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Big Time Anglez *New Fanfic, Characters Needed!*

Date: 07/04/14 7:14 PM
From: Li7MissBTR

Hey guys! Long time, no see. As most of you don't know, I was old writer on here. I used to write many fanfics on here including my personal hit "Big Time Little Sister", which got up to 1,000 posts..., but I never finished :/... Anyway, I am back! And I'm ready to start over.

Plot ~ It's about 7 months after the Tween Chocie Awards, and each of the boys find themselves wanting to start over in their lives somehow. During this time of renewal, Lucy has to go on tour once again for a long period of time, putting her relationship with James on hold, that's when Logan's younger sister arrives. Alexa is shooting a new movie, and wanting to have something to do, Carlos starts to do a little acting himself, and meets an aspiring actress and future pop star. Jo is accpected to a college, and her future with Kendall is on the fence, and when Kendall's old friend arrives, things get compliated. And when Logan bumps into a mysertious girl one day in the park, his possible feelings for her makes his world crash down for him and Camille. And just to make things worse, all four girls are members of Gustavo's new girl group... Yay..

My Character:
Lillian Marie Mitchell
Nickname(s): Lilly, Lil', Marie
Age: 17
Looks: Dark brunnette, straight hair, dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, light tan skin, light brown freckles on her nose, has a 'cute' smile, is about 5'5, and has dimples like her brother
Personality: Intelligent, somewhat shy, kind, caring, sensitive, affectionate, romanctic, helpful, kinda stubborn, artistic, and will stand up for what's right
Role: Logan's younger sister, James' love interest, A member of Gustavo's new girl group, and Lucy's rival
Love Interest: James
Enemies: Lucy (Later)

~ Elizabeth ~ Kendall's old friend, his love interest, part of Angelz
~ Melody ~ Logan's love interest, part of Anglez
~ Violet ~ Aspiring actress , Carlos' love interest, part of Angelz

Chapter 1 Coming Soon!

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Date: 07/23/14 4:00 PM
From: winx22192

Of course I'll give you credit! Thanks for letting me, and I hope you'll post the story soon!

Date: 07/22/14 6:22 PM
From: Li7MissBTR

@winx ~ Cool I will do that story either towards the end of BTAYA or after it. And no I don't mind if you use the story idea, but can you give me credit somehow? Like say "based off of Big Time Angelz by Li7MissBTR". Or just mention either the title or my nickname? Thanks!

~ Li7MissBTR


Date: 07/22/14 4:57 PM
From: winx22192

@Li7MissBTR: YES YES YES!!!!!!! I LOVED that story, but you stopped putting up chapters Anyways, if you need characters, can you save a spot for me? Kendall will be my crush. Also, if you don't mind, can I take this story idea and make it a bit different?

Date: 07/18/14 2:22 PM
From: 31redrose

can i be lucy???

Date: 07/17/14 9:10 PM
From: Li7MissBTR

@winx ~ Yes, I was the writer for Big Time Mix Up. That story was super fun to write, along with Big Time Web Show that I did with Beautyglee... I'm not sure if I want to continue with this story.., I'm kinda more focused on Big Time.. And You Are?? If you want I'd rather try and do Big Time Mix Up again..

~ Li7MissBTR


Date: 07/16/14 4:26 PM
From: winx22192

Li7MissBTR?? Hello?? Will you continue? Oh, and I've been meaning to ask you, did you write Big Time Mix Up? Or was it someone else?

Date: 07/15/14 5:06 PM
From: winx22192

Will you continue? I love this so far!

Date: 07/12/14 4:44 PM
From: Li7MissBTR

Thanks for the comments guys! I will continue shortly!!

~ Li7MissBTR


Date: 07/10/14 7:39 PM
From: LuvAustinM

Great Chapter! :) And I'm glad (And Surprised) You remember me

Date: 07/10/14 6:48 PM
From: itskateeee

This is really good! I can't wait for Violet to come in! Continue!



