flame Warrior.

I raise my eyebrows.


Percy and Nico stand.

Nico-You're a warrior princess.

I stare at him.

A what?

Kids start filing out of cabins and the Ares cabin glares at me then they see our dad and tense.

A girl with stringy brown hair who was the size of a rugby player said:

??-Who's the runt?

The Ares cabin laughed.

Ares-This is your sister:The Flame Warrior.

Apparently that title held some authority because the Ares cabin stopped laughing.

I smile, I could get used to this.

End of chapter!


Date: 03/10/14 6:27 PM
From: artemis66

Daniela's you guys did defeat gaia.Nico:Yep any other you still have a crush on you know.Nico:No,I think it was just because I was Hazle here or camp Jupeter same with Jason,Frank,and Reyna.Nico:Well Jason's here,The rest at camp can't wait till I'm clamed.Nico:Me eather.Then something happened Sky was clamed. Sky:What is this! She pointed to the spear above her mark of Ares god of war. Percy:How did you know that?me:I told you I've read all the books and I love greek and roman mythology.Percy:She might be a daughter of Athena.Then Aria got clamed an owl appered on her head.Aria:Wow demigods get clamed fast guess I'm a daughter of the gods did promes to clame all their children so that what happened with Luke won't happen agen.Nico:Your a geek you know that right. I hit him on the know.Percy:Well tonight we have capter the!My teems going to win!Nico:Calm down your acting like Leo.

Date: 03/10/14 4:42 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Aria's P.O.V
Percy: "Who is your favorite"
Me: *My face flushed*
Me: *I giggle* "You"
Percy: *Blushes* "Me and Annabeth are not together anymore*
Me: "Why?"
Percy: "I like someone else"
Me: "Who"
Percy: *Just smiles like an idiot*
Daniela: "I think it is you"
Nico: "It is her"
Percy: *Punches his shoulder and i blush*
Me: "So It's me"
Percy: "Umm Yes...."
Me: *Hugs percy* "Yay"
Everyone: *Laughs*

Date: 03/10/14 1:10 PM
From: artemis66

still Daniela's p.o.v i shot a arrow and hit it.It turned to dust. me:What was that thing. Nico:We need to go to camp half blood. NOW! We were running. Me:What's camp half blood? Percy:It's a camp for kids like us. Sky:For kids that heve gone crazy. Percy:No half bloods. me:You mean like in the Percy Jackson books. Percy:Why did Athena and Hermes have to turn my life in to a book seires. Aria:What do you mean? Percy:Well they used a fake name and turned my life to a book seires. me:Not that,the part about camp half blood. Nico:Well we're all demigods.I'm really the son of Hades,and Percy really is the son of Poseidon. me:You have all gone crazy. Nico:Hold my hands. me:We're shadow traviling. Nico:How did you know? me:I love the Percy Jackson books my fave is Nico,you I mean. Nico blushed.Then we all goined hands and shadow traveled to camp.

Date: 03/09/14 9:05 PM
From: artemis66

Daniela's p.o.v I was talking to Nico on the phone. me:Hey Nico do you want to hang out later?Nico:Ok I was going to ask you .Pick you up at 5:00 p.m.Me:K,see you later,hey can Sky and Aria come too? Nico:Sure.I went to Sky's do you want to go to the park with me and Nico later?Sky:Sure when do we 5,so in half an hour.Call Aria to ask her if she want's to come.She texted her and showed me the text she said yes.Their was a knock at the door.When I opened it it was Nico.Nico:Ready to we got their Aria was alredy their and boy.Me:Hey Aria,who's this?Aria:This is Percy.Percy:Hey Nico,Sky,and you are?me:I'm Daniela but you can call me Dani.Then a monster white as chalk,had fangs,red eyes,an a donkey leg,and a metal!Wait how did I know that.It came at me.I pushed the button on the back of my necklase which I never done before.A silver bow with gold arrows appered on my back.... it turned.Nico:We need to camp half-blood!

Date: 03/08/14 12:55 AM
From: btrsquirel

skylars sister

Date: 03/06/14 7:56 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

I have an Idea
Aria can like Conner and Percy Whatcha Thinks?

Date: 03/05/14 7:43 PM
From: stella0864

This is the last character I will need.

Name- Conner S. Cole
Appearance-Spiky jet black hair, icy blue eyes, freckles, dimples and pale skin.
Likes to wear-Black leather jackets, dark jeans, white t-shirts, and Jordans.
Crush- No one
Half-blood or Mortal-Half-blood
Godly Parent-Ares.
Extra-Skylar is his twin sister.
Backstory-He ran away when he was 6 and was forced to grow up before his time, he prefers to stay away from his family, he has only met his dad once(Skylar never met her dad)
Personality-Nice, Cool, Overprotective, Relaxed, and Tough.

Chapter 6 is on next post.


Date: 03/04/14 5:28 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Here Is Aria's P.O.V AGAIN (since you posted)
Me: *Smiles as Percy walks back to me"*
Percy: "I couldnt Find Skylar I think she is at her house"
Me: *Frowns* "I will have to go find her..Why is that"
Percy: *Shrugs* " i will talk to Nico and Leo"
Me: *Walks To Sky's House (They are good friends) and
Knocks on her door*
Skylar: "Who Is It?"
Me: "Aria"
Sky: "Come on in "
Me: I hear sadness in her voice and when i walk in i see her she was upset. "What's Wrong?"
Sky: "Leo he he he-"
Me: "- It's alright you don't have to tell me I am so sorry he hurt you that Bratt "
Sky: *Nods and i see it is hard for her he is her best friend* " i just thought I could trust him "
Me: " I know it was like that with Shane Remember My ex It will be okay Want to go do something tomorrow?"
Sky: " Sure Thanks Aria Tomorrow then?"
Me: "Yes I will make sure Daniela goes also We will do whatever you want I will see you tomorrow" I leave hoping I can make her smile