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Big Time Switched at Birth

Date: 02/20/14 3:31 AM
From: lizy21

Plot-Katie has always wondered if she is really related to Kendall, they look nothing alike. What will happen when the DNA test shows she isn't at all related to Kendall? Will Katie go back to her family or stay with her family now?

Kendall's Real Sister

Name-Natalie Rylie P.
Looks-Straight Dirty Blonde Hair that goes to her Shoulder Blades, Blue Eyes, Dimples, Skinny
Talents-Singing, Dancing, Hockey
Clothes-Graphic T-Shirts, Skinny Jeans, Laced-up Boots
Extra-She's deaf. She has a deaf friend named Carter.

Please make Carter.

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Date: 04/15/14 12:42 PM
From: lizy21

@sing11love Can you make the next chapter please make sure there's something about Kendall freaking about him and Jo's wedding

Date: 03/22/14 11:50 AM
From: lizy21

*A week later*
Doc-Come on guys.
*He brings them in a room where there is five other people*
Doc-Mr. Parker here is Katie, Kendall, Daniel, and Jennifer Knight and...
Kendall-My girlfriend Jo Taylor.
Mr. Parker-Where's Katie?
*Kendall sees Katie behind Jo.*
Kendall-Katelyn Isabelle Knight.
Katie-I'm leaving.
Daniel-No you're not.*grabs her hood*
Katie-I picked the wrong day to wear a hoodie.
Doc-Katie this is your real parents Nikki and Ryan Parker.
Katie-No they're not.*she runs to their car*
Jo-I'll get her.*runs to get Katie.*
*In the car*
Katie-My life is ruined. When you and Kendall get married next week I won't be your sister-in-law.
Jo-Katie no matter what I will always love you.
Jo-Yeah.*They go in the office*
Doc-This is Kayla, Lisa, Justin, and Natalie Parker.
*Katie sees Justin who she looks the most like. She also sees Natalie who looks like Kendall.*
Doc-So I was thinking the girls could get switched back for a month.
Part 2 of this chapter next.

Date: 03/15/14 6:12 PM
From: lizy21

Chapter 2

Katie-Dad.*she says coming into the room*
Mr. K-What?
Katie-I'm sorry. I was upset that Kendall was your only child.
Mr. K-Katie no matter what you will always be my little girl.
*Mrs. K and Kendall come in. Kendall jumps on the bed and lays on the other side of Mr. K*
Mr. K-What are doing in here?
Kendall-I need to ask you something. Mom said I can if you say yes.
Mr. K-What?
Kendall-Can Jo come over to dinner?
Mr. K-With all the things going on I don't know.
Mrs. K-Danny I think Katie needs Jo right now.
Kendall-Can the guys come over?
Mr. K-Ok the guys and Jo can come over.
Mr. K-That's the Morgan in him.
*Katie scoots on his lap and Mrs. K goes to the side were Katie was*
Mr. K-No matter what you three will always be my family.
Kendall-We love you daddy.
*They all giggle*
Mr. K-You haven't called me that since you were 11.
Katie-No you broke your arm and dad was at work. You kept crying for daddy.
*Kendall sticks out his tongue.*


Date: 03/15/14 3:47 PM
From: sing11love

do you want me to help you make the story?? because i have been waiting for chapter 2 so yeah...

Date: 03/15/14 9:14 AM
From: EmmaAwitch

Okay *Sorry it is so late*
Name: Nicholette P , Ryan P
NN: Nikki / Ry
Looks: Long brown hair and ice blue eyes a big smile/ Brown floppy hair warm green eyes a huge warning smile
Job: She works at home but she runs a McDonalds / He is in buissness and is currently trying to get him and his wife to be models
Extra: She is Deaf in one ear and has a really bad cancer she has an eye seeing dog because she can not see that well but she is close to the dog Kate/ He does whatever he can for his wife he wants her happy and he is so glad when Katie comes and he does not want to tell her the news that her real mom is slowly dieing from Cancer

Date: 03/13/14 4:42 PM
From: nayyy12

i love the show but now there older now so i realy dont watch the show that much knowmore they some bums now lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol me and my friends is rolling on the floor not saying any names lol lol lol lol whammm lol lol lol lol

Date: 03/13/14 1:10 PM
From: Lilly7789


Date: 03/13/14 12:21 PM
From: jiy18

ilove ti


Date: 03/13/14 4:54 AM
From: lizy21

Chapter 1

Doctor-Ok Katie just squeeze the rubber ball.*she does as told*
*A week later*
Mrs. K-Ok here are yours and Kendall's disk.
*Katie takes her and sees it's type +O. She's looks over and sees Kendall has type AB, a mix of their parents*
Katie-This can't be happening.*Runs to her room crying*
Kendall-Katie!*runs after her*
*In her room with Kendall and her parents*
*Katie hits her head up against the wall*
Kendall-Katie stop.*grabs her head*
Katie-Why should I stop? I'm not your sister anymore, wait I was never your sister.
Mr. K-Stop the attitude.
Katie-Why dad or wait Daniel.
Kendall-You do not call him that. He's your dad no matter what. Family is not who you're related to biologically it's who grew up with.
Katie-Great pep talk Kendall*sarcastically*.
Mr. K-What did I tell you about the attitude.
Katie-Why are you yelling at me? You're not my father.
Mr. K-Whatever.*goes to his and Mrs. K's room*
Kendall-Great you mad our father sad.*he says father loudly


Date: 03/11/14 3:07 PM
From: lizy21

@Kat9135 yeah, but there last name is Parker

Date: 03/11/14 12:32 PM
From: Kat9135

Can I make one of Katie's real sisters?

Name: Kayla Kennedy J
NN: Kay Kay (because of her 2 first names)
Age: 9
Looks: Long brown hair, Blue eyes, Skinny
Talents: Singing, Dancing
Clothes: Dresses, Cute head bands, necklaces
Extra: She's been on Broadway a couple of times


Date: 03/11/14 4:33 AM
From: lizy21

@EmmaAwitch can you make Katie's real parents


Date: 02/22/14 9:50 PM
From: lizy21

This is Kendall and Katie's Dad

Name-Daniel Donald Knight
NN-Dan, Danny
Looks-Dark Brown Hair, Green Eyes, 6'4''
Talents-Hockey, Basketball
Extra-Is really upset when they learn Katie isn't related to them at all.


Date: 02/22/14 9:21 PM
From: lizy21

@EmmaAwitch. Sure you can make Katie's real parents.

Date: 02/22/14 8:39 PM
From: EmmaAwitch

Can i make to characters ???????

Date: 02/22/14 5:53 PM
From: lizy21

@sing11love. They did and they were amazing.

Date: 02/22/14 5:07 PM
From: sing11love

Did my characters get in? Oh and I made Carter for you

Date: 02/22/14 3:25 PM
From: btr983

really i did not know

Date: 02/22/14 2:44 PM
From: Mickeyk14

Ohhhh!!! I LOVE Switched At Birth!!!!!!

Date: 02/21/14 7:43 PM
From: akira8048

Wow!, i did not know that they were switched at birth! I wonder if Kendall's mother sowed the hospital?