Date: 07/10/14 5:25 PM
From: Li7MissBTR

Chapter 2 Pt. 1, Lilly's P.O.V, Apt. 2J
I walk out of my room, with a huge smile on my face. I managed to get everything put together the way I want it to be for the next couple of months, as I stay in the spare room next to Katie's. Logan said it's usually not quiet around the apartment, but as I stand in the hallway outside my door, you can only hear murmrs here and there. I stroll around, and I'm about to make my way to the living room when I see a door slightly ajar. Logan did point out his and Kendall's room and James and Carlos' room.., but I kinda forgot which one is which...
???: Why did you do this to me?
I hear someone in the room say, pain leaking out of their voice. I recongize it as James' right away, but he doesn't sound like himself.. I quietly gaze inside and peek over to him. He's lying down on his bed, his back is towards me so he doesn't see me walk in.. As I get closer, I see that's he's holding some sorta of photo album, flipping each page every few moments. I'm able to get close enough to see the photo clearly.. It's a picture of him and a girl.. She has black hair with red highlights and dark brown eyes.. It looks like they're in a park or something, with a tree behind them.. They look so happy.. James looks happy.
Me: Who is she?
I ask out loud, without even realizing it. James quickly turns around, startled as he stands from his bed.. His eyes look a little red, as if he's been crying slightly.
James: What are you doing in here?!
He asks angrily, but I brush it off.
Me: Who was that? Is she your girlfriend or something?
I don't know why, but I really want to know about her. She looks a little like me, and now I want him to fill me in.
James: Ask before you just walk in my room, alright?
Still angry. Maybe even more. He's walking towards me, backing me out of the room, until I'm in the hall on the opposite side. He's directly in front of me, fire in his eyes.
Me: Are you going to tell me who she was?
James: Never mention it again! Got it?
I roll my eyes, and push him away from me.
Me: Yeah, whatever.
Ugh! What's his problem? Geez, maybe L.A wasn't the best plan for summer esspecially if he's going to be this way the whole time...
~~ Kendall's P.O.V, 2 Days Later ~~
I wipe my eyes tiredly, yawning, as I walk into the kitchen for breakfast. Inside of a nice conversation going on, I hear yelling with two different voices.. Wait, James.. and Lilly??
I walk in, and look at Logan, Carlos, Katie, and my mom. I gesture towards them, but they just give me an annoyed look.. I know that they don't like each other.., but this is ridiculous... And over salt?? I walk in between them, and hand her the little shaker, dramaticly showing them how easy the simple task was.
Lilly: Thanks, Kendall! At least he was kind enough to do it unlike some people!
James: Oh, REALLY?!
And there they go again..
Logan and I walk to the counter and gather our food on our plates.
Me: What's up with them? They can't stop agruing over stupid stuff.
Logan: As long as they aren't making out, I could care less.
I raise a brow, as he smiles at me causally..Well, Logan's not gonna do anything about this.. I try to block out the yelling as I sit myself down at the counter.. It's been quiet around here for months now... Now, there's pointless agruing every second.. At least it's entertaining.. Suddenly, my phone starts to vibrate in my pocket. I take it out, and smile as I see Jo's picture.
Me: Hey, babe.
Jo: Hey, I have some exciting news! I can't wait to tell you! I made sure that you are the first to know!!
My heart beat quickens. "Exciting News"?
Me: What's going on?
She squeals into the phone, and my smile fades slowly... Stanford? Did she say Stanford??
(( 3 Comments before I continue please! ))

Date: 07/10/14 3:02 PM
From: winx22192

Will you continue?

Date: 07/08/14 8:53 PM
From: winx22192

Love it!!!

Date: 07/08/14 6:23 PM
From: kourtnie16


Date: 07/08/14 4:35 PM
From: Li7MissBTR

@LuvAustinM ~ Don't worry, I remember you too. And no, you don't sound like I stalker, I'm actually quite pleased. Thanks, it means a lot knowing people really liked the story. I'm planning on this one being even better than the old one, with a better plot, and better content. And yes, I remember you also as @BTRRusher!

(( 2 more comments before I continue anyone?? ))


Date: 07/08/14 3:47 PM
From: LuvAustinM

OMG I Just read the end of Part 2 of Part 1!! I am like Fangirling right now.That is like the same thing that started "Big Time Little Sister"

Date: 07/08/14 3:40 PM
From: LuvAustinM

OMG I remember you.I was actually just thinking of Big Time Little Sister the other day.I forgot your username But I wanted to know if you were still on the boards.So I was just gonna post on the boards asking if anyone knows what happen to u & if you are still on the boards.....I probably sound like a stalker.... Anyway I LOVED Your stories.I'm glad you are back on the boards.Oh & so far the story seems awesome!!

