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Family Reunion*Characters and Double Needed*

Date: 06/12/14 8:18 PM
From: lizy21

Kendall's Family

3 sisters*one closed*
Little Brother

James's Family

2 sisters
Older Brother
Little Brother

Carlos's Family

3 Brothers
1 sister

Logan's Family

2 Sisters
2 Brothers

Name-Kelsey Mackenzie Knight
Appearance-Straight Shoulder Blade Length Brown Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights,Green Eyes,Dimples,Fair Skin,5'2",Skinny
Personality-Like Kendall's
Clothes-Like Rennesme on Twilight
Extra-Gets along with both the boys and Katie.

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Date: 07/10/14 11:26 PM
From: kourtnie16

Brooklyn Cara Angeline Diamond
Brooke *Every1*,Care-Bear *Mom and Dad*,Angel *Dad*,Angie *Kels*,Sis *sister*
wavy dark brown hair,brown eyes,pink,purple,red,neon green and light blue highlights,5'7",skinny
like Liv Rooney
same as above
co-captain in cheer,has a record deal with 'Bling Star Records',also works at a restraunt as a entertainer

Date: 07/06/14 6:28 PM
From: divastar01

Name: Victoria Marie Diamond
Age: 14
NN: Tori
Appearance: Straight shoulder length Brown hair, Brown eyes, Fair skin, skinny, 5'3"
Personality: Drama Queen, Sweet, Funny, Sassy, can be sneaky, smart
Clothes: Camouflage skinny jeans, black shirt, black high tops, Gold hoop earrings
Talents: Singing, Acting, Dancing, Playing Piano, Guitar, Cheerleading, Swimming, Writing, Designing clothes
Friends: Nice People
Enemies: Mean People
Birthday: June 21st
Favorite color: Purple
Extra: cheerleading captain, Trying out for movie role, on the swim team, is a solo singer with a record deal.
------Hope you pick me!!!!!---------------

Date: 07/06/14 2:37 PM
From: SHIELDfan3

Here is one character for you, I'll make more later !
Name: Neil Patrick Knight
Age: 44
Appearance: Like Aaron McPherson *Challen Cates actually husband*
Personality: Like Bob's on Good Luck Charlie
Clothes: Like Bob's on Good Luck Charlie
Talents: Acting, working on cars and motorcycles, making music, giving advise to his kids
Friends: Every1
Enemies: None
Extra: He works at Rocque Records as a music producer.

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Date: 07/04/14 3:13 AM
From: lizy21

Knight Family

Diamond Family
Little Sis
Older Sis
Lil Bro

Garcia Family
2 Bros

Mitchell Family
1 Bro



Date: 07/02/14 2:37 PM
From: SHIELDfan3

@lizy21 Could you do an update? I'm a little confused and I would like to make more characters *brothers, dads, sisters*

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Date: 07/02/14 2:27 PM
From: theworlds

lizy21 i love4 reunions im mike and im c16 sand want to join just tell me what to do

Date: 07/02/14 2:03 PM
From: lizy21

Thank you for changing the ages.

You're my double.I'll send you a request.

Why is everyone making kids? Their dad's are coming too.



Date: 07/01/14 7:40 PM
From: SHIELDfan3

@lizy21 You can change my characters to these ages:
Emily: 9
Kristina: 8
Jacob: 9
Joseph: 9

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Date: 07/01/14 4:13 PM
From: sireric33

logans family

Date: 07/01/14 2:40 PM
From: k3luver

Why is everyone making older kids? Can somebody make younger kids?



Date: 07/01/14 7:22 AM
From: furby87

can i be your duble im furby87 send me a buddy request!!!!!!!:)

Date: 06/30/14 4:49 PM
From: k3luver

This is my other account is it OK if I send you a request from this one?

Date: 06/30/14 10:58 AM
From: furby87

ill be your dubble send me a friend request im furby87

Date: 06/29/14 6:19 PM
From: furby87

ill be logan sister
name maya henderson
age 11
apperance brown hair blue eyes
personality bubbley
talents singing
friends kelsy mackenzie knight
enimes o
extra loves katie

Date: 06/17/14 11:12 AM
From: Mellynn

Name- Emily Rose Mitchell
NN- Em, Emmy, Emzy
Age- 10
Appearance- Black waist long hair, brown eyes, 4'3"
Personality- a little shy, but usually loud and energetic
Clothes- Like Mia Talerico
Talents- Singing, ballet, sports
Friends- Everyone
Enemies- Nobody
Extra- Allergic to wheat

Date: 06/16/14 3:09 PM
From: SHIELDfan3

Name: Emily Gracelyn M
NN: Emma, Em, Lily *From Jacob only*
Age: 17
Looks: Straight dirty blonde hair with a headband in her hair all the time and a feather that hangs down on the left side of her head that is as long as her hair, chocolate brown eyes, fair color skin, as tall as Louis, skinny, straight white pearly teeth
Personality: Very Sweet, friendly, likable, lovable, very funny, kind, honest, caring, adventurous, outgoing, childish, curious, fun to be around, goofy *but serious when she needs to be*, talkative, a good listener, down 2 earth, & smart *doesn't act it though; their secret smarts*
Clothes: Hot pink dress, blue jean vest, blue headband, blue feather, pink/blue keyboard necklace, pink boots
Talents: singing, acting, dancing, cooking, drawing, soccer, roller skating, bowling, playing guitar, bass, violin, & piano/keyboards
Friends: Kristina *BFF*, Jacob *BFF*, every1
Enemies: None
Extra: She is OBSESS with the video game series Sly Cooper *all 4 of the video games plus PlayStation All Stars*. Is really close to her siblings. She hides her her smarts because she doesn't want people to compare her to Logan.

Name: Kristina Madeline Diamond
NN: Kristin
Age: 16
Appearance: she looks like Bella Thorne
Personality: Very Sweet, friendly, likable, lovable, very funny, kind, honest, caring, adventurous, outgoing, curious, fun to be around, talkative, a good listener, down 2 earth, & smart
Clothes: yellow blouse, blue jean vest, yellow skinny jeans, blue butterfly necklace, blue converse
Talents: singing, acting, dancing, drawing, writing, reading, roller skating, bowling, playing guitar, & piano/keyboards
Friends: Joseph *BFF*, Emily *BFF*, every1
Enemies: None
Extra: She loves Mario games *mainly Mario Kart* and Yoshi is her favorite character. She is a bit of a daddy's girl

Name: Jacob Louis Knight
NN: Jake, Lou *sometimes from Emily*
Age: 17
Appearance: he looks like Jake Short
Personality: Like Fletcher's from A.N.T. Farm
Clothes: Like Oliver's from Mighty Med
Talents: acting, soccer, baseball, roller skating, bowling, & playing piano/keyboards
Friends: Joseph *BFF*, Emily *BFF*, every1
Enemies: None
Extra: He likes to play soccer in the park and he is apart of his school soccer team & apart of the baseball team *His number is 5 for both teams*.

Name: Joseph Carter Gracia
NN: Joey
Age: 17
Appearance: He looks like Bradley Steven Perry
Personality: Like Kaz' from Mighty Med
Clothes: Like Kaz wears
Talents: acting, dancing, roller skating, bowling, soccer, baseball, playing guitar, & bass
Friends: Jacob *BFF*, Kristina *BFF*, every1
Enemies: None
Extra: he loves Mario games *mainly Mario Kart* and Luigi is her favorite character. He likes to play soccer in the park with Jacob & he is also apart of their school soccer & baseball team *his number is 23 for both teams*

Hope you like them !

SHIELDfan3/ SlyCarm4ev/Hayniac97/LouLogFan9/OHMYLOU97/BTR1D97
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Date: 06/15/14 2:13 PM
From: dynamicty

How about Beatrix looks like Young Mackenzie Foy?I forgot to mention that most people call her Bea.

Date: 06/14/14 11:56 AM
From: RoseLily91

Name: Victoria Rebekah Knight
NN: Tori
Age: 14
Appearance: Caramel Brown, Mid Back Length, Wavy Hair, Natural Blonde highlights, Pretty Blue Eyes, Dimples, Freckles, Skinny, Tall, 5'8
Personality: Tomboy, Sarcastic, Fun, Funny, Competitive, Athletic, Sporty, Good Sport, Nice, Talks Back Sometimes and gets Sassy and Mean when mad, Creative, Smart, Like Eve on Last Man Standing, Good sense of humor
Clothes: Like Eve on Last Man Standing
Talents: Hockey, Acting, Golf, Bowling, Swimming, Singing(secretly), Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, Guitar, Building, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Writing
Friends: Everyone, Garcia girl *BFF*, Mitchell boy *BFF*
Enemies: Bullies, "popular" people
Extra: Gets along with the guys pretty well and siblings pretty well, Doesn't get along with James well, gets sarcastic with James a lot

Name: Rachael Felicity Garcia/ Lukas Timothy Mitchell
NN: None/ None
Age: 14/ 13
Appearance: Brown, Mid Back Length, Straight Hair, Big Brown Eyes, Freckles, Not as skinny as Tori butis skinny, 5'6/ Black Hair, Green Eyes, one dimples on right cheek, Short, 5'3
Personality: Tomboy-Girly, Nice, Sweet, Caring, Like Maddie on Liv and Maddie but not sporty like Maddie/ Like Flynn on Shake It Up
Clothes: Like Carter on Princess Protection Program/ Like Logan
Talents: Clarinet, Singing, Acting, Dancing, Modeling, Writing, Soccer, Swimming, Bowling, Golfing, Violin/ Bowling, Swimming, French Horn, School, Homework, Acting, Hockey
Friends: Everyone, Tori*BFF*, Lukas*BFF*/ Everyone, Tori*BFF*, Rachael*BFF*
Enemies: Bullies/ Bullies
Extra: Gets along with siblings/ Gets along with siblings



Date: 06/13/14 9:21 PM
From: lizy21

Everyone I want Kendall to be the only blonde kid in his family.

Thanks for the offer,but we're going to be busy with the other story once all the spots are filled.Also the character you made can't be in because that's Katie's first name.


Date: 06/13/14 4:01 PM
From: katfire4

Name:Madison&Isabelle Diamond
Appearance: (Both)Freckles Blonde hair blue eyes pale skin skinny
Personality: (Both)Like Carlos's
Clothes:Like Cat*From Victorious*
Talents: (Both)Singing drawing and gymnastics
Extra:Maddie&Izzy-B are twins!