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Big Time Rush Season 5

Date: 06/01/14 9:02 AM
From: lizy21

So I was thinking about doing a post that is like another season.An episode will be at least three posts long.Send me ideas for episodes.First one is going to be called Big Time Your Back.I'm not telling what it's about.
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Date: 07/15/14 3:11 PM
From: rith

What happen in season5

Date: 07/12/14 3:48 PM
From: lklklkl

i love the show i wish could be on i always watch it and the song i wish i could be on it

Date: 07/12/14 3:29 PM
From: 06pig

why not.........ya know we all want to know. it might be a hit, or not tell us please.

Date: 07/12/14 7:01 AM
From: lizy21

Next one is going to called "Big Time Amnesia" I just need to figure how I'm going to start.How should get it? It can be BTR,Their gfs,Katie,or Mrs.K. Please send in requests.So I can plan what will go on in that story.

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Date: 07/06/14 5:36 PM
From: becca1123

i love big time rush i have all thair stuff

Date: 07/05/14 9:35 PM
From: kourtnie16

I know this sound weirdly crazy,but,I think that after Kendall goes back to sleep again,he dreams that he is part of a band called White Eskimo.He met Harry and all the guys.5 years later he meets 1D because of Jo.If she hadn`t of been an actress (real) and been in a music video with 1D (dream),He wouldn`t met Justin Beaver (a talking beaver version of Justin Bieber.).That made him realize that he should be more appreicative of Jo.He wakes.Every thing is okay.To Him.........

Date: 07/04/14 3:37 AM
From: lizy21

Kendall's POV

(I wake up to the loving brown eyes of Jo.)
Kendall:How long was I out?
Jo:A week.
(I looked around.)
Kendall:What are they doing here?
Jo:They're your parents.
Mr.K:Can I have a moment alone with him?
Mrs.K:Yes.Me and Jo are going to the cafeteria.
(They left leaving me with him.)
Mr.K:Buddy please talk to me.
Kendall:I don't want to talk to you.
Mr.K:What did I do wrong.
( I had a flashback when my dad had one of his affairs.)
Kendall:Where should I start? You and mom were fighting so loud it made Katie cry.You cheated on mom multiple times.You left us for a girl younger then mom.Mom got anorexia when you left.Those are some of the reasons I will never forgive you.If you think you can waltz back in Katie's and I life you are more stupid then James.
(With that he left.)
(Jo came in with a bag.)
Jo:Is everything right.

Any requests?



Date: 06/05/14 7:52 PM
From: lizy21

EMT-Sir.What's your name?
EMT-Do you want me to call one of your parents?
Kendall-No-Call my girlfriend.Aghhh.
EMT-Where's your phone?
Kendall-Front left pocket.
*The EMT calls Jo and tells her to meet them at the hospital*
*In 2J*
Mrs.K-Jo sweetie.What's wrong?
Jo-Kendall was in an accident.
*They go down to the lobby and see Buddha Bob*
Jo-Hey Buddha Bob.Do you know how Kendall got into an accident?
Buddha Bob-Ah No.
*Jo twists the top of his ear*
Buddha Bob-Ahh stop.
Jo-Tell us how Kendall got into the accident.
Buddha Bob-Never.
*Jo twists his ear harder*
Buddha Bob-He borrowed my motorcycle.
*They all drive to the hospital*

Date: 06/05/14 2:54 PM
From: SHIELDfan3

Now I like Jendall but I would LOVE to see/read about Kendall & Lucy actually getting together.

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Date: 06/04/14 7:10 PM
From: lizy21

*The next day at school*
*Jo sees Kendall and sees he's in La-La Land*
Jo-Are you okay?
Jo-No you're not.
Kendall-After school gets done we'll go to your apartment..
*After school in Jo's apartment on her bed.Kendall is laying his head on Jo's shoulder*
Kendall-He tried talking to me.
Jo-Why don't you give him a chance.
Kendall-Didn't I tell you yesterday?
*He says rising up*
Kendall-He pretended I wasn't his son.He walked out on us.Forget it.
You're taking his side.I guess you don't love me anymore.
Jo-I do.
Kendall-No Jo you don't.Forget it.We're done.
*He says putting his shoes on*
Jo-Where are you going?
Kendall-Why would you care?You're not my girlfriend anymore.
*He says running out.Jo drops on her bed and starts crying*
*In the lobby*
Kendall-Budda Bob.Can I borrow your motorcycle?
Buddha Bob-Sure.*He says tossing Kendall the keys*
*Kendall speeds up on the road and before he knows it he gets hit by a moving truck*

Date: 06/04/14 10:16 AM
From: icarlysamc

It would have been awesome nd totally amazing if they did a 5th season. I would be totally down 4 that I would be at my tv at a certain time watching. But sadly the show didn't continue on nickelodeon, I WILL ALWAYS BE A RUSHER words cant express how much I love BTR. #PROUDRUSHER

Date: 06/02/14 9:56 PM
From: AriPartySF

Keep going!!!



Date: 06/02/14 4:47 PM
From: lizy21

Mrs.K-Kendall he's your father don't say anything.
Kendall-Why can't I?When he left I had to explain to Katie that daddy wasn't coming back.
*He had tears flowing down his face.*
Kendall-Forget it I'm leaving.
Kendall-To Jo's.
*He leaves and walks into Jo's*
Kendall-I hate my life.*He says laying his head on Jo's lap*
Kendall-My so called father is back.He ruined my childhood.He used to beat me.He never wanted a son.
Jo-Baby stop crying I don't want to see tears in those beautiful emerald eyes.
Kendall-I hate my eyes.
Kendall-They belong to my father.
Jo-Can you tell me more?
Kendall-He accused my mom of cheating on him when he saw me.
Kendall-Cause from as many generations that my family could trace back Knight sons all had dark hair.
Jo-Who gave you blonde hair?
Kendall-My mom.
Jo-I thought your mom had red hair naturally.
Kendall-No my mom had the same exact color I do,but my dad made her dye it.He told his family that I was adopted.

Date: 06/01/14 12:04 PM
From: lizy21

Big Time You're Back

Kendall-Geez Ms.Collins is annoying.*He says lacing fingers with his
Jo-Telling you to do your homework is not annoying.
*They arrive at Jo's and gives her a goodbye kiss.He walks to his apartment and can't believe what he sees*