PS. I know you have no cue Who I am.I was a silent reader,But I finally started commenting & then you stopped the story........ And If you did remember me (I know you don't) you would have know me as BTRRusher.


Date: 07/08/14 2:14 AM
From: Li7MissBTR

Chapter 1 Pt. 2, James' P.O.V, Continued..
I turn around, disbelief covering my features as I shut the door.. Tour? She's going on tour?
Lucy: I'm going away for a 4-month tour, it starts in San Diego, and I'm leaving tomorrow in the morning.
Me: And who's Chad?
Lucy: He's an upcoming pop singer, and one of my opening acts.. We've been working together for the last 2 months. There happy now?
Me: No, not at all..Why couldn't you tell me sooner? I've wouldn't of had gone all crazy!
Lucy: I dunno, I'm not good at goodbyes.. That's why I didn't tell you the first time.. It's just too hard.
I can see her eyes glistening in the candle light and a soft tear rolls down her face, I walk over and hug her gently.
Me: It's okay..
I look out in the distance.. Thinking to myself, "4 months... 4 months.."
~~ The Next Day, At the LAX Airport ~~
I walk alongside Lucy as she gets her boarding pass checked by the flight attendant. The lady let's me go by with the expectation that I paid her $20 to let me pass. With my arm around her shoulder, we walk over to where everyone is aboarding the airplane, and wait by the side.. As we stand there, two people walk up to us. One is an older man, who has facial hair, with a bald spot, and a business suit on. And the other guy is about our age, with spiked up hair, a guitar strap across his shoulders, and with seems like a cocky attitude written all over his face.. I wanna punch it..
Younger Guy: Ayy! Lucy! Good to see ya!
He comes over and hugs Lucy right in front of me. I step back a little, kinda taken aback that he just comes up and hugs my girlfriend without even acknowledging me..Rude.
Lucy: Hey, Chad.
Chad: And who's this fella? *Observes me head to toe*
Me: This "Fella" is her boyfriend, James.
Chad: *Plainly* James.. Nice to meet you.
He puts his hand out for a shake, and I accept it, forcefully. With every passing second my grip gets tighter. He gives me an uncomfortable expression, and with a smile, I let go.
Older Guy: *Rolling his eyes* They're calling our flight..
Lucy: Okay, just give me a minute.. *Pulls me to away from there*
Me: I guess this is goodbye then...
Lucy: Yeah.., I guess so.. J-James.., *slowly* is there a way we can just be friends?
Me: *Narrowing my eyes, confused* Friends?
Lucy: Yeah, I just think it's for the best, until I get back.. You understand right?
Did.. did she just break up with me? And then friend-zoned me?? I stand there for a minute, shocked to say the least.. After awhile, I finally answer with a heavy heart.
Me: Yeah, I.. I understand.
The intercom announces that its the last call for her flight to be aboarding, but due to my sudden situation, my mind blocks out the sound.. I can't believe this...
Lucy: I gotta go.. See you when I get back!
I look on as she leaves with Chad and her manager,eventually she disappears into the crowd.. And once again I'm left in disbelief... I find my way back to the entrance of the airport, back where the guys are waiting for me, and they immediately see my discomfort.
Kendall: Everything okay, dude?
Me: Yeah.. I-I'll be fine.
Just then we hear a loud "LOGAN!!" in the distance.. Kendall, Carlos, and I turn around to see Logan hugging a shorter female. As they part away, I can see the dimples in her cheeks as she smiles at him. Her dark brunette hair going over her eye gracefully as she runs her fingers through it.
Logan: I'm so glad you're here. *Turns around with his arm around her* Guys, this is my sister, Lilly.
Me: Sister?
He has a sister? Since when? I don't remember her..
She glances at me, and flashes a light, shy smile. I look away as she reminds me of Lucy .. They have the same mysterious look in their eyes when you first see them..
Logan: She's going to be staying with us for the summer!
Again, my heart drops.., but this time I'm not sure why...
(( That's the end for Chapter 1!

Date: 07/07/14 7:51 PM
From: kourtnie16

Then Logan?

Date: 07/07/14 7:10 PM
From: winx22192

Really good so far, next can you do Kendall?