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Rushers Check This Out!

Date: 06/13/14 8:33 AM
From: NICKFrog

Rushers, unite! While it's true that the BTR boys stole our hearts, they also stole something else...our undivided attention! From their sleuthy antics (behind Gustavos' back!) to their heart-melting sing-song shenanigans, we were there for every moment. NOW IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO SHOUT IT OUT! Name your fave-ever BTR moment below and see if it gets chosen as the Top Pick Clip!
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Date: 07/26/14 6:53 PM
From: maslow24

I love big time rush!!!!!
I have seen every episode at least two times!!!!

Date: 07/26/14 6:25 PM
From: mcj2002

i love all of it.i have seen all of their shows and they made me sad,happy,and excited .BTR is the best.i have their posters,t-shirts,CDs and i have been to their concerts.

Date: 07/22/14 11:23 AM
From: lizzy12346

My favorite part was when James was being interviewed and the lady interviewing him said "So James, who do you think is the most good looking?" And then James says "Well, thats gonna take a lot of thought...ME." On the episode Big Time Interview. Hahahaha that was so funny!!!

Date: 07/20/14 5:49 PM
From: ashley7215

me 2

Date: 07/20/14 2:26 AM
From: poplyle

my favorite episode was when James was all Orange and when Kelly flicked the switch and went flying through the Palm Woods in the shopping cart. <o>

Date: 07/19/14 8:11 PM
From: edaywad

are you a girl

Date: 07/19/14 6:06 PM
From: niomi1024

When Kendall, in Big Time Terror, asked Logan if he believed in ghosts and Logan said he believed in the doo doo in his pants

Date: 07/19/14 9:38 AM
From: loganph

When Logan faint out on "Big Time Mansion" XD...

Date: 07/18/14 12:19 AM
From: quaker814

it is so HARD to choose but if I had to pick a fav episode it would have o be the best beach day episode!!!

Date: 07/16/14 7:25 PM
From: bree12

I love the "Bad Boy" Kendall!!!! i was ROTFLOL!!!!!!!

Date: 07/15/14 11:45 PM
From: mandyh444

My Favorite BTR moment is Kendall finds out that Jo goes to New Zeland for 3 years then after that Jo is literally leaving to New Zeland for 3 years. While Jo was at the airport Kendall forgot one important thing before she leaves... the goodbye kiss. Once Jo was on the plain Kendall might never see her again and that breaks up their relationship forever.

Date: 07/15/14 3:31 PM
From: SydneyRox

The spitball war!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 07/14/14 8:09 PM
From: TheVamps09

When they all played pranks to each other! :)

Date: 07/14/14 7:29 PM
From: huterowl

My favorite is when James does a Kart Wheel into the wall in the episode Big Time Gold

Date: 07/14/14 4:48 PM
From: lillyscan

me to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 07/12/14 11:45 PM
From: mrbeepy


Date: 07/12/14 12:21 PM
From: sofiabtr1

I like all of you big time rush all of you are so pretty but my favorite all ways was kendall all of you sing very good i have all your albums my favorite song of 24/7 is Na Na Na you are the best boy band.

Date: 07/11/14 10:58 PM
From: camo331

It's so hard to decide!!!!
All of em i guess

Date: 07/11/14 7:14 PM
From: minamalik

my fav momment is when Camiele slaps the boys!LOVE IT

Date: 07/11/14 1:09 PM
From: missareale

all of them !!